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December 25, 2023 28 mins

Happy Holidays! It’s time for a Queendom gift exchange for Jana, Kathryn and Kristen and there was only one rule: the gifts had to be something found inside your home.
You won’t believe what they came up with! And after all the laughs, the ladies have an honest talk about how to keep Christmas gifts under control when you have kids.  

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Wind Down with Janet Kramer and I'm Heart Radio Podcast.
All right, well, we are very excited because it is
almost Christmas time, and actually Christmas is tomorrow, and we
just thought we would do a nice little holiday episode.
Kristen really need an excuse to dress up with a
really fun sweater. Oh, Kristen Tree can't with you. She's

been waiting, she's been practicing that. That's the star in
the head for me. It is Kristen. That's funny. I
just did make it. That's funny right now. Yeah, that's
so good. You know. I said something the other day, Wow,
where was it? Shoot? This is me the personalities. I
was in an elevator. Oh god, it was so good.

And even even Alan and I don't get him to
laugh that often, but I said something. He goes, that
was funny, and I was like, I know that was
your sunny, No you are, but there was. It was
really Oh man, it was like I did. I did
it like she would it, like she would do it.
Remember me. I laughed at myself and I was like,
I'm going to give myself props for that one. I
think you're funny. Oh it was okay, I remember kind

of I'm gonna butcher, it's not going to be funny,
not at all. We went not one bit, Thanksgatten show
saying it never it is funny again, this is not funny.
And I don't even think this is it. But I'm
going to say it now because I'm already so I'm
just gonna hate it. I'm too far. I hate it.
We were in Atlanta. I went to jingle Balls, bells

whatever it is for our heart radio. It was so
much fun and uh, the jingle ball, the jingle ball, Yes,
jingle balls, it matters, it matters, okay, And then uh,
I wish I could say. We went up to we
had to get hair and makeup or I had to
do hair and makeup. And so we were at a
hotel for literally two hours in Atlanta and he's like,

what floor are we on? And we were on floor
nine oh three and I was like, ninety year business,
I'm glad you share it. I was like, no, it's
not funny. It's right away, super fast, and that's funny business.

You shared that one good one? Was that really it? Yeah?
That was it was a lot funnier. Then it's so funny.
Good for you. Then that's that's the difference of friend
chips right there, good for you, still not funny. Also
the difference of what kind of joke sh'all would tell, like,

that's funny, And I was like, we're nine o three,
that was funny, right that man pressed it's allergic to
my Hamer. Now nothing's funny anymore. Like I'm like, did
you hear that? I think that was a good one.
He's like, yeah, you know, we're both so funny. Well
I again, he winning quick and that's what I was like,

that was a KB moment, and I'm proud about it.
So Hannah, our amazing producer, was like, hey, girls, do
you want to do a elephant? White elephant? Gift? White elephant?
And I'm in the phase now of life where I
don't really read the text messages. So even though I hearted,

I just saw the bottom of it and said, we're
no matter if we're from home. So I'm just like,
maybe we just added an episode. All good? So it's
like heart hers, But I had no idea until Kristen goes, oh,
we wrapping the presence? I was like, what presence? Honestly,
actually was me that sent that, But there was a
reason I did that because I wasn't sure that you

were tracking it yet, it wasn't even know that you
had hearted it. I'm not reading a lot of messages.
I also can tell you as a man to say something, yeah,
that was in that same text about this, and she's like, gown,
they read half that, see it. I'm so fair, so fair,
But I would like to so I got something together?

Is it was? It had to be from the house,
which thank goodness, because I couldn't have run out. It's
literally the only reason I said yes, because I was like, Okay,
this could be funnier, I could find something right. And
I really hope, I hope you guys like him, because
now I'm literally just the silliest thing who starts excited.

Personalities are just so different and so all right. So
I'm gonna have Oh, I'm going to have you open.
We have to pay who's Who's Oh? I did was?
I'm not supposed to again? Didn't read there's rules? Oh? Shoot,
is there's no. I don't know there is. I don't
think there's no. I think the only rule can we Hannah?

I think, Hannah, we can make our own rules. I
think the only rule was I had to be from home,
and you guys, it's not like we could do a
game because there's a I can make anything again, Kristen,
you you can't. But let's just open okay, but time out.
If you guys are listening to this and you're going
to your Christmas party tomorrow and you need a really
good white elephant gift. One that I've given a lot

is I go do the gas station and I get
a lottery ticket forever. The amount is so because you
might win more. Yeah, if it's like a twenty dollars, dollars,
five dollars whatever, you should have a little lottery tickets document,
like a little signed on the back. That's just like
and if you win. This is why I have friends
going to grab a gift? Yeah, can you grab one?
You guys just want to journey. But again, this is

like through is that funny because you're a tree? Is
that funny? Again? It's it's this is just what I
found here, and I'm like, okay. The funniest piece of
all of this was trying to find and KB grab
your I'm Catherine grab yours too. Here's just right there.
Yeah I can. I'm going to hand, but I have
to I have to talk about again. This was fifteen
minutes of trying to find something that would I think

be not funny, what kind of and then also that
we have around it's like one minute, so there you
go there, So let's have you open it first. And
I had a little thought behind the fifteen minutes of
finding a gift for you. Mine too for you? Okay,

kat is funny. If I can't make till she might
be mad at me. O, great, let's just start this
holiday off. So I declined five ideas for you, and
I talked it out with the people at home and
I was like, I don't want to talk about that
on the air, Like, oh oh yeah, because we have
a lot of history. We do. So I was like,
well we could do some funny. Yeah, I did have
some things. I was like, nope, can't do that one. Okay.

So first and foremost, it's a brand new, brand new
black well yeah, because you know, I thought we were
already we were supposed to find brand new items at
our home. No, only one of us has like capability,
stop runing my moment. Go ahead, Janna, tell me what.
It's a brand new, really nice backpack. It's from It's

from but it's a little dusty because it's been the
closet because I haven't used it. The seat's brand new,
I haven't e to stop. But it's also a see
through too, so you can use it to concerts and
stuff like when you get a concerts. I'm actually and
so I'm going to go ahead, no wonder she wanted
to go first. She's like, I have brand inside. I
put him because you're because because you travel a lot.

Well yeah, because when you like travel a lot. I
got some babies wipes in there, some baby lotion, and
like you know, just through. So this was the And
then so I had a journal laying around. But look, okay,
I'm I'm looking for because I'm like, I know Kristen
loves to journal, So this is your bag of lotions,

baby lotions, baby oils. And then there's some wipes in there.
Doesn't even know everything here. And then I found and
then she loves to journal. So I have a bunch
of journals. And I realized that I've never used this one,
and this is the first I opened it. I'm like, oh,
have I used this yet? But this is the page
I opened it to, which is this is the thing

it's a funnel, uh thing from baby Breza. But read
what I open to and I'm like, this is the
book for Kristen. A new baby is like the beginning
of all things wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. Yeah.
So I was like, oh, this is book for her,
and it's like a gratitude book. And it's yellow and
I just like that. It's like a good power color.
So there you go. Okay, Catherine, open You're not gonna

like yours. I think, why luggage? This is like prices
and like the Yoda guy just went over and you
get look like you know what? Time out? So I again,
this is think about it from this way. I'm always
in your car. That's that's fair. You're always in your car.
So it's a brand new everything feeling. I should be

giving this back to you, brand new cooler for your car,
your sponsors Macro. And then open it up though, oh
is there a sand or water cup that she always

and it also had some trash bags. Her car is
always filthy also because of my children and my other
child here who leaves all the trash in the car.
But fair trash bags. And then I got you some
and do you need to lose weight. Go macro barscros
I'm getting I'm so excited. They're they're the good uh
farbs for the morning. It's if good in your car

and you put a little whatever ice pack in there.
Why did you think it would be mad because my
car's a mess. Yeah, the trash bags and then like
you keep on your drinks or whatever, you can keep
it cool in there. And I'm like, well this way,
it's nice and all our snacks in a little thanks Janna, cooler.
Just I feel like you should go next. I love
that I have to give this back because this is

really cute. Like I'm going to use her. Yeah, I
like it. And Harris, I feel like it's a little pricey.
We should have had them, maybe because I got it
from Janna's going to Google now to make either way
it's yours friend. I was never I'm not. I don't
need a backpack. Be let's say, b B be careful

because you know some probably you know it came from
a ex boyfriend. No no, no, no no no, it came
from like one of those gifting That's what I'm saying.
Oh yeah, so much, and I'm getting it away so
much as dust but I love it well, I got
her using it. You have so many are you ready

for a drumroll? Please? Oh? Just two hundred dollars? Oh
my gosh, for sure you're coolers. I feel like you
should just do my next because this is for sure
for sure, we know she loves more. No, I didn't

think you want to backpack. I'm good garbage, just garbage,
mass hold things and can whold things. I know. Well,
I know you did good. We might as well let
me open my neck so I don't doesn't end with
my terrible if any of yours funny. Yours is kind

of funny, not really all to very good. The way
you're getting a real nice gift when you come over
for her lost cooler. You know you don't worry. The
thing is, I really do. I can define a size ten.
I know. I'm sorry for you, honey. Also, she's saying
you're a little cooler. I love my cooler. Okay, that's

very practical. But I didn't know the rules of the game,
so I you haven't opened one yet. That's okay, this
is jim I like to give. I know we're all
the same. That's why I was like, eh, you can
mine that's great. It's just so invited. All right, ready
is the game? I love it is where you drink

wine without a bra on? I love it? Thanks girl?
You say what Nick said? I love this? Is this
from your office? Yeah? I feel bad? Here, take it back?
Hold on here, hold on, okay, hold on. Get you

got really funny to me? Yeah? Got It's a candle
and it says I love you for your personality? You
want that? Butt is a really nice what personal? Butt
is a really nice bonus? Did you eat this from? Nick? So?
I had him out and he put them up and

he goes, I go, hey, where were the things that
I had sitting out here? They're from my White Alephant
gifts And he goes, oh, I got you both. Where
is Nick shopping? By the way, you just let you
know him. He just wants stuff that's funny. Oh my god,
I got you both of those. That's really funny. Okay, Well,
I feel bad stealing something from your office. No, it's fine,

I don't fee about it. It's all about this candle.
It's amazing the bag. Can you just sign this with
the silver sharpie? I'm gonna list it for three fifty Okay,
you guys can both open the matching gifts that you have. Oh,
y'all are just Oh it feels like a book. Oh

I'm excited. And if if because I do have a
strong sense of memory loss, if I've gifted this already,
please just gift it I have. I don't have that,
but I love it. Just gifted on that gifted on Yeah,
because it is literally my favorite and I just need
more of them out. Give it to you almost every day.
You didn't give it to me. I don't think. I
think I okay, I'm gifting it because you know someone

that would love good good perfect yep, okay, great yep.
It is like my most favorite I love devotion of
all time. My mama year six of it. Yeah, savor
and it's next to my bed and I and I
read it every day. I was pretty sure I give
to you, but like throw them out in the universe. Okay,
I know, but this is a give I've been wanting
to give something to someone. I think Jana should go

this one because if I can't make you laugh, I
like to make you cry. Okay, is this a laugh
or cry? I think it's a cry. Oh no, what
I don't cry because now I'm like, because I know,
I know, like and movies when it says she balls,
and I'm like, I can't do it. Now you actually
might not cry. But it is really sweet because it's like,
but you're also an actress, a dig deep crammer, okay

deep God. If you've never read this, I feel like
this is our friendship. Rabbit, listen, I never I don't
know what it is. It's basically our friendship and a
kid book. Oh, I can't wait. It's really the little
boy builds something, and he builds something's really proud of,
and then it gets knocked down and all of these

characters come and they try to figure out different ways
that he should rebuild or what he should do, and
they tell him things and he's like, that's not what
I want. And at the very end, a little rabbit
comes and sits next to him and they talk about
how he's going to rebuild it. The little boy does,
and all the rabbit does is listen and just it's
crying and you can lead it to Roman two, you're

my rabbit. Thank you. Minutes on the show and be careful.
I keep getting this is funny. She's like, the rabbit
what does she get a vibrator? No, because you can
go to my Instagram page. But just so we're clear,

what's happening over here? And then what's happening over here?
But it's fine, I'm not good, Okay, what is it? Coffee?
They're type and there too, but it's gonna I don't
like type. Is fragile about me? One thing is fragilety
is it? Hope? Meal? A bagel, cream cheese? Just don't

dr about me? What I do for each other? I
just kept thinking, what, Just so we're clear, it's little cooks. Oh,

and I so loved he was at the bottom and
cool a couple a well, there's a Christmas for me? Okay,

so right, so hard listen. I just have to tell
you it's the sweet part of the sweetest part about this,
And there is a sweet part. You got your trash bag.
You're not much better? Oh guys, did they break? So

when when we go out on wine down, Kat and
I always choose to go to breakfast together and sentimentally
in my favorite minute with you is when we can
have breakfast together on the road. And so there's just
a little a little breakfast kit I have it. She

can take it into cool. Everything's your new trucks outside?
Does that make it? No? No? Okay my new trucks?
Well you actually? Oh god? Well, next day we're gonna
have a new co host replying right now, I think

Catherine just quit. Wait gempired take your cool and get
your Oh man, it is more fun when you have
to go through your house. It is like you have
to get creative. I just kept thinking, like, there has
to be more rules next year, like the items have

to be cooked, scandal brand new dollars. I did not
know it was two hundred dollars. Well she would have
given me an egg, right, Okay, Well, since it's still

technically Christmas, I want to give a shout out to
Easton because Easton, did you watch my movie the other day?
I did? I did watch your movie the other day.
I watched it last night. You're so sweet. I saw
that little story and I was like, ah, you know,
I'm not a lifetime subscriber, but I found a way
to watch it. I have a seven day trial to Filo,

and I'm so excited to watch Oh My Christmas Romance
over and over and over again. I loved it. My
wife and I curled up last night in our blankets
and we watched it. You look great in it. I
love seeing you on that horse. You looked very confident.
Thank you. I appreciate it. So we do watch it. Okay,
So I'm nervous. So my kids love to watch Jana movies.
Do you know that about love? She loves that you're

in movies. It really matters to her. It's just really special.
Jolie's mom, and she always gives a shout out to
Jolie and Harlo being in the last one. Cute. But
it was funny because she goes another Jana movie and
I said, yeah, and then I thought there's a sex scene. Well,
so I didn't know. So I think it's interesting because
obviously I said, on here, it's the first Lifetime movie

that has a sex scene in it. Now Here's where
we didn't really like elaborate on that. So yes, written wise,
and I did in my stories and stuff. Once the
media kind of went. I mean it made it to
satura night life, I know, but also good, which is insane,
like crazy, but a dream. Really. A lot of people
are like did they I think they cut it in

Florida because there wasn't a sex scene, and I think
it got cut here and so I'm like, there's actually
not a full blown sex scene like that. You can't
air that on Lifetime. I figured it was a Lifetime
edited and like, yeah, like he throws Like the writing
that Sarah Drew did again so beautifully done, was that

he throws her. You know, they make out, he pushes
or he puts the bed the cot down and they
lay down on the hay, you know, and so and
then you wake up next morning. Well, in an adult relationship,
most likely that's you just add sex. Right, So, uh,
that is what was insinuated. But they're not going to
show the list. But it's also not in so I

can't explain that to love right well, right right right,
that's all yeah, because we get the kids. Jolie saw
it and she's like, ooh, mommy. And then Jason doesn't understand.
He's like, you're gonna get married and I was like, no,
it just needs a white board. So but no, so
you guys can watch it. There's not an actual sex.

It's just steamier. Yeah, you saw the part. It's just
a little more steamier than normal. It's actually just more
which is and it's a very obvious sex scene, just
not so showing the sexual the act of having sex, right, yeah,
like how things used to be when we were going.
I don't know what really people expected. Like I understand
that it blew up the sex scene, the sex scene,

but I'm like, it's still lifetime, right it doesn't. Yeah
whatever sound like a family friendly Yeah, yeah, it's just
a steamier makeout scene for sure. There's a couple of
steamy makeout scenes, yet nothing that's like he's not ripping
my clothes off or this, that and the other. You know,
but he had his shirt off. He took his shirt off. Yeah,
he wasn't taking mine off. No, no, we have a

secret baby. Speaking of babies, tonight at midnight, our sweet
Savior's birthday. Okay, So I wanted to shift gears do it?
How many gifts are your kids allowed to ask Santa for?
This is different in every house. I don't have they
ask Santa for gifts. Well, yeah, so Jolie wrote a

letter to Sannah and she said some things that she wanted.
Some of those things I couldn't get on their lists.
But I don't. But Santa doesn't get all of the
stuff on the list. Okay, in our house. For example,
a number I can't find a killer whale that was
on Jolie's list, and the other one for Jason's is
he wants Ninja turtle legos. There's no such thing, and

the only way if you search on Amazon for Ninja
turtle legos, they are three hundred dollars because there's not
They were like really now, so they just charge insane.
So yeah, Preston's life, Santa brought all the gifts, oh no,
and the parents brought none. Oh inter so different, I know,
and I'm just fascinated by it all because I'm like,

now you have Santa for one thing. Oh wow, I
do mostly Sannah and then Mom and Dad because I
don't really think they're mostly Sanna until they don't believe.
But I will always write Sanna even until they're thirty, right,
Like we have someone here that I rule, right, Sana, Right,
I don't right Santa on anything because ours is left
out is Sannah. Santa does wrapped and then wrapped is ours? Same.

But we only have one believer left in the ram,
and so I still do. So I don't know what
I'll do once that's yeah, Like nothing is nothing like
I'm like, asked Sanna for thing, right, Oh gosh, I
wish I should do that. I'm not too late for
you now, Oh my god. That's a good idea though,
because I only got to ask for one thing, and

I kind of liked that. It was always something that
I thought was like so big, Yeah, not attainable for
my parents. Yeah. This Christmas, though, is not last the
last two Christmases since they've been they post divorce and
even before too, And I think because again I didn't
grow up with a lot of presents under the tree
that so I've overcompensated it a little bit. And this year,

I'm like, they don't need all the stuff. We've just
done bags and give it given away so many so
I'm like it was a very and I'm happy about
that because I don't I overdid it the last couple
of years. And I know you've kind of had your
thoughts about that too. Yeah, I mean, and I still
feel like I overdid it this year more than I
wanted to do. But it's hard for me because I
just love Christmas, so it's hard for me to do. Yeah.

I'm just with you, like we've given rich and I'm
like this is crazy just for the sake of having it.
I'm I don't but yeah, but now like Ramsey doesn't
even really want toys anymore, same, Jolie just wants legos.
That's the only thing that she wants. Care and stuff. Now, yeah,
she's care But I'm thinking like with Jolie in the
next couple of years, I'm gonna be like, because she

really wants to go to England and she wants Seacastle,
so I might, you know, for a birthday instead of
a birthday present, be like, do you want to go
to England? When you know Alan goes over to see
his son, Like, let's go, let's go to England together.
I want to make a trip together, you know, mommy
daughter plan anytime. We've got December two, January, three, January.
I was thinking of maybe January if if you know,

things are good, we'll see. Yeah, that's kind of our plan.
Once everybody is like out of that phase, like let's
get like one gift, but let's go somewhere. Yes's travel.
Yeah I like that too. And Preston and I have
never done gifts. We just do something for that we
don't really do, which I've also liked like we make
it our splurge to like get a new couch or
do something cool for the house that we've been wanting
to do. Did you get him anything there? No? I

never get him anything. No, nope. And he doesn't get
you anything one A couple of times he's snuck like
he's really like beautiful diamond earrings I got one time.
But honestly, no, I like that though, because it's just
like very kid focused. You guys, my birthday is always
so close to So what are you doing for your birthday? Podcasting?

Oh christ and try. We got a big fortieth over
here coming up? Am I right? Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat
standing forty joining us? And then I told Nick what
I want to do for our fortieth today. I do
not want a big party. I said, don't surprise me
because I don't do the surprises. Ready you say that?
And I think we're no, Nope, don't surprise me. What

do you want? And it didn't go well In the
last time. He tried to mystery part too, and I
don't want a big party. Okay, what do you want?
I just told him to take like as if you're
going to be like no, I just wanted to take
me out of town with like family see and then
then the cabin next door. Here's the thing, big party
and anxiety. I don't love it. I don't love mixing everybody.

I don't know. It's just can we do like a girl?
We can do something small like yeah, that's totally fun.
Not my favorite. I don't like. I don't. I mean
I love I don't mind them. I just with such
different kind of groups of like with the kids' ages
and like their parents. It's not fun because you've got
like your group here, your group here, your group here,

which is natural. I'm the same way, but then it's
like then you feel like you have to like I
don't know. That just doesn't sound that fun to me. Okay,
well I tike you out something like, yeah, it's make
an excla. Yeah we could just use if you want
to just have breakfast right now. I mean it sounds
like you're going to be getting me food for my

so funny. Yeah, I think it's hilarious. I love it.
Thank you well, I love you, ladies. I hope you
guys all have an amazing Christmas, and I'm excited for
this new year. But yeah, I think we have a
lot to be thankful for, a lot to be grateful for.
Blessed hashtag blessed, as Alan always says, and I'm just

thankful to be doing this with y'all. So that's full
greatest gift I could ever ask for. We did one
full year together. Oh wow, it's our first full year together.
Oh yeah, so it's been what year and a half? Probably? No,
I think I was like November. It was like my
first year, full year. Yeah, I spent all of twenty
twenty three with you. We'll have to have a party then,

there we go. We'll do it. We'll do a wind
down New Year party. Oh we should. It'd be fun
and neon year's Thank you guys, having merry Christmas and
see you guys next week, right bye bye
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