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December 30, 2023 22 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Happy Holidays and Happy twenty twenty four from iHeartRadio podcast.
I'm Ashley Ike and Eddie of the Almost Famous podcast,
and my resolution, I feel like might be weird, but
it also could be relatable. I don't know. I want
to feel less guilty about moments of rest. Sometimes I
feel like whenever I get to just take a breather,

I shouldn't be that. I should just be constantly productive,
And I always feel guilty if I have my son
watch a little TV so I can just snuggle with him.
And then it's just like, those moments are fine, they're great,
they're needed, and you shouldn't feel guilty about them. You

don't always have to be go, go go. I'm Ben
Higgins from The Almost Famous podcast. In my New Year's
resolution is to be in better shape both mentally, physically,
emotionally and spiritually in when I'm you know, thirty five
and twenty twenty than I've ever been in my life.
And I'm taking action on doing this. There are some

boundaries and some things in my life that I'm working towards.
I think it's going to help me be a better husband,
maybe potentially one day a better father, but also just
a better human for the people around me. Hi friends,
Happy New Year. My name is Sophia Bush. And my
New Year's resolution this year, oh boy, it might be

more of an intention. This year, I really had to
learn to take care of my health. I think a
lot of us have gone through that over the last
couple of years dealing with this global pandemic, and I
had to learn to rest and recuperate in a way
that I never have before. And interestingly, as that lesson

has come full circle for me, what I really want
to commit to in twenty twenty four is taking care
of myself better so that I can continue to show
up as an advocate for my community, because I know
that so many of us deserve better than what we're
getting in the world right now. We're fighting back on

a lot of policy that is doing community harm. We're
trying to live up to the democratic ideals of this country,
which is supposed to be equal for you and me
and everyone else. And I think for me, the real
intention of this year is to be both gentle and

ferocious with myself with my activism and in the way
that we can all stand shoulder to shoulder to stand
up for each other. I hope you are finding your
way to your intentions or resolutions, however you like to
classify them, and I wish you all a happy, healthy

and safe New Year, sending you love. Hey everybody, I'm
t J Holmes, I'm Amy Robots, and we of course
are from the Amy and TJ podcast, and we are
here now to talk about New Year's resolutions. What do
you got? Mine are very simple after the year I've had,
I would like to stay in a beautiful relationship with you,
TJ and keep this amazing job. And I we're down

to the basics here. Yeah. I don't really make New
Year's resolutions, but I was told by the iHeart team
that I still needed to record this with you, So
here I am, and I resolve in the new year
to be nicer to the iHeart team when they tell
me I have to do stuff. Hi, iHeart. It's Teddy
Mellencamp and my news resolution is I don't believe in resolutions.

If you want to make a lifestyle change, you have
to do it for live. It can't be something you're
going to plan for the first week of the year
and then give up on. So I think you want
to make a resolution, you got to make the resolution
to change your life, and it's one day at a time. Hi, iHeart,
I am tamer Judge. And my new Year's resolution is
I'm spend last time on my phone and be more present.

She is also a liar. No, I'm not. I'm not
a big resolution person because I feel like you set
yourself up for disappointment. Just live a good lifestyle. But yeah,
so that's you know, that's my I would say it's
my goal to spend less time on my phone and
be more present. That's a good goal. Hey, everybody, this
is Brian Austin Green, Dona Badges and Randy Spelling, and

we are the hosts of the Oldest Podcast and our
new year's resolution. Mine is, Honestly, I think mine is
to just be as present as possible, to really listen,
to really appreciate life, and to be present in every moment.
I love that. That's a great one. Yeah. I'm usually
not good with resolutions because I feel if I've set

myself a hordline or a bob and I have to
hit it and I end up rebelling against it. How
about an intention? An intention is the way I love
to look at this and my intentions heading into twenty
twenty four is to live so with more of a
feeling of abundance and worthiness in everything that I do,
and take more risks and trust that I can do

more than I think. That's great, Yes, absolutely right, right.
So mine is to infuse creativity and play into everything
that I do, because there are parts of twenty twenty
three that just felt heavier and serious, and while you

know every moment can't be play and laughter, I just
noticed for myself that the more creative I am, the
more that I approach a conversation or a task that
I have to do with creativity, I show up differently,
I show up curious, I show up open, and I
see things that I don't normally see. So I know

that that will be a win for me if I
could do more of that in twenty twenty four. That's
so good. Great intentions, that's so good. So happy new
Year to everyone. Yes, Happy new year everyone, Yes, happy
new year you guys. We hope you had an amazing
one and an amazing twenty twenty four. Okay, Hi, my
name is Eric Winter, and my new Year's resolution I

have a couple. One is to I want to improve
my overall health. I'm really like dedicated to try and
figuring that out and also spend more family time. Hi.
I'm Prosetting Sanchez, and my new year's resolution, similar to
my husband, is, I want to try to cut sugar

as much as I can. I want to be very healthy. Hi.
I'm Shannon Doherty host that Let's Be Clear podcast. My
new Year's resolution is to absolutely live my best life possible,
to be healthy, to love, to embrace my friendships, to
save as many animals as I possibly can, and to

help further spreading the word about cancer, helping raise money
for research and just awareness in general. That's my new
year's resolution. Hi. I'm Scott Patterson from the I Am
All In podcast and my new year's resolution is to
donate more time and more money to my favorite causes.

Happy New Year everyone, and made the road rise up
to meet you all in twenty twenty four. Hey guys,
I'm Jackie, I'm Jen and we are two Jersey Chase.
What's your new Year's resolution? Jack? Okay, my new year's
resolution is to continue surrounding myself with people who make
me feel good and not surrounding myself with people who

don't make me feel good, and you can read into
that if you want. But just want to be around
people who bring me peace. My new Year's resolution, when
it's the same as it was really last year, side
of the shallow ones I have, well, not really shallow,
but exercise more and eat more healthy, but is to
not be such a people pleaser. And you know, in

terms of what we do, you're not supposed to be right.
You want to give your opinions, and you want to
give them in a way that is strong, make no
mistake about it. But not just on the housewives. I mean,
I just I feel like I do sometimes tell people
what they want to hear, and it certainly doesn't make

for a great housewife. I don't want to be mean.
I don't want to say things in a way that
is that is nasty and upsetting. But I do feel
like at times I just try to keep the peace.
And let's forget about do the housewives for a moment,
but in general, all right, so jen's going to be
a starter in twenty twenty four, I can't wait for
it all right? Then, then my resolution is not going

to vibe with yours, because I'm gonna have to stay
away from you I don't want to start. I do
that like be able to speak my mind in a
way that is respectful and authentic. Okay, I like it, Yeah,
I like it all right. Thanks guys, Happy New Year,
Thank you so much. Happy New Year. Hey everybody. Chris
Harrison here, hosts of the most dramatic podcast ever, wishing

you a very happy new year. The turning of a
page a new chapter. My new year's resolution in twenty
twenty four to drink even better wine, eat better food,
spend more time with the family. That is my resolution.
Sounds like a good year. Hey. This is Jenna Ashkwitz
from and That's what You Really Miss podcast, and my

goals for twenty twenty four are to read more, to
have a little bit more patience with myself, and to
be really mindful with my time. I hope you all
have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year. This
is marisoul Patent from I Port Forward podcast, and my
new year's resolution this year is to be an even

more amazing wife than I already am. Man God that so.
I love my husband so much, and he's so good
to me, and he's so kind, and I always feel
like I'm just not as good as he is. I
want to be as good as his. I want to
be better because he deserves better. So I got to
work on that. You know, he likes to go out
and I never want to go out. I can help

you with that going on. I know you go out
every night. Yeah, you can help me with that. I
make my husband very happy you do. It's okay. What's
your neighbor's resolution. I'm Alexi Dapola with I Put Forward podcast,
and my New Year's resolution is, you know, to dedicate
time to my family and friends, because I feel like
a lot of times we get lost, you know, and

you know time goes so quickly and then you just
wake up and you're like, oh my god, I haven't
seen her talk to his friend in such a long
time or to a family member. So my personal things
are really about family and friends. They're really never like
about me, like oh, get on a diet or like weight.
You can do that anytime. Run ten miles. I'm gonna
jump you and tell you you're an amazing mother. You

spend all your time with your sons, you really do.
I don't know how you do everything and run the
salon and you make time for your friends too. You
call me all the time and talk and make sure
that we're connected. You're great at all of that. You
don't need to be any better than you are. Thank
you me. You're a beautiful wife too. You're so good
to see me bring him so much joy and happiness.

This is Rachel Levis from Rachel gos Rogue. My New
Year's resolution is to take everything I've learned this year
and apply it to become the best version of myself.
I will continue to focus on my mental well being
and work to destigmatize asking for help. I intend to
create an environment that allows me to live with integrity,

that inspires creativity, and provides a sense of serenity. I
will no longer enable others by harboring the secrets I've
been expected to keep. I'm Daniel Fischel, I'm right or strong,
and I'm Wilfredell from Podmet's World. Do you guys have
any New Year's resolutions? Such boring ones? They're just the
most basic, like exercise more, uh huh, drink less, don't

overeat you know, like I'll just like the regular ones. Yeah,
I don't think I ever have like a that interesting
or unique of it. And it's the same every year, right,
It's always like basically, just take better care, take better
care of yourself. Always it comes down to like, yeah,
did I trash my body in some capacity or didn't
exercise enough. That's essentially mine too, But I'm getting more

specific with it this year, like et no. For instance,
in the first six months of the year, I'm going
to get myself in the best shape I've ever been
in my life. That's that's a goal. It's and it's
going to be whether that means hiring people to help me,
getting a meal plan, whatever I have to do to
invest in myself the first six months of the year,
I'm going to So I've already made that plan. I've

already started to put that plan into action. So hopefully
that is and and all the things you said go
along with that. You know, I'm gonna do dry January
at least, and I'm hope I'm gonna hope that actually
extends to farther farther than that, and yeah, so kind
of the same stuff like that. Yeah, and I want
to get my superpower. But that's always that's sure year,
that's my every year thing. So this could be the

one I like it, Danielle. I usually I don't really
call them like resolutions. Of course they are like going back,
I had I found my notes from like my twenty
twenty goals. Okay, uh my one of my twenty twenty
goals was that our podcast would be successful. Ooh hey,

and I like had things yeah, that was when we
were first talking about it. First talking about it, I wrote,
I just said podcast successful. And then I had things
like I wanted to release five new be Free products.
So those were some of like my professional goals going
into this next year. Last year I was able to
direct my first primetime TV show, and last year one

of my goals was to direct for a channel other
than Disney Channel, not because I don't love Disney Channel,
but because as I just wanted to expand my direction.
I was able to do that, so that this year
I want to do even more of those. There's some
be Free stuff that I want to do. I would
love to try and get be Free into a store,

so not you know, like a brick and mortar store,
so it's not just direct to consumer and QVC. And
then personally, my real number one personal goal for twenty
twenty four is for my marriage. I finally feel like
with Keaton being you know, two and a half now
he'll be three next year, I feel very much like

I've come out of the sort of fog that the
first two years of having two kids had me in,
which was very much like everything revolved around all hands
on children, all hands on, hands on deck and Jensen
and I just kind of looked at each other and
we were like, love you, We're in this, but exactly
our relationship is going to have to go to the

wayside for a little bit. And now I feel like
they're in. The kids are in a really good place.
They're really solid, We've got good routines down, they're a
little easier, and so this year I want to make
a priority to have just as much of a focus
on the health and wellness of our marriage, and that
involves having a date night, whether that's night or day afternoon. Sure,
I just want to find more time for us to

do things together. So a focus on my marriage and
professionally I've got I've got all kinds of things that
looking forward to. What do we let's discuss a podcast
full for this next year. What do we think is
that we've already talked about that for twenty twenty four,
we're toning down some of the live shows. Yep, there

are just too many. There were wonderful, we're them down.
Toning them down sounds like we're changing the tone of
the show. Where wing down the number we're doing less
of them. Yeah, and so what do we what are
your what are your podcast goals? What are your pod
meets world goals for twenty twenty four? I mean, I

always love the parts of the podcast that I don't expect,
you know, So I would say, like I want I
want to I would like to move beyond just recapping
or just interviewing and finding, you know, like when we
did the drafts, I thought that was super fun and
like reinvigorated. So I'd like to discover something something new
about this show or each other that you know, we

might not necessarily have in our minds right now, that
we haven't planned. I love the like, the surprises are
always the best part of doing this podcast. So yeah,
I love forger surprises. So being open to them, I
guess is a resolution, right right, opening new idea and
trying different things and like stretching a little bit. Yeah,
and instead of figuring out whether or not we want
to do it, because do we think it's going to

go over well, just being like, let's do it and
see what happens. Being accepting a failure in the hopes
of possibly finding gold. I love that I'm going to
take yours cool. Happy New Year to both. Happy be
New Year. Hey, it's Bethany Frankel from Just b and
rewives New Year Resolutions. Now. I never make New Year's resolutions.

Last year I made a resolution for the first time
in a long time that I would learn how to
do my makeup. I can't say it was necessarily just
a New Year's resolution, but it was something overall that
I really wanted to achieve. And as a result of
me trying to do my own makeup because I was
watching makeup videos, I was also like contemplating moving towards

retiring in some fashion, like really slowing down. And that's
when I started doing just wacky videos using stuff that
was in my drawer that I didn't understand or know
what it was, or some makeup artists left it and
ended up comparing it to drugstore stuff, and just was
playing around. I barely knew how to do I didn't
know how to actually post a post. I just looked

on the phone and figured out that you could just
post a post it. I still don't know how to
edit one, or make something shorter, or put the end
of something in the I just post it, And I
don't know how to do any other tricks or filters
or gimmicks or stuff. I just know how to post,
which is probably why people complain about my lighting and

my posts or a train wreck. So I guess having
some version of a resolution did lead to an entirely
new chapter as an accidental influencer. So when asked what
my New Year's resolution is this year, I struggle. In
many ways. I've already started my New Year's resolution because

I've been stressed a bit lately and noticed that the
way I've been handling myself has been a lot better,
just being calm like, not getting activated about it, and
I observe my own behavior and commend my behavior. I
would also say to continue a journey that I started
somewhere maybe halfway through twenty twenty three, with no resolution

in mind, that not everything needed to be said, and
that it was easier and less stressful and less activating
to just not only find the positive, but just ask
questions about thought provoking topics in a more positive way.

That you get more bees with honey than you do
with vinegar, and that I have a daughter who I'm
a role model for, so I don't want to get
myself into drama unnecessarily if it's really not that important
to me. I think coming off of the Housewives, I
was so used to arguing for so long that I

got used to just being known and celebrated for that,
for the conflict, for the snarky lines, for the one liners,
and spending a quarter of my life on reality television,
I became trained to kind of be in conflict in
some way, subconsciously or consciously. And then one day I

just decided I didn't want to be in conflict anymore.
It just wasn't fun, it wasn't positive, it wasn't enjoyable.
And it might be a quick hit for something that
you say that you may even really mean, but it's
not necessary. Some things are necessary to say and some
things are not, and you have to pick your battles.

And my New Year's resolution every year will be to
try less to sweat the small stuff, and to try
to stay out of the weeds and to empower and
educate others to be able to get into those weeds
for me and hope that they can handle it. It
is not easy to deal with all my weeds, so

hopefully somebody can do it this year. Hey guys, it's
Jana Kramer from the wind Down podcast on iHeartRadio. Well,
first and foremost, I just want to say happy New
Year's Happy twenty twenty four. We're in a new year
and it's a new start. It's a fresh start for
all of us, and that's what I think is so
exciting about the new year. I know it can seem overwhelming,

especially with making those New Year's resolutions. So here's something
that I do that I think could also be helpful
for those that feel that overwhelmed feeling of having a
New Year's resolution and then going, oh wait, what was
it again, and not sticking to it. So I read
this book called The Happiness Project, and basically that book
was every month, you make a resolution or what you
want to do different that month. So maybe one month

is I'm going to stop swearing as much. Maybe the
next month is I'm going to be more positive and
not be so pessimistic. I'm definitely going to add that
one back in. Another one is I'm just going to
be happier and not stressed. So my wish for all
of you this year is to not only believe that
it's going to be an amazing new year for all

of us, but to go into the new year positive
and having that train of thought, because that's going to
be My biggest resolution for this year is to be
more positive, less pessimistic, more half full than half empty.
And every month I'm going to set out an intention
for that month and really try to stick to it,
and I hope you guys do the same. So happy
New Year. Let this be the best new year for

all of us. Hey everyone, I'm Dean Bell, I'm Caitlin Bell,
and I'm Jared Habn and we are the hosts of
Help we Suck at being newlyweds. My new Year's resolution
Jared this year is to just get super buff. I
want to get as buff as I possibly can't. My
new year's resolution is to meet new people, my new friends.

We're moving to a new city, so that is my goal.
And my new year's resolution is to make sure that
this podcast goes on into twenty twenty five. That's probably
the best one out there.
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