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November 21, 2022 25 mins

Jana and her friends celebrate Thanksgiving with special sneak peek at Jana's new holiday movie with Mario Lopez and a fun new Thanksgiving tradition!

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Wind Down with Janet Kramer and I Heart Radio Podcast.
Doesn't it feel just like more real when you're in
a studio, like the heartbeat, all of it feels better
in studio. I love your house. I love your house.
Feel better. Oh, I see what you're saying. Yes, no,

this yeah, this is like this feels like work, and
I mean it does. Yeah, you know what I mean.
But like we're showing up to work and yeah, not
that the house doesn't feel like work, but this is
like cool, Well it feels Fisher Price in comparison, doesn't
it right? Like your your Fisher Price microphone and headphones
that you have in my house compared to like where
the I Heart Radio there's a gold microphone and they

have a real microphone and real headphone. You guys, I'm
not a baby anymore. So we're in Los Angeles right now.
We wanted to just have a quick little Thanksgiving episode.
It's going to be very short, but we just want
to say hi. We will to run down a few things,
have a few laughs, and then have you all go

on your way, because we know you guys are busy
this Thanksgiving season. But in l A though, Kristen, you
had some things you wanted to discuss. L A Jenna's here.
L A Jenna drives like a bat out of hell,
and I'm confused where my friend is. Have you never
seen her drive? Like, have you ever really ridden with?

That's what I think it's actually going on. Is that
what's happening. It was weird that you even wanted to drive,
first of all, because I'm not used to that and
you and then all of a sudden, I felt like
I was on a really bad after school special, like
I had been kidnapped, and I was being flipped around
in the backseat like she's been like shuffled to and

from and I'm like, what is happening? I mean, if
you had a plow on the front of that suburban,
there was about three cars that would have just been
scooted to the side. She's a wild driver, Listen. I
am a very defensive like I I like to take control,
you know what I mean, Like, I'm not gonna know

you aren't. I'm very safe though, Well that gets that one,
Oh my god, we almost got a wreck. Well, like
I said, I said, mine is that one moment where
I was three times that was like did you see
the front at that point, I was like, I need
to focus on my phone and my safety and make

sure my will is updated. I was just making sure
that like when I die, Eastern gets my stereo, you know, listen.
But I did have one little oopsie and I go
it was like that moment I go my bad, I go,
Mobby no. But honestly, I mean, I'm not like y'all,
I'm a I'm a safe driver, especially when my kids
are in the car. But when I'm here, I know

how to drive in l A. Like, if you're not aggressive,
you're not going to get out in the lane. You
don't like Eastern, Hannah. You guys know you know he
has known I'm talking about. You have to be aggressive
because if not, you will not go awhere. Yeah, you'll
get eating a lot, just like when every little Midwestern
girl comes to Los Angeles, you will get eaten live

in l A. Yeah. Well I don't know this because
I was Jenna. She's like, like, move okay, this like
you confuse how even a suburban became so small and
had such a tight turn radius, Like I never it
was very close call. But thanksgiving an episode, I am

grateful for my health and safety. Actually a great driver.
Thank you. I really do appreciate you taught me how
to drive in l A. I mean, I'm still a
lot more conservative than you are driving. But it's hard
when like five cars going yellow. Yeah, Nashville doesn't do that.
And also like in the canyons and stuff like when

you're timid going like yes, you have to go slow
ISSU around the corners. But if not, like again, you
just gotta like own it. You're owning it. You gotta
own your car and be safe. I'm safe drivers out there,
I will say, though, it is very scary thinking about
talking about driving. But don't they say that crashes usually
happen the night before Thanksgiving. Yeah, it's the biggest bart

night of the year, right, So instead of that, just
stay home, don't drive, or a good and Uber Uber
is a good choice. Uber is a good choice. Um. So, yes,
we're in l A. I was supposed to I'm going.
I'm going. Let's let's share our plans. I'm going to
Thanksgiving for I'm going to Michigan for Thanksgiving. I was

supposed to be in Michigan the full week, but I
booked an audition. I can't say I don't think I
can say what it's for you. I don't do that. So, um,
things have been changing of when I am all right,
i gotta drop the kids off in Michigan and I'm
gonna go to Chicago to film something. You said it
like a girl. So I'm gonna film something in Chicago

the day before Thanksgiving and then I have a flight
from Thanksgiving to Michigan on Thanksgiving Day. Yeah okay, so
but I'm like thinking the positive, right because I'm going
to go back to gratefulness because Thanksgiving, I'm grateful that
I have. You know, I booked a job, Like how
cool is that? Right? And it's a little bit different

than normal jobs for you huge, It's gonna be so
much fun. I'm uh so, yeah, that's what my Thanksgiving
plans are keeping. I actually am leaving California and going
straight to Michigan. Hey, and on Thanksgiving Day. I've come
up with the term this year. I call it unhosting.

I talked about it. Um. Unhosting is the act of
honoring oneself and not hosting a bunch of ungrateful people
at a bed and breakfast that is actually your home
over the hall of Day. So I'm unhosting this year,
and we are flying. I'm flying into Michigan, which part
again in Michigan and ourbor area. I'm googling how far
away we're gonna be from each other. Nothing can keep

us apart. Gramer And if you drive like you did
in l A, you'd be there in five minutes. When's
the last time you didn't host? It's been a while, right,
eight years? Maybe? Yeah? I tried. I tried to cancel
Thanksgiving a few years back. I had a newborn, and
I had a toddler, and I had a husband on
the road. And then, um, it lasted like a day
and then it got reinstated. We all remember my favorite

We're only gonna be fifty nine minutes apart from each other. Oh,
it's doable. Wait can you can we can we hang?
Oh my god, come over and watch the movie because
my movie premieres the day after Thanksgiving. We fly out
that day. Never mind, but Tuesday or Wednesday, if you know,
we'll play day. I'm going to be in Chicago, but

my kids will be there. I'll go see Jolly and Jay's. Um, Hey,
can we make unhosting a trend? Hashtag unhost that's kind
of a cool thing. You never hosted. You've never hosted.
Oh I don't like hoasting? Well, I mean I know
you wouldn't cook, but like you probably have, like you
could cater. Well I've hosted and had them like the

family come in and cook. Yeah, but I just don't
love it. It's not my thing. I feel you. I'd
rather go to someone else's house. And we have out
a town relative so they come in and they stay
for like days. We don't have that all our families
in town. So tell me why you don't. So you
don't like hosting because you have to cook. I just
I like my own space. And if they could come
in and I could host them for a dinner and

send them on their way with like a little pie
tin of leftovers, it would be bliss for me. But
instead it's two days before, two days after breakfast, lunch, dinner.
It's just and I've always had little kids, right teeny's
But calf for you? Is it? I think they wouldn't stay?
So what is it? Well, the problem is is they
do stay, you know, like I want to be somewhere

when I can where I can leave, eve when I'm
ready to leave, like if I'm done, I want to
go right, you know, but they're through your house. It's like,
all right, guys, and all to go. I love hosting.
You're definitely you're a great I don't like to cook,
but I like to host. Yeah, I like to cook.
I actually like to host. I just would like everyone
to leave. I don't like hashtags. We're going to the

Lions game on Thanksgiving. We're going to lose. Well, that's
not missed that they're playing the Bills by rest in Peace. Thanksgiving,
we're going skiing oh unhosting again. I don't host. Yeah,
it's like I haven't on hosting since do that and nine.
I actually decided because the family dynamic was so weird

around Thanksgiving and figuring in all our family was there,
Like a couple of years ago, we were like, let's
just go away for Thanksgiving every year. It's kind of nice.
I think it's fun too for you, though, Cat, because like,
since you and Nick are back together, it's like you
you guys love going on vacations together. So I think
it's just gonna be because I knew that was something
that would like you would miss, like the family vacation.

So I think, um, it's cool that y'all are having
like this moment too. Yeah, well, and it's in the season.
It's the last vacation we took was this same vacation. Yeah,
we went skiing at Keystone. It was actually his idea
that he's like, let's go back to Keystone. Cute. Yeah,
so that'll be good. And we had a great vacation. Then,
I know we've always vacation his hand, yeah, held his
hand for the person put his hand to wear. It

was like she touched my hand. But that's so sad.
We went to the first great separate what's a sex
life like? Oh my gosh, listen, I proloded on my
Instagram page. Let's just on a side note. Friday, the

day after Thanksgiving, my movie with Mario Lopez Stepping into
the Holiday is premiering on Lifetime. Uh so it's a
cute little movie. You'll give it a little watch A
c slater and Janet Grammer is appropriate. Jolie's in it,
and she's gonna she's gonna watch it, but I'll watch
it with the kids. But yeah, hunt, it's Lifetime Christmas movie.
Can I interview you on your own podcast? Sure? What's

a c slater like? In real life. So I feel
bad that he's stuck there for me, but he just
always will be there. I feel bad because I say
it to Like even when I was on Access this
past week, I was like, I was nervous as it is.
It's a c slater forever, you know. So it's like
I was so nervous to to act with them. But um,
he's great, Like he's he's like Kramer. He calls me Kramer.

I like it, Cramer, Like what what's But he's a
great He's a great guy and I um had fun
working with him and it was really cool because we
shot at in Columbia, Tennessee, so close ish to home,
And um, do you kiss him? In the movie? There's
always a lifetime kiss? I was always counting on. I
don't think we've talked about this. How did I not

ask you're away the kiss? Yeah? But usually she will
tell me, like I ask her. That's true. You always
ask is this person to get kisser? But I feel
like it's weird to to say, like if someone's a good,
good kisser when they're like married. Yeah, I agree with that.
Well that's fair, that's fair. I didn't did you think
about that? Three kids. He's married, and she's amazing. She's

also in the movie Courtney Lopez. She's beautiful in the movie,
and so yeah, so I it's like, but I think,
I don't know, can you separate that and also go
like a kiss is a kiss right, like and and honestly,
in those lifetime movies, it's not like you're like passionately.
You have to have some kind of connection. Like Mario
and I for sure had like a good connection. I
think it was out of respect that, like, you know,

he's we're both parents and like, um, but like there's
only one lifetime. I want to say that there's one.
There's one two movies that I did that I didn't
have connection, like when I kissed the person I want
to name it. In one it wasn't Mario. Yeah, I

still want to name it because I don't want to
like hurt feelings. But it might have not been there
for them either. But it's hard because you have like act. Yeah,
I'm like, to me, it's like a business kiss. So
I like to know if it's real. Even in One
Tree Hill with like Steve and I'm like rolling around
like you know, uh, in like in bed with him
and it's like two seconds later we're done kissing. It's like,
all right, what do you have for lunch today? You know,

like the Caesar salad or because it's not supposed to
be the moment. It needs to be like that connection.
But if there's not to be able to like be like,
all right, we're not in love anymore, we're in love
action not in love anymore, does it make it hard
to like actually work with them though, if there's not
that connection there. Oh yeah, I was gonna said I
would make the whole movie hard. I would feel like, yeah, um,

I wonder if I could know. Because there's this guy
one of my girlfriends was on a TV show with
and she was playing the wife of someone, and like
he was just not great at all, and so she
was just like She's like, how am I supposed to
play his wife? But I mean that's when you just
have to act, you know. Um, A lot of us
have played wife and we don't know. I don't know.
It feels like I can nail it. No, I mean

it's true. So but I mean, yeah, he wasn't He
wasn't a bad kisser. I'll say that, Okay, good A C.
Slater forever. But he was great. Now I would like
to be in a movie with My guy was Mark
Paul uh every Zach with this giant phone. It's like
literally like the size of my were you screech rest

in peace? But that guy wasn't told me what screech was.
He died. I know, I said rest in peace first,
but it doesn't make what he said to me any bad.
What happened. We interviewed him when I was on air
in Michigan on our morning show, and he was a
dirt bag christ in piece again. I mean, I hope
you settled all of your things when you got up there.
But he was so wildly inappropriate with me. We were

doing a breakfast, like a live on air breakfast. He
was doing the local comedy club. So he came in
and he started. I mean, I was like twenty, you know,
baby Kristen and just likesent, and he was screeched, and
I was just so happy to be in his present.
You're happy. I was happy. I couldn't even happier. You

didn't even believe you're here. That was the interview, and yeah,
he I spilled. There was some sort of like pancake batter.
We were making pancakes, doing it all in the studio.
It was really fun, you know, it sounded cool on air,
and something happened where the pancake batter like spilled or
it was on. Then he goes he made some inappropriate

comment about licking the better no no batter, right, and
I'm twenty, and I'm like, now, looking back, it's like
a hashtag me too, movement, movement moment, you know, Oh man,
I mean, I was just so taken back. I didn't know,
and I'm very rarely at a loss for words, as

I'm sure everyone is well aware, but I didn't know
what to say wildly inappropriate. I was super uncomfortable. I
was young. I'm in there, my little station polo, my
logo on. You know, I'm just trying to make the
best of it. And your screech and now all of
a sudden, you're a dirt bag. No hard for me,
And I think he was just being funny. It's hard

when inappropriate. But he was like a comedian at the time,
and you know they get raunchy and like, right, it's
like sagg it would say, like raunchy stuff, but we
love but like he would never say that, but then
I was always like, is Bob really raunchy or is
he just not have a dust buster in his hand?
Like it's like, we grew up with him being Danny Tanner,
so when he said anything that was like a little

we were like, oh, that's really racy. But really, I mean,
you definitely got a little raunchy on. Yeah. Yeah, but
he wouldn't have most comedians do verbally assaulted me about
pancake better. No, No, he wouldn't have that. No, that's
tough when you meet someone that you know again because
growing up watching this show, I mean, it's an iconic show.

You meet them, you're excited to meet them. It's just
like if I did the movie with Mario and he
was a dirt bag or something, I would have been heartbroken. Also,
I would have been so upset, Like I've met someone
in the music world where I was a ginormous fan
of and they were not nice, and I was like, God,
I wish I never met you. Yeah, tricky, because it's like,

now that's what I think of when I think of
your songs as opposed to high school Janna singing. Oh.
So I was thinking a lot of different thoughts in
our brains. So that's why, you know, I was like
bummed about that. But you know, um, that's tough. I
hate to say that even because he's not alive, so

it feels but it's still memory and you're still my truth. Great, Um,
but yeah, in conclusion, watch the show, watch the movie. Um,
little Jolie has a little party of super cute all right,
before we get off of this Thanksgiving episode, what is

a one mm hmmm. Two things you're grateful for and
one thing the turkey can take when he leaves. The
turkey can take himself because I don't eat meat. Yeah,
turkey list, Turkey list, and you're an impossible turkey. I am.

Actually that should be my new handle on Instagram. Ali, everybody,
I'm Tyler Florence and I'm Wells Adams were the hosts
of the new podcast Two Dudes in the Kitchen. You
might be asking yourself, why do these guys have a podcast?
Because we love food. You and I have known each

other for a while. We've got a chance to click
together on television on Food Network back in the day,
and uh, I gotta tell you there's no two better
guys are more equipped to take you. Guys on a
journey through the kitchen. It's all about great recipes, it's
all about connecting with fantastic techniques and having a great time.
Why you're doing it. It's a podcast for you, for
you to call into give us your feedback, and we're

here to answer your questions and kind of get those
kitchen burners fired up. I got a lot of questions
just because I'm not nearly as good of a chef
as you are. So I'm gonna be asking you a
lot of questions, and you guys out there can ask
him as well. It's gonna be a lot of phone
We're gonna learn a lot and you know what, most importantly,
we're gonna eat good. We're gonna eat good. Man, eat
good in the neighborhood. Man, We're here for you. Listen
to Two Dudes in the Kitchen on the I Heart
Radio app, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Two things I'm grateful for and two things and one
thing the turkey can take. I really mean this when
I say this. It's not because we're here, but this
is what I'm grateful for. And not get emotional. Oh gravy,
I feel like a person one episode one we did,

didn't we so emotional, But I just miss like being myself.
So this makes me feel like myself, Like studio, you
guys l a all of it, like even when we're
just in your house, just like being a person and
plugging in and not just feeling like a mom and
a wife. My husband has a very successful career and
he does a lot of big things, and I have

just tabled a lot of what I've wanted to do
for a long time to be able to be a
stay at home mom in homeschool and make sure that
we have front front porch parties for him. And this
is like wildly good for me, and I just feel
like a person. I love that. Yeah, it's good. That's good.
And I yeah, it's fun to see you shine too,

And I think that's a good thing for you know
you guys listening. It's if there's something that brings you
to you to tap more into that and to follow that. Yeah, Catherine,
it's funny. Mine's kind of the opposite. Actually, don't enjoy that. Actually,

she's like, I quit and while we're here, I'm getting
no in the sense that I've always work work, work, work, work,
I'm kind of in like a place in my life
where it's like I'm ready to like be home more
and like set more boundaries, I think as the kids
have gotten older, like I just want to be there more,
you know. And it's like, so not that I'm talking
about this specifically, but like you've been home so much,

like now you want to get out and you want
to and I'm in a place where I mean, you
have you know, and it's I'm in a place where
like I was hardly ever home, right, you know, and
so now it's like working from home and all that.
It's like made me realize that, like that's important. You
also have really cool kids. Yeah, they are pretty cool,
and they're getting older and yeah, I can imagine there
are a lot of fun yeah, like all the stuff

they do. And I'm thankful that I have the job
that I do and where I'm at in my life,
like I am there in the like you prioritize your kids, Janna.
So it's like I get to prioritize my kids too,
because you know, we still work, but it's like we're
there in the afternoon, like we make sure we're there
to get our kids. That's why this has been such
a blessing, I think, because it's always going to be

mom first, so it's not like it can fit right in. Yeah. Yeah,
what's the turkey taken? Oh, turkey is taking And I
want y'all do this around your Thanksgiving table because you
have to do what you're thinking first. Okay, we'll come
back to you. Um, hurry and stress. I just I
want it out. It's hard. Feel that it's good. It's hard.

I want to go on. Ye, it's a different life. Yeah,
embrace it. Yeah, took five, but I'm getting there, like, okay, slow,
calm and only things that are good for me. Yeah,
what about you? That's it. And the turkey takes itself.
Turkey out it. Um, so I will say, what the

turkey is taking is myself doubt. That's right, the church said. Amen.
I feel like in the last month I've done things.
Um oh no, it's my turn. Um good, there's a
double crime. I've I don't bet on myself a lot

and um, I feel like I've taken a lot of
chances the last month. I'm you know, taking that one
movie role that on myself with that and I took
you know, I passed up on a movie role that
was a lot of money for a role that literally
was like two grand, just because I wanted to prove
to myself I could play something different. And the bet,
you know, paid off and I made huge fans and
I'm going to do more movies movies with them. And

then even like the audition that I ended up getting,
I was so stressed that day, Poor Catherine, I'm gonna
have to show the bloopers because I was like, I
can't do this, and I was just like, when you
actually believe in yourself and you bet on yourself, like
you will win. So I think taking I want to
get rid of like the self doubt. That's what the
Turkey's gonna take. And then UM, on today's episode of

Wine Down, I'm going to say that I am grateful
for where I'm at co parenting right now. My ex
has been really great with um helping me with the
schedule and just understanding kind of my emotions around the
holiday and and working with me to be like all right, hey,
like when can you know maybe you can come over

to see the kids this day and knowing it to
be long, and I just like I there's so many
times where I think our experience is really tough in
our marriage. But now I can, like, I want to
give moments when it is good to say like they're
you know, I'm great full that we can have moments
that are kind and um, we can have empathy towards

each other when travel and work and holidays come together.
I predicted this a little though. Do you remember I
said I felt like you guys will always be friend.
I felt like you were better for I think it
goes in waves, and I think she had some stuff
and I'm not saying you're brading each other's hair at
this one, but there's a lot of things never mind.
But anyways, so I'm just I I like to I

just want to at least call it something positive because stems,
I feel like it's just like, you know, always on
the next So I'm trying to go for looking on
the positive. We just talked about it in a good way,
in a very positive way. So I had told her
about everything changing, because you know, Karl had to tell
him we were changing our flight. And I was like

actually a herder on the phone today with Mike, and
I was so impressed with how y'all handled that. I mean,
I didn't really hear his words, but it seemed like
he was really receptive, and it was just I was
impressed and I was telling her that yeah, cool, yeah,
maybe I'll yeah anyway, but yeah, that's actually a really
big deal. Baby steps. Um. So, I think the moral

of all of this is step into who you are,
believe in yourself, and look at the positive even when
things can be hard and tough and difficult. And um,
on another note, we are so thankful for you guys
for listening to this podcast. We would not be here
if you didn't listen. And um, we hope that you
have an amazing Thanksgiving and let that turkey leave with

any negative thoughts and doubts and an unhosted if you
need to, unhost if you need to. We love you, guys,
Love you. Thanksgiving.
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