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April 15, 2024 36 mins

Have you heard all the drama on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City?? Jana is sitting down with the woman in the center of it all… Monica Garcia!
Hear the real story behind the Instagram page she ran before joining the cast, and we go behind the scenes of what happened during her season… and why she may NOT return!
Plus, Monica reveals what went down between her and Jen Shah, and why the Secret Service got involved!

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Wind Down with Janet Kramer and I'm Heart Radio Podcast.

Speaker 2 (00:06):
I feel like we're trading spots this week because a
few weeks ago it was all about Love is Blind.

Speaker 3 (00:11):
Yeah, the same. I'm feeling pretty good about it too,
pretty excited.

Speaker 2 (00:15):
So you got me into housewives for a minute there. Yeah,
which you know, because when I went on the Andy
Cohn Show, the Andy Cone Show, I'm just gonna call
it the Andy con Show. It's not Andy Cohen. What
is it called Live with Andy Cohen?

Speaker 3 (00:30):
Right, it's Oh my god, watch what happens live?

Speaker 2 (00:34):
Watch it happens live? There we go, whoof? But I
you know, because I just like, I haven't started from
like start to finish. But then I got hooked there
for a minute when I was pregos and then now
I'm like back to not watching it. And uh so
we have a guest today, Monica Garcia, and she's on

Which Housewife again?

Speaker 3 (00:57):
Salt Lake City? So do you watch salt Lake Yes?

Speaker 2 (01:00):
Interesting? Yeah, when did Salt Lake Day even debut?

Speaker 3 (01:03):
It's newer. It's probably been oh, I don't know, three
or four seasons or five something like that. I don't know.
It's newer. It may be more than that the year's run.
I'm not really sure, but it's definitely one of the
newer ones.

Speaker 2 (01:15):
Why is she a villain? Oh? It was so good? Well,
she was new this year. I feel like the news
get picked on.

Speaker 3 (01:23):
Okay, but this one was like she was good. She
was till the end. She wasn't necessarily the good witch
by any means, but like she was good with the
group as a whole most part, and then at the
end it like curveball came and it was like she

was all of a sudden not good anymore. Before I
tell you why, I'm gonna ask you a question. Okay, okay, So.

Speaker 2 (01:51):
If you had to put my hand behind my back
of the family feud.

Speaker 3 (01:53):
Yeah, if you had a friend, yes, in your group.

Speaker 2 (01:58):
I had a friend in my group.

Speaker 3 (01:59):
Okay. That was that you found out was a part
of a group of people saying things about you online.
Oh my god. Okay, So may or may not have
been you specific or it may not have been that
friend specifically, may have, but they were a part of

this group that were posting things about your friends, You
and your friends on a social media site. How would
you feel?

Speaker 2 (02:28):
Well, we had this discussion when we hired that private investigator,
and I said, if it ends up being yeah, someone
in the fab, you know, like our little tight circle,
like oh god, heaven forbid, it was like anyone of queendom,
even though I was like, I would never talk to
them ever again, right because that is so hurtful.

Speaker 3 (02:48):
Yeah, So basically that's what happened. She's behind this, she
was she is a part of a group, and they
find this out like last season or last episode.

Speaker 2 (03:00):
Basically, well, now I don't like her because I don't
like people that go in mind and talk I mean things.

Speaker 3 (03:04):
So it ended with a very it was fair, and
at the reunion she had, she didn't get to talk
a whole lot. I mean, they really didn't give her
a chance to say a whole lot. I will be
I will give her that. So I would love to
know a little bit of what she has to say
about it. But I think part of her defense was
she didn't specifically say certain things about them, but she

was still a part of.

Speaker 2 (03:28):
The group going on.

Speaker 3 (03:30):
Yeah, so that was it was kind of just like
dead from.

Speaker 2 (03:34):
Me, whether you said specific or not, you're still going
on something to talk trash about a friend, Yeah, Like
that's not cool and it's like for me, it's not
even it's just anybody, any any grown adult. Well, first
of all kids. I mean that's another thing too. I
think that's but once you get to the age where
you should know better. Yeah, like I would think that,
like our kids would know better not to do that.

But you know, a little a little grace for the kids.
But if they're as adults going on pages and talking
about whether it's a friend, it's even I think it's
even worse. Well, it's obviously it's worse with a friend,
but going on talking about anybody, whether it's a celebrity,
it's just rude.

Speaker 3 (04:12):
You don't know.

Speaker 2 (04:12):
Yeah, Like there are things when I look at like
I would I may think in my head, but I'm
never gonna say this person's crazy, right and put it
out there like that's just rude.

Speaker 3 (04:22):
Yeah, And having an opinion about someone and then taking
it to that level is where you get to the
bully situation. It can happen, and that's where it's hard.
I mean it was hard to watch this season because
it was like, you felt I felt for her in
so many ways, and she became friends with these girls,

most of them, and then it was just like stopped
in the tracks because they found this information out.

Speaker 2 (04:52):
Was there like a ringleader that was a part of
it more than her that?

Speaker 3 (04:56):
I don't know. I'm sure maybe, I don't know. I
would love to hear more from her and so and
do you know, I don't know if you know the
whole Like Ginshaw, she's the one that went to prison. Yes,
that was on there. Yes, So it started apparently because
she she was helping to take her down. She worked,
worked with her, was her an assistant. It's a little
vague how she was involved with her and she was

basically helped take her down. Was it money again, like
wire fraud? Ginshaw?

Speaker 2 (05:28):

Speaker 3 (05:28):
Yeah, wire fraud.

Speaker 2 (05:29):
You know, how do people think they're going to get
away with that?

Speaker 3 (05:33):
I mean you'd think at this point if you're a housewife,
especially because they've made so.

Speaker 2 (05:38):
Many got so many eyeballs on you.

Speaker 3 (05:40):
Yeah, I don't know. I truly don't know.

Speaker 2 (05:43):
Like I get wanting to save money, like I don't
want to pay taxes, and I'm always like pay Kevin,
like what do you gotta do? You know what I mean?
But like it's you got to do it, you know
what I mean. He's like, do you want to go
to jail, Yeah you want, okay.

Speaker 3 (05:54):
But wirefraud is definitely I mean, her situation was definitely different.
This was not like tax evasion. What is why where
it's basically like taking people's money.

Speaker 2 (06:02):
Oh that's awful.

Speaker 3 (06:03):
Yeah, and I don't know all the details of all
that she did, but yeah, I mean it sounds like
it was a pretty bad, pretty bad situation. Yeah. So boy, anyway,
it just made me think of that situation about only
hired when we hired the PI, because it felt so
close to home.

Speaker 2 (06:21):
You know, for like a split second, I know, it
was just a split hair of a hairy second, hairy second.
I was like, if it's Catherine, oh god, that would
break my freaking world. It'd break my heart.

Speaker 3 (06:33):
I just can't because it was so personal.

Speaker 2 (06:36):
I mean, obviously we know now like who it was,
but like and it was in our group. It was
a scorned person, but it was so just like they
had information that I'm like, what.

Speaker 3 (06:52):
It's one of those two When you're in this situation,
it's like it does make you go, well did I
say something to sus And it does make you kind
of like freak out, like kind of like oh my god,
did I No, No, I didn't even know that piece
of the information, or like Nick did did did you know?
But I remember being like asking, because it does it

freaks you out, Like what if I was somehow I
know it obviously wasn't me, but what if I was
responsible in some way of saying something to someone right?
You know? And then it's like, no, I didn't do
that in it, but it's it's that position does not
feel good for anyone, for you, for the people around you.

Speaker 2 (07:29):
I could see how that would be like, because I
mean that's me, I'm like, well, God.

Speaker 3 (07:32):
Did I say? It makes you kind of let you
second guess yourself. But then I was like, my God, like,
first of all, I'm one has to clean this up, like.

Speaker 2 (07:42):
The PI person the funniest not the funniest thing. But
I think the biggest lesson with all that is one
of the people in that that group or whatever that was,
was you know, saying a lot of the lies. Was
I was trying to I'm not convinced, but I'm like
trying to tell this other person that was hanging out

with them, like this person is like not, you know,
this is a lie, like a blatant lie, and it's
interesting how karma ends up working out and turning around
because they they ended up seeing yeah you know that
it was things started adding up and then I then
was like it was almost like this validation And they

never said it to me, but I heard from like
the Great Vine that they, you know, aren't you know,
friendly anymore because of just certain things that I had
also brought to their attention. But you go, it all
just kind of plays out in the end, you know,
and it was like the sweet But in the moment,
I was like, Okay, I'm not crazy because the first time,

like am I Am I crazy?

Speaker 1 (08:45):

Speaker 2 (08:45):
Like yourself? Yeah? So well?

Speaker 3 (08:47):
And I also think too, that's why sometimes you do
have to just sit back and let people figure it
out for themselves. It's so hard. It's so hard. Trust me,
I'm literally the worst at that. But I do think
because you, I mean, I know you like said things,
but you also did you decided to just step back
from the situation, not let it affect you and just
let it be like either they'll figure it out or

they won't, And it's fine.

Speaker 2 (09:11):
It's validating when people figure it out though, validating, But I.

Speaker 3 (09:15):
Feel validated when I hear things about your guys. I'm like, oh,
we're not crazy. Yeah, but anyway, so yes, I'm excited
about Monica though I know how's filming the movie by
the way, real.

Speaker 2 (09:29):
Fasting emotions to even chat about it. Wow, okay, but
I will eventually eventually. Okay, all right, well I'm running
on e eyop. All right, let's take a break and
then let's get her on. Okay, Monica, Yeah, are you

born and raised in Salt Lake?

Speaker 1 (10:04):
No? I was actually born in Boston and pretty much
raised in Arizona.

Speaker 2 (10:10):
Okay, why did you move to Salt Lake.

Speaker 1 (10:13):
Because of my ex husband?

Speaker 2 (10:14):
He was a husband?

Speaker 1 (10:16):

Speaker 2 (10:16):
Okay, yeah, how long How long are you with your ex?

Speaker 1 (10:20):
Oh? See, my oldest is eighteen, so eighteen years.

Speaker 2 (10:25):
You have an eighteen year old?

Speaker 1 (10:27):
Yeah, she's almost nineteen.

Speaker 3 (10:29):
How old are you?

Speaker 1 (10:30):
I am thirty nine?

Speaker 2 (10:32):
Oh wow?

Speaker 1 (10:33):
Okay, yeah, I got pregnant very young. I got pregnant
when I was nineteen.

Speaker 2 (10:37):
We're just talking about that like early, really, Yeah, I
mean she's a younger mom.

Speaker 3 (10:43):
I'm an old mom. Yeah, I'm mean I have a
fifteen year old.

Speaker 1 (10:46):
We're both like younger than me. Don't say that.

Speaker 3 (10:49):
No, I'm forty we're forty, we're older than you.

Speaker 1 (10:51):
Yeah, you look like you're like twenty seven.

Speaker 2 (10:54):
Oh wow, sweet, it's the camera.

Speaker 1 (10:58):
No, it's.

Speaker 3 (11:00):

Speaker 2 (11:01):
So you've been on Salt Lake season for this is
your first year.

Speaker 1 (11:06):
My first and last.

Speaker 2 (11:07):
Yes, Oh you're done.

Speaker 3 (11:09):
I didn't know that.

Speaker 2 (11:10):

Speaker 1 (11:10):
No, I'm just saying because I was put on a
cool down period. I guess. So I've only done one
season so far and they're currently filming season five.

Speaker 3 (11:21):
Wait, so are you still on a cool down? Have
they just like kept you on hold or where does
that stand?

Speaker 1 (11:26):
I don't know. If I'm on hold, I don't know.
I don't know. I'll be honest, I don't know what what.
I'm just here, not just here? Do you know?

Speaker 3 (11:36):
Do you know the reason why you're on a hold?

Speaker 1 (11:39):
Yeah? I do, because the other women all came together
and refused to film with me.

Speaker 2 (11:44):
So does it have anything to do about the account stuff?

Speaker 3 (11:48):
You think?

Speaker 2 (11:49):

Speaker 1 (11:49):
For sure? But I don't think that's the real reason.
I think that that was a easy and nice, convenient
cop out for them to use. But I think if
we're looking at everyone as a whole, I think a
burner page was the least grievous thing that's happened to
those women.

Speaker 3 (12:06):
So yeah, so just take us back. I watched the
show and I know most of the answers to these questions. However, okay,
take us back. So how did reality Bontes start?

Speaker 1 (12:19):
So it started because a group of us that you
used to work with Jen or were done wrongly by
Jen all came together after she had pretty much not
paid us what we were owed and abused us and
you know, was physically throwing things at us, and we

decided to out her for her behavior and the horrible
person that she was and how she treated her employees.
And so that's kind of how it all started.

Speaker 2 (12:52):
Okay, that was framed a little differently to me right
in the beginning, because it made it seem like it
was like friends.

Speaker 3 (13:00):
Well that's where I'm going with the next question. Go
for it. So then how does it then transfer into
these other women feeling like y'all are speaking badly about them?
Like does it? How does it change from this page
about Genshaw to how they felt like they were being
attacked by you on this page?

Speaker 1 (13:20):
It doesn't. It's bullshit, And that page never came for
them and they were never on our radar as far
as giving about anything to do with them, it was
all about Genshaw and exposing who she was, and they
decided to be I don't know, so.

Speaker 2 (13:39):
The other girls weren't talked about then on that page.

Speaker 1 (13:41):
We never talked about them. Anything that was talked about them.
This is where it's getting like twisted a little bit.
We would reshare things that Jen would say about them,
so then they felt like we were talking about them
because we would post the awful things that Jen would
do or say to them, pretty much saying, see, she

treats her so called friends this way as well, this
is just who she is, and that was something they
decided to turn into the page is talking about us?
Does that make sense?

Speaker 3 (14:14):
That does make sense, and that does explain because even
from a viewer watching it, you know, yeah, I just
assumed that was the case, that y'all were talking badly
about them, and I guess in the reunion they didn't
really truly give you a chance to explain that.

Speaker 1 (14:28):
I feel like they know exactly I don't. I feel Look,
the reunion was brutal. It was very very chaotic. The
women were ready to pounce. They had a mission and
I mean, I feel like there was so much left
out of the reunion, but I didn't need to explain
that those women are very well aware of what that

page was, what it talked about it. Like I said,
I feel like and this is no shade at all
to you guys. I feel like everyone keeps asking me
this same question, and I don't understand why it's not
being understood that the page did not discuss them. The
page was about Jen and the awful thing she said

about her employees, the afful things she did to her employees,
and the awful thing she did and said about her friends.

Speaker 2 (15:17):
So then where was the disconnect then, Like, what's the
I mean, there wasn't.

Speaker 1 (15:21):
A disconnect even at reunion. I said, Heather, what do
you not understand? This page is just showing what Heather
or what Jen said about you. And she's like, oh, well,
thank you, and I was like, you're welcome, you know,
I mean, they're very well aware. I think to act
like you know, they were shocked at who was behind
it was also bullsh I think to act like this,

you know, collective outrage at this page is just bullsh.

Speaker 3 (15:46):
Frankly, it really is, and I think it's fair. And
the reason I wanted to ask that question is because, yes,
as a viewer, I was not sure, where's the truth
in here? Where's what's happening here? And so I think
it's important for you to get to say that and
understand you don't need to explain yourself. But as a viewer, yeah,
I want to hear that part of it and like,

because it didn't it didn't add up. Yeah, it definitely
did not act. So I think that's fair.

Speaker 1 (16:13):
Yeah, And I think that the women were probably more
upset about other things and just put it all on
the burner page as to why I shouldn't have been there,
when really, you know, you have Angie k saying you
park your range Rover under a car port and you
fold your blankets and cheeto dust at home and you're

not married and did it da da? Uh? So was
it really about the page or is it You're pissed
off that I'm here making waves and you don't feel
like I should belong or be in your circle. So
I just feel like there was more going on than
a stupid burner page, do you know what I mean?

Speaker 3 (16:51):
Yeah? For sure, And I mean, honestly, that's what I
loved about you in the beginning of you know, the
first episodes, I mean, like the perse situation that you know,
it was, you know, it's very a lot of money obviously,
and a lot of whatever, and she was trying to
keep up, but like not, you know, and it was
just very real and it was very Yeah, it was

very good to watch and see someone come in and
just be real about that, like do I need to
go spend thousands of dollars on this purse right now? No,
but I'm also trying to keep up with these women.

Speaker 1 (17:22):
Yeah, and I do think that. Thank you so much
for saying that. I do think that. You know, that
was received and also criticized at the same time, like
fifty to fifty people were like, she doesn't deserve to
be there because she can't go out and buy a purse,
And it's like, that's not what I was crying about
or emotional about. I was emotional about feeling like do

I belong? Do I even deserve to be here? Should
I even be here? Do you know what I mean?
And I feel like so many people, and honestly, you know,
gay people, trans people, colored people, young people, we have
all felt like that. And I do think that was
the grand picture of what I was trying to convey,

and I do think that that's why so many people
were able to relate to that, but also why I
was so criticized for it, which is, you know, pretty interesting.

Speaker 2 (18:14):
Do you think it has to do with the fact too,
that you know, you're beautiful, you're new, you were just
you had a target on your back too.

Speaker 1 (18:24):
Okay, so I don't think I am any prettier than
like Winnie, I think is absolutely stunnying. I do think
that the cast, you know, is pretty I think Meredith
Marx is stunning. I don't think it's that, but I
do think it's the fact that I was this new,
shiny toy and I was the only new thing. I
was the only new girl on this seasoned cast. So yeah,

I definitely think there was hazing. And you know, you're
you can't sit with us vibes for sure.

Speaker 2 (18:54):
Well, I mean now that you're not, you're on hold
from the show. Yeah, I feel like you're also kind
of the person where you're gonna just say how it
is regardless. So if you actually had a problem with
Whitney or any of the other girls, you would go, yes,
you would just tell them versus probably dragging them on
social media or making a page about them. So like, yeah,

is there anything you'd want to say to them or
to go Okay, the know this is actually how I feel.

Speaker 1 (19:23):
M h. I think I've been pretty open. Like you said,
I've been pretty open with how I feel. I don't
have anything bad to say about Whitney or Mary or Meredith.
I think I've been very vocal on where I stand
with Heather and the bullshit that is the whole Canisa situation,

her hairdresser and just how all of that went down.
And I think I've been very vocal on Lisa as well.
I mean, I think it's funny that Lisa puts so
much value on materialistic things and kind of you know,
like the sixty k ring right when she's the one
borrowing her jewelry and renting her clothes and sending them

back after And I don't have to do that. You know,
you have Angie Kay, who I just don't think is relevant,
So I don't talk about her either at all.

Speaker 3 (20:15):
Fair I love it.

Speaker 1 (20:19):
I think it's funny. I think it's funny to shame
and belittle someone for not having the same thing as
you or parking my range over under a carport when
you rent your so shut the fuck up, Like you
have to take your shop and send it back. You know,
I know your stylist in La raw died your ass
out and you borrow your which is why you're scared
if you spill a drop of anything on it, because
then you have to actually buy it. Also, why have

I never seen your closet?

Speaker 3 (20:43):
And this is why I think that she should stay
on the show.

Speaker 2 (20:47):
I'm sitting over here going I was so confused. Why
Bravo isn't like I know this is like you know, well,
because the girls refuse to.

Speaker 1 (20:55):
And I will say, I'm so surprised. I never thought
that the women have that kind of power. I thought
it was like, no, this is a show and this
is a job, and at the end of the day,
our goal is ratings and views and money and that's
the bottom line. And so if you are with that,
then great, But you're not going to tell us who
we can and can't hire or keep on a show.

And I was wrong.

Speaker 3 (21:20):
Yeah, that surprises me.

Speaker 2 (21:21):
I'm shocked actually, because I mean everyone wants to watch
a little bit of drama on TV to get out
of their own drama life, you know. So that's why
the people enjoy it.

Speaker 1 (21:30):
I mean, that's what Health Lives is. Like I said,
if you look at Health Lives across the board, I
didn't do anything worse than anyone else. Someone made this
incredible reel of Heather recently saying, you know, Monica Sean
the legacy of Housewives. She shot us on the network.
She shot on the show, but then they played housewives

over the years, and you have people accusing people of
doing crystal meth and bathrooms, you have people flipping tables,
you have people physically, you know, assaulting each other and
throwing glasses, and it's like, what did I do? I
didn't cheat on any legacy. That is the legacy, you know.

Speaker 3 (22:07):
So it's that's true.

Speaker 1 (22:09):
Yeah, yeah, And if we're talking about like ourselves, she
was the only one that pissed on herself in a bus,
so you know that would be her.

Speaker 2 (22:18):
But anyways, oh man, so would you go back then
if they said, if they asked you to come back,
I feel.

Speaker 1 (22:37):
Like they would not ask me to come back with
this cast. I think that there would probably have to
be cast changes just because the women are so like,
no we will not do it, but I would go back.
I just don't think that there's an opportunity for me
to do so with this cast.

Speaker 3 (22:58):
So what what is next for you that?

Speaker 1 (23:00):
Yeah, you guys will have to see. You will have
to see. There are some things coming up that I
actually really am excited about and can't wait for people
to see. I wish I could talk about them, but
I can't. But yeah, I've just been pretty much going
on an incredible gay tour around the country and visiting
all these amazing LGBTQ clubs, and it's honestly been an

incredible experience. They're amazing and they make me feel so loved,
and they, you know, remind me of why I did
the show in the first place, which was to show that,
you know, you can have financial struggles, you can be
going through a divorce, you can be a single mom,
and you can have a crazy mother and still be

on housewives, you know. So I think I think that
was achieap for sure.

Speaker 3 (23:51):
Speaking of I do have to ask, how are things
with your mom? Where does that stand?

Speaker 1 (23:55):
Oh? That bitch can rotten hell? Let me tell you.
She just came out on Twitter with the most disgusting
thing about me over Easter, like your mom yet yeah,
she tweets the nastiest things about me, and then she'll
be like I cry myself to sleep because I miss them.
I'm like, you can stay missing, bitch, because you will

never see us again. She said the most awful things
about me. I haven't spoken to her in months, and
I will never speak to her again ever.

Speaker 2 (24:25):
So I don't I don't know the dynamic what was
there was just something that was like, what was what
was the big explosion.

Speaker 1 (24:31):
He talks about me? So okay, so me. The most
recent one was she.

Speaker 2 (24:35):
Why do you why do you have a fault?

Speaker 3 (24:37):
Like, why do you have a hard relationship with your mom?

Speaker 1 (24:41):
Oh? Did you watch the show?

Speaker 2 (24:43):
I didn't watch the show?

Speaker 3 (24:45):
Okay, okay, okay, yeah.

Speaker 1 (24:47):
That's a genuine question. That wasn't me being.

Speaker 2 (24:49):
Yes, no, no, no, no, for sure, that was I.

Speaker 1 (24:51):
Just didn't know if you really did.

Speaker 2 (24:53):
For the listeners that haven't watched, like yeah.

Speaker 1 (24:55):
Yeah, yeah. My relationship with my mother is very, very volatile,
and it's been like that my whole life, where it's
up down, up, down, and the highs are really high
but the lows are low. Growing up, I think I
hold a lot of resentment because she constantly had men
in and out of her life, which means I constantly

had these men in and out of my life. I
talk about with my mother on camera actually about her
leaving me in the trunk of a car one time
while she was making out with a guy. Yeah, she's
very very you know, she left me with a different
family when I was twelve, in a different state. You know,

there's just there's a lot of trauma that has happened
over the years, but now what she's doing in present
current time is unforgivable. She talks about me as a mother,
being a neglectful mother, saying I leave my kids to
fend for themselves and they're feral and all this, and

it's just it's absolutely my I'm blowing. She talks about
how I will leave and do these appearances and that
it's disgusting that I will leave my kids for four days.

Speaker 2 (26:10):
Well, that's a lot of her own shame and her
own shack, you know.

Speaker 1 (26:14):
Yeah, exactly. It's pretty funny to have a mother shame
their daughter right for leaving their kids for four days,
when you literally left them with friends for over a year.
It's just it's very, very toxic. It's very damaging to
my mental health, and I will never allow it in
my life again. Never.

Speaker 3 (26:35):
Good for you for recognizing that, because I was actually
shocked that you had her involved on the show.

Speaker 1 (26:42):
Thank you, because I appreciate you giving me the opportunity
to say this, because so many people have asked me that.
When we started filming, my mother and I were in
a good place and I told production, I said, you
guys are going to see some ship for sure if
I record with my mother, because I knew our relationship right,

But I did want to show that to the world
because that is my real life. And I'm doing a
reality show literally called Real Housewives, and that is my
real life. My real life is this awful relationship really
with my mother. And I was shocked at how many

people resonated with that and felt seen by that. It
went worse than I could have ever imagined. I didn't
think it would go that bad, and truthfully, the show
helped me completely sever that relationship with my mother. Watching
it back on a big screen is a very out
of body experience seeing how bad it actually is when

you grow up with it and you're living it. It
feels normal. When you're actually watching it play out and
you're having the world comment on how toxic it is,
it opens it up for you ways you never saw before.
But then seeing how she also acted on Twitter online
in real time was like wow. So you know, the

show did give me the strength and honestly recognition. I
was able to realize how bad that relationship really was.

Speaker 3 (28:17):
Yeah, that's good. So take it back for a second. Okay,
So the Genshaw stuff, we got to touch on this
real fast. Okay, Yeah, so how did it come about
for you to get involved to talk to the authorities
and take us back to that a little bit.

Speaker 1 (28:33):
Okay, So I never knew for sure what was going
on with Jen. I knew that there was a lot
of weird things happening, but one night in particular, she
explained to me exactly what her business was. After that
conversation with her.

Speaker 2 (28:54):
And the business is I don't understand. It's like it
was it like money laundering or well, there were like.

Speaker 1 (29:00):
Several things like she was running a sales floor in
New York. She was also like I think had licenses
in like Wyoming or Idaho or something and Utah. I
mean it was kind of it was statewide, it was
multiple states, okay, but that she was running this scam
with elderly people, which also you know, involved their credit cards,

their bank accounts, money, all this kind of stuff. So
it was more than just like one charge. It wasn't
just like money laundering there.

Speaker 2 (29:31):
She was telling you all this.

Speaker 3 (29:33):

Speaker 1 (29:33):
So what she said to me was she had a
fight with Stuart and she was like, Sture, I'm looking done.

Speaker 2 (29:42):
Is that her husband assistant? Okay?

Speaker 1 (29:44):
Wait what?

Speaker 3 (29:45):
Okay? And I know who Stewart was, So I asked
her who Stewart was.

Speaker 1 (29:48):
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, her business partner slash like assistant
right okay. So she was like, do you want to
make six hundred that dollars a year? And I was
like what And she's like, this is how it works.
I have several things in his name because I can't
have my name on all the business things. So I

have several people put things in their names that I
funnel all the money through, and then I give them
a kickback of that money, but I can't have my
name on it. And then she was like, it's kind
of like real estate, how you can't be like the
agent and broker at the same time. So to get
around that, I have multiple people open businesses is for

me in their names, and I funnel all the money,
you know, the millions of dollars through and then I
pay them a salary from that. And she's like, do
you want to put it in your name? And I'm
like nope. So then after that conversation, I immediately called
my friend who worked in the Secret Service. This also
got like blown out of proportion because they think I

just called the Secret Service and opened a case against her.
I got her arrested. No, I called a freaking friend
for advice, as many of us do. He works in
the Secret Service. For anyone that doesn't know the Secret Service,
they don't just protect they also have like daily jobs
that they'll go do when they're not like protecting the

president or vice president or whatever. He literally deals with
these money scams. That's what he does. So I called him.
I told her what he said as a friend. He
advised me he wasn't working on the case or anything.
Get the fuck away from jen Shaw. What she's doing

is hella illegal and she'll end up going to prison.
That's when I got the fuck away and out of
the situation. Then she was arrested right as everyone saw.
I myself contacted the federal government, showed them what I
had as proof, told them what I experienced, what I

saw when what I was told. That is how I
became a witness in her trial. That ultimately did not
happen right because she ended up pleading guilty. That's the
quick version of that.

Speaker 2 (32:14):
How many years is she in prison for?

Speaker 1 (32:16):
I think she got six and a half, but I
think it's down to like five five and a half
now or anything like that.

Speaker 2 (32:21):
What was it for you when she went to jail?
Was it a little like, ha, you got what you deserved?
Or is there do you feel a little empathy like
that sucks? Like? What is your vibe now that she's
in prison? When you when you heard she was going to.

Speaker 1 (32:36):
Jail, yeah, it was very validating. To be honest, I
don't feel empathy for someone that was defrauding the elderly,
many of which who took their own lives because they
were robbed of their savings and the stress and everything
from that for over a decade. I don't feel sympathy
for that. I don't feel sympathy for someone that I

literally saw abuse myself and my friends and also owed
my friends and myself several thousands of dollars. I felt
like it was very validating because so many people didn't
believe us. So many people thought she was innocent or
wasn't who we were saying she was. So it kind
of just felt like okay, it felt like justice completely

and honestly, it felt like okay that she got what
she deserved.

Speaker 2 (33:25):
And exactly again what we were talking about earlier too. It's
like sometimes you just have to step back and then
people will see the real person, you know, in time,
and then you're like, oh, wait, I'm not crazy, you know,
yes exactly.

Speaker 1 (33:38):
It's like, you know, which suck because I did go
through all those emotions of like where psycho, we're crazy?
Where you know whatever? And then she went to prison.
It was like, yeay, validated, and then I get on
the show and then the cast makes you feel psycho
and crazy, like I'm a worse person than someone that
is sitting in prison for defrauding the elderly out of
millions and dollars and punched you in the face like

I'm worse than that. You know, you go through all
of that all over again.

Speaker 2 (34:05):
Well, thank you for sharing all of it, and you know,
I would like to see it play out, but you know,
we're excited to see what you know you have coming
up and you can share, but everyone follow along with
Monica and and we'll see what's next. So thanks for
coming on, my gal.

Speaker 1 (34:22):
And I just want to say thank you so much
for having me. I'm literally fangirly. I love you and
I love your podcast and I have for so long
and I thank you. Guys are amazing and I'm like
an honor.

Speaker 3 (34:34):
Oh you're so sweet.

Speaker 2 (34:35):
Thank you Monica. I appreciate that.

Speaker 1 (34:37):
Yeah, it's true. Thank you You're sweet.

Speaker 2 (34:39):
I love it.

Speaker 3 (34:40):
I love you, Monica. Thanks friend. Okay, my girl Sea.

Speaker 2 (34:46):
You know that elderly stuff is so sad because my
I was just talking to my dad about it and
he was He's like, yeah, grandma has like fifteen credit
cards and I'm like, wait what because you know they
and then something else happened there day too where he's
like why are you paying? He's like, well, this person
said that they need like two thousand dollars.

Speaker 3 (35:04):
You know, but that's they give them.

Speaker 2 (35:06):
Yeah, because it's and it wor all says that oh
you owe like it said I owed like three grand. No,
you don't pay that, grandma. You don't know who that
person is. You're not giving them three grand you know.
But that's just they think they have a bill. Yeah,
let me get their little.

Speaker 3 (35:20):
Check book out, you know.

Speaker 1 (35:22):
So cute.

Speaker 3 (35:23):
It's so sad, though, like that people actually put these
things in their name, like that Jen convinced people to
put these businesses and stuff in their names. Like, it's
all just crazy to me.

Speaker 2 (35:33):
Yeah, and that people like won't rat you out, you know.

Speaker 3 (35:35):
I'm just like, it's crazy.

Speaker 2 (35:37):
On top of all of that, and then also, why
is she not on the show?

Speaker 3 (35:40):
That's what I'm saying. I'm just like, but here's the thing.
I truly, I'm so glad I got to ask her
those questions because yes, she did say some of that
in the reunion, but when you have a whole group
of other women saying basically that she's not telling the truth,
it's really hard to see where the truth is, you know.
So I lie, I really wanted to hear her side
of it. Yes, I know she said that she just

reposted or whatever, but I can also see where that
is hurtful sure on that end too, because that is
still saying so, I mean, I I'm glad she got
to explain that, but I can also see where that
was a little bit hurtful to them as well. But
it's also not what it seemed either. Yeah, so I
know it's interesting, but yeah, it's also interesting the women

have that much control over who can film.

Speaker 2 (36:25):
No idea that that's wild to Yep. So well, I
enjoyed that though until next week, Idea
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