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April 6, 2020 40 mins

Country music star Tyler Rich hangs out with Jana and Mike (from a safe distance) and tells Jana and Mike how his life has changed since quarantine. We hear about how he and his wife have been keeping busy… and from getting on each other’s nerves. And we hear how his touring plans have evolved.

Plus Jana and Mike let us in to an extremely vulnerable moment, where building something for their kids leads to a deeper issue in their relationship.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Wine Down with Jane Kramer and I have our radio
podcast Monday Happy Monday, because it's not Monday happy whatever
day it is, because it doesn't matter. All the day's
bing together. Seriously, when you it's like, it's not Monday.
To them, it's Monday, but when we record it, it's
not Monday. I'm a pro. I know when this is

coming out. Is that our top of show right now? Well,
we're delirious in our house. It's kind of funny though,
because I like when you say it's Monday, Happy Monday's
hapking Monday? Is that Monday right now? It's Friday Happy Friday?
But you're gonna listen to this on Monday, But it's

Friday for us because Jane is gonna hate me. Alliday's
going together for everybody. You know, It's It's so true.
My neighbor Molly, she came up to me today and
she goes, had an interesting conversation with mys on Peter
today and I was like, yeah, what's that, Molly? She goes, Oh,
I woke up and I said, hey, Peter, it's Friday.
And he goes, what does that even mean? And she goes,

you know what, great question? Nothing? It means nothing. It
means absolutely nothing, Peter, and she just really thought about
She's like, yeah, it means nothing. And we had this
conversation where I was like, I know, I said, now
that it's just us and we're not working, it's I

don't know what day it is. I don't know, and
doesn't matter. As long as Jason is in bed for
nap and the kids are in bed at seven, that's
all that matters. Tell me it's Christmas. Even I would
be like, okay, yeah, sure, oh I know. And we started,
you know, talking about Easter, and I'm like, okay, we
have Easter bags or baskets up in the the storage unit,

and I'm like, you know, but you just went out
for your another two week call for grocery and then
it makes you stripped down naked in the garage and
run in the house to cover in mud and you're
covered in COVID. No. But I'm just word, you know,
just very yes, cautionary. And so you know, you had
your two week thing, which Michael is now going to

stop doing the runs because he has very bad asthma,
and I do care about his life. Contrary to how
some people don't think that I care about my husband.
I do care about him, and I do care that
if he were to catch COVID, he would be UM
one of those that would have a very tough time
with it because of your um asthma conditions. So I
will be the one now doing trips and I will

make sure that I follow all the guidelines that I
have placed on you, and um, I will make sure
to FaceTime you while you're at the store so you
get the appropriate things. You can't FaceTime because I can't
touch anything. I know what to get. It's just you
get everything after two weeks. I can't FaceTime. You can't
touch I can't touch my phone when I'm like touching,
you know, add the gloves and it's just aways. Um.

So yeah, So that's that's that. We hope everyone's staying
safe though and not being naive to the social distancing
and staying at home. Just do the right thing. Please
stay at home so we can get past all this.
So I want to talk about something, and we also
have a really special guess. We have Tyler rich coming
on who I just love him. I love his music.
Lever Wilde is one of my favorite songs. He's coming

on the show. In a bit, but first let's take
a break. Okay. So I kind of have something I
do want to bring up. I don't even know to
say this is Uh, usually we save things for like therapy,

but I guess this is kind of like therapy at times,
So sure, why not bring it up. Let's do it. Well.
I don't want it to be two sided, and I
do want you to feel you want to be too sided.
I mean, I don't want to. I don't want it
to be too So what I'm saying is is I
don't want it to be one sided because I feel

like sometimes you might feel that I'm picking on you
or bringing up things from the past or doing those
kind of things, and I don't ever want you to
feel that way. Appreciate that because I feel like why
I bring certain things up is to help other people,
for sure, And so if we could just go into
it with that in mind, that in mind, and to

maybe sometimes I forget that people are listening to this
when we have these conversations. So what honey, Oh, we're
just working baby, I love you in quarantine? Oh god?
Um yeah, So I just I get that, and I'm
not trying to bring up the past. Or whatever. I

just feel like something we went through could be helped
to other people. Okay, this bring it on? Do you
know what I'm talking about? I don't. Let's do it
the board, the shop, let's do it. So we had yes, baby,

what sweetheart, you want me to cuddle you up? Okay,
one second, entertain the crowd for one second. Well we
do this quarantine style in the house, no nanny, no help,
and I'm gonna go cuddle the baby up. So why
don't don't set the scene yet. Let's let's leave him
hanging a little bit on that, but give him something
else coming, baby girl. I don't know if any of

you out there with smartphones play game Pigeon, but it's
a great way to connect with friends. Okay. It's like
a game app that's through your messages and you can
play games back and forth to each other that come
in as text messages. You can play darts, you can
play pool, you can play battleship, you can play four

in a row. You can basically basically play beer pong.
That you call it cut pong, but it's probably us
former college kids out there. It's beer pong. But no,
it's great. You can play a little bit everything. It's
a lot of fun. It's a way to connect with
your friends. So even if you aren't a gamer like myself,
it's just fun something to do take your mind off

all of the stresses that we're all dealing with right now.
And this is not an ad. This is just a
personal endorsement from myself because I enjoy doing it. So
we're gonna give Jane in a minute, as she cuts
up Jolie on the couch. Um again, this is just
the joys of working from home during quarantine. So and
here's Janet, did you cuttle up? Jolly? Can I have

some popcorns? So she's just like sitting pretty out there.
It is Friday night, Yeah it is, okay, So I
told them everything. Okay, it's all my fault, super ones,
I did, got it? Okay, No, but can we just
go into that. So let's put down the guards. Swords
and shields are Downards and shields are down. This is

just the teaching moment that we could both do better at,
and this could be maybe helpful. Why don't you give
the backstory of how we've been the last week we had,
this week we've been, this past week, we've been good. Yeah,
the week before it was a rough week. So usually
we're in ruts for just a couple of days, but

this one lasted umbout a week. Yeah, it was a
solid week. So I think because I'll just say, we're
so used to working from home, so a lot of
people are like, oh, it shouldn't be any different for you. True,
but usually we're doing you know, we're doing stuff and

I'm running here and he's got this, and I've got
a meeting or we've you know, we're not on top
of each other. And even when travel, we usually travel
at least once or twice a month, and typically nine
percent of time it's together, where even that at least
breaks things up a little bit. Like, even the we're together,

it's still traveling is a different scenery, a different vibe,
in different moods, so it's still kind of feels different
for us. So I think even that not having the
travel that we're used to is a little different, and
I feel not to one side it, but I just
feel like I am a very inquisitive person. I ask
a lot of questions, and I think the questions throughout

the I'm walking across, like the kitchen James like, what
are you doing. I'm going to the refrigerator. Why. It's
just that's just who she is. I'm just very curious.
And I think I asked you, you know, enough questions
those few days that you just started to get annoyed
with me. Yeah. And one of the things was we

were built this little patio outside for these uh, for
these bins basically to hold all of our pool stuff.
And so I finally got around to it thanks to
the quarantine, and got it done, um six months later.
So I have these they're like mini sheds, have these

two little mini sheds up, but a little platform looks great.
When I finished the platform, like a week or two ago,
I'm like, hey, I text you. I'm like, hey, come outside,
come take a look. And she comes out, and my
expectation is for her to be like, oh my gosh,
it looks great. You're basically hercules and I love you
so much. And she comes out she's like hmm, yeah, yeah,

it looks nice, and I can read through that immediately.
I'm like, okay, no, it did look nice. Yeah, but
you're you're you had a different expectation of what it
would look like. I had no idea. I had no expectations,
so I was more just like, oh that's what you did. Cool?
You through rocks downe and like what are like cool?

So she so she proceeds to go into questions around
She's like, oh, so, you know, is it's going to
be sturdy? Is it gonna like there, you know, there's
little ship's gonna wobble And she's like, you know, she's
like pushing it and it's like wobbling a little bit,
and I'm like, um, well, these things aren't you know,
five thousand dollars, Like we got them on you know,

Amazon for like a hundred bucks, So they're gonna wobble
even And I even had to pick this thing up
and put it on the pool deck concrete and show
her that it's still wobbles a little bit. It's just
the way it is. And then you know, I have
it with a wood frame and these like nice grabble
grabble marble rocks to make it look a little bit
more sestetically pleasing, and she's like, oh, was the door
gonna open like even on rocks, like is it gonna

get caught? Is it gonna I'm genuinely asking these questions,
by the way, just so you guys know, like I
am genuinely oh is it gonna because I'm like, in
my mind, I'm like, oh, it's probably not gonna open
because the rocks are right there, but not's a fault him.
I'm just like yeah. And then so there's just my
inn dog. And then I'm telling her, I'm like, Okay, well,
you know, I'm underestimated on the rocks. I need to
get a couple more bags and under the rocks that

it's soiled to even things out. And she was just like, well,
you have more soil on the truck, so why don't
you choose that instead of I was like, we already
laid the rocks. I can exchange the back to soil.
And she's like, okay, well how much are the backs
of rocks and how much are the backs of soil?
And so I'm just giving these questions. I'm like, oh
my gosh in my head, and I don't burst out
about it as much as I wanted to. In my head,

I'm like, why can't I just do a job and
a wife just trust the husband that he's gonna like
trust my judgment, Like instead of having all these inquisitive questions,
I understand you are a curious person, but the way
I receive it is clearly the only reason you're asking

a question is because it's not the way that you
would have liked to have had it done. Can I
respond her? Now? Sure, that's actually really not true, because
looking at it, First of all, I just want to
say thank you for sharing. Second of all, I one
thousand percent could as you're saying it, I'm like, oh,
that sounds really annoying that I'm like that I'm asking

all those questions that must that would be so annoying.
And also I love how it looks. I think the rocks,
like the white rocks, you know, how like the border,
I think it looks great. I just had no idea
what to even expect, So I was like, oh, like
it was those rocks was the last thing in my
mind that you would have put it on. So I

was just, so, what can I ask to understand better?
So okay, So in your head, you're like, you have
no expectation of what it's gonna look like, So why
not just be like what stops you from being like, oh,
like looks great, awesome? Like I trust my husband's judgment.
Clearly he wouldn't do that if it wouldn't open, if

the door wouldn't open, he wouldn't put rocks down. Like
that's where for sure I get that that makes idiot.
I'm not what I'm doing now, it makes total sense
and I and logically I can look back and and
see that. Um and so that's something I can for
sure be better at and be more mindful of, because
I don't want you to feel like an idiot. I

don't want you to feel like you know, what you're
doing is questioned or why, like, of course you're not
going to have something that doesn't open. I think maybe
there might have been that handful of times where something
maybe didn't go as planned. So I'm in my mind
it's like, well, if I asked all the questions, then

we won't have to start from scratch, you know, because
of maybe something in in the past. But that's not fair.
And I couldn't even remember, if you know, I couldn't
even think of a time, so you know, yeah, a
thousand percent should have just been like, oh, looks great,
that's awesome, good job, h But I didn't, and I'm

sorry for that. Shit. It's things that we gotta work on.
Speaking of which I felt very one sided, so well
to even this out for you. So the reason we
start with that story is but I feel kind of say,
I think it might be a wife thing too, asking questions, right,
but here's the thing, and and we're going to get
general right here, that does feel like a wife thing.

And as a man, it feels it doesn't feel like
y'all's questions are out of curiosity. There's a difference between
there's a difference between a question out of curiosity and
being challenged when you question somebody the way y'all wives,
not everyone. We're just overly generalizing right now for the

sake of the argument is it feels like we're being
challenged because a man's again, a man's mindset is like
mine where it's the only reason she would ask me
is because clearly she has an issue with it. So
and that's on y'all men or a woman if it's
rules are first, because that's not fair just because we

might be passive or say a comment or a question
out of like you've dumb ass, not all questions, but
you're reading all of our questions like that and those scenarios.
Because I genuinely just like oh wow, like is it
going to be starting on those rocks because in my
mind I just genuinely didn't think they were going to
be and it had nothing to do to question you.

I totally see how you take that though, but I
just there are questions when I genuinely just ask you that,
I feel like men and some other people might take
it the wrong You're obviously taking it the wrong way
because I that always being super just like oh interesting,
like duh almost like kind of like my dad, Like
my dad would be very much like is that a

uh an electric plug? And it's like, yeah, why are
you asking that question? Like it's just but he's curious,
you know that does this plug plug in? Yeah? But
he's he's an engineer, so his mind I know. But
I'm just saying I wouldn't. The thing is, I think
I understand what you're saying. I wouldn't ask you a

question of something that you know better than me, Like
you know how to sell I do, okay, but you
do you can. So when you sow those buttons on,
like those couple of jackets I needed done, I didn't
look at it in question, Well, did you go through
the loop enough valid point. But but but here's here's

which direction should you start from? Valid point? But to
the valid point? Totally get that. But if you would
have said, oh, do you think that will hold? I
wouldn't get I wouldn't think this is I think again, men, men,
wife think. I would not get defensive. If you asked
me if the string that I use used would have

held the strength of your button unto your jacket, it
would not offend me in the louise because we don't
ask those questions. But if you did, but did we
are used to your challenging questions to see what our
answer is. We don't question you all like that. We

give you the benefit of the doubt. Right, I'm just saying,
given the benefit of doubt, even on something that we
may know better than you. Oh that's not true. Like
I didn't. I didn't challenge you on certain things like that,
you know, hanging up the garage whatever, YadA yutah, hanging
up the garage, like the pull up bar. Like I
didn't be like, well you should use the double whatever

did you put that little thing of a jigger in there?
I don't know, but is it going to hold hold you? No? Janna,
I put it in the wall and making sure it
wouldn't hold me, and as soon as we put our
hands on it, we're gonna get a giant hole in
the drywall. You did ask your question? Is that going
to hold us? Why else would I put it up?

From my feeling in the microphone, so I don't want
to hear you you didn't ask a question, because you did,
I don't know why. I it's just it's not like
I don't want you to take it defensively. It's just
a general question. And I don't know why. Maybe it's
just me. Maybe I'm the only female out there. And
if i am, then I'm so sorry that you have
to live with such an inquisitive female. And I'll never

ask a question again. But that's not true. But I'm
gonna starting then. I'm gonna before i'm done, I'm going
to write a list of questions, the questions I know
not anymore, because now I'm gonna be like great or
a list of the questions that Jan would ask. I'm
going to write them out with my answer, and before
I show you something, or as I show you something,
I'm going to hand you the piece of paper with

your questions and the answers on there, and you won't
you won't have to ask a thing. Well, you know,
you know what, that's great, That that really just I
don't know. I just sometimes I just feel like you
guys have to Again, maybe I'm the only one. If
I'm the only one out there, then than than I sucked.
But I'm just hoping a few women will reach out
to me after hearing this podcast and also validate that

they may be asked questions not because they don't trust
their husband, but just because you know, there might have
been a time or two that the dry wall did
come out or whatever, or they're just curious. Once again,
just validate. It's my point that you have a strategic
purpose for asking a question, not all the time. Not
all the time. It's but you, guys, I can understand

how you would miss construe when we genuinely are just
asking a question. These are the things that are coming
up for us as we're quarantined together for a month straight.
So far, let's get down to the next part of
it now. I think maybe we should have saved that
one because we kind of went long on that, so
maybe we should save that for another. But it goes
hand in hand. It does, but that's kind of long,

very one sided. I'm very defensive and angry right now. Okay,
so excited because, um, we have on zoom with us
Tyler Rich Yes, Um, how are you doing? Are we're

doing well? We're hanging in there. Where do you guys?
Your wife? I see your beautiful wife behind you. Where
do you guys? Where do you guys live? So we
split time between Nashville, um and l A. So we're
in l A right now. To get crazy, I grabbed
the dog and flow out here and just been hanging
out inevitably and seeing what happens. So how's everything in

l A then? Because I know you guys, it's it's
getting hit some kind of a hot spot. So, um,
is it super weird to just see nothing happening? Or
is there are people still interacting and what's going on? Um?
It's it's funny because when I look out side, it
looks like everything is kind of normal. But I know

that when they're everything is normal again. I'm gonna real
that's how crazy it usually is outside. But I don't know.
I guess I think I'm feel like I'm supposed to
look out side and see nobody, but I see so
many people still. Um, so it kind of feels like
not much has changed. But then you see the But
we also live on a street with two grocery stores
where they're they're lined up down the street. Yeah, so
it's convenient for us, but there's people everywhere. How long

have you guys been married for? Oh? Wow? Really was? Yeah,
but they're in the newly wed phase. This is where
they're like still right, but they're like they're accelerating their
marriage clock by like years right now. It's like dog
years like in marriage, you know, but like it's six months.
Like you're still obsessed with their like breath, like when
they wake up in the morning and they're like you know,
they're every like time they walk through like yeah, like

every time they walk through a door, it's like, oh
my god, everything's still so cute and fancy it Like, okay,
I mean, how is it though? It's it's been cool.
It's we're literally in the middle of an argument, is
whispering in my ear about right now about how hot
he is right now. She always has it so hut

sound for sound purposes, thank you, And he just whispered
in my ear and he's like, it's so hot, Like,
all right, can we're in the sound And I'm like,
I feel like the sweating is definitely the trade off
for bad sounds. That's definitely our argument pretty much. Seven,
He's like, why did you turn the heat on? It's
seventy three degrees outside, and like because it's cold in here,

and she has on like shorts and a T shirt.
I'm like, we'll put some clothes on and you won't
be cold. What effort. This is a daily argument, so
we get it. But I mean, is the is the
bliss still there even with being you know, kind of
on top of each other? Have you have there been
moments of just that just annoyance or are you still
in that honeymoon phase even with the quarantine? So how

long did you guys date before you got married? Because
I'll well, here's the thing, here's a think. Ty and
I are a long distance so I live in l A.
Tyler's in Nashville, So our norm has always been with
a ton of space, so we've never really been on
when you pretend together. So it's actually been really good
with the issue is we're working from home so much
time an actor, so I'm doing self tape auditions while

he and voiceover auditions in the living room, while he's
like in my room trying to record songs. So we're
just more like it's it's a really good problem. Thank
god we're able to like still try to be as
as productive as possible, but it's like us trying to
like honor the space and each other's like creative. We
finally feel married for sure. Welcome. How has that been

with both you guys and your professions, which obviously in
both professions you're typically with a lot of people, whether
you're on there set or touring or whatever. How has
that been for y'all? Like mentally being able to be like,
all right, we're just kind of stagnant right now. We
have to do whatever we can to try to move
the needle. But it's really hard. Yeah, I feel like,
especially the first week was like scrambling and grabbing for

straws to try to figure out how to instantly mold
your business into this new business model of online only um,
and it's been it's actually for me, it's kind of crazy.
I actually feel busier than I've ever been because it's
like wake up in the morning all the way ntil
I go to sleep at night. It's trying as much

as possible to be as productive as possible. When I
used to have downtime, now I'm like, I need to
feel every second of every day to stay ahead of
this thing. Um. It's been exhausting. It's been inspiring, especially
to see how everybody's coming together, Seeing how everybody's being
creative in ways they've never been creative before. And um,

using Instagram Live in ways that we've never used it before,
and doing a podcast through Zoom, you know, and just um,
all these different ways we're having to mold um. Sabina
has actually kind of been busier too, because now that
she can self tape, it's almost like even more auditions
are coming in now. But at the same time, like
not getting paid for anything that we hear you on

that we just had to unfortunately lay off our nanny
because we're not I mean, I booked a film up
in Canada and we got we flew all the way
up there and then we filmed one scene and then
had to come right back to Tennessee, and so, you know,
things like that aren't coming in and so we had
to unfortunately lay off the nanny and that's been really hard,
and you know, because I think people expect us to

be making all this money and have all this but
it's like nowhere we you know, we don't. Yes, we're fortunate,
but at the same time, you know, we still have
expenses and if we don't have money coming in, then
we can't live our lives how we have lived them.
So but yeah, it's fun times. But I'm glad that
you're still able to, you know, do some auditions and stuff.

But I can. It's definitely hard, especially when you know
he's probably trying to do music in the other room.
I know a lot of times and all self tape.
Michael is usually my my person. That is the actor Tyler.
Do you read do you read with Sabina on her sealthie? Yeah?
Do you give? Do you give her text? Is he
gives me? Not? Yeah? Hey, look you want us to

help you. You know, the guys we've seen a lot
of movies. We can you know, we have a little
bit of education here. How long do you guys think
you'll do the long distance for? Um? I guess as
long as we have to. I think until we I
think until we decide to have little ones because I
think for now it's worked. It really does work for us.

I mean it's it really worked for us. I think
I find that Tide it's rather aunty. If I'm in
Nashville with him for a good two week window, I
find he gets cut, he's busy, he's right, and he's
gone all day and I feel like he gets anty,
like he feels guilty, like he's leaving me and like
as if he's not honoring my dreams to Like I
think there's some guilt that kind of sets in. So
I think when we have a family, then we'll make

the move to be together. But for now, it's for now,
it's been it's been working. So because you guys have
spent so much time apart, Like, what's one thing that
you've noticed that you're like that kind of gets on
my nerves. It's something there's it's actually something that Tie
has actually really taught me. Like he wakes up, started

up first thing in the morning and he has this
to do list and he gets he sticks with it.
He's like eight am, I'm doing this nighting and like
he really he's actually taught me a lot because like
I'll just I'll just like push things off on that
I'll do it tomorrow the next day. So he's actually
I don't know that it gets The first few days
it was getting on my nerves because I just wanted
to like sit for a minute. But but but now

it's actually taught me that, like, Okay, this is why
he gets so much done, and he's hustling and working
so hard, and it just really taught me that I
can't roll my to do list over from day to
day to day. Tyler Janna, that's like her fantasy for
me to have that trade to go buy a list
like and not move anything. Because I mean, I'm like you,
I'm like, all right, does this really need to get

done right this moment? Now, I'm good, I'll do it later.
You want to you want to know? Hold on, let
me show you. Let me just show you what ty
got me. I kind of the thing is, I just
got really bad O c D. And it's kind of
things organize and meat and she's kind of like a
cluster of chaos. Just what are those ore timers? Their

efficiency timers, Those little sand things minutes, five minutes, ten minutes,
little sand things are hourglasses. But there are timers to
keep me on track, I'll be like, Saba, this has
been on your to do list for two weeks. You have,
Oh that is the most amazing thing. Like do you
know if I did that to you, you would we

would have getten the biggest fight ever. You'd yell at me,
like would be broken by the you would you would
take my hour glass and you would throw it up
against the wall and it' chatter everywhere. He hasn't actually
used it yet. I think if you actually implemented and
put it in front of me and watched the sand
go down and go freaking nuts, Oh gosh, I'm so envious.

Like the stuff we could get done together, Tyler, Like
we would just we would rule the world. You and
Sabbina would just be like, hey, let us know what
we can do just riding cotails out. No, but I
will say, though it's been it's been nice, you know,
just to affirm you, Mike, like you've you have instead
of going to your normal trait, which is a little

laziness in reclusiveness, like you've you've really like you've built
the shed and the the you know, you've you've really
done this stuff that hasn't been needing to get done.
So I just I really appreciate it. You're welcome kind
of guy, I am, honey. We're an apartments in both places,
so we can't build sheds yet, but one of us doesn't.

I cleaned a lot of Are you not impressed with
how much I've gotten up? I showed up to l
A with the dog three weeks ago and she goes, hey,
so I have a honey to do list of what
a husband should do around here that has been compiling
for ever because I'm never here more than just a
few days. And one was like, rearrange the entire storage unit.
Great idea, help her rearrange and organize all of her

clothes in her class night priorities. I love it. Oh,
it's not actually organizing. I actually need to help with
purgeing and need him to look at me and say
you don't need this. It's more and it's not like organizing.
It's actually look I get attached to everything, sure like
I get so I need him to look at me
and be like, you don't need this. We can get
rid of this, and like okay. So it's more not

organization tests it's more like I need me like kicking
the butt. Understandable Tyler, what are you doing kind of
with your brand and everything to build that right now?
Like you're talking about you, you're trying to change your
business model to you know, incorporate how things are and
how society is right now. Like what do you personally doing?
Like where can people find you? Here? Stuff from you

and kind of follow what label are you on again,
Tyler Valerie through Big Machine? Very cool? Um, So I
created this thing. So my first single was called the
Difference and so great song. By the way, thanks, we
have it crossed out it says the Distance Tour. And
so what that is is three shows a week um

on Instagram Live and so on Tuesdays, what I do is,
because everybody's going live and everybody is trying to be
you know, give as many people to watch as possible.
And so I was like, how can I be more
creative and create a show that isn't just alive me
sitting on my couch playing music. And so on Tuesday's
I have a show called Singing Behind the Scene and
I showcase three songwriters and what happens is each one

gets twenty minutes and they tell stories. They played two
of their hits and they tell the stories behind it,
and then I either play a song I've written with
that songwriter or I cover one of their other hits, UM,
and we do that three rounds. And then on Friday's
my new song coming out is called Feels Like Home,
which is perfect as everybody's at home, and so we
have it Feels Like Home Couch Concert series, which is

just traditional Instagram live show for an hour. I just
take requests hang out, um and then Sundays, I've got
a song called leaver Wild that's my favorite. I was
just gonna say leave Wild my absolute favorite jam. I
even had it all cute up to say this is
my favorite and trying to turn and live do you
live if if? If? That's the jam right there? So good, dude.

I love that song because so many times you just
you know, it's like just live like leave her wild man,
Now I see, and that's now I get it now.
Meeting your beautiful wife, I get it. And she said
every time I try to give her to do it,
she goes yes. There's nothing you can say against that
you leave him wild. It goes both ways. It's by

the way I took I took leave her a whild
was stup too far. On day one of Believe Her Wild,
So Sunday says leave her Wild Sunday Brunch, And so
at one o'clock in the afternoon on Sundays, we have
this brunch that it's kind of like a day drinking
thing for people that can't go day drink on a Sunday. Um,

and we do it like a talk show. Like the
first ten minutes, I do news, positive stories. Um, I
don't have to playing music on this one. And then
it leads us to say show number one didn't have
like as much structure, and I started to get more drunk,
and then I just started to text friends, join us,
join us, and then what happened. It turned into like
a three and a half hour Also, what happens is

we have a guest come on and we do a
drinking game for trivia, and then they promote whatever they
have going on and we go to another guest. It's
an hour show now, but first one was it was
like the Wild Wild West, and now it's Sober Sunday.
But before it was not. Yeah, well it's still not
Sober Sunday, but it was It definitely wasn't blackout Sunday
like Number one I was. I did it just got excited,

and I don't want to make a drink because it
feels like, I mean, I don't know, I'm gonna take
a drink. I mean my Twitter, I'm gonna I'm gonna
commit playing. You know, So we play this game, but
we expected it to play around for one hour, and
and I invited some more friends and we had you know,
John Cardy came on and Dustin when she came on,
and we had some really great friends of ours. And
I was excited to see their faces. And then I

just kept drinking, really drinking, and then I blacked out.
So four thirty pm for thirty pm. She lays down
on the couch. Basically, this is the bag. This is Sebina.
She just puts her down. That's sticking a little nap.
She woke up at nine thirty and she walks to
the room. She goes celthing's not right. What happened? She

goes to the room and she falls asleep until ten
a m. Going hard. Eight hours. Good for you, quarantine coma,
I mean one of those right now? Wow? Um wait, Tyler,
how long did you um, you know, do the guitar

singing song or anything? Before you got signed. Um, I mean,
so I just turned thirty four. Um, I was in
and out of bands, I mean since was nineteen, from California,
from northern California, in and out of bands, touring stuff
until I was about twenty two. Um. Then I went
back to school. I got a degree in economics. For

some reason, you used it to do the timer thing.
That the same timer with my taxes, and he's very
efficient the timers is what I've learned from all of this.
But and then I started doing the singer songwriter thing
in l A. Probably, I guess I probably did it

for two years, three years. And then I moved to
Nashville five years ago. Trying to piece all this together.
I was in Nashville. I was a Nashville for a
year before I got signed. I mean that's huge. But
when I moved there, I moved because I was I
guess I was already was already contacted, I had already
taken some meetings, got it from California. So I went

out there and met with some people, and basically what
it was like, we love what you're doing. You just
can't do it out there the best as you can't,
you know, the best play. Yeah, they're not going to
think you're authentic if you are. You live in California, Yeah,
in do country music, which just makes no sense, But whatever,
what are you gonna do? And when did you guys meet?
Along the way? We met at stagecoach? Yeah you did.

She was just wearing a cute little tap and a
little fringe, had a little bandana on his face, and I,
I mean, you could see he's got a nice little smile.
But he was there dancing, and I was like, I
didn't even know I like tattoos, by the way, and
he's there dancing next to me. And my friends were like,
that's the hottest guy ever. But I couldn't actually see
his face, just saw his eyes and his tattoos, and

I got better pries than That's where I covered up,
you know, like, oh my god, this who knew I
like tattoos. I'm so flustered while looking at him, and
then all of a sudden, he takes his bandanna off
and he smiles. Okay, it was game over because she
walked away. She's not got very flustered. I was like,
this is too much. I did you had already here?

I heard him sing. He wasn't performing. He was just
there and he didn't know. We didn't know anything about
each other. And then he was like, we must know
each other. He was trying to look at my Instagram
and there was on the surfaces and then I in
that moment, I was like looking at him and I'm like,
oh boy, I'm gonna I had just been through real relationships,
so seeing this hot sexy man, I was like, I

was like, I can't it can't be truck. She's drunk
right now. It's fine. She's saying what we're all thinking.
Tyler's lead for a whild So okay, I love that. Yeah,
my Bandana Smile game was okay, but it was the
d M game that really put her in the next
day slid into the d M s. That's fabulous, I know. Well, okay,

so your your new song, feel like Home. It's coming
out when we don't know yet. So I'm actually recording
it right now from Quarantine and sending files to Nashville.
So we're doing zoom FaceTime live, real time recording recording. Yeah,
straight into my producers computer. Well that's amazing, and I

love you guys. I think you guys are so cute.
And when you guys get back to Nashville, let's have
and we can actually be around other people a little
wine down. Yeah, I know I miss I miss connection,
connection and other people. Like I know I have you,
but like I want. It's killing Danna not to hug
anybody because she's a big hugger. I'll hug stranger. You

guys will have epic hugged then, So she it's killing
her right now not to hug strangers. Yeah, strangers. I
do that sometimes because bad bad happened. Oh do you
give your what what numbers? Strange? Yeah, I know I
do too, Like on planes, Like I met one of
my best friends on the plane, so we are friends. Yeah,

that's that's how. And I shut everyone else out on
the world, in the world when I'm on a plane. Yeah,
but you know it's okay now that we're instant best friends.
When you guys come to Nashville, this is all over.
We'll give big hugs, will drink wine. You can sing
for us, Tyler and it'll be great, and you can
just sit here and be me great. You guys can
talk about your tattoos like, it'll be awesome and we'll

just drink wine. So it'll be great. You guys, listen
to Tyler Rich and Sabina. You guys are a beautiful couple.
I love you, guys, and thanks for coming on wine down,
Thanks guy to hang out. Thank you all right, Well,
Tyler and Sabina were great either so sweet, yes, super
sweet couple. You know. Look out for them and what

they're doing. And uh, I'm sure we'll get together with
them soon here in Nashville, for sure. I was just
reading this little thing from Bianca though she goes, um,
she's she's pregnant and she's really starting to miss her
glass of wine. And what did I substitute for this? Um? Te?
I loved having tea. It was tea and then um,
I know it's getting warm, but if it's still cold
wherever you're at Bianca. UM I loved having um hot

chocolate with marshmallows. I don't know why, it just was
so good. Um. And then if it's for like a
cold drink, I would do Topo Chico and then some
lemon and ginger and honey and it's a really nice
little spritzer. Anyways, Um, y'all have a good whatever day
it is, and talk to you soon.
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