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May 20, 2024 32 mins

Allan joins Jana today to lend his soccer expertise because we have 3 soccer players joining the show! Ryan, Seb and Lloyd are part of a new dating show called “Love Undercover” as they look for their soul mates.

Find out all the drama that happened when the cameras started rolling, how filming a reality show is different from playing pro soccer, and the guys bond with Allan about the truth of life in professional sports.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Wind Down with Janet Kramer and I'm Heart Radio podcast.

Speaker 2 (00:06):
All right, so this week's wind down, I'm very excited
to have my fiance Alan joining the podcast. We have one, two, three, three?
Is it three soccer players joining?

Speaker 3 (00:19):

Speaker 4 (00:19):
Three, I think there's five in the series, but those
three joining us.

Speaker 2 (00:22):
So I figured I was like, all right, I was
a hay, girls love you, but it's a soccer and
they're immediately they're like, nop, we're out.

Speaker 1 (00:29):
We're out. Alan, Alan can.

Speaker 2 (00:31):
Take this one because it's a show about soccer players,
right that go to find love.

Speaker 4 (00:39):
Yeah, So essentially there's five of them. Three of them
are English, the other two I think one of the
Spanish ones Mexican. May be corrected on that, but essentially
they go to La and they go under cover, so
they have to fight hide their identities as football players

and create alter egos, I'll create average jobs that they are,
so they're basically hiding their identity.

Speaker 2 (01:09):
So that's an interesting place because you're going into it
not being honest.

Speaker 4 (01:15):
Yeah, it is interesting how they manage that situation and
who actually would slip up? And because it's an ego thing,
isn't it as if you're a professional footballer. That's probably
the number one thing that you want to talk about
because it's it's structure, ego, and it makes you look
important to someone that you're dating. So I think it'd
be really difficult for the guys. Although I don't know

any of them personally, I think it'd be really difficult
for the guys to hide that, and for two reasons,
because they would want to divulge it because it makes
them seem important. But also like they're so used to
if they're dating people, so used to just saying, oh,
this is what I do. So it'll be interesting to
see if any of them actually slipped up on the
day and revealed a true identity piece.

Speaker 2 (02:00):
Is interesting, and I get why they're doing it, right,
They're doing it for the show so that people don't
fall in love with them because of who they are.
I think again, though, just that little piece of me goes.
But you're going in there being like, yeah, I'm a
construction worker, but really you're not. And then so again
that's just like the I think I'm just sensitive.

Speaker 3 (02:24):
To like the lies, Yeah, of course sure, but it's also.

Speaker 1 (02:28):
But I also get it, you know what I mean, Like.

Speaker 3 (02:30):
I get a reality TV show.

Speaker 1 (02:33):
I think if that was in real life, that would Yeah.

Speaker 4 (02:35):
I think I'm intrigued by whether it changed their perception
on dating and the perception of women based on how
material they are, how material they're not, like to define
someone who was actually a truly nice person based on
there was a connection attraction, even if they were a

fitness culture, a construction walker, or a roadwalker or whatever
they deemed themselves as the profession at that time, whether
that person was true to who they were or who
the job was.

Speaker 2 (03:13):
I think there's something kind of cool about not having
the profession said, because most people, within the first three
seconds of having a conversation is what do you do
for work? And it's one of the questions that I
don't know for somemer, I just don't like it. I
always say I'm just a mom, Like if you didn't
if they didn't know who I was, I just say
I'm just I'm just a mom. I think it makes

me uncomfortable that conversation because then when I have had
those conversations, you're like, oh, really, like what have you
been in And I'm like, I like one, oh, never
seen it, And then it's just then you just start
to be like like because I'm like yeah, so then
I usually if I do say oh, I'm in entertainment
and it's like, oh, well what kind of I'm like, oh,
you probably haven't seen it, you know, but it's there

was This place that I went to is called on site,
and you're not actually allowed to say what you do.
And it was probably the best five days because everybody
was on an equal playing ground, Like you don't you
didn't know their last names, you just knew their first name.
You didn't know what they do, and you realize you
have such such more deeper conversations than just the surface

level conversations that you would have within just first meeting someone.

Speaker 3 (04:24):
Yeah, material conversations.

Speaker 2 (04:26):
Yeah, But before we get them on, we have a
few minutes to do a little Q and A questions.
So one of them here is have you talked about
another kid?

Speaker 3 (04:40):
Off topic? What'd you say that's off topic?

Speaker 1 (04:44):
These are just Q and A questions.

Speaker 3 (04:46):
Now have we talked about now Khad? Yes, we have you.
And it lasted about three seconds.

Speaker 1 (04:56):
It lasted a little longer than that.

Speaker 4 (04:58):
Yeah, obviously discussed it. And if we get up the
pros and cons.

Speaker 2 (05:07):
What did we what did we decide, babe, not at
this moment. If it's not happening now, it's not happening. Yeah,
like mama's just getting older.

Speaker 4 (05:17):
Yeah, and I'm even older, not by much. So Yeah,
I think that one is. I think we've got all
the kids we need.

Speaker 1 (05:27):
It's just.

Speaker 4 (05:30):
For me.

Speaker 2 (05:30):
If I was a little younger, I would love to
have one more together. But it's I you know, pregnancies
are tough for me so and they're you're not supposed
to technically have more than three C sections.

Speaker 1 (05:42):
I don't know, but.

Speaker 4 (05:44):
Yeah, yeah, I think it's easy for me to see, yeah,
let's have another kid, but you're the one that has
to do the walk and I have to.

Speaker 2 (05:51):
Well here's the difference that I would I would love to,
like I really truly want to, but you also don't
want to do IVF. And I said I would do that,
but I vf mm hmm, dorogate.

Speaker 3 (06:05):
That's not IVF.

Speaker 2 (06:06):

Speaker 1 (06:07):
Well, I'd have to do IVF to get as I.

Speaker 3 (06:09):
Can as I'm fireing blanks.

Speaker 2 (06:14):
No id of is if I was to take my
eggs out and your and then we would do your
spur and then we would have a surrogate.

Speaker 1 (06:22):
Yeah, no, no, nothing against.

Speaker 3 (06:28):
That, I absolutely not.

Speaker 4 (06:29):
It's just I don't think and I have complete respect
for the people that have the patients and energy to
go through that because it's not a choice, it's a
necessity for them, So complete respect for people that do.

Speaker 3 (06:44):
I just don't feel it's something that we we would do.

Speaker 1 (06:49):

Speaker 2 (06:50):
I would love to, but I think that because of
work and situations and age and how, you know, how
the ignancies were that I think we're done.

Speaker 4 (07:02):
Yeah, And to be fair, gone through a whole The
cheese thing, cheese, the cheese thing.

Speaker 3 (07:11):
I have to watch the cheese on everything.

Speaker 1 (07:14):
Oh my goodness.

Speaker 2 (07:15):
Speaking of soccer, favorite soccer position on the field, which
I can say it would be you'd be a striker,
right since you're a striker coach?

Speaker 3 (07:25):

Speaker 1 (07:26):
Yeah. Favorite thing about each other I'll go first.

Speaker 2 (07:32):
You know how to brighten up every piece of all
of our day, like you're the most kind, loving, helpful.

Speaker 1 (07:41):
Partner I've ever had to thank you.

Speaker 4 (07:43):
Thank you really nice waking up every morning and seeing
you a little smile. I'm serious, Like you smile right now.
It makes me smile and it almost makes you forget
if you haven't the stress will.

Speaker 3 (07:57):
Be or like I guess that there was a yesterday.

Speaker 1 (08:00):
It was a tough day. Yes, it was a tough day,
not between us, No, No, tough life day.

Speaker 4 (08:07):
Yeah, professional career. But you know how to support me
and manage me in those situations. Not manage me, but
help me in those situations when I start to go
into my quiet Alan nobody doesn't want to speak to anyone,
but you manage to bring that out and your smile
is always the main thing that it gets me out

of those funks.

Speaker 2 (08:30):
Well, we've got I think your baby that was really sweet.
We've got about two months until we get married. What
are you most excited for and what are you most
nervous for?

Speaker 3 (08:41):
Excited for?

Speaker 4 (08:44):
I think what we're obviously watching you walking down now
will be an emotional moment.

Speaker 3 (08:51):
It will be incredible.

Speaker 4 (08:53):
I think just being having the love of my life
with my family, your family, all of us together at
castle in Scotland will be We'll be special.

Speaker 3 (09:04):
But then I get to call you my wife.

Speaker 1 (09:07):
And what about nervous.

Speaker 3 (09:09):
I'm not nervous at all.

Speaker 2 (09:11):
No, no, no, so I would say, I I'm nervous
at the amount I'm probably gonna cry walking down the aisle.
So and then and then there's just the flights with
the babies. It's because it's a long flight.

Speaker 3 (09:28):
That's fine.

Speaker 1 (09:29):
See, that's nothing I love about you.

Speaker 2 (09:30):
Everything's fine, Everything's always fine, Everything's going to be fine,
is what I absolutely just love about you. And then
also no, but I'm just I'm very everything's kind of
coming together. I just ordered the basket for Jolie. I
ordered the ring bear little pillow for Jason. It's all
the little pieces that are coming together. The dress still
isn't here, but we'll figure that out. I got a

chext and figure out where that's at.

Speaker 1 (09:54):
But it's all good.

Speaker 2 (09:57):
But let's take a break and then we will get
the soccer players on to talk about their adventures in
LA saying that they are who they aren't.

Speaker 1 (10:09):
That's good them on.

Speaker 2 (10:22):
Hello, Hey guys, I'm Janna and this is my fiancee Allen,
who is also a football player.

Speaker 5 (10:28):
Our football or your football.

Speaker 1 (10:31):
Your football.

Speaker 2 (10:32):
He played, he coached in England and so now he's
over here coaching the Strikers and working in the MLS.
But that's how I was like, Babe, I don't know
much about soccer, so I was like, I'm going to
need you on. I know, I know the dating, you know,
reality show side, but I don't know much about the

soccer soccer side, so I was like, I'm going to
need your help with with three dudes. So thank you
for coming on the show. We appreciate you coming on.

Speaker 3 (11:01):
Who did you guys even get to know about this?
Was it your agents that told you.

Speaker 6 (11:05):
Or I think I think everyone was different When I
was at Liverpool at this TV channel called LFC TV,
and it was a guy who got in contact with
one of my ex teammates and it just started coming
from there.

Speaker 3 (11:16):
Really Okay, interesting, Yeah, I mean.

Speaker 7 (11:20):
You're kind of the same contact me my agent, but
a friend of him contact him because the network contact
that guy, so it was like kind of a line.

Speaker 8 (11:32):
But yeah, it had nothing to do with me at
the beginning.

Speaker 2 (11:35):
Okay, I just want to get all this have you guys.
So obviously you guys weren't being upfront about who you
guys actually were the jobs that you had. I get
that piece for the for the show, But do you
think that there'll be any any girls that will be
upset about the fact that you weren't honest from the

get or maybe pulled them aside and said like Hey,
this is actually who I am, and I just want
you to I want you to know because I want
to be honest with you.

Speaker 5 (12:05):
I don't think no, I don't think we did that.
But eventually at a reveal, of course, you had these
little jokes that they were made, like oh, so you've
already been lying with me from the start, you know so,
But of course eventually they understood the reason behind it,
and I think, in my opinion, it's a very fairysome.

Speaker 3 (12:25):
Sure so who fell in love? Did anyone fall in love? Profully?

Speaker 6 (12:30):
Watch it?

Speaker 2 (12:33):

Speaker 1 (12:34):
Were you kind of at first?

Speaker 2 (12:37):
I would not turned off, but like when you were
saying like, yeah, I'm a construction worker or whatever, you
guys end up saying that you were besides football players.
The reactions of the girls were was that the turnoff
for you to maybe not like that person because of
the job. They're like, oh, I can't date someone that's,
you know, a construction worker.

Speaker 5 (12:57):
Well for me personally, I mean that is the that
is the the reactions that you actually play close detail to, right, because,
like I said, the majority of our lives and careers,
you you were.

Speaker 3 (13:11):
Able to.

Speaker 5 (13:13):
Kind of uh, yeah, use your your your status, your
your you know what if you want to call it,
and then people naturally would would react positive to that.
And now it was very interesting to find out to see, like, Okay,
you're gonna date certain caliber of women, how do they
naturally going to respond if you're respectfully just you know,

a middle class worker. And I played I personally paid
close detailed to their reactions, and especially yeah with my
first date in this case, Renee. They didn't show everything
from our date, but yeah, there were some some redflex there.

Speaker 4 (13:54):
What was Did you have the same fake profession of
fake real throughout the show?

Speaker 3 (14:00):
Did you change it for each person?

Speaker 8 (14:04):
Now? What do you mean as in like, do we
just stick to our same job or is it?

Speaker 3 (14:08):

Speaker 6 (14:09):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, well we tried to. You have to
ask Ryan Babel what you thought that, But yeah, now,
yeah we tried to. But obviously the more dates you were,
all the more conversations you had with women, yeah, you
start obviously lying and you have a good memory to
be a liar.

Speaker 8 (14:29):
And yeah, I was definitely messing up more than I
would have liked.

Speaker 3 (14:32):
You were slapping up with a little bit.

Speaker 1 (14:35):
That's right. I think I would have had a problem.

Speaker 7 (14:37):
You're having so much so many dates, you know, with
some different girls, that it comes a point where you
can even remember what you're saying to all of them,
you know, so you just had to stick to at
least one lie, you know, Okay, this is what I'm
gonna be doing, this is what I'm gonna be saying
to all of them, and not get it way into
the on your job. It was like, Okay, I'll just

talk a little bit about me, but let's strive the
conversation out of the way so they don't actually start
like asking a lot of questions because it can get
hard sometimes. So that I think for me it was
that like the most difficult thing of all just you know,
keep them, keeping them out of my life and just
like trying to focus on other stuff like you but
not mainly not what I did.

Speaker 4 (15:21):
Okay, but because it's a lesson, I get it was
a false, manufactured situation, but you're used to when you're
dating and you introduce yourself and what you do, you're
used to a certain reaction from women. Okay, So was
it a dent and I get it was false, but
was it even still just a slight dent your ego

when you introduced what you did and what you were,
and you maybe didn't get the reaction that you would
normally get in real life.

Speaker 3 (15:49):
Did that affect you.

Speaker 6 (15:50):
No, me personally now, And obviously I probably haven't got
the status that maybe Ryan Scot or something like that
or Marco, So I really done it. And also I
think that's like why you went on the show, so
you're looking for like if they do react like that,
then you can suss out even easier.

Speaker 8 (16:09):
So yeah, for me, it wasn't done, that's all.

Speaker 7 (16:13):
Yeah, for us, like Lloyd said, like, we we don't
maybe we don't have like brilliants of market status, you know,
so these guys are like huge superstars, you know, we
we kind of just played along a little bit cool.

Speaker 8 (16:29):
But it wasn't It wasn't like ego.

Speaker 7 (16:32):
It was more about that social experiment that you're, Okay,
let's find out what happened if I don't tell them
who I am, you know, if I can get them
to know me. But I'm just gonna play like I
have nothing, you know, I'm just a regular guy. So
it just may make things like really really interesting. And
I think that with that that's what makes the show

like unique and also really really fun.

Speaker 1 (16:58):
Mm hmm. Yeah, I mean I've I definitely want to
watch it.

Speaker 2 (17:02):
I mean, I think it's it's interesting because I've seen
more soccer slash football things coming up because obviously it's
so huge in Europe and at least here in the States,
I mean it's not as as big. I think it's
getting bigger. More people are, you know now knowing who

people like MESSI are and I'm still again learning as well.
But was there while you were out in lad did
Ryan or did any of you guys experience the potentially
being called out because or recognized when you were in
that situation.

Speaker 6 (17:42):
Yeah, I think Marco probably had it the most, definitely
obviously being in LA and most of his fan base.

Speaker 8 (17:49):

Speaker 7 (17:49):
Yeah, Actually the first date he had with it, when
they went to Universal Studios, you know, and there was
like a really crowd place and everyone just started calling
out Marco.

Speaker 8 (18:06):
It was like probably not the best place for him
to be on a date.

Speaker 7 (18:11):
But like it wasn't he got But for us now
there's just maybe people will look around because of the
cameras and everything.

Speaker 8 (18:19):
But thankfully we were like getting in that situation.

Speaker 7 (18:23):
But Marco, Marco really really got caught up in that
in the first day and then well you'll have to
see what happens now.

Speaker 8 (18:32):
But yeah, he's on the line a few a few
times on his dates. Ran.

Speaker 2 (18:37):
What is your hope for the show when it comes
to is it kind of getting people to recognize maybe
soccer more or the or like or is it just
to really find love or is it a mixture of both?

Speaker 5 (18:52):
I think personally, I think the lesson that can be
taking out here is that when girls overall have the
desire to date athletes, that maybe it's a good idea
to show a different side of themselves rather than giving
off the energy of, you know, being very materialistic or superficial,

because we as athletes also or human beings, we have feelings,
and yeah, most of us would like to find a
good person as well, and we are very quickly turned
off by all superficial behavior, and often I feel like
maybe women don't tend to know that, and that's where

it often yeah dies down, you know. So I think
that's maybe for me the big lesson here that we
express and expose certain behaviors when yeah, status is different.

Speaker 4 (19:53):
Has it changed maybe a bit of a serious question,
but has it changed your perception of women and that
environment and the dating environment.

Speaker 5 (20:01):
No, like I said, I mean, there were a lot
of situations that we already knew and you were actually
kind of hoping for a different outcome, right, So there
were definitely a handful of girls in my being. Yeah,
you know actually generally like some of us, you know,

So for them to find out eventually that we were
football players was bonus.

Speaker 4 (20:28):
And was there any tension where were you guys were
filming between the between the five of you, intension developed
on that?

Speaker 8 (20:36):
No, I think that was for me passing that was
the most enjoyable part. It was like being a many changing. Yeah.

Speaker 6 (20:43):
Yeah, everyone bought something different to the to the table,
whether that be Jamie losing his head or you know
having banner. You know, Ryan coming that with the chill
vibe said the romantic guy made a messy one.

Speaker 3 (21:02):
So yeah, nah, no, No, there's a lot of five
a sad team. Then what a five as a team.

Speaker 4 (21:11):
So in training you'll do like small sav games where
you play five a sad Okay, that's your tea fight.

Speaker 1 (21:15):
I'm like, what, No.

Speaker 2 (21:17):
I think it's cool though, because I I think a
lot of people kind of want to get into athletes
worlds right, So with the Full Swing, so learning more
about golf golfers, and then you know you've got the
racers now and and so to be able to go, okay,
you know, now we've got these football players, like what's

what's their backstory, what's their life and use which then
I feel like then grows the sport too. Like I've
never watched golf a day in my life until I
watched Full Swing. And now I'm like, oh, go Rory
or go you know this person, and I'm like, who
am I Like, it's just but you start to kind
of fall in love and root for these people, just
like so anytime I get excited obviously because of us,
like I get excited anytime anything soccer related because I'm like, okay, great,

I want it to be bigger here in the States.
And so now you know, with this show, it's like
people are now going to invest, which then grows I
think the sport Or is that do you think wrong?

Speaker 4 (22:09):
I think it's I think that's also true, but I
think it's also good. Like when I was looking into
the show this morning, there's a big kind of narrative
and perception that all footballers are flashy, and want to
be flashy and want and then the wag stuff where
they want a flashy miss is and it's not.

Speaker 3 (22:29):
It's not the case.

Speaker 4 (22:30):
They just want someone that's down to earth normal, can
handle the stresses that they're going to go through as athletes.
And I think it's good for these guys to to
reiterate that to the world in this show that realistic.
You don't you don't want the flashy misses. It does
this and that you want you want the grounded person
that's going to support you in your career and understand

you as a person, as a professional athlete and the
stresses and pressures that actually come with the job. So
if these guys can highlight that, it changes the perception
of who football are. One who footballers are, but also
what type of women they actually want beside them when
they go into battle. I think if that does that,
then it's a it'll be there'll be it'll be a

good show for so many reasons. But I think for
these guys and for the rest of the football community,
then they'll be highlighting a really important aspect.

Speaker 1 (23:20):
You guys agree with that total I love that.

Speaker 2 (23:39):
All right, Well, we're just going to have to watch
because I feel like all my questions it'll just be like,
watch the show, watch the show. So I think that's
just going to be the the answer for that. Baby,
Do you have anymore?

Speaker 3 (23:48):
No, I don't. I don't listen.

Speaker 4 (23:50):
I just want to congratulate you guys, because it wouldn't
have been any Probably wasn't an easy transition from the
field to the cameras. What was so hard?

Speaker 1 (24:01):
What was the hard transition there?

Speaker 6 (24:04):
Obviously, you know, going on date with someone, like you're
in front of like fifteen cameras and okay, silence. Well
what I found I was like, if you're silent for
like I don't know, twenty seconds or something, it feels
like you've been an awkward silence for about two hours.
You know, you don't want to say anything stupid, You

don't want to make yourself look like an idiot. But yeah,
there are the two artist things I was most nervous about.
And also, yeah, obviously worried about you're going to be portrayed,
you know, but.

Speaker 3 (24:37):
A different type of pressure.

Speaker 6 (24:38):
Yeah, no, it's yeah, it's just a completely different world.
And you know, my first day when I walked in,
I've seen Ryan. I thought I don't know, like he
won't know who the hell I am, but I know
who he is, and I've got to try and play
cool but really bad.

Speaker 8 (24:52):
I'm dying.

Speaker 1 (24:54):
It's amazing.

Speaker 6 (24:56):
I definitely get more comfortable as the show goes on,
but also get myself in messier situations.

Speaker 3 (25:03):
But yeah, you have to see Yeah, Cavl, it sounds
like you'll be really comfortable for season two.

Speaker 8 (25:08):
Then we are already we are already signed up for
season two.

Speaker 1 (25:16):
Really no, no, I was like, wait a minute, that
means it didn't work. Yeah, oh well, I love that.

Speaker 2 (25:23):
And and Ryan, I mean for you, like you just said,
like these guys obviously were you know, very excited to
kind of be in your presence and did you feel
like you have had to have the wisdom for them
to in this area as well?

Speaker 8 (25:42):
I mean.

Speaker 5 (25:45):
Sure, I mean I think we had many conversations, not
meaning that I'm not necessarily better, but yeah, there were
definitely sometimes situations that would occur that I already had experienced,
so you know it often of course, which you can
see in the beginning, is you know, on the size
of trying to give him a little bit more direction

to make sure that he doesn't unnecessarily break people's hearts.
But yeah, you have to see and show how how
old these yeah things are on fold.

Speaker 2 (26:17):
Well, I think what's going to be interesting too is
now that you guys have even more of the world watching,
it might be tough too to then have other girls
or you know, people see this show that then slide
in and you go, okay, wait a minute, is the
grass greener over here? So then it's I feel like
it's going to test that relationship that you do pick
because of how much more recognition you guys are probably

going to get, or maybe the oh no, Lloyd is
covering his face. But I'm like, what if there was
like an actress on a TV show that's watching you,
and then you're like, oh, but you already always had
a crush on that actress and now she's just slid
into your DMS and now you have a higher caliber
of stardom and you maybe want that versus the other
girl you picked. So Lloyd, I have a feeling something
might have happened because he cover is your face. But well,

like I said, we'll just watch the show. But now
I am, I'm all in, and so absolutely not only
am I have to watch your soccer analysis stuff. Now
we're gonna be watching.

Speaker 3 (27:14):
Yeah, I'm interested to see Jamie as well.

Speaker 4 (27:16):
Yeah, but he's like, yeah, he'll be he'll be highly
entertaining that ironal.

Speaker 2 (27:23):
Oh my goodness. Well boys, thank you so much. Everyone
watched Love Undercover streaming now on Peacock. We appreciate you
guys coming on the show.

Speaker 8 (27:30):
Thank you much, Thank you so much.

Speaker 3 (27:32):
Thanks guys, all the best.

Speaker 1 (27:34):
Bye guys.

Speaker 2 (27:36):
Now I'm going to be excited to watch a show
because I feel like maybe something went on with Lloyd
and some Because that's gonna be hard though, because now
that you have a little bit of recognition, I'm sure
there's going to be even more girls that now have
eyes and and wants to hang out with them.

Speaker 3 (27:51):
Yeah, but it goes back to the point I made,
where what are they looking for?

Speaker 4 (27:55):
They're looking for someone that can support them and look
at you and help them and be a good be
a good partner.

Speaker 3 (28:03):
Although you're looking for the stall of them, we'll see.

Speaker 2 (28:07):
I always love seeing those relationships that they've you know,
they're big stars and they've been with their people since
high school or or for you know, for many many years.
And it's like because the thing is is there's always
going to be people that come into you know, our
our world and or try to slide in, and it's
you know, a how strong is the relationship and and

what does that love that you're with mean to you?
Because I think I'll say this, there there were times
when I was in relationships where I was and this
is a terrible thing to say, but I think I
was No, I know, trust me, I think there was
always a piece of me that was maybe looking even

though I wasn't actively looking, but I still in some
way was keeping it open, maybe even just in like
my my heart or something, or or I was there
was there was a little window that might have been
open in certain relationships just because I'm like, I don't
think this relationship is the one, but I'm going to
be in it because I want this as comfortable and

let's maybe, but I'm gonna Yeah, does that make sense
to you?

Speaker 3 (29:16):
Yeah? We know when you're completely devoted, right, you know that?

Speaker 1 (29:20):

Speaker 4 (29:21):
You know that yourself, You know in every part of
your body and your mind and your actions. Sure that
when there's a when there's a part of you that
doesn't have that devotion, then you do leave yourself open,
and then your actions change and your behaviors change.

Speaker 1 (29:36):
I think that's why I was so with us.

Speaker 4 (29:42):
I knew.

Speaker 2 (29:43):
Why I knew immediately was because I closed every door. Yeah,
and every chapter of my like every I mean literally
every door I could possibly close, because that's how done
I was. In other times, I'd like, I'm maybe not
going to tell this, I'm going to keep that maybe
door open or something. But like with you, it was
like doors are shut and they're dead bolted, they're not

to be unlocked, you know, of.

Speaker 4 (30:08):
Course, And that was the same. And I think it
goes goes back to you when you know you know,
and that devotion is one hundred one hundred percent. Yeah,
I'm interesting. I'm looking forward to will.

Speaker 1 (30:20):
We watch it with me?

Speaker 2 (30:21):
Because I feel like you were not, because I always
I wanted to watch like Love Is Blind with you
and you were like absolutely not.

Speaker 1 (30:27):
But with this, would you watch it? Because of the soccer.

Speaker 4 (30:30):
Players, I'm just interested to see how they handle the situations.
I'm also interested to see the reactions of not only
the players with the with the fake professions, but the
but the girls as well. Be interesting because the game
and this might both some people but the game has

changed so much that in the stresses and pressures are
so high that players can't afford to choose the wrong
person to be with. If they choose the wrong person
to be with and it's someone who doesn't completely support
them and allow them to flourish, they have to do
that with the partner also. But it used to be
where footballers wanted flashy wives and flashy girlfriends, and now

social media is so pretty, so relevant in the faces
of everyone. The pressures of the game of heightened because
of that, the money's all heightened, So players now want
the balanced, intelligent, loyal, supportive.

Speaker 3 (31:35):
Person beside them.

Speaker 4 (31:36):
They don't want the they don't want the idiot that's
just interested in wearing designer clothes and driving their cars
and this and that. That's those days are slowly moving
out of football and that's the way.

Speaker 3 (31:50):
It used to be.

Speaker 2 (31:53):
Well bebe, thanks for coming on, I appreciate it, and
everyone go watch Love Undercover againstream ming now on Peacock.

Speaker 3 (32:01):
Nice mm hm.
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