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October 31, 2022 45 mins

Jana is reconnecting with Real Housewives star Meghan King, but the last time they spoke, Meghan said something that rubbed Jana the wrong way… now Jana is ready to confront Meghan and talk it out.
Jana and Meghan discuss the challenge of celebrating the holidays as a single parent and they share some tips on how to create special traditions.
And Meghan gives us an update on her new guy!

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Wine Down with Janet Kramer and I Heart Radio podcast
three to one. Hi, everybody heard that. That is the weirdest,
by the way, that's like so embarrassing when you're like
that happens and you are like, I don't know, getting

a massage, or you're at the and like a weird
like you get like a weird gurgle noise, or like
you're on a date and it's like everybody heard it
just happened. Sorry, I just had like a throat happened,
I think, come out of my mouth. Um, Hi, Cat, Hi,
how are you doing? Uh well, I'm better than I

was last night? Or a Catherine walked into it was
a little bit of a Mintain mental meltdown, completely, a
complete mental breakdown I had last night, and M I
don't think I you know, because I was trying to
think too when the last time I cried was it's

been a minute since I've cried, like for me, So
it's been like more than a week, Okay, Um, yeah,
it's been like a couple of weeks, which is you know,
actually maybe it's even been longer than that. I think.
I don't I don't think I've had a good cry

for probably m M. I'd say two and a half months.
I haven't had a good cry in a minute. That
was a good cry, and she was witnessed to a
good cry. I just it was, Um, I feel like

this season right now is kind of busy, you know.
I'm I'm I don't honestly know when this one shoots, this,
when this one airs, but like I'm going to film
a movie. Um, just got a lot going on with
the holidays and kids birthdays and work and um just
you know, wrapping up things for the year, and it's
just a lot. And then you know we're going to
wind down in l A. And so when I don't

have the when I'm gone, my ex has the kids.
And then when I'm home, like I don't have a
minute to like myself, and so I think you yeah,
you're like, hey, reminder for you know, these proofs for
content stuff. And it's like I've been going until pretty
much bedtime and then still having to work, and I
just was like I just needed a break and I'm

trying to like do my proofs and Jason's wanting to
come into my bed and he's crying, and I'm just
like I had that like mom, moment where I felt
terrible too, because I was just like, dude, I just
like stop, you know, I'm because I'm just like I'm
exhausted and I want to get this done so I
can go to bed. And he's crying and like, you're
coming over to do next photos, and I was like,
just be prepared, you're gonna walk in. And when when

you came in, I mean, I just like, I'm just
glad I had a heads up. Oh yeah, I appreciate
the heads up. I took a minute in the car
before I walked in. I was like, let's go, we
got this. Yeah, and you walked in and I just like,
I mean it was like ugly snots. Yeah, it was pretty.
I think it's just, you know, it's hard to I

mean I think it's it's just it's good to like
let it all out. But you said something today that
I thought was kind of interesting. I just, for the
first time in a long time, I felt like the
guy watching the girl like have just like a complete
breakdown that doesn't even make sense. I mean, you's made sense,
but you know, you know, the guy feels like it
doesn't make sense. It definitely made sense, but you know,

a lot of times the guys like what's happening, but
you know, you want to fix it, And so I
felt that that moment. I'm like, shoot, I want I'm
like the guy that just wants to fix it, but
I just need to listen to just like shut up
and listen, you know. So I just felt like that.
But and I think to like you were trying to
come up with solutions, and I'm like, yeah, it's and
this is where I'm like, this is where I get

like it's hard not having a partner for help. You know.
It's like I have I've got laundry up to my chin,
I've got you know, work, and and and I'm got
a kid that sleeps in my bed, and like I'm
just it just becomes a breaking point and it's just
like I just and I kind of felt it during
that day to where I was just like I could

sense my on gluing and Sarah Bryce said something, she goes,
you're good, and I was like, at that one of
our like rights, and I'm like, no, girl, I'm not
like I'm starting to ses well, you look at on
Instagram and I was like, because everything on Instagram is
just like I'm not going to go on there and
like cry like you know, it's like, yeah, it's social media,

that's what it does. So but then like I'm not
going to film me having a massive and mental breakdown.
But like I just know that the day that I
was in that songwriting and I was doing that song,
I was bent over wailing into my like into my
sink and just like feel the drops of the tears
like coming down at my foot because I'm just like,

I mean, I was like ugly cry and then I'm
like getting poor Catherine. She just she's like, well, what
if we do this? I'm like I can't. I can't.
I just like, why don't you pay something? Like I
cant I'm broke. I was like, or I'm like I
don't want to pay someone like because I'm like I
got it. I'm just like I think I just needed
to cry and let it out because in this morning,
well even no, even last night. Oh yeah, like when

we were walking, I'm good, Yeah you just had a
good cry, were good? Button it up? Yeah? All good.
But I mean I will say, obviously the manager comes
out of me where I'm like, Okay, we're gonna come
up with solutions We're gonna make this more manageable, you know,
because it's it's a lot. You know, it does get
to be a lot for sure, But in that moment,
I just need to listen. Yeah. Um, And I I

did end up calling my ex last night and I
was just like, because we have we've shoot coming up,
and I was just like please, like I need help,
like I need like I need to sleep tonight before
the shoot. Um. And so he was able to so
I have I have a night off so I'll get
a double in a row. Good. Yeah, which I'm just like,

thank you. So I have something I want to talk about.
It involves the guests that we have today. Okay, so
let's take a break and then I'll chat about it.

All right. So we have Megan King coming on the
show today and she is a housewife. What what she
was on? She was on one? I never saw which
one she was on. Um, I think she was for
a short time. Yeah, because her husband she was on
Orange County Okay, yeah, I don't County and her husband

cheated on her. Okay. So she's got any podcasts all
right now? And I'm kind of we were cordial and
that cordial as she said we were like acquaintances on
Instagram because of how um the situations of like our
or whatever. So we just kind of related to that, right,

stories are similar, Yeah, stories are very similar. Um. Lots
of just like you know, you got this, you're strong, whatever,
and you know, she'll she was. She would ask me
questions about like, um, uh, you know, narcissist stuff and
having narcissus X and YadA YadA, and talking about you
know things whatever. Um. And there was something that she

said in our d MS that really bothered me. Okay
and call me out, okay, please, okay, but it just
irked me and we haven't spoken since that. And then
I saw that she was going to be the guests
on Today's run Down, and I had like a do

I address it? Do I let it go? Because it's
not like okay, let me just well just again, I
might be just sensitive to it. And again, call me
out if you think I'm being like a stupid girl,
that's fine. I just would have never okay, okay. So
we were basically talking about how her ex gym is

making things difficult for her UM, and I agreed with
the yes, like you know, my ax as well will
be like you know how it's like, how did they
hate us when they were the ones that blew our
lives blewe lives up right, but yet they somehow find
a way to make us feel like they hate us

or whatever. You know. So we're kind of talking about that,
um and she goes, um, it's like he's she she
was talking about her ex, like he's like he's a
man child. At least your ex is hot, mine looks
like or whatever. And I said, my ex is in

my mind, I'm like, my ex isn't. Like I wouldn't.
I would never say at least your ex hot. So
and I go, I'm sorry. That kind of bothered me.
I would never say your ex is hot, especially knowing
how much you hurt you. Anyways, have a great day.
And that's the last I've communicated with her because I
would never knowing that like what her ex did to her,
I'd be like, well, least he was hot, first of all,
what is being hot have to do with it? Second

of all, like it almost is like she took away
like I don't know. It just really bothered me for
some reason. I think I'm not understanding the context. I mean,
not the context, but like what was her point? And
at least he was hot, because I like it last
he was a good she goes um, that's only it's

like he's a manchia. At least your ex is hot.
Mine looks like a clown. Uh okay. Knowing that, I
think she was just trying to compare and basically say
that hers was not cute. But what does like they
both were cheating a holes? I mean, looks should have
nothing to do with it. At least she is hot,

and I'm like, I would just never like because to me,
when a man disrespects a woman, you ain't hot. Ever,
you're done. Like I've dated some very attractive men. The
second you lie to me, you are the ugliest human
in a room to me. Or cheat you are ugly
to me, And I would never be like, well, Leasie
was hot, and it's like, no, the hotness has nothing

to do with it, like the looks like does it
bother you though? Because you just don't want to see
him as hot. I don't look at my ex and
have any attraction towards me? What is that? Why it bothers?
You know? It bothers me because I think it's like
it takes away like who he like? Who all the hurt?
Like to I'm like, Welicie was hot. I'm like, it's

like she devalue or it's like she took away the
Um Okay, It's like saying an abuser is hot, well
at least he was hot. Well he abused me right
right right right now that that man was abusive, but
at least he was hot. What. So that's how I
can kind of like take the inside because I'm like,
you know, this man was emotionally or mentally or whatever abusive,

And I would never say, well, at Leasie was hot.
What That just then just makes it be like so
then I don't know, it just bothers me. I see
now your point now that you compare it to that,
But to me, it doesn't sound it sounds like a
misuse of Like it doesn't feel intentional. I don't think
that she meant it in the way that you're taking it.

I understand why you take it that way though, but
it doesn't feel like she was trying to be like
that to me. Yeah, because you know, it's like you know,
when you break it's like a girl thing. It's like
you want to break out something, so you're not gonna
talk bad about the guy, but you're not going to
talk about like his looks or like you just you
don't talk about him. I don't know, you just you

don't say anything. I agree with that, Yes, like I
wouldn't ever say Mike was hot, like that's not going
to happen. But I think she was more that. I
think that was more about her and her exci and
it was you, yeah, that's what I think. Well, she
ended up responding back and I never responded back. When
this was back in February, She's like, sorry, Jann, I
was trying to lighten it up. I thought he was

a good looking guy when I saw him on your feet.
I was trying to find a silver lining. But I'm
like that, like he ruined my life and that that
sounds very pragmatic. He ruined my family, and like I'm
not going to ever look at him as like this
hot guy. At least he was hot and like that
his looks we're like are nothing like that's that's like
the lowest, like what I would have said. At least

you have beautiful children. That's the silver lining, right, I mean,
I hear you, and I agree. I just don't. I
think you're reading more into it. For sure, I don't
like it. It's like calling. But at the same time,
you have the right to feel that way about what
she said. It doesn't feel like she had bad intentions.
But I hear what you're saying and I understand that,

and I feel like a lot of people would take
it that way. But again, I just don't think she
was really thinking through what she said. Yeah, so it
is the question, now do we address it? Well, I
know she's in the waiting room, and I just like,
I don't, like, do you do I do I say something?
And like we just avoid like the well, you know me,
we have this conversation. I'm a like, let's address it

and move on kind of person. But I don't know,
or do we just pretend like it didn't happen. Well,
we can't really pretend because now this part will air
and then so it's like yeah, maybe, yeah, okay, well
let's take a break and then let's get her on.
Yeah all right and bring eran. What do you think, Hannah,

what do you think I should do? I think you
need to address it. It's clearly bugging you, Like I
can see how it's affecting you, And I don't know
if the rest of this interview will feel genuine or
like be even fun if you don't kind of am
I off? Am I am? I? Like? Am I am
I stupid for feeling that way? No, I don't think

so at all. I think you're a reasoning totally makes
sense of it, being like yeah, like basically calling like
somebody like it's almost like taking away what he did
to you by saying that. But I do agree with Katho.
I think she and I'm not trying to compare him
to like some like awful human being. I'm just like,
I would never be like someone that like hurt them, like, well,
at Leastie was hot, Like if someone like was, she

don't need multiple million times and then well at Leasie
was hot. What does that have to do with it? Right?
And I think you don't. Yeah, if you were reversed
and you said something like downplaying her side of it
was like, oh, well, at Leastie give you kids or
at least he did something, you know, something, I just like,
don't her side probably be upset too, So I do

think though, if you explain that to her that she
would understand it. I mean, I don't know where, but
I think anyone sometimes you have to explain to them
like this is why this wasn't And I know if
it were me, I'd be like, oh my god, I'm
so sorry. That's not how I meant it. I didn't
mean to, you know, like I don't think when I'm
not trying to be like dramatic or I just it's

just something. It just rubbed me the wrong way, like again,
like I just yeah, okay, well, let's just get her on.
And I think I think you asked her and let
her explain herself, and I think she will. Okay, Okay,
I'm bringing her in. Okay, Hey, how's it going, guys,

It's going good. How are you good? Yeah? Yeah, of course. Um.
We were kind of just discussing the kind of that
are like last interaction together, okay over um over d

m S. And I just like I just want to
like mention that and then like move on from it
because I don't know why I've let it like sit
in with me or whatever. And do you remember it
at all or no? Okay, okay, um, So I don't know.
I think it just and I was trying to explain
like maybe I'm just like being stupid, but for some reason,

it kind of like like I know how bad your
ex hurt you, you know, like and cheated all those
he was bad due to you, And I just feel
like if I was to have said, like, well, at
least he's hot, like that would have taken away because
you know, maybe i've let's just say like whatever, like
he's not hot to you, and just the same with
my ex. But I found like, well, at least he

was hot to me. Like I don't know, maybe I'm
off basis, but like I would think that you would
be like you would feel like you're like everything that
he put you through like kind of was um devalued.
I mean, at least he's hot. Like I can see
what you're saying. But in my opinion, I was trying

to give you a compliment, and I was trying to
like make light of a shitty situation because I know
that you know what it's like to be with a
shitty person who does things to you, and so in
my like in mind, solf to me that man is
not hot. There's no in like, you know, trying to

get into it because we both know what sucks and
so it's like, all right, um, we both have like
these shitty situations, but at least he's hot. And I
said that because I don't know. I mean, I thought
I thought it was a compliment. I thought it was
a nice thing to say. And I've actually talked to
people about this too, and they're like, I think I

think the reaction, the reaction from me and the reaction
that I've gotten when I've explained my side of it
is that you overreacted and that maybe you were feeling sensitive.
And I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings that was
and I apologize that was never my intention, but I wasn't.
I certainly wasn't making light of anything. Uh huh. Yeah,

I just wouldn't, like I appreciate that. Um, I just
I don't think I would, knowing how bad your ex
hurt you, I think your ex is a good looking guy.
I would never say, well, at least he was hot.
I just wouldn't because like I would just feel like
that would take away like the stuff that he's done
to you, because someone that does that stuff is not
a good looking person, whether they were. I'm like, that's

totally fine. You're totally like, yeah, yeah, and I if
somebody said, like somebody was like, well, at least Jim's hot,
I would be like, well I don't see him as hot,
but like I just is not hot. Yeah, And that's
the silver lining, Like I mean, you guys, you know
that's like for me, like the greatest thing was getting kids,
Like that's the silver line. Not that I feel like

my kids would have existed either way, Like my kids
would have my what would have like this mic is
going in and out, um, they would have like somehow
it did in my world, whether or not it was
with Jim, because like the in the way, what I
believe is that souls that are meant to be here
and meant are are here, and like energy will manifest

if it's meant to be here. I mean, I think
souls are also like there's a ton of free will
behind that and behind like you know, children in general.
But in my head, when people are like, at least
you have three kids from him, I'm like, I no,
Like it's not at least I have three kids with him.
I would have had my kids anyway, Like my kids
belong to me in my head, and like it just

sucks that I had to have him as the dad.
It whatever, but if Jim's gonna be hot, at least
my kids of those genetic traits. Yeah, I mean, I
I see what you're saying. But I think for me,
it's like I like that is where I can silver
line it with, like I'm glad that like we were able,
like that is the reason why we were together. And
I think like my parents, I come from a divorce family,

and it's like my parents were never meant to be together,
but like they were meant to have us, and like
you know, for me, like Mike and I were never
meant to be together. I thought we were and I
would have loved that if he was a healthier human,
but like and we were healthier together. But um, like
for me, it's like yeah, okay, like we have our
kids and like, um, I'm grateful that like we that

was like the silver lining for for that relationship, and
like you know, I'm never going to take away that,
like you know him as a dad, and like you know,
I'm glad he's the father. And I think that's helpful
for you. I think that to have that that makes
you feel like okay, like this is the reason I
was there, This is the reason people think how you

think about, you know, the silver lining with um, you know,
shitty relationships and then having children out of it. I
think most people think like you, Jana, where they're like,
at least I have the kids, and yeah, I mean
I think like for me, rhetorically speaking, yes, okay, I
can go along with that, but at the same time,
I'm like, I wish I would have had them with

If I didn't have kids with him, he wouldn't be
in my life at all. No, I mean, girl, I
trust me, Like I get it. We actually just had
a conversation the other day because I'm like, you know,
the first holiday not having the kids, and he was
just like, why can't you get over it? And I'm like,
this is still hard. He's like how He's like, you've
moved on, You've had relationships. I'm like, but it's still
hard not to have my kids on the first Christmas

like day waking up, Like, I know it might be
so easy for you, but like and so that piece, yes,
I would love to not like have to co parent
with him, you know, with that area, because I'm like,
he doesn't get the pain that still exists there and
like I'm not trying to like trust me, like I've
like I have moved on from you. I just haven't
moved on from like the situation, you know what I mean.

Because it's not easy. He don't even like to be
in town. When I don't have my kids on holidays,
like on kid holidays, I try to leave and just
ignore it. It's so hard. Like but I'm like, have
you done it without having your kids on Christmas Day?
Because like I'm not. This is the first year I'm
not waking up to my kids in Christmas Day and
like I did it once and then I'll do it
again this year. And what do you do? I cry

and I pretend like I make my own Christmas Like, um,
so when they come to me on Christmas Night because
they'll spend Christmas Eve this year with with their dad
and then wake up on Christmas Morning with their dad,
I'll just do Christmas night as if it's Christmas Eve
at my house. Well yeah, but then it's like does
Santa already? But Santa already came at Dad's right, I

mean it's magic magic. I just gotta believe they definitely
need to Santa. Oh no, no, no, for sure. But
what I'm saying is like, because they'd come over Christmas
Day at noon, so it's like they're gonna be where's
my presence, mom, Like I mean didn't come yet because
you guys weren't here. And or I wrote Santa note
and said, um, we're gonna have Christmas today. I actually

really like that, and I really like that idea because
they did get the Christmas Christmas Day. It's not the
same for everybody's I mean, because everybody has Christmas Eve
on Christmas Eve, so that part is still really hard.
So for me, I try to shut down the social
media and just like not celebrate, what like not partaking
other celebrations in that way, and then I just literally

created like this magical experience the next day. Yeah, I
kind of love that that way, they're still waking up
to this excess, like you still get the excitement. Because
what I was gonna do is I asked Jolie, I go, hey,
do you want Santa to come early? And she goes no,
And I was like, shoot, because he hasn't the whole
week like before Christmas, and then I get the full

week after Noe, me thirty him. The week is a
long time. Then it's a very long time, and I
had I had asked him if we can work something out,
and he said no because I I keep blab in
my mouth. Oh so he's punishing you. So so does

he hate you more than he loves his children? Oh? Yeah, well,
I mean because yeah. And then I'm like, hey, we
can switch and then you can have and like I'm
trying to because I'm like, a week away is tough,
you know what I mean? But you yeah, what do
you guys have? Actually? So he gets every other weekend? Um,
so we have the same. Then yeah, so I do

ten days, he just four? Okay, oh okay, okay, all
right makes sense? And then how how is it going
with y'all? We don't speak. I mean we community, We
communicate on a court ordered app and he rarely checks
the app. I've had to, like, had have our parent
coordinator who we have to pay court ordered to. Um,

I have to email her and be like, he's not
communicating and we have to communicate about like handoffs or
she couldn't go to Soccer Protects last week because she
didn't have Aspen didn't have her soccer uniform or cleats
or anything because he didn't check his app to see
that she needed her stuff. It's horrible. What do you
think you would want to like mend the relationship? Like

what do you think you would need? Like probably somebody
is probably never speaking to him again, Like probably a
partner who's who communicated with him instead of me. I
know that it's because he has I mean, I'm his
third ex wife and I've seen how he communicates with
the other two and it's there's it's bad. What do

you think about the shared Because one of the other
punishments I got was because I didn't invite and I
and I owned up to this. This was like I
felt actually very bad about this. But my son is
having a birthday party, and I sent the birthday invite
to the preschool for the kids in the class, and
he got the invitation. And he's like, I find out

about my kid's birthday party through an invite through preschool,
and I'm like, well he didn't come to the I go, well,
it's on my weekend, so like you can have a
birthday party and he's like that's He's like, I don't
understand why you can't just be around me, and like
it's for the kids, and I'm like, but again, you
can have a birthday party on your weekend and he's like,
no other parents Like, He's like, why can't you just
like whatever? And and then I'm like, am I being

but am I being unreasonable? Not have a method because
he's a control freak and he or am I just
it's or or I take it away and it's not.
It's about the kids. Let him be at the birthday
party with all the friends. No, but well that's what
makes logical sense. But you need your boundaries and you
have to have emotional boundaries with a man who hurt
you to the core. And if that means that you

have a separate birthday party, that means that you have
a separate birthday party. Is your weekend. It's your decision.
You're the mother, and he needs to stay the away.
You have his own thing that it has nothing to
do with him right now. You need your space to
heal and boundaries up. And that is being the best
mother that you can be because you were emotionally protected.
M hmm. I agree with that. But at least he's hot, Megan.

I mean, there's certain I think certain people can have
birthday parties together and certain people just shouldn't, like she said,
with boundaries and y'all just aren't there. But but he
makes me feel bad for not being there, Like he's like,
he's like, he goes, I don't talk about you know,
He's like, when are you going to be over it?
And I'm like, I'm it's just and a gain I have.
I just don't. There's a lot of hurtful things that

happened in that marriage, and it's very hard to be
around him. Yeah, it's not that I haven't forgiven or
healed or moved on. It's just it's it's hard to
be around that knowing all the list. You know, Yeah,
then you don't do it. I mean, but then I
feel like a bad mom, Like I'm not like taking
the kids into account of like what they made you
feel that way, Like he knows which buttons to push

and stuff like that's not Are you a bad mom, Dianna? No,
So don't let him make you feel like that. Well, okay,
that's all right. So then you guys don't do birthday
parties together? No, we don't. God knows, I don't even
know about him. He doesn't like the teachers, don't even
I asked the teachers, not even to send things home

to his house. He's he's not he doesn't parents, he's
like present for when he's there. But I mean, he
got a lot of concussions in baseball, and I think
that um lent to like the way that he has
relationships now, Like he's easy to anger and he forgets everything.
Short term memories not existent. And I don't know if

Mike has any like concussions from sports as well, but
I definitely see it like getting worse as the years
called by. Yeah, um, I saw something on social but
I didn't click. I didn't read because again, like I
don't trust anything that's on those sites. Are you with

that guy from Bachelor in Now? That was kind of
like a but those kind of just like testing the
the press to see what they would say, And they
said what I thought they would say. That's all but
because all were like super key together. So I had

fun with him, but it was like very Vegas and
like very fun, and then I was like sort of
interested in like maybe pursuing something and he was like, nope,
who were just friends whatever, It's fine, like he's it
definitely would not have worked, but um, I'm da, I
am seeing somebody right now, Okay, like because yeah, I

want to I want to kind of get into that too,
because I know, um, obviously there was this relationship afterwards,
and I don't know, I don't want to put words
into your mouth, but I mean I feel like, again,
we're very similar with how we love and we give.
We give very fast, um, and we love very fast,
and we both want that like family that we were

promised and what we what we want for our kids
and everything. Um. And so when I saw that when
y'all ended up, I felt so bad for you because
I'm like I saw myself and that too. It's like
we we I would have felt like, here I go again.
I'm the failure, I'm the embarrassment. And it's like and

I messed up again that since then kind of like
it's very similar to like my last breakup post divorce.
But I feel now where I'm like, I'm so afraid
to get into relationship because I don't want to look
like I don't want to be an embarrassment. I don't
want to be a failure. I don't want to be
like yep, see she's she's the reason, she's the reason
why things fall apart because she's crazier, she's what I
blah blah blah blah. So it's like, I think, I

don't know, are you having a hard time stepping into
dating again because of like all of those things? Yes,
all of those but like this, So the guy I'm
I'm seeing right now, he's um, he's been he's been
a friend of mine for seven years. I met him
before my kids were born, Like, he knows my kids
from birth, and he knows Jim, and um, we have

tons of mutual friends. And so that part has been
really nice. So like so easy because I trust him
and I know him. Um, I feel really lucky because yes,
it is hard to trust and know, Like I don't
think it's going to fall apart, Like I think this
is my guy and and I'm it's just easy. I

mean seven years of friendship and active friendship. How did
it switch? Um, he's like, which is like cool. One
night wegat I'm really drunk and then confessed all of
our feelings and then yeah, right, I was in Denver
visiting a friend and we reconnected and um, just like

for lunch or something, which is what we would do,
not reconnected. We just connected and then a few hours later,
we were just hanging out and we just like looked
at each other and just started kissing. And we're like, whoa,
Oh my god, what is happening. That's so cute. I
love that. And has he met the kids? Yeah, but
he's met them years ago before. Yeah, and you had

no feelings for him then, I mean we were we
were friends. We were like close friends. I was married,
I was pregnant and married and like, um, we would
hang out all the time, so Chad like we could breakfast.
It wasn't like I used to live at this club
and um it's like a country club community and he
was there, so we just all we see each other

all the time. Ah, I know it's found your person.
That's sweet, I think. So, yeah, are you seeing anybody?
Like yeah? And now, like i mean I'm so scared
to say yes, Okay, I'm just like I'm afraid to
like fall, and so I'm just like, how has it

been how to give two and a half fish months?
Maybe just talking and like hanging out occasionally and ish okay,
um like he can and he like, but like it's
just I don't know, I'm so scared to fail. I'm
so scared to like, I don't want him to meet
the kids because I don't want to mess them up.

And you know, I just I'm just so scared to
like it's hard again. I know, the fil your piece
is tough, especially our lives are so public. Yeah, and
it's all the things, the nasty things people could say
and honestly to like the other day I said something
to him mom, like I know how to do it alone,
Like I can do this alone, and it's sometimes easier

to do it alone. And I just I don't know.
I'm like, I wonder if I'm ever going to be
able to really like really be all in just kids. Now. Okay,
how old are you? Thirty eight? Okay? Does your dude
have kids? No? Does he want one? Yeah? Okay, so

same And I'm having a real big like I don't know.
I I mean, would you have another one? Yeah? Well
I kind of want Like I'm pregnant right now a week? Yeah, right,
you do another one? Yeah? I kind of do you
know my kids are? I have three kids eighteen months apart,
and I really felt like I couldn't enjoy the baby

stage because Jim and I split with my when my
twins my youngest were eighteen months and I was scrambling.
It was really hard. The intensity of that was tough.
And one of my kids has cerebral palsy and so
he has a full blown disability that requires a ton
of attention and patience, and so I was just overloaded
in those early years and I would love to just

have one I could really appreciate. Mm hmmmm, yeah, well
I I mean, it's it's all gonna my girlfriend. I
was trying to get Katherine so her husband. She separated
from her husband for a hot minute, and then they
got back together and he just went and got He

got snipped yesterday and I was like, no, come on,
have one. We have three. Yeah, yeah, no, we're done.
But it is hard. It's kind of weird, like the
finality of it is even I don't want another one.
I'm like, but he always said down the road, maybe
a fourth. I did. I said, like, I could see

myself at forty wanting another one, but I don't think
I do. I'm thirty eight. But we're just too busy,
Like I can barely do anything for the third kid,
you know, because they're just so into sports and just
so much stuff that I'm like, I don't think we
could physically handle it. Megan, when's your birthday? September? I
just turned thirty eight, okay, so I'm going to be

thirty nine in like a month, okay. And that's where
I'm just like, and then I'm gonna be and then
I'm going to get moving. But here's the problem. I
don't want to make fast, that's the thing. And that's
that's where I was like, you know, I just go dated,
go find a twenty seven year old or a thirty
year old. I don't want to I know I've tried um,
but just have the baby and get married later. Well

that's what he said. He's like, would you ever? And
I was like no, because I'm like, if i'm if,
I like, I still believe in that silly fantasy, if like,
you know, But then I'm like, but I don't want
to rush like I rushed. That's why I was like,
you know, I was when I met my ex. I
was thirty almost thirty or thirty one, and I was like, man,
I need to have kids now. So yeah, you're fits fine,
you cheated. I like you you're cute, Like, let's let's

do that, you know, what I mean. And I'm like,
damn it, like I didn't I had so much time.
I didn't realize I had so much time. Jim. Yeah,
but I was so focused on having babies. Yeah, and
we did it and here we are. But here we are.
But what a blessing, Megan. I'm gonna get you there

and saying you know, I know, you're just not the dad.
I get it right. Um, Okay, so you have a
new podcast, tell us all about it? Yeah, so intimate knowledge.
It's it's about my sex and dating life. So we've
gotten into a little bit of it on on yours.
But it's really juicy and fun and kind of crazy.

I think that people are seeing a side of Megan
King that they did not know existed. And what is
that side? That's it's that crazy, like crazy, sexy fun Megan.
It's not the mom. It's not the the mom of
a child with the disability, or it is just it's
it's rated are I love when it comes to like sex,

you cannot let the kids listen to it. My friend
or not even a friend. Somebody on Instagram me a
message the other day and they said that they pulled
up to a to their kids, um preschool to from
carpool I got and my podcast was on, and the
teacher heres, and then he started fingering me from behind.

I would die. He wouldn't even like I can't even
believe I said that. I mean, it's stuff like that
that I can't even believe I say, but I just
do it over and over and over. Well, it's it's
funny because we we do, like we go out and
we do some wine down shows like on the road,
and most of the shows are twenty one and over,

but sometimes there's no age limit. This one person brought
like it was a twelve year old, and I'm like,
some of our skate is talking about blow jobs, you
know what I mean. And so I'm like, but I'm like,
what do you think? Like it's wind out, So it's like,
you know, we had to like do like a cover
the ear moment because I'm like, you know, I can't

do it now a twelve year old show, right, Like,
so we were trying to work around at the best
we could. And then I apologize profusely to the father
and to the I don't think they almost there, um,
but yeah, I feel like you should have apologized to you,
like I brought his daughter up to sing like in
the end, So it ended up like being it was
like fine, I don't think he cared. What was the

funny part? This sad part is is a twelve or
thirteen year old probably now know what a blowjob is, oh,
I guarantee, But I didn't know until I was like fourteen.
I mean, oh my, got to have a funny Oh
can I please tell this real fast? Yes, this love sex.
I love you talking about. But I have a ten
year old. Thank god, she doesn't listen to this. Ten
almost eleven. She knows like everything, like we've had a

very open discussion and so you know, my husband had
a sectomy and so she was like, okay, so why
did y'all do that? Like so we don't have any
more babies? And she's like, y'all do it? And I
was like yes, and I was like what you And
she's like, no, y'all do it. She kept saying do
it and I was like, well, don't all parents do it?

And she goes how many times? God, you're like more
than we ever have. I was like, oh my god,
I can't believe you're asking me this. What did you say? Finally,
she goes like five and I was like, sure, babe, five.
She goes, it's more and I was like, how many
kids do I have? She said three and three times,
so we'll go with that three times. It was hilarious.

She just kept saying three times. Yeah, right, Well I
used to not be I was the one that didn't
like to have sex, but you know, times are changing.
Go girl, Yeah, they said no more to the divorce,
and she's having sex and I'm like, I'm all for it.
I'm like, like the best possible separation outcome I've ever heard.

I was like, who do I told her husband? I
was like, who knew? Nick? Who knew? Maybe she'll finally
let me take her lingere shopping for you to Okay,
it's oh my gosh, well okay, well I love that.
I'm I'm glad we spoke. Um, I apologize if I overreacted.

I know that you didn't have any like ill and
I think I was just in a bad but I
do apologize for if that was. Like I think you're
probably more sensitive to me and to me, you're more
sensitive than me, and I'm really not very sensitive at all.
And um, I've like incredibly thick skin, and I treat

others as if they do as well, and I need
to watch that about myself. And so even though there
was no ill intention, I'm sorry for the way that
you felt. Well again, I appreciate it, but I mean,
I'm I'm sure I overreacted to it. I think I
just have such like a not a hatred. I don't
want to hate, because I don't hate. I don't hate,
but like such like a trigger senses with him that

it's like I don't. Yeah, it's just it's like hard
like even receive anything that's like that. But yeah, I
appreciate it, and I'm sorry as well. Okay, yeah, thanks
for having we really did. Um. So okay, tell the
listeners where they can find you, where they can find
the podcast. So you guys have to listen to me

anywhere you find your podcast on I Heart Radio, on
Spotify wherever. So you gotta listen to intimate knowledge and
get all the juicy details. Well, congrats Megan on On
on the new Man or you know this new situation
happening and English keep me plan, We'll see I'll DM

you right now. Alright, um, let's take a break and
we will be right back alright, thoughts cat see how
great it is to address something and then move on
from it. Yeah, but now I feel stupid, Like did

I overreact? Don't you don't worry. Don't worry about it.
We all overreact. I was too sensitive. I was like, well,
we're all sensitive to certain things. I'm freaking sensitive as crap,
so I can you know, and you feel stupid later,
Like I get I'm not saying that you should feel stupid.
I do feel stupid later when I overreact to stuff,
but like, I think it's about hearing the explanation and

where they're coming from, because then you can go Okay,
Obviously she didn't mean. She's got rule thick scan. You
can tell by talking to her. She's like a tough bitch,
you know. So like we're not as I mean I
can be. But stuff like that would trigger me too,
So it's just it's okay to go Okay, it triggered me.
Maybe I overreacted. We addressed it, and now we're cool. Yeah, great,

you feel good? Right? Or do you not? So I know,
I feel great. I still just feel like stupid, like
for maybe being overly sensitive or to do it, because
I'm like I I don't, I think, And that was
like back in February too, so I was probably even
more like but I don't, I don't because I just
I don't know. I would never like tell a friend that,
like the X was like hot. I don't know. It's

just something that you wouldn't do. Yeah, sure, you know
what I mean, And I've had plenty of those conversations.
That's just not something I would do. I can see
now where I know, I see her, I see where
she was coming from, and I feel silly for having
that overreaction but or or feeling away. But at the
same time, you didn't feel. We don't have to feel
that for our feeling exactly. You can feel however you want.

We communicate, we express, we address, and we move. Okay, Well, um,
I don't know when this airs are were in life
will be at the time, but who knows. Maybe it's
Merry Christmas at this point. Back to you guys later. Bye.

How is that is that bad? I almost wanted to
cry when you tell me I was ever sensitive, because
I'm just like, no, I mean, you can tell she
is not sensitive, and that's fine. You know, she's definitely
not sensitive to stuff. Um, what do you think. I
thought it was great. Honestly, I loved the whole episode
and like the resolution that came in on you guys

had because you guys really do have similar situations and
have similar feelings that I agree with Katherine, like she's
clearly I'm also a sensitive person. So when someone tells
me sensitive, I'm like tears. I was like, I knew
I wanted. I was like ready to hold her back,
and I was like, we're gonna be fine. We're going
to either get either hold back tears or I'm like,

I go, I was really scared. We were, well, we're
going to end this conversation. He turned it around. Really,
I'm totally Sam, and I think you handled it really well.
And again, she does have tough skin. I think you
guys are just very different people and how you handle
the situations very different. And yeah, but I'm really glad
that it came and I feel like that I could
see that really really good. Okay, yeah, I agree,
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