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March 25, 2024 37 mins

Have you watched Love is Blind on Netflix?? Jana is hanging out with Jess Vestal from season 6 and getting all the behind the scenes secrets from her time in the pods!
Jess lets us in on how things are going with Jimmy, and she reveals why he was the LAST guy in the pods to find out about her daughter.

Discover which cast member Jess claims “fooled everyone”.
And we find out if Jess is the “DM sliding” type!

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Wind Down with Janet Kramer and I'm Heart Radio podcast.

Speaker 2 (00:06):
All Right, So this week I am very excited because
I have really truly never watched Love Is Blind ever.
I mean so much so that I remember in the
watching maybe like one half of an episode and going,
this is ridiculous, I'm not watching this. But for some reason,

I don't know why. I think it was when Alan
was in England. Something about the season just seemed exciting
to me for some reason, and I'm like, I just
want to sit down and see what this is about.
Actually watch watch it. And after one full episode, I
was like, oh, I'm hooked. And I've binged it and
I've watched the reunion and we've got Jess a Vestal

as I say it a Vestal, I don't know. I
just know she's beautiful. We only know she's just in
her occupation right exactly, and Autumn her daughter. Right.

Speaker 1 (00:59):
Did you want watching no Cat? I said, one thing,
one thing busy, I know, and I nicely, I feel bad.
It's like two weeks in a row. I'm like, I'm
just it's just not my thing.

Speaker 3 (01:11):
So it's not usually, but I gotta tell you set
it up for me a little bit about her.

Speaker 2 (01:16):
Okay, her name is Jess, she's got a d I'm sorry,
I'm like, I ever like this. I'm usually like, well,
I didn't watch watch your show, but I will yeah, yeah,
and then I don't And I don't mean that bad.
I just when do I when do we have the
time right now? So but anyways, I watched and I
was in so I loved Jess. Jess was my favorite.
She liked Jimmy in the Pods. This is where I

don't like Jimmy though, And I'm gonna bring this up
to her. The second she said she had a daughter,
he was like, it changed, it changed, and I'm like,
to me, and I felt the change. So I'm like,
obviously she felt the change too. And in my mind,
I'm like, why would you even consider staying with him
if he had that? And I get it might be hard, right, like,

but we're also in our thirties. The chances of either
being a divorced or having a kid is somewhat higher
than previously. But I did not like that at all
from Jimmy and I remember dating. I'd be like, nope,
if you don't, I'm a mom of two kids. I'm
very proud of that. So I didn't like the fact
that Jimmy was not really Now how do I say this.

It's fine if he had an idea of what he wanted,
but I didn't love how it Maybe it made me feel,
but like, I didn't love how he like. It's like
he wanted things to be perfect and that wasn't and
that was I'm perfect of its perfect. Yeah, it's interesting
too that you say how it made you feel, because
there was a couple of times on the show where
I thought, do I really dislike this person or is
it triggering something to me? Well, Jimmy triggered. I mean,

it triggered therap.

Speaker 3 (02:45):
I can't imagine the crap out of me.

Speaker 2 (02:47):
Not only does he remind me of an ex boyfriend
that I had that was extremely narcissistic, and he would
say things like, and I quote and I'm reading this
he said, oh gosh, I mean they have Okay, Well,
let me say one thing about Jeremy that I didn't like.
He never took about accountability at all for anything. I mean,

at the reunion he kind of did, and he flipped
a kind of but he's like, I don't god what
he said. Something I don't know if I wrote it
down now, it is something like I don't I don't
need to talk about that right now. Oh oh, I
don't want to talk about it at this second, because
she was she was asking about something and he gave,

he gave, he gave her enough information and then he
would like not tell the rest and she's like, well,
what you were at her place until five? It's like
he made her feel crazy. And that really triggered me
from because this is like literally tea exactly to what
this ex gerssriend did, completely gassed and never took up accountability.
It also makes me laugh that on the reunion they

act like, we can't just rewind the tape.

Speaker 3 (03:54):
Yeah, exactly.

Speaker 2 (03:55):
He's like, that's not what I said, and I'm like, actually,
you did rewind.

Speaker 3 (03:58):
The tape, That's exactly what you said.

Speaker 2 (04:00):
Yeah. Also, Jimmy did something I really was triggered by.

Speaker 3 (04:04):

Speaker 2 (04:04):
First I was like, like Preston was like that was
audible gas, you know, because but remember when Jimmy the
girl was just a friend, like a sister.

Speaker 3 (04:14):
And then we later find out he had slept but.

Speaker 2 (04:16):
I knew that from the very the second he said,
and I'm like he's slept with her one of them.

Speaker 3 (04:21):
I was like, he's definitely slept with one of them.

Speaker 2 (04:23):
And then and then he's like, well, it's just how
to respect for her, And I'm like, why are we
protecting random friend who's had sex with you is now
your sister and what kind of family system are you
referring to? So obviously that set that up badly, very bad.
I don't like my thing with did you like Chelsea?

Speaker 3 (04:44):
I think Chelsea's just fine.

Speaker 2 (04:45):
I think Chelsea I feel terrible for how that edit
was for her because I appreciated the fact that she
mentioned so she the Catherine.

Speaker 4 (04:55):
There's other people that haven't seen it at me too,
so you have to explain it.

Speaker 2 (04:58):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, the only one.

Speaker 3 (05:01):
Yea, maybe I'm the only one.

Speaker 2 (05:03):
I think a lot of people watch this this season,
I think, but Chelsea. I felt bad for her because
I've we've all been to Chelsea where that show's got
to be really hard because you don't know what the
other person looks like, right, and when she comes out
and you know he sees her, I would I would
be self conscious to being like, Okay, do you think

I'm pretty? But I think she was already in secure
to begin with that it's a little challenging because the
other girl too, was very beautiful, so she might have
been questioning, like, oh, I wonder if he would have
wanted to pick Jess instead, because she's also what he
likes most or better or whatever. But she just looked

very insecure, very clingy, and I'm like, we've all been
to Chelsea, or at least I have been Chelsea for sure,
so like, I empathized with her, but I and I
felt really bad for her, and I like that she
kind of owned it. She's guy, was not my best self,
and I'm like, girl, we all get it. You know,
we've all been there, So I kind of wanted to
give her a hug at the reunion. She also described

herself as looking like Megan Fox, which is one of
the major headlines around this season. When describing herself in
the posaw that also, I'm not gonna lie. I'm just
gonna air all my ugliness with this. That also shaped
Jimmy for me. Well, that's what I want to I saw.
That's one of my questions to Jess because I wonder
if she didn't say that, would that if that changed

his mind?

Speaker 3 (06:30):
I think it did.

Speaker 2 (06:32):
I mean, yeah, Megan Fox, yeah a specimen really really yeah,
just all of it so much. I mean, Clay's mom,
I would like her to be my mom. I'm wondering
if she's doing a mentoring program. There's a lot about
the season. I like, Clay's mom. Did you happen to
click on that thing that I posted? He probably didn't
because you didn't watch the show. But Clay's mom did

a whole thing about saying like you did me wrong,
like I forgive you, but you weren't good to know.

Speaker 3 (06:59):
I saw that. I didn't know that so good.

Speaker 2 (07:02):
I mean she was I want her on the podcast
so bad. I mean, she just she delivered it so classy, profound, yes,
truth speaking, very buttoned up. It was, yeah, you got me,
and you didn't treat me well something like that. She
didn't let him swagger his way back out of it.
Yeah he tried, but you know I got And she
was like, yeah, you got me, but then you weren't
good to me.

Speaker 3 (07:21):
That was it.

Speaker 2 (07:22):
She's like, He's like, well I got you got to
find someone like your mama. He goes shows, Yeah, you
got me, but you weren't good to me.

Speaker 3 (07:27):
And it wasn't even mean.

Speaker 2 (07:28):
It was just very truth is so sturdy, and he
was just like it killed his little Yeah.

Speaker 3 (07:34):
I took out of it and took the swag. Yeah,
he had to button himself back up. I really do
want a d and play back together. I don't do. Oh,
I do so do ten years I do? Do we
know who's together?

Speaker 5 (07:46):

Speaker 2 (07:46):
The couple that I knew from the very get I'm like,
these two are.

Speaker 3 (07:49):
So just one couple. It ends with one couple, Like
this season there was only there was only one that
got married. Okay, so it's different every season.

Speaker 2 (07:59):
Yeah, every season it's different. This one everyone's been saying
is like way more dramatic. Well it is tangily the
season was very tangled. But I do think yeah, the
Jeremy Oh, I just oh and the Trier for that matter. Okay,
so this is interesting. So Sarah Ann was the one
he didn't pick. Okay, she slid into his DMS after

the show and was like, hey, if it's an open
window or like just leaving, like if there's anything open left.
I can't remember what she exactly said, but you know,
just let me know. While he was engaged to the
other girl, So do you think that's a pick me girl.

Speaker 3 (08:36):
I love that you love her.

Speaker 2 (08:38):
So do you think she's a pick me girl? Or
do you think that it's given the type of show
it is that it was okay for her to DM
him because they actually used the term pick me on
there in the reunion there like you are absolutely a
pick me girl. Well, so, I I don't know why
she keeps being so defensive because you did the wrong thing.

Speaker 3 (08:57):
That was Yeah.

Speaker 2 (08:58):
The first sign of someone lying or not doing is
the defensive it's okay, Like yeah, and I don't.

Speaker 3 (09:05):
Believe that you guys are not.

Speaker 2 (09:07):
You didn't make out talking till five and am in
the morning. I still like, even if you didn't, you
still slid into the DMS. You still rode off on
a jet ski ten minutes. Say that's wrong, Like at
least to own it now, Like I've like, you know,
obviously I haven't had the squeaky clean whatever, but now
I can look back and up that was wrong. Yeah, right,
you know she brought her body glitter and her defense

to the reunion.

Speaker 3 (09:28):
Did anybody notice the immense amount of body glitter? Just
me cool, go back rewind the tape. So that bothered
me but yeah, he was just Hannah said, so much
body glitter.

Speaker 2 (09:40):
Yeah, I feel and I do. I feel bad because
I don't. I hate that people are getting hate and
end of the day, I want everyone to be happy.
I just wish people would take accountability. That's my thing.
Like I even even to the one ex boyfriend that
I don't have a good religion pass with, and I don't.
I just want people to stop calling other people crazy
when they had a they had something to do with

it as well that they had they brought their own
crazy as well and then didn't say sorry. That's the
piece that bums me out and I don't need it anymore.
But now I'm just like, it's a little annoying to
still hear stuff going.

Speaker 3 (10:12):
But did he tell you what he did to never?
Because of course not.

Speaker 2 (10:15):
There's a lot of disrespectful lying stuff that happened there
as well. So but yep, I'm the crazy one.

Speaker 3 (10:20):
Cool on this topic.

Speaker 2 (10:22):
Tell me your ten second rundown on trev Dog trev
Dog Trevor from your Reunion which love is Blind, Oh
big Trevor, Because I actually had a moment of compassion
for Trevor in that listen he watched his whole world
fall apart on TV, and I was like, can we
get a well check on him? Because it does make

me nervous for him. I liked him better than Matthew.
I kind of liked Matthew in the beginning. I'm trusting
that's so us. We would like like Matthew and then
learn the hard way.

Speaker 3 (10:53):
But Just is here, so let's take a break and
then we'll get her on.

Speaker 2 (11:08):
Oh hey girl, Hey, I'm excited to talk to you.

Speaker 3 (11:14):
I'm like so pumped.

Speaker 5 (11:16):
I made it, I'm here.

Speaker 2 (11:17):
I love you, and I just saw your sweet little
campaign you did with Jesse Decker or the cookit mesh.

Speaker 3 (11:24):
It looks so good, isn't it so cute? Yeah?

Speaker 2 (11:27):
It looks adorable. I'm like, she was here in Nashville
and she didn't even text me. I'm like, oh wait,
we're not friends.

Speaker 3 (11:31):
I think not yet. We weren't yet, but now we are.

Speaker 5 (11:36):
I love it so much, like I would live there,
one of the only places I've ever been that. I'm like, Okay,
I would leave my hometown for this.

Speaker 2 (11:44):
You and ten thousand people just said the same thing
in that minute. It took you to say that.

Speaker 3 (11:48):
Tens I know and they all moved here with you.

Speaker 5 (11:50):
They're all here.

Speaker 2 (11:51):
I just need you to stay far away from my
ex husband because he would actually know you'd be great.

Speaker 3 (11:54):
So I was like, I want to I want to
pay the next one button and I'd like to speaking
myself to Thanksgiving of justice and.

Speaker 5 (12:01):
Melt right right right.

Speaker 2 (12:04):
Okay, So my first thing that I want to ask
you because I I was a single mom.

Speaker 3 (12:10):
Uh with my two kids.

Speaker 2 (12:12):
I was divorced what now, three years ago, and when
I was going through the dating process, you know, one
of my main things was obviously I'm like first and
foremost mom, Like I'm a mom of two kids, very
proud of that, and I was telling the girls when
I was watching. It triggered me when Jimmy had a
little bit of a pause because I remember back in
the dating scene where I'm like, I don't want to

feel like it's a problem because I have kids, or
I'm broken because I have kids or single mom, or
that I'm flawed or that I'm not perfect, or like
they're the best part of me. Get on board or
like get off. And so when he had that like
moment of pause or hesitation or it wasn't what he wanted.
I was almost mad that like you weren't like you
know what, forget you then, you know, because I'm like,

so do you could you if you were to go back,
like would you be like you know what like that?
Even that you had a little hesitation and I don't like,
I don't like that or how was that for you?
Because for me it read a really frustrating It was
so Jimmy was like.

Speaker 5 (13:14):
The last he was. He was the last guy that
I told that I had a daughter, just because it
hit the conversation had presented itself more like naturally with
everyone else, and that particular day in the Pods was
the day everyone was talking about like intimacy, which is
a conversation I want to have with my partner, but

like I couldn't have it on television because like Autumn
would see it. So I was like, Okay, this is
my time to tell Jimmy. So at first I thought, Okay,
maybe his response was a reaction to mine because it
wasn't shown. But in that moment, I was uncomfortable telling
him because it wasn't on the terms I wanted to.
It was like okay, now I have to, but yeah,

looking back, like that moment the way I felt when
he was just like, well, why didn't you tell me sooner?
I was like, okay, No, that should have been my
indication that that was the first sign of it not working.
But we'd had so many other conversations that were heavy
that he would take away and then come back and
be like, Okay, I've thought about it. Now, let's dissect it,

let's debrief it. And so I gave him the benefit
of the doubt in one situation where it shouldn't have
been given. You know that it's like it, are you
okay with it? Are you not? But then the very
next day he was like, I thought about it, and
I'm so excited about that. That's not a deal breaker.

Speaker 3 (14:35):
They did not show that.

Speaker 5 (14:37):
I know though. Yeah, So we had so many That's
one of the things that I like that made me
fall like even more in love with him was how
much we did talk about autumn and like what our
relationship dynamic would be like having her in it. So
after that one moment, there was not another indicator to
me that he wasn't okay with it. But they didn't

show that.

Speaker 2 (14:59):
No, they didn't. All right, that would have then changed
my because I was really rooting for you too, and
then that moment I was like, Jimmy, you're done tomazing.

Speaker 5 (15:07):
So when you.

Speaker 2 (15:08):
Saw James for the first time, off screen or off
out of the pod, what did you think. Be honest,
I knew.

Speaker 5 (15:19):
I mean initially, just physically looking at him. I was like, Okay,
he's definitely not my type, my typical type that I
would go for. Okay, And because there's no way to
describe the feeling without having lived it, but like becoming
attracted to someone's voice and their demeanor through a wall
makes it almost impossible. I wasn't attracted to him when

I saw but I wasn't repulsed. I think had we
met in the real world and my first reaction to
him was what he looked like versus getting to know
him first, we would have never spoken like it. I
would never would have given it a chance.

Speaker 2 (15:57):
Do you think he would have picked you if Chill
Elsea didn't say she looked like Megan Fox? Do you
think that swayed his mind a little bit?

Speaker 5 (16:05):
Maybe I've told myself no, But he's adamant about the
fact that our lack of conflict resolution was an indicator.
And I also hate having to say, like, would he
picked me? Because ultimate in my life and the way
I date, I'm the one who gets to pick, like
women get to choose and men get a chance. I

hate having to be in the situation where it was
like the choice was up to him, but it was
because I had like sent all of my other connections home,
so it did come down to that. But I don't
know had he picked me, I don't think he and
I would have gone the distance as far as he
and Chelsea did.

Speaker 2 (16:43):
I would agree, I would agree, you're very mature, yess,
I don't. I don't love my least favorite man on
there was Jeremy triggered me. I did not like him
at all. Do you agree with that or what are
what's your vibe on Jeremy?

Speaker 5 (16:58):
On Jeremy, Jeremy, we had a lot of us fooled.
I think one of the things a lot of the
men had in common was lack of emotional intelligence. And
I don't want to say that they all came into
the experience experiment not ready for marriage. I think all
of them liked the idea of it. But when push

king to shove and they started being in situations where
they would have to be like a married man like
almost none of them could withstand it. And Jeremy and
Jeremy and I actually were very very good friends in
the pods. Jeremy was my top and my top three connections,
but we had formed a friendship connection very early on,

and so when it came down to like our final three,
we kept each other around because we were giving each
other advice on our final two that we had, so
you know who his final two were, and we both
came through the decision together who we were going to pick.
So we were very close friends inside the pods. And
then seeing how he acted and the choices he made

after the fact, I was like, I don't know that guy,
or maybe that truly is who he was, so I
feel the same way. I was very disappointed.

Speaker 2 (18:07):
Yes, if you can do this, and I don't know,
like again you can just say past because I don't
know like the stipulations because it is reality TV, But like,
what's a typical day like and are you getting like
a typical day on set? Ish? And then are you
getting like you're saying like that was the day we
were talking about intimacy, like are there a Lissa suggested
questions like, just pull back the veil just to peek

for us, because I haven't watched the season since like
the first one, and y'all's season was the first one
I watched in like years.

Speaker 5 (18:38):
You can go in there and on your dates and
talk about whatever you want. You can do whatever you want, truly,
But because the premise of the experiment is you know
the end game is ultimately marriage, they give you like
suggestions for topics each day, and you don't have to

even open the book to look at them if you
don't want to. They're just good conversations that you want
to have prior to marriage. So one day it's like finances,
one day, I think it's like children and like family situations.
One day I think religion may have been one of them,
and then there's a day for intimacy. Again, you don't
have to use any of them if you don't want to.

But all of us, when we see the questions, we're like, oh,
these are good ones. I wouldn't have thought to ask that,
but I would like to know that about my spouse.
So that's kind of how that works. But they're they're
given to us, but it's more like a suggestion or
more of like a thought provoking like because you might
look at the questions and think of like your own
set you want to ask if that makes any sense?

Speaker 3 (19:41):

Speaker 2 (19:42):
That well, and I think that's smart too because once
you're in there like trying to like you want to
know his favorite color. But also I mean you're like
you're having to like literally speed date these people. Well yeah,
because they might then say, will you marry me?

Speaker 3 (19:51):
How many? How many days is that? I'm like, in
real ten wait you're in this start to finish, it's
ten days?

Speaker 5 (19:57):
Oh no, the pod the pod I was only in
for ten days. The pods portion is ten days.

Speaker 3 (20:04):
That is so fast.

Speaker 2 (20:05):
Just it's wild and it's so crazy to me too.
The other people that they don't even show, right, those
people just not even get a connection, because I kind
of feel bad for those people that got zero airtime.

Speaker 5 (20:16):
Well, there's some people that don't form connections at all.
There's some people that, like, I mean, it does take
an extreme heavy emotional toll on you every day because again,
and a lot of it has to do with the
conversations you're having, Like me, for example, the conversations about
my childhood and stuff like that I had with Jimmy
or conversations I've never had any other time in my life.

So a lot of people start pulling some of those
things out of them themselves and it's just too much
and they end up leaving on their own terms. So
it's not all fifteen men and all fifteen women don't
make it to day ten. People are kind of leaving
or being sent home throughout the process, like if they
choose to leave or if they don't have a connection

like that kind of thing.

Speaker 2 (21:00):
Does it feel a little like, not not officially, but
does it in incentivize people to like want to make
a connection because you don't want to go home?

Speaker 5 (21:12):
Some people, Yes, I think some people will try and
stay and cling on Once you see like people being
sent home because they don't have connections and they want
to free up more time in the pods for the
people who do. You can kind of see certain people
trying to like cling on to anything, but the producers
are really believe it or not really good at like

leading those out most of the time, people that are
just there for the wrong reasons. Love is Blind. I
don't know about other shows, but I can't say Love
is Blind. It's unscripted and they try and make it
like very real.

Speaker 2 (21:44):
I don't know if they did this probably on purpose
this season, but even down to like the reunion, I
felt so much like Love Is Blind became more of
this like credible experience or they're trying to frame it
that way, Like it felt like they're was more put
into it. I think we all started watching it. I
think wasn't when the first episodes like COVID or something,

which is probably why I was in like the first season,
but it felt like this time they really tried to
frame it to be like this like very credible experiment.
When Nick kept saying, like, look, how many people are
married now in the show.

Speaker 3 (22:18):
So does it feel like that to you?

Speaker 2 (22:20):
Did it like on your side, the casting side, the
day to day side, did it feel like you were
like in a real experiment or did you or did
it feel more TV like or maybe right in the middle, No,
it felt very real.

Speaker 5 (22:35):
I mean, it's so real, it's like while you're in it,
it's hard to see out of it. But I think
as far as the reunion goes, I think they were
trying to make an example of the people who don't
do it for the right reasons, because you know, no
matter what they do, those kind of people are always
going to be there trying to like make their own

way with it. But as far as love is blind,
it is very real. I mean, and they've had real
relationships and marriages come out of it. And I think
that's the despite all the drama and all of that
being fun to watch the premise of the show, and
the goal of the show is to highlight real relationships
and marriages, and I think that's what they want.

Speaker 2 (23:18):
And you felt that credibility, right, you can feel that
credibility on your side.

Speaker 5 (23:22):
I mean, yes, yes, I mean for a large portion
of the time, I had wished that my journey had
turned out differently on the show, because I went into
it with the only expectation of my mind being like,
I'm getting married. I didn't think anything else is going
to happen for me. But now I know I'm on
the other side of it, and I'm like, Okay, everything
still happens the way it's supposed to, and the people

who were meant to be together are together.

Speaker 3 (23:46):
Amend that.

Speaker 2 (23:59):
Speaking of dms, and you know Sarah Ann's DMS. Is
there someone that you've slid into a DM since this
process and who would you want to slide into your DMS.

Speaker 5 (24:10):
I don't slide into DMS.

Speaker 3 (24:14):
That does not shock me.

Speaker 5 (24:15):
Actually no, contrary the popular belief, because it seemed like
I was the one doing all the pursuing on Love
is Blind. That's the only time I've ever put myself
out there like that, Like typically I'm like, okay, well
you can come and sweep me off my feet, like
I love that.

Speaker 3 (24:31):
Now. That feels on brand.

Speaker 2 (24:33):
No matter how it was edited, that's exactly how you
were perceived on the on the sofas I know.

Speaker 5 (24:39):
And I'm not gonna lie. I mean I was. I
really laid it all out there, and I was more
of a pursuer than he was. But that was just
me trying something different because clearly before Love is Blind
it had it worked out. So I was just like, okay, well,
the only way someone is going to be able to
fully love me and know me is if I just
put all of myself out there. So I did. I

think that was the wrong thing to do, But I
think in the future I'm going to kind of lead
more with Okay, I'm the prize, I'm the one who
needs to be getting pursued so I haven't slid into
anyone's DMS.

Speaker 2 (25:11):
And you've been busy though, Jess, I know you can't
probably tell us much, but you've been vacationing and such.

Speaker 5 (25:21):
No, I've been vacationing.

Speaker 3 (25:23):
Is that true? Would that be? Where would we? How
do I?

Speaker 2 (25:25):
I don't know what you're allowed to say or and
I don't want to put you in a position where
you can't say I haven't had a CMZ was busy?
Oh okay, you want to pass totally right? Yeah, you
want to exit our pod again.

Speaker 5 (25:42):
I'm not going to enter the chat on that one yet.

Speaker 3 (25:44):
Okay, fair enough, fair enough? What is your type?

Speaker 5 (25:48):
My typical type is like a very tall, dark and
handsome a beard. I have to have a beard, like
that's a non.

Speaker 3 (25:57):
Can Jimmy even grow a beard?

Speaker 2 (25:58):
I don't think we have one now because he heard
you say that somewhere.

Speaker 5 (26:04):
Are you on better?

Speaker 3 (26:05):
Are you on better terms now?

Speaker 2 (26:07):
Because I know in the reunion you said you know
you thought you were good, but then he said that
one interview, so.

Speaker 5 (26:12):
He did apologize backstage after that's good reaing was filmed,
which I was like Initially, I was like, no, like,
don't come and be nice to me now, and then
he was just like, well, I'm not as good with
interviews as you are.

Speaker 2 (26:25):
And I'm like, okay, yeah, we know, Jimmy. We watched
the season, James, and it's like.

Speaker 5 (26:32):
I don't really feel those I don't feel those things
that I said. I don't think that you're a mean girl.
And I was like, well, I know that I'm not,
but you know you're choosing to go on very large
platforms and say these things, and you know people are
just waiting to see the rug pulled out from underneath me,
so that makes me look really bad Jimmy, And he's like, well,
he's like, what would make you feel better? Like should
I stitch one of my videos? And I'm like, I'm

going to ask you to do that and he's like
I will and so we'll see.

Speaker 3 (26:57):
Has he okay? No, all right, wait, Jimmy Chelsea together?
I have no idea. I kind of fast forward through
that part. Are Jimmy and Chelsea together?

Speaker 5 (27:05):

Speaker 3 (27:06):
They're not?

Speaker 2 (27:07):

Speaker 5 (27:07):
I don't think so. But like the initial question was,
are he and I are good terms? We just don't
don't speak at all, Like we don't really we don't
have anything to do with each other he.

Speaker 3 (27:15):
Does not have.

Speaker 2 (27:15):
He's not your type. Yeah, no beard, no real beard,
A lot of things that he didn't.

Speaker 5 (27:21):
Yeah. Physically yes, like very tall, like six to twne
over beard. I love like a sleeve of tattoos. But
that's like just physically, but like characteristics wives, like someone
who's really kind above most other things. They have to
be funny, Like someone who's funny. Like that's what gets me.
Like if it doesn't matter how beautiful they are, if

they don't have a good sense of humor, like I can't,
it won't work for me because you're funny.

Speaker 3 (27:48):
I think.

Speaker 2 (27:48):
What's what's hard too, And I kind of get why
you were upset about Jimmy doing that interview is because
people are already gonna hate you because you're beautiful, and
they're gonna hate you even more if they have any ammunition.
I hate you from other people, right, So, like the
second someone says and they're like I knew it, she's
just like because because you're beautiful.

Speaker 5 (28:06):
I don't think it's because I'm beautiful. I think it's
because like in the position I was put in initially,
when like I had so many interviews and I had
so many large platforms to speak on initially before the
rest of the cast did. A lot of people in
my position, especially heartbroken, would have taken every opportunity to
take a day at him. And there's a lot of

things I could have said, but just never would have
because I think the worst thing you could do to
someone is speak their name into a room where they're
not there to defend themselves. It's like throwing a rock
and hiding your hands, Like I wouldn't want someone to
do that to me. So I never did that to him.
So that's why I was upset, because I was just like,
listen if you and I had no idea he felt
those things. Like I said at the reunion, I was like,

I did think we were on good terms. Where the
heck did that come from? But now it's neither here
nor there, and I'm not losing her leave over it.
I was just like, all right, watch.

Speaker 3 (28:58):
Your mouth, but you and chel see our friends.

Speaker 5 (29:01):

Speaker 3 (29:02):
Are you friends with A D two?

Speaker 2 (29:04):

Speaker 5 (29:04):
I love A.

Speaker 2 (29:05):
Do you want her to be with Clay? Because I do.
I just still see it, and I don't like whatever,
I just like I see their connection and I just
I cried when he cried in the reunion. I was like,
I believe him when he's he's he's just going through it.

Speaker 3 (29:20):
I do. I feel for him. I do too.

Speaker 5 (29:23):
Together. I love them so much. And if you could
see them together in person, like they're magnetic is the
word I was gonna say electric, but magnetic. They could
be on completely opposite sides of the universe and they
just like gravitate towards each other. And like the softness
he brings out of her, and like the maturity and

like the manliness that she brings out of him. Like
it's just so. I love them together, but I know,
you know, a d deserves a lot more than she
got at the wedding. But again, it's there relationship. I
don't want to speak too much on it, but I
would be lying if I said I wasn't still holding

out on hope for them. I love them together.

Speaker 2 (30:07):
They're going to get back together. I'm gonna I like,
I know he has red flags, but I not bad enough.
Like it's not like he did her dirty and cheated
on her, and like you know what I mean, He's
just not perfect like every other dude. They're not perfect.
You know, they have their He's got to he's doing therapy,
he's trying. I love that in a man that can
be like I'm going to therapy exactly.

Speaker 5 (30:26):
I think for then it may have been a case
of like right person, but wrong time.

Speaker 3 (30:30):

Speaker 2 (30:30):
Yeah, I think Clay in five years is also maybe
extra handsome and sophisticated. She's just so mature and so
poised and put together, and she has so much clarity,
and I just I think he I feel like my
perception is he's very inspired by her, which I love,
but I'm also like, we need to raise a boy

but correct.

Speaker 3 (30:53):
Yeah, that's what I felt.

Speaker 5 (30:55):
Yeah, I think and we saw that some of the
things that he was struggling with that he didn't even
know he needed to work through before marriage. He was
just kind of going through the emotions in real time
and we all saw that. And he's like, I want
to view with her. I want to marry her, just
not right now. And there's like pro there were pros
and cons to it, because had he married her and

not been the kind of man that she needed, then
that could have brought on its own world of problems.
You know. I think everyone was just wishing he came
to that conclusion before they got to the altar.

Speaker 2 (31:24):
But I mean that's like a month after actually if
you take it outside of the pods, Like that's what
like a month that he had to make that decision.
Like that's so fast, you know what I mean. Yeah,
So it's like I also feel for that too, Like
I get it. It's part of the show and it's
your life, you know, Like I wish I could take
back a few marriages and taken a bigger like step,

so like imagine a month.

Speaker 3 (31:46):
You know what I mean, Like rd y, Yeah, Like
I actually.

Speaker 2 (31:52):
Thought it was quite handsome of him to say I
would have liked him to have pulled her aside before
he walked down the aisle.

Speaker 3 (31:59):
That's a little embarrassing, quite embarrassing.

Speaker 2 (32:02):
Yeah, but there was no bigger queen than ad in
that gown with that slit up the side exiting the
playing field. I was like, my girl, but I want
that for you too, just because like your your storyline.
I think it was just because like I was like, okay,
single mom, like I love another single mom at that.
You know, I'm like, I want you to have that
redemptive story and you know, and end of story.

Speaker 5 (32:24):
And they believe me. No one wants it more than
I do.

Speaker 2 (32:28):
Do you feel closer to that where you are now
currently in your life?

Speaker 5 (32:33):
Like closer the marriage?

Speaker 3 (32:36):
Mm hmmm.

Speaker 2 (32:37):
Did it teach you something about yourself in those pods
that you think was a skill needed?

Speaker 5 (32:42):
Yeah, definitely, but I have, yes, the only thing being
lead with vulnerability and like I have to and this
is what's tough, and like mothers and single mothers get it,
like I was ready for marriage, but I need to
also be and I want someone to lead me, lead

my life and autumns, but I have to be ready
and willing for someone to do that, and I don't
know how to do that. And Jimmy, I think, is
a great guy and will be a great husband for
someone else, but I don't think he could have been
the type of man to step in and just tell me,
this is what we're doing, this is how we're doing it.
You can rest a little bit and I've got it,
like you've done this for a long time by yourself,

and I've got us from here?

Speaker 3 (33:26):
Is he the one then? That said?

Speaker 2 (33:27):
Because I wrote this down and I didn't say who
the quote was from, but it says I want to
be with someone that lets me lead one hundred percent
of the time, And I just wrote next to it's
so narcissistic. Who said that I was a Jimmy or Jeremy.
It was one of those two. But that lets me
lead one hundred percent of the time, like nobody should
lead one hundred percent of the time.

Speaker 5 (33:47):
I don't remember who said that. Sounds familiar, but I
don't know who said that.

Speaker 4 (33:50):
But I think it depends on exactly what they I mean, like,
I do believe that a man can lead in a
marriage at all times. It doesn't mean they're making all decisions,
though I think it to help that It was like,
I don't know, and I didn't watch the show, so
I am just literally hearing what she's saying, and I
don't necessarily take it.

Speaker 3 (34:07):
I don't think like you do.

Speaker 5 (34:09):
Yeah, because I'm I'm hearing like if a man said
that to me, take the wheelwy.

Speaker 2 (34:15):
It was definitely not from like a nurturing way. When
my fay it says yeah, when my fiance is like,
you know, says you know, I want to, you know,
help you and support you and take things from your plate,
I'm like, yes, like take all, like they take them all.
You know what I mean like help me, but when yeah,

I don't remember ever being from a good way.

Speaker 5 (34:38):
I don't even know how to ask for the help.
I don't even know how to say my plate is
too full? Can you please take something off of it?
That's what I'm saying. I am ready for marriage, but
I need to be ready to like be able to
be vulnerable and like swallow my pride in that sense,
because a man could come in right now and he
could be the man in my dreams and like be
the man I'm supposed mary and would probably I still

not know it because I'm so I've been single for
so long and I've been I mean, autumns eleven. I've
been doing this with her her whole life. It's going
to take a man coming in and just doing without asking,
if that makes any sense.

Speaker 2 (35:13):
And I think that's really just responsible motherhood. Like you,
it's you and Autumn, and Autumn is eleven. She's not
like a baby baby. I mean, it's you two are
like home me. So whoever it is, I think, well,
I'll pray over that for you, that they just get
to be someone that comes in and it doesn't even
have to feel like there's a shift. It just gets

to be a relief for both of you.

Speaker 3 (35:35):
Jess, what is what's up next? What are you doing?

Speaker 2 (35:39):
Are you still you know, executive assistant? Like, what's kind
of your your game plan now that you have this
following too.

Speaker 5 (35:47):
I'm trying to figure it out. It's kind of happened
so fast, and this is the first week since everything
that there's not an episode coming on tonight, you know.
But I think I would be silly to make the
most of the platform that's essentially just been given to me.
I never really had aspirations of becoming like an influencer
or having a strong presence on the internet again because

my journey ended in the Pods and I didn't get engaged.
I wasn't one of the main characters on the show.
I didn't expect to have the following or the eyes
on me that I have. So I'm like, there's a
lot of things that are really important to me, Like
I want to advocate for children in foster care, and
I want to like do more with like the single

mom community, and like I would definitely encourage single parents
to go on reality TV, but there's not a lot
of us who have done it. So I'm like I
wish I had known then what I know now about it.
So I'm like, maybe I'll do something like that, but
I don't know, Like I want to eventually like start
my own business and be a business owner, Like I
have a lot of good ideas, I just don't know

how to execute them quite yet.

Speaker 2 (36:54):
Well, we will be watching out for it because we
are big fans here, So thank you for coming on
the show.

Speaker 3 (36:59):
We're excited for you.

Speaker 2 (37:00):
We'll be praying for your love life but also just
for you in autumn and that everything ends up a
fairy tale for you.

Speaker 5 (37:07):
Thank you so much. Thank you for having me

Speaker 3 (37:09):
Thanks for coming on, girl,
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