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December 17, 2021 47 mins

Jana is breaking down all the controversy around the Sex and the City reboot "And Just Like That"! Jana has an inside scoop about THAT Peloton ad that you can't hear anywhere else! Only Whine Down has the full story. 

And, we get the truth about whose reflection we saw on Jana's Instagram post!

Note: This episode was recorded early in the morning 12/16/2021

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Wine down with Janet Kramer and I heard radio podcast. Okay,
we have a lot to discuss. Um, we're not discussing
the reflection. Um. I got to ruin my question. What
was your question? Well, I wasn't really a question. I
was just going to give you crap. But I didn't notice.

I didn't. I didn't. Yes, I don't look into reflections,
and so then when you realize I really I can't
take it down. So I was going to ask at
that point it's like yes, but then it's like then
it's something. Did you have a did you have a
lot of responses? Yes? Okay, that's what I was litering. Um, yes, okay,

that's all I have to say. Um, fine, what would
you like to know about the reflection photo? Katherine? What
would I like to know? Would actually going to ask
ask what did you notice it before you put it up?
And then I'm just asking asking for a friend now,

But then you can't take it down because then it's
like then it becomes like oh people are It's like
then it becomes something. Right, What was the next question?
I really just wanted to know if you noticed I
did not notice it. I mean, okay, go ahead, No, nope,
go ahead, Well no the tag, Yeah, I know, right,

So but do we have to keep skirting around this? Okay,
yes we do. Okay, I got it, because it's it's
a weird. Because I don't know what to do. I
can tell I. I just I'm I I'm like, I

I I I I UM, it's a very weird situation
that I'm in right now. Understand that it's fair. It's
a weird time. It's a weird and I'm but I'm
just how do I say this. I'm still I've still
so much work to do that I'm trying to find
the balance between happiness and doing my work. Well, I

think that you can do your work and enjoy happiness
at the same it's just very strange to you. Yes,
because I don't trust it. That makes sense, because I
feel like, because you still have work, you can't be happy. Um.
I feel like there's no way that someone can be honest. Well,

that's going to take some work on it, and like
that it can be good. Like I was. I ran
into a friend, um, Lindsay l Actually I ran into
her um at the airport and we were talking about it,
and I was like, I think I'm so afraid of
like like I'm used to just war and not and

not being on like steady ground, and like I'm used
to like my you know, my therapist as like you're
used to standing in sand, so you can never really
get your footing. And so it's like when something's like
can be and looks like it could be, study, it's like, oh,
that freaks me out because I'm like, would like that
can't be really, like you're waiting there's no way. Yeah,

I and for what seven six years, I was always
waiting for the other shooter drop, So clearly there's another
shooter drop, and I don't want to be fooled again.
So I think that's where like I get scared to
like I want to talk about, you know, dating and
my dating life because I'm like, I've been so fooled
that I'm terrified to be fooled again. So you're terrified

to be fooled, which is why I have not shared
just understand anybody. But you're also probably scared of putting
someone in the public and then something happening. But for sure, yeah,
that makes sense. So it's kind of twofold. It's kind
of yeah, because I'm like, yeah, because I'm like, I'm
I'm just I'm I'm again, which is why I haven't
been in anything that was exclusive. And also um or

have shared. Obviously, the whole j stuff like that became
public because we went out, and that's a very he
was a very public person, so like, obviously that came out,
but I never spoke on it because I didn't want
to speak on it because I didn't know what it was.
So I can't understand just dating. Yeah, it's like, just
because I went on a date with someone doesn't mean
we're exclusive. And you know he's my boyfriend, he was

never my boyfriend. When you have to figure things out,
like people have to give you time to figure things out.
But I think, on the other hand, I think there
are people out there that can understand that y'all don't
know what it is whoever you're dating or whoever at
the time. You're not going to know right away what
it is. You get to date and you get to
have relationships. You don't have to have it all figured

out right now. It's just the critics, you know, the
people out there that and I get it too. I
mean that you know me tagging him well, that you
know it's like I'm I'm starting, I'm starting to like
warm up to the idea, but it's still just this
like I'm just so scared to be burned again and
I don't and and hearing comments from people being like, oh,

you moved on too fast, and oh you know, of
course it didn't work out because you moved anti faster,
of course, or it's like and I'm just and I
take that stuff unfortunately to like heart, and so I
I see all that, I read all it, and I'm
just like I'm just scared. And then I'm like, oh,
this can't be this can't be real. He's too nice,
and he treats me like a queen, Like there's no

way that that could never work. But that's not real. Yeah,
that's that's a tough one. I feel like that's going
to take some time. Yeah, And I don't want to
be embarrassed again. Like I was mortified with this stuff
that came out with my X and I like I
tried to change the narrative because I believe that we
could have made it work, but I also when it
happened again, now I look like a freaking idiot. Now

I look like a girl that you know, should have
left a long time ago. But I did believe in
someone that could change, and you know, I put forth
the work. But at the same time, I felt stupid
and I don't want that to happen again. Like I'm
so afraid of being like they're like is in Lindsay

was like Janna, She's like, there are good people out there.
I'm like, are there, Yes, there are good people out there,
because I mean even like when you you know, I
stated again, I've never been exclusive with anyone prior and
so you know, when I was going on random dates
and you know, and it wasn't a lot I was.
I think I hung out with two or three guys

like a date or so, um, you realize you're like, oh,
this is not for me. And thank god I didn't
talk about this person because that would have ended and
then I would have looked like from one person to
the next. But again, that's dating. Yeah, so why would
it be bad that you dated X over here and

then y'all didn't work out. That's dating. But like in
the public eye, people think it's a relately. People thought
that me and Jay were boyfriend girlfriend Janea were never
boyfriend girlfriend. Now well, and that's the double edged sword
or whatever the saying is for not talking about it.
It's like you don't want to talk about it because
you don't know what it is, but you also haven't
explained because it's not to a point. I mean, it's

just this like do you talk about it? I don't know.
It's it's a hard no. You just kind of have to.
And I have respect for you know, everyone that I
have dated, and you know, it's some people just don't
work together, like and that's fine. But yeah, again, it's
like if you don't talk about it, then it's like
then people just assume. But then it's like and it's

the importance, Like why can't I just live privately? But
I can't really live privately because of my life. Here's
what here's what. I I think that you can you
can talk about it and you can enjoy it because
you're happy, and I know you like to talk about
things when you're happy. We all do. Who doesn't want
to share when they're happy. But if for some reason

a certain relationship doesn't work out, you don't. You You
get to control that, You get to control the narrative.
You don't have to share everything so you don't feel
stupid or whatever it is. It can just be the
people don't work out. I had a girl reach out
to me who's like, you can't bash your ex husband
and be in a new relationship. And I was like,

first of all, I've never bashed my ex husband. No,
I would love to, but like I'm not in the
bashing industry, Like I don't want to bash. But I also, yeah,
I'm still posting narcissistic things because I dealt with that,
and that's okay that I can still be dealing or
have dealt with someone that was a narcissistic or you know,

emotionally abusive or whatever in pass whether it's my ex
X or my X. I don't even understand what she's saying.
She's basically saying like, you can't be happy and with
a new relationship and talk about couldn't disagree more because
and but that's where I struggle too, because I'm like, what,
you know, with my I was talking about our our therapist.

I was like, I'm divorced, Like why can't I just
be like, you know, why can't you just allow myself
to be happy and you know, let these that let
the negative energy of my ex go, well, I think
you can allow yourself to be happy, but you still
have scars. You still have scars that are going to
be there. We all mean, lots of people have those scars.

I have scars from a relationship I wasn't even in
a marriage from that will still come up, however, long later.
But that doesn't mean you can't be happy where you are.
I just think that you need to heal from those
things and that just takes time. But forget those who
think that you can't be happy at the same time.
I think that's what culous. And I think people need
to shut up personally, but they won't. So here we are.

I just I'm just scared. I'm scared to be embarrassed.
I'm um, I'm just scared. But well that's fair, and
I just don't know. I don't know, and that's okay.
You don't have to know. So there might be a
reflection in the window, sometimes there might not. I don't know.

I don't know. I don't know the answer. Well, I'm
proud of you. Just be happy, wire yourself to be happy.
I mean, I'm trying, but it's just it's very strange,
it's very strange when you go from something that was
so toxic and so like making you feel like you
don't deserve anything to like someone that's like, to my knowledge,

could be great, you know, but it's so scary the
next like real relationship afterwards, because I don't like, that's
just like a very scary place to live when you're
not used to it. Yeah. Well, and it's almost like
you're comfortable places my comfortable places warfare. Yeah, that makes
me comfortable. So it's like, you know, I'm trying to

like navigate that, and it's just like it's a very
strange feeling. It's like, why can't I just allow myself
to be happy and moments for sure alone and moments
you know with you know whatever, with whatever whatever reflection
in a mirror. Oh lord. Yeah. So I don't know

any other questions. So glad marks on on here. Couldn't
have been couldn't have been happier. Um. I do have
a question though, because I had a little bit of
a situation that will just keep it on the the
X thing, and I want to ask your opinion on it.
It's a friend that I've been friends with for a
long time. Okay, we were friends as a couple. Okay,

when we got divorced, they didn't talk up to the
other my ex. It was just me and that person.
But we have grown apart because you know, we're in
different friend groups and um, you know, and I even
I saw this person at an event, was like, hey,
I'm sorry, I've been so far at my own ass,

like in my own that I you know, I haven't
been a great friend to a lot of people. Um,
and I apologize for that, and you know, I want
to see you and get lunch and but also knowing
that like again, we run in different a different circle. Um,
but it's still so much love for the person. So
then I got invited to their holiday party, um, to

which it was my premiere of the movie, which, by
the way, thank you guys so much for watching the
movie and supporting it and you know all the comments
and feedback and stuff. Love you guys so much. The
holiday fixed up. It was on Lifetime. UM, it'll probably
re airth if you guys missed it. But anyways, UM,
I appreciate the love, but I couldn't go to the
holiday party. But then I found out that my X
went to the holiday party, and so it hurt me

because I'm like, as my friend, why wouldn't you give
me a heads up? Like none of y'all would have
ever ever ever done that because and here's the thing,
like I get that way, we were friends as a couple,
but like you hadn't stayed in contact and you also
bad mouthed him, you know. So it's like, so now
you're inviting someone that you know did something really wrong,

and that's fine. People again, give people grace, give people forgiveness.
I have no problem with that. I think people should
absolutely still stay friends with my exit they're friends, like whatever, No,
it doesn't matter what people do. But but then don't
come to me and say bad things as well about
my ex and then invite them to a holiday part
and not tell me because I could have easily gone.
If I wasn't, I would have gone and then him
been there, like my my friend whether we had we

haven't talked or hung out in a few months, like
you would have told me. My true friend would have
told me, so I wouldn't be a question ever, right,
And like in my taking this like out of like
I think people lack communication. So then I text this
person and I say, hey, my feelings are very hurt

that you didn't even think to say, like, heads up,
we also invited your X, which i'd have been like,
thank you so much for telling me. The response that
I got back was the response. It was the response
that i've which is why I haven't reached back out
is because I'm having a hard time with how this
person responded back. They said, well, I've been hurt too.
Then communicate to me that you were hurt by me.

By not she was like, she said, because, well, I've
been hurt too, And I'm like, I just communicated something
being like, hey, this really hurt my feelings, and then
you're gonna go straight to it. Well I've been hurt. Well,
I didn't know. I apologize to you at an event
being like, hey, sorry, I've been like you know, we
run in different groups, but like I apologize, like you know,
I haven't. I've been dealing with the divorce and stuff. Um,

I didn't know that you were that upset to then
now invite my ex husband because I was the first
time that you saw him at this one football thing
for Jolie. So now you're going to invite my X
as the first time you saw it. You know, I
just like that seems I don't even know who we're
talking about, just to be clear, so I'm going to
be careful with what I say. But that seems just

very vindictive to me. I don't know. I just don't
understand why you wouldn't obviously they were upset, then talk
to me. Why can't people just you and then not
communicate and say that your ex like, all of it
just seems very I don't like it. Well I don't either,
and that's why. But the response back to me, it's like, well,
I was hurt too, so so because you were hurt,

you then chose to invite my ex husband. That's why
it seems because you were hurt, that just seems. That
just seems like they're trying to get back at you. Yeah, Like,
then if you're hurt by me because I I don't
include you and some of my things with my friends
because we're in different groups, then communicate that to me. Yes,
you you don't, you aren't in my queendom whatever, I

still consider your friend. I'm not in your one group.
So like we all have other friends, we all have
other friends, and I get and hopefully someone y'all can
like m relate to this where it's just like, if
you're having feelings about someone else because you feel left out,
don't invite their ex husband somewhere because you feel left out. Yeah, no,
and communication. I've had similar situations with friends and well,

you have to communicate. And I I wrote this down
because it's very similar to a situation that you know,
we're kind of going with one of our friend groups
where it's like I would never knowing what you even
it's like nothing, I would never invite that person over
and they'd be like Cat come over too, and then
not telling you that I can't even imagine ever ever.

But to me, I'm like, that's because you're you're my regardless,
like you're my best friend and you're my friend. But
that's just something you just don't do. I mean, even
if even if it was the other person that I'm
having the issue with, you would even say to her, hey,
by the way, Cat's going to be there, Like it's
just yeah, I don't even I can't imagine. I'm sorry

that that happened. Well, I mean again, like I I
get it, and I don't, like I don't want people
to not invite, but I'm just saying like, don't say
you're my friend and then not even give me a
heads up and then respond back with will you hurt me?
You hurt me because I'm I hurt you because I'm sorry. Yes,
I've been in a hole because of my divorce, and

I've leaned on my closest friends. Absolutely. I I have
apologism outside friends been like, hey, you know, I really
just needed like my core, and then like and I
even and yeah, I like this is at the end
of the day, like this is what I needed for
my like healing. And maybe call me selfish, I don't know,
but I mean I even like pushed you guys away

at times too, because I just wanted to be alone. Well,
and I even told some people that weren't like in
your closest closest group. I had several people reaching out
to me that are still friends, going what does she
need ned and me even having to say, like, she
will push people away and you have to force yourself
in if you want to be there. And we had
a friend that did. She she forced herself. She came

over anyway, whether you wanted to talk or not. Like,
but that becomes about them and them being selfish. I
think in my in my opinion, I think it can hurt.
It doesn't mean it doesn't hurt when you push away,
but you have to go. This isn't about me, This
is about you. Um. But communication, man, God, I can't
believe they didn't even tell you. I can't just say

like a head's up and then when yeah, so I
mean lesson heads up, someone give them a communication. And
then also like, don't go about when someone says like, hey,
this hurt my feelings, don't go back, well, this hurt
my feelings. Like to me, that's like you didn't even
you just disregarded, yeah, the other person's feelings. So it's like,
because absolutely, and I'm so sorry that she was hurt

as well, but like to then invite like because you're
it's just like I didn't like it and I don't
and I'm I texted me like, I'm I'm more than
willing to talk this out, but there's something that is
pausing me from calling back because it just doesn't feel
right because I'm like, a true friend would never I

don't care if I haven't spoken to that friend in
two years, they would never. Never, And it's not about
And here's the thing it's not about my ax. I
don't care. We've been in the same events together. I
don't care he comes over. We're fine. Like minus when
I was being bitchy the other day because I'm the
holidays and I'm upset, and but I apologized, you know,

like I'm giving myself radical grace and we're gonna talk
about that on a bonus episode coming up the two
days before Christmas. But like, you know, it has nothing
to do with him. It's all about how my friend,
someone that I loved handle, has nothing new about him
being read. I don't care. There's gonna be plenty of
things that were you know, we might be at the

same thing. Yeah. No, it's by your friend, for sure.
It's about how that was hand old that hurt my feelings. Yeah,
it's like I don't know. Yeah, I mean I had
a big My whole last therapy session was about friends
and loyalty and you know, as we get older, it's
kind of like, you know, you want to put your energy,
you know, she said to me, She was like, you

really need like five to seven people instead of worrying
about making all these other people happy and what they
think about you and what you know, whatever. It's like,
hold onto your core five to seven people and cultivate
those relationships. And you know, I just think that's you know,
it's important. I'm about loyalty, man, and friendships. I'm loyal
friends are important, especially as we get older. Yeah. No,

I mean I agree with that, and I think about that,
and that's such a good point because it's like, obviously
we have different friends and other groups, but those ones,
like they can still be respectful and I can still
respect them. And guess what, I can't wait to be
at the same Christmas party next year with him. If
that's how like, that's fine. We're just not going to
be super close because I you know, yeah, but you
can also choose to walk away. I can, yeah, And

I just don't. Oh, like, I just it's kind of
one of those things where I'm like, I just it
just is rubbing me the wrong way. But to flip
a switch a little bit, I have to tell you
something that happened when I was in Los Angeles. It
was so embarrassing, like so embarrassing. I cannot wait because
I want to know what you would do. Well, first

of all, you wouldn't have done it anyways, what I did.
But but if you but but you'll know I for
a second. So I went out to the premiere for
the Holiday Fix Up in Los Angeles last weekend, and
oh my god, my manager Steve Caserta said he was
going to come to the because I was doing a St.
Jude Brooks Brothers event. Okay, so he's like, I'm going

to come with my girlfriend, um to come. Hear you
saying awesome, thank you, It's gonna be so fun. That morning,
I um, you know, I didn't don't get any sleep
because the tornadoes woke us up. Christ and Bruss was
calling me, is like the go to your safe place
for so I'm in my safe place and you know,
then then have a flight out the next morning to

go to l A. So I'm a little I'm just
I'm just prefacing with with I'm a little out of sorts. Okay.
So at the event, I'm about to go on stage
and I see who I think to be my manager.
I'm telling you, and again I don't see Steve. You know,

Stephen Mark are my two acting managers. I see them
maybe once a year because you know, they live in
Los Angeles. I live in Nashville, Like don't see them
that much. And he looks literally like Steve, identical to Steve,
and I'm like, well, has hair garrattle a bit, a
little bit longer, but like so nervous. So what do

I do. I run up and I give him a
hug and I'm like Steve and I gave him a
hug and I am just snuggled into him, and I'm thinking, well,
he's not that being that warm back to me, and
I'm full on having a conversation like thank you so
much for coming, Oh my god, hey, like does girlfriend

because saying again Burnett, even though I was like, you know,
she got a little taller, but you know, um, and
then you know, they called me up on stage and
while I'm singing on stage, I go, holy, that is
not my manager. He never said anything, he said nothing,
but I'm like his response back was like, you know,

wasn't really great. I was like, god, Steve's usually more
like friendly, like maybe I don't know, maybe and his
girlfriend are like going to fight or whatever. So from
the moment I got off stage to like, I mean,
I kept running into him, but I avoided him like
the plague, even more so much so that we had
gotten the same elevator when we were leaving, and I

am mortified because I just hugged this random dude. I
have no idea who he is, who he was, what
affiliation he had with He probably thinks, like, why is
Janna giving me this giant hut? Because he knew who
I was once I went up to sing. Well, once
I went up to sing, he did. He probably didn't
know when he first saw me. To that man, whoever

you are, I am so sorry, But what would you do?
Because a part of me now wishes I went back
and was like, I'm so sorry. I thought you were
my manager. So you got in an elevator with him
and looked the other one and said nothing, nothing, no, nothing.
I think by like the second or third time I
saw him, if it was just the first, I probably

would have done the same thing and avoided but by
the second or third time, once I was in the elevator,
I would have been like, Okay, I can't. I was
so mortified. I didn't even tell anyone that I was with.
I didn't tell Jeff, for Emily or like, no. One
didn't tell anyone because I was so mortified with what
I did. I was just like I wonder who he is,
like if he's somebody. And I told my manager that
night at the party, I was like, Steve, first of all,

where the were you at the thing? He told me
you were going. And now because of that, I random
some I hugged some random and he was like, wait,
I'm dying. I was like, no, you don't understand, Like
if I had it, if I had you guys next
to each other, you guys are long lost twins. Like again,
like he was a little a little skinnier and like
a lot longer hair, but I haven't seen you in

freaking eight months. So he wasn't there at all. No,
he didn't come, but he went and he got caught
for not coming. I know. I was like, well, realized
it wasn't you because hugged the wrong person. Oh my gosh,
I mean that is mortifying. I'm sorry it was more,
but I was just I was wondering what you would
have done, like if you would have just been like,
but I don't. I didn't even want to own up

to the fact that, like I was just gonna go
with like, I'm a real friendly person and I had
a lot of people I probably would have avoided it
at first, but once I kept running, I don't know
the elevator, I don't know. If I could have just
sat there, I don't know. I avoid so maybe I
would have. Um, Okay, there's a lot to talk about

when we're gonna talk about sex in the city too,
because I just like, have you been watching did you watch?
Oh my gosh, so yeah, so many things. Okay, so
we were we were going to maybe take some colors
and talk about sex in the city. Um, but let's
you know, I just have a few things I want
to discuss. Okay, but speaking of my acting managers, Um,
they represent Chris No. Um, I got the rundown, and

I got to be really careful because I mean, I
don't know anything that's like going on. Um. But they
were talking about the peloton thing bad um, and I
thought that was genius, absolutely genius. But I had heard
that someone was upset about it because they didn't want
him replicating his character. I'm like, it's Chris not it's
not Mr Big, It's genius. It is the most genius.

I was like, if anything, if I was the creator,
whoever was having whoever, I would have been like, you know,
this is um, this is a uh like this helps
the show well and more of the talking point of
like of the whole thing like it was. I thought.
I was like, that is the most genius thing I've

ever heard of. Well do you think stupid question here?
Do you think they already had that ad planned when
they had no idea? Pelton had no idea, They had
no idea of what was going on. So Ryan Reynolds
was caught top it, so all they knew is that
it was going to be used. But they're but yeah,
so they didn't know that because I got all this

scoop from the party and I was like, this is
like everything that's crazy. So they had no idea. So
then they were like it happened overnight. Like Ryan Reynolds,
I don't know how he's involved with Peloton, but he's
involved somehow, was calling my manager and was like, we
need Chris for a Peloton AD and so then he
had to clear it with you know, and people weren't happy.
But at the same time, it's like it's genius. I

was like, that is the most genius idea I've ever heard,
because I wonder I had been watching it. I'm like,
did that just like tank Peloton their stocks one down.
I was about to say it, I mean, that's that's
the yeah, and then there's a lot of people east
and I say, you popped down? What's up? Baby? I
don't know. I'm just I'm just such a huge Sex
and the City fan. And I was I'm so excited
to get this information because I was so curious to this.

I just as they knew. I thought so because Okay,
in that episode, Peloton is featured so prominently, like gotten
real close up shots of the bike. I'm like, oh,
this is like clear product placement. And then I thought
the ad was like make good in case things went poorly.
I think it was like planned simultaneously. It's like, we
know that this is going to probably tank some things,
but we're going to come back with this. But to

know that, to my knowledge, they had no idea that
it was going to be how he died. And so
then also to my knowledge, from my understanding, um, the
other side of it not Peloton was not happy with
it because something is going to happen that they didn't
want to and I can't say what it is. I

might know what it is, um. And I was like
when I heard it, and I was like, oh, that
doesn't mean that's nothing. Like I was like, the add
is still genius. There's two separate people. It's genius. And
honestly it's that to me, isn't make good to say
thank you know, I'm sorry for like tanking your eleventh
or sales or whatever. Oh whoa, that's crazy, I know.

So then I got that gossip and then they asked
me if I like it, Well, let me just say
this to a lot of people, like I saw Jonah
Hill's comment like or like, you know, why why couldn't
carry call the ambulance? And at first, I will be honest,
when I saw that he died, I mean, I had
a good ball session. But and I talked to my
manager about this as well. He goes. I was like,
why did they have to kill him? He's like, trust me,

I wanted him to stay alive, you know, because for
him it's like it's money, it's his client. What would
the show be, yeah, you know it's like there, the
show would not be the whole thing is about Carrie
and love and find yes. And I was like, well,
I just wanted the happy ending, you know, happy we
had that we had that when it ended, and then

we had the movies. It ended, It's fine, So now
it's like now I'm like, now I am again. Like
everything else in sexas City, you were invested in Carry's
love life, and I think, and I'm just gonna say this,
when they were doing the podcast, there was a really
cute guy that I noted in the podcast, and I
was like, that's going to be her new love interest.

M hm. He saw that. I was like, he's cute.
He's cute, k And it was like a random just
kind of like real, real quick. But I was like,
I'm I'm calling that. That is the dude. Yes, here's
the thing that, at least to my point of view.
I was excited for Carrie and Big two. I thought
they were going to explore like, oh no, they don't
have kids. Everyone else in their friend group has kids

that are like growing up and doing these like milestone things,
you know, having dance recitals and and you know, getting
their first girlfriend, stuff like that, and Carry and Big
don't have that. And I, as a childless person, I
was like excited to see what, you know, as they
get older, they don't have children, they don't have this legacy.
What's going to happen with that, and then they killed
They take my Big away before my very eyes, and
it made me so sad. So yeah, I mean it

was it was hard to see Big die. But I also, like,
I get he died, and then basically came in my
mind how I saw the show was he died, and
basically was she was there kind of revived and they
knew he was. He was dying, like there was no calling.
It was like that moment. And I saw an interview
I think it was with Chris or someone said it

was like the they compared it to another movie where
it was just like they needed I needed that moment
between them. I didn't want her on the phone for
Rantiket calling. It was very strange to me. Really yeah,
I thought the whole that whole scene was very strange.
Oh tell me more. I just I liked her reaction
at first, where she just kind of stood back and

she watched and it really didn't like hit her yet.
That was great. And I understand that when you have
a heart attack maybe you just can't move and you can't,
but he was like awake and alive, but just standing there.
I don't know, it was just all very odd to me.
I didn't it didn't feel um, you didn't feel that
authentic to me, like that's how it would happen. So

I understand that having the moment, which I think is
important too. I'm glad they had the moment. But he
was like still alive and no one was doing anything.
But he wasn't though he was done. He was moving barely.
But if you're moving, you're going to think that there's
still alive. Okay, I'm just being yeah, I don't know,
I get it, but I just it was I totally

get your point with it. Also, like I needed that closure.
I needed that, like Carrie, I needed their last like
I'm that was really super sweet. Though I did love
like their their moment. It was it was their looks together,
it was there. It was just like and then he died.
I hated that voiceover though. I thought that that was
so callous, the way it's just like and just like
that big die yeah on earth like this because I

thought he was he was still alive at that point.
He was like blinking and moving around. Yeah, and then
like that's how you find out is gone, Like he's
literally his hand is moving and putting it on her,
but yet he's dead. I'm like, I don't understand. It's
just like he's dead. Yeah, it was strange. Do we

have a caller, Let's let's take our first caller who
I'm like, Okay, I was like, we have a caller,
we do have callers to talk about this. Uh, we're
talking about Sex in the City and just like that,
which is an HBO Max original by the way, in
case anyone hadn't picked that up. Major spoilers ahead. We
are entering spoiler country. All here comes our first her
first collar, Brittany is coming in. Oh my god, I

love you. Okay. So Brandy is like the head of
like all One One Tree Hill and she's a big
TV watcher. We love Brittany. What did you think of
Sex in the City. We're talking about the death right now.
I have so many opinions. I watched you on Thursday
when it first came out, Like I had a dinner
plans and I was like, we wrapped this dinner rout,

like I need to go home because I'm avoiding the internet.
And I watched a Thursday night. I kind of knew
what was coming. Um, especially with the heavy recital playing
and like showing big and I'm like, oh, he's gonna die,
Like so um. I just think it started very rough
and aggressive and the dialogue that they were, like when

Carrie and them started having the dinner, you know, that
lunch and they were they were very like I thought
it was really forcing, clunky dialogue. But then it got better,
Like it started off really aggressive with COVID and trying
to but then it got better and then the second
episode was really heartbreaking. That's my initial thoughts. I'd agree
with that. There's one thing I want to say about

I loved everything here. I mean, at the end of
the day, it's I always said this, and like I
could watch Sexy the City of them in the closet.
They're just like I just love watching them. The second episode,
the one thing that hit me the most was when
I saw the flowers. I said, Samantha, that was That
was the most touching moment I think of the second

episode was that I hate that she's not on it.
It bums me out that there's a little feud. Um.
I wish, you know, for the sake of the fans
and the TV set all of it would be really
nice if they can, you know, and I really love
how they how they how they have like blended that
and like that the flower I was like, it's gonna

be from Samantha. Samantha, I was like, but I still
I felt like there could have been a better speech
at the funeral. It's just me. I just felt a
little empty. I was just like, I'm not that sad.
I don't know, I don't. I mean, I know they
had explained to Samantha's absence, and I'm glad they did
and in the way they did right away. But the
comments Brandon Curry had when they were walking together and

then she said the h T M comment, I just like, yeah,
that was as yeah, that's like a little dick there. So,
but the flowers were the best part of the second episode.
And then it's going to pass away like that, it's
hard to see Stanford's character, you knowses away, so that
I'm like, oh, this is symbolic. It was, but the

flowers were a good touch. How do you think they're
gonna do Stanford's death or like, where are they going
to say about him? I don't know what's nice about
how this second episode ended. It was there alluding to
a lot of things, and how the series is going
to play out, and I think with his husband and
the fighting is like over the top more so than
it was the movie. I'm like, maybe there's something. I

don't know if they will have him pass away. I
really don't. I hope not. I can't deal with I
can't deal with Stanford dying too, like I just like
and just like that, I stopped watching. But actually, oh man,
I never thought I would say this because I'm not
carry on the show at all. I'm totally like a

mix of Miranda and Charlotte all day. I have never
felt more like Carrie. And in that podcast episode because
of estimating, you talk about sex and I'm like, I
don't want to talk about this, She's like, like so uncomfortable,
and I'm like, the rabbit is fantastic. See, I just

I felt like her, and I just I feel I'm
going to turn away in the bedroom, so I can't,
like I'm so uncomfortable, right, I can't talk about her?
And big Yeah that like that, Like that just seemed
that was a little like you guys are in your fifties,
Like why are we I don't I don't know, Like no,
I'm saying I'm not saying people can't masturbate in their fifties.
I'm just saying, like, I mean, how long have they

been together? This exactly? Like never asked him and carry
like she's sexual, Like I don't want to. I didn't
buy that. I didn't buy that either. I didn't buy it.
I was gonna talk about about the forest scenes sometimes.
I just saw the little force and like try. I know.
So my friend actually this morning because obviously we have
nothing else harder to do but talk, you know, during work,
she was saying that we need to look at it

is a different chapter of Sex in the City. I
kept looking at like sex in the City. I'm like,
what their character wouldn't do that? So I was to
rephrase it into a new chapter that we're going into
with these women in their fifties and reinventing themselves. I
was like, okay, I'll try. Well, Brittany, thanks for coming on.
I love you for having me. I'll see you next

year at the Friend's benefit One Tree Hill. Yeah, November eleven, Bie, guys, Christmas.
I love Bretty. She's so sweet. Yeah, she's great. Um,
Eastern would you think about all that? So many thoughts
something about that podcast. See if we can go back
to that really quickly. I was, okay, I when I

heard the show is happening through, like Carrie's gonna have
a podcast, and I'm like, I like podcasts. This will
be fun. How how exciting? I thought she was gonna
have her own podcast. And no, no disrespect to ch
d as the character. I'm sure it's a fine podcast,
but like Jane is like not Janna. Sorry. Carry is
like a like fourth mic on that show, Like she's

like a sidekick, sidekick, And it really bummed me out
because I was like, Carry needs to be the host.
That should be Sex in the City of the podcast.
Like I thought they were going to convert the column
into a podcast, So that made me kind of bummed.
I agree they should have done that, but I think
they needed to bring in that new Ramirez character. I agree,
but I also do in a way, like the dynamic
of showing that they're older and that like even though

she was a columnist or whatever, you know, she used
to write the columns like she she's like I need
you to do She's like, yeah, I talked about sex,
but like that was sex then and like it's so
different now. What we talk about. And I do kind
of like that dynamic of showing that as well as
like the Miranda with her professor. It just kind of
shows age and um making mistakes and what you say

and how you know things have changed. I kind of
like that dynamic of kind of showing like Miranda didn't
mean it in any way, but she's like, Oh I
got this class because you're black. No, not because you're black,
you know. I mean, it's like whole like she's a
train wrecord. I love her, but I just think it's
kind of an interesting dynamic to also bring We have
another caller to bring in. But do you guys think

they're making the characters too old, like acting too old?
Like they're like they're not old. They're in there like fifties,
Like that's not like. But Steve especially, he's like, man,
what was that sunny? Like he hasn't hearing aid and
he's only he's like ninety years old. Like I don't know,
but I mean people were up and uproar about like
oh they didn't know what a podcast was. I'm like,
I don't really listen to many podcasts either, Like my

mom is a notework podcaster. You know, I think that's like, yeah,
I think that's kind of a stretch. I mean I
don't really I mean, I know what podcasts are, but
she basically was just saying she doesn't listen to them.
Rights not that she didn't know what they were, but
I don't really listen besides this podcast, so it's fair.
But you could listen to Oprah And I told, yeah, yeah,

it's true. Um, okay, who's who's calling in? Let's bring
in Gabby for another hot sex in the City and
just like that take, here comes Gabby. Gabby, Hi, my friend. Okay,
what was what was your take? I love it, you know,
I obviously love the show. I'm so happy that it's back.

I didn't necessarily love how they're making a bunch of
like fifty fifty five year old people act so ancient.
I'm like, my mom is like fifty six and she
knows all about TikTok and Instagram and all that stuff.
So seen like Miranda and Carrie just act like, oh
like that they can't get into it. I'm like, that's
just not realistic. And I think it does play into

like a little bit of like the stigma about women
in Hollywood, which kind of annoyed me because I feel
like that's one of the reasons that Samantha didn't come back,
because she like had these expectations that you know, she wanted,
as like an older woman in Hollywood, to be like,
have the opportunity for rules out so I have just
sex in the city, and the franchise wouldn't give her that,
so she like took that stand, and then for these

characters to still be acting like portrayed so much older
and out of touch than I think like fifty year
old women actually are. That was a little bit annoying
to me. But I'm still going to be watching. I mean,
the trailers that I saw made it look like there
is a lot more um like character development in those
ways and advances, So hopefully the rest of the season

will be a lot better. But from the first two episodes,
I was like, there there, it's a little bit far
fetched for me to think that they're so out of
touch with a lot of like normal technology, I hear you.
My only debate to that gap is Carrie always had
a flip phone. Remember, She's like, I don't know how
to use this thing, So that's the only thing that
I'll give to my girl carry because she's like this,

she's like, you know, what's her face? Hands are like
a you know, blackbird's like I don't know how to
use this place, you know. So that that is, to me,
has always stayed consistent with at least Carrie. And I
would say that for Carrie, but not for Miranda, right
I can I can hear that can seem Randy to
be more up on it, but I will say to like,
I I feel bad for all the comments that they're

getting about their looks, like their age, and it's like,
what do you expect? Like we age, women age and yes,
we might have a little fillers here there or botox,
or we might age with gray hair, but like what
did you what did what did people honestly expect We're
gonna they're gonna look different, we are going to look
different in twenty years. I think they expect what a
lot of Hollywood is these days, and they're not necessarily that. Yeah, honestly,

I mean I like that there's age now again, Like
you said, like, I think it's a little too much
like but yeah, I love like the physical aging like
I love them Miranda's rocking her gray hair, and I
kind of want the red back though, just for her
own power stance. I don't know something because I feel
like it's like, but yeah, m and like I think
all the women look beautiful, and I think that unfortunately,

like there's just gonna be trolls that are want to
say things about the way that women look, which again
is just like a greater issue I think within the
industry that women's appearances are so much heavily criticized compared
to men um But I mean, like, I love all
the girls and I think that they look fabulous and
I would love to look like that when I'm their age.
So girl. Amen, Well, Gab, thanks for coming on. I

appreciate it. Beb Yeah, thank you guys so much. Chas
Merry Christmas. I would also like to say before we
wrap out, it's obvious they're lending or their trending in
the direction where Miranda has a drinking problem because she
went to the bar and she's like, wait, like we
don't open till eleven or whatever. Oh wait, oh she
went twice to the bar. She went to that one
and in the funeral, yeah, like she's like, oh, I'm like,

which then trends me in the direction that she might
be frustrated, So maybe she's going to, you know, stray
a little bit, not saying drinking strays, but I'm just like, so,
I'm like, I'm kind of like watching that storyline because
I feel like she's going to get a little I
think she might have a little Not saying drinking at

eleven is a problem, I think we all have on vacation,
but at a funeral, I'm sure. Yeah, well yeah, I
kind of took it as she was about to have
to go do a speech there. Oh yeah, that's true.
You got drunk in my wedding microgund the other time. Yeah,
the other time too. But you know, I can see
that she has a little something going on there. But

I also think it'll be interesting to see the friendship
between like her and Charlotte and then Miranda. There's something
we're there too. I don't know. I guess we'll see. Okay,
So we just got a spoiler because my producer Amy
is listening, is watching the episode right now, so I

don't I haven't watched it, but apparently spoiler. If you
do not want to be spoiled, do not listen to this.
But apparently Big left a million dollars to Natasha. Why
would you leave money for your ex wife? I don't know.
I'm so like confused by the whole thing. Right, if
I was Carrie, I'd be like, wait what because they

have probably already had a settlement, like like I would
like what out of the bigness of his heart? Like?
But that would would that bother you as a wife?
Because that'd bother me? For sure? What if they had
a kid together? They're a child, There's something else to this.
I feel like there's a reason. There's got to be
a reason. Right. Well, now I'm canceling the rest of

the day and I'm not going to operate land now
with the kids, and I'm going to sit on my
couch and watch this. Man. Oh major spoiler alert, Amy,
thanks for that. Wow okay, wow. Um. Well I'm gonna
end this episode because now I think I want to
watch it. Um. But yeah, here's to um, here's to

finding your reflection. By y'all,
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