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January 22, 2024 33 mins

Jana connects with her Dancing with the Stars friend Allison Holker Boss! They share some unforgettable memories from behind the scenes before Allison opens up about her new book.

If you’re a fan of Dancing with the Stars, or Allison’s late husband Twitch, you need to hear their conversation about why this story can help anyone going through a tough time.
Plus, find out why Jana went down a spiraling rabbit hole that all started with an itchy scalp.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Wind Down with Janet Kramer and I'm Heart Radio Podcast.
So today's episode, you guys, it's what's wrong my hair?
Can we talk about hair? I mean you, guys, I
try not to be vain. I'm just like, can a
girl like, can I just get hair for a second?

Can we talk about does anyone notice anything? Are your
extensions gone? I thought you didn't blow dry? I'm not sure.
Always do sound quite vain? Right now? I like your
butterflies all Diama, stay on topic. Butterflies, that shiny squirrel? Okay,

did you cut it? Well? This goes to the conversation
that I had with you earlier this morning about what
I what I think I have. I have no idea,
so I want to say so much about that? Can I? Yeah?
And no? Second, that's so clueless? What is happening? So
it kind of goes along with our topics of like

when people say, okay, you know, like I gotta hey,
can you call me? And I was just like done, done, done, okay,
go ahead time now, So I'm not as conditioned. Do
I tell my side of the story first or do
you tell yours? I don't know they're funny either way.
So about let's see I'm about two nope, about five

weeks postpartum, y'all. I have. I have had the itchiest scalp.
I mean, itching's so bad. I'm like digging my nails
into my head, like the itchiest scalp. Right, And so
I'm doctor Google, so I go on and I'm just
like googling. So so I go on Google and they're like, oh,
it's it's yeah, it's like it could be your hormones

or whatever. So I don't think anything of it and
it's probably gonna go away. I read some article like
whatever those forums are, and it's like, yeah, I had
it too. Oh my gosh, crazy itchy scalp. So she's
doing it as I'm itching. My scalp's amazing. So cut
to after Christmas and I'm still just like itching everywhere,
and then it's like in the back of my neck,

in my ear and I'm like do I have lice?
Like why am I itching? Right? So I contact my
doctor and I'm like, hey, I'm like having such bad itching.
Like it's actually depressing me because I'm like something's wrong again,
like you know, the postpartum everything. I'm just kind of like,
can I just not have something going wrong, like versus

is the kidney it exists? Is that? And then the baby?
And then I came to that and so I'm like
I'm so I'm like, now I'm itching, like comfortable love, Yeah,
it's just exists in your own body for a second. Yeah,
like I have to actively choose not to scratch my
head even though I feel like I have to. So anyway,
so I email the doctor. I'm like, is this normal?
She's like no, and I'm like, well, you know what

happens when someone tells me something is normal. So now
I'm yeah, may just problem like I have. M Yes,
I have. Because it's like there's all the things of
like what it like causes itching or whatever. So she's like,
I would recommend going to see a dermatologist. So I'm like, okay,
So I go see doctor Lee and she's amazing. She
does my botox like she's great. So she also like
her main things like she's a very like she's a

very good dermatologist. And so she's looking and she's like
why don't She's like, you have no dandriff. So it's
not anything dry your your scalp. Look, there's no nothing
on your scalp. She's like, and then you know, she's
looking anywhere. I was like, well, this itch is over here,
and like this, I have a random itch here and
like this kind of itches. And she's like, there's no bumps,
there's no hot I'm like, then, what is it? Right?

And so then she draws an AX on my arm right,
so I'm gonna do it right here. So she draws
an AX on my arm and then she does an
X on the lady in the office. My skin makes
an AX. So if we were to do an AX
on yours like mine in about one minute will look
like a big red AX. So there's something in my
body that's like an autoimmune that's attacking. Something's attacking my

body and we don't know what it is. So because
like the other lady h hers didn't have an X,
and mine that gets a red X because it's my
skin reacting whatever. So she's like, I need to take
some blood work from you. And I'm like, doctor, not really,
like what do I have. She's like, no, right, I

was like, but what could it be? She's like, I
have some fear. So like I see it's turning to
be an X right there. It's like red red X.
You would not have that if I did that to you,
So listen to this. So I kind of want to test,
so I do that. So she's like, well, it could
be a couple of things, and I'm like, break it down.
What am I dying of? You know, because I go
straight to like I'm dying. She's like, you could have lupus.

You could have kidney failure, kidney disease. And I'm like kidney.
Oh my god. Oh so I spoilal because I'm like
all that kidney issue I had. I go doctor Lee,
I had like massive kidney infections when I was pregnant.
And she's like, it could be the napps your kidney
and so I'm gonna need you to go, like right now,
to go get like some blood work, just like because
it could be like you're saying that your kidneys are

feeling So no, look where I ride my AXSS not marim.
So I'm like, oh my god. So I'm like googling
kidney disease and I'm like I'm giving myself one week
to live. Like it's like okdating, Like it's bad. So
I go and you know, it could be a few
it could be my thyroid. A thyroid also causes itching

if it's like a high whatever. So you see how yeah,
so interesting? Uh huh. So I go, so my my
levels come back, She's like, you're a little low, and
like a few of the things. She's like, but nothing
that causes kidney, nothing that causes thyroid, nothing that you
don't have lupus. And so I'm like, okay, then what
is it? Because I can not stop itching. So the

other night and again I don't know if this is
actually what it is, but now I'm going to go,
like further look into this because I cannot figure it out.
And now I'm like a month and a half in
and I'm like driving myself nuts right with this itch
and the take took my extension out, like maybe it's
something with my extensions randomly like so I'm like I'm
smart and eliminating everything. I took away every supplement, every
like everything, like nothing has changed in my diet, nothing,

nothing at all. So sorry scratching a life pause for
a head scratch. So the other day I'm like, I
see Jolie itching your head and I'm like, give me
your arm. So I make an X on her arm
and her arm does look at you see this, it's
still a red in mine? But do you see I'm

doing mine? You see my red X? Right, Yeah, it's
still red. So he's been doing the same thing. So
I'm very curious. So I and I'm looking at her.
I was like, holy, she's got a red X. And
so I text doctor Lee and I was like, not
sure if these two are connected, but I'm trying to
figure this out. Do you see how like long mine's
still staying there though X you guys this this this
episode would be called X Marx the Spot, but yeah,

so anyways, so I'm like, give you it could be
called if you're looking, Oh, here's just going right? I know,
I'm quite can can you get too quickly? So no?
So well, so what I texted Doctor Lee with and
her I'm just going to tending to text it's really red?

What do we have? How hard did you scratch it?
I mean I did scratch it to like see you
gotta like yeah, so do that one. So you keep
that one? Okay, so quickly, what am I diagnosedes? What text?
So I text actually and I go, she goes, how
do you feeling? I go, still still itching? Scalp and

the exit on my arm. My daughter said, her head
scratches and her arm made an X. But maybe that's
just coincidence. She goes, Oh, and maybe you guys have scabies.
And I'm like, what the fuck is that? Did I
get on this couch? I'm like, I can promise you
right now you do not remember I had it years ago.
It's scaby. It's the worst thing I've ever been through
in my entire life. Okay, well under your skin, I

know you don't remember. I stayed home for like months.
What is it? Because the name of it sounds it's terrible,
And I can promise you you wouldn't be able to sleep. No,
I can't. I have to take sleeping pills because the itching.
Do you would see marks? Though you would have ration stuff?
I do have that. Ex Do I have this? Or
is this just a human response to scratching yourself? Because

I swear the well, then what is the itching? I
mean it was, and again we weren't one hundred percent
that that's what I had, but I mean it was
the most miserable I've ever been. And I mean, you
itch your entire but it's awful unless it's just getting
what you should want to look up look it up
and there's like these lines that will show up on

your skin. Have you never admitted that? But it was terrible,
But like why would it randomly? Thank you for sharing
that with us and being so authentic. Well, I mean
I still don't know. I mean I had traveled a lot,
but like nice hotels, like nothing grow not you know, whatever,
what do you get? Is it like a contact thing?
It's like, yeah, yeah, it would have had to have
been from like infected like sheets somewhere or something. But

I mean I hadn't stayed anywhere or not grown you know,
I hadn't who knows how, But it's it's like the
most embarrassing. I was in the middle of summer. I'd
go to soft baseball games and I'd wear full long sleeves.
Last it was months for me. Is it perpetuated by
something like? That's why I was like, have you eaten gluten?
Maybe it's your body's reaction to gluten. It just wouldn't

randomly happen, I feel like. But also side note to this,
I'm literally dealing with the same thing with immy. This
is so interesting chicking at her head seeing if there's
there's no dandriff, there's no like she can't stop. Oh
my god, I've got lasting I've been using. Like she'll

be out there at tumbling and she can't stop. I'm like,
you look like a dog, like sketching yourself. We looked.
I looked for lice, like I literally she was like,
will you just take me to a lice place and
make sure, Like that's how much she's it. We have
to figure this out on her. But I told her
whatever shampoo she's been using, to just eliminate it, Like
we're just gonna eliminate things. So I want saying, but

like not working, like literally not. I'm like I don't
so like if you figured it out, let me know.
I mean, that's crazy. I get very doctor house about
stuff like that. Still doesn't help. Like so it's like
it's something in mine still there is you're still and
it's dry weather, So what does that mean? I have
something that my body is fighting that's causing the reaction.
So something is in having a reaction to stuff is

like that's what alopecia is. It's like you're it attacks
the hair follicles in your you know, your hair falls
out or whatever and that's an autoimmune so it's all
very similar, but we're both post part does that matter
yours isn't really like m I'd like to do it, okay,
but I just wonder if it's something to do with

like our bodies getting back in balance. I don't know,
but why that because my head, I know that's if
we could all if someone could let us know who
I yeah, because it's driving me mad and I'm like,
I just I can't do it. But the funny thing was,
is I just, you know, just dealing with some things.
And so I haven't called back Kristen. And then I said, hey,

can you can you call? Can you call me? Call
me back? And you run the phone right. So Monday
I text her. I get nothing back. Fine, totally fine,
she's in postpartum. I give grace on grace and grace right.
I'm not that girl. Yesterday a facetimer because I'm like,
I just want to see you, like a little visual
check in. I like to get like a temperature read
you know, no answer, huh. So then I send her

the song I just called to say I love you,
because I thought maybe she just needs to know that
that's okay. Wherever she is no answer nothing. And then
today quick call thought it was a butt dial though,
like I missed it, but that was weird. I was
working by my phone. Then I get a hey, can
you call me? I call her, go straight to voicemail.
I'm like, okay, alrighty, what are we dealing with? And

then and then I said to sweet Christine, who's at
my house, I said it's weird, and she goes, well,
are you worried? And I said no, not really, because
the thing with Jana is it could be, hey, can
you call me? I have a scab on my toe,
or you're fired from mind down, like it could be
any of the things. And I just think there's not
anything we can't handle. So that I call her. She's
if you could. I was like, I was like, yeah,
I got talk to something, but I might also have scabies,
and she's like, oh my god, this is home. I

was like, right on this, right on target. Yeah. Anyways, okay,
we've we've kept it very light. Our next guest is
in the waiting room, and in this one, it's so
hard because I don't know what to say. She obviously
lost her husband twitch to suicide over a year ago,
and I knew her from It's Alison Holker Boss from
Dancing with the Stars, and I knew knew I was

on her season when she was on there, and it's
just like, what do you even say? And so I
had to be really like, I'll be honest, probably will
cry during this episode. But I had to be like
really prayerful yeah about all of this, because I, you know,
like I've shared with you, had a really similar ark
times in life where like that was an option in
my brain. Sure, so I think that is what is

It's just I don't know. I'm just I had to
be like I was like, I don't know, I just
was really prayerful. Well, let's take a break get around.
But first I have to ask Hannah Jackie Easton, did
you guys do the X and do you have an
X on your arm? I did? I knew you guys.
I knew you guys are doing it. Like I'm like,
there's no screens off vaccine? Do you guys? Does it?
Is it still there? No mind thought the one you

did isn't really super there. Yeah, You're just the whole
time though you guys are talking about it, I was
crashing my head. Well, I know now I feel like
I have an itchy sculptor from association. All right, anyways,
let's take a break and they'll get alicon on. I

love how are you? I love you? I love your
energy always, and I just remember when I did Dance
with the Stars and you were obviously the pro that
season with babyface, right, yes, And I just remember like
you were just so like your energy was amazing. You
were so sweet, so welcoming, and like I just really
I've always like appreciated that and like you're just a

beautiful soul. So thank you for always being that and
sharing that with other people too. Thank you. I appreciate
that you're so kind. I remember we had so much
fun that season. It was really wonderful. Everyone was great.
It felt like a little family was awesome. So I'm
happy to be here. Yeah, you're sweet. Do I start? Well?

I love you. It's just aggressive to say, how loud.
But it's funny because I don't scroll anymore on Instagram.
I kind of made a promise to myself, but if
I ever see you, I always click because you're fun,
your outfits are fun and you're always moving. So I'm
not a dancer, but I married a dancer. Ish Pasa
is not a dancer, he used. I don't know how

much he would want me to share publicly. He's not
like a dancer, like cool like choreographers. Wait you know,
but again he's are you serious? Yeah, he's getting a
text later. It's like backstreet boys, like he will pull
out some moves, so we will always We always have
watched you and your late husband because he was like,
look at these two together, something I could never do.
I can't five six seven eight to save my life.

So I would always be like, well, then we can
just watch them because they're amazing and beautiful. But I've
always enjoyed thoroughly just your presence, like how much fun,
how much life and light you guys have shared with
your world. And we dance party at our house to
mostly to shake up my own sads. I've struggled with
bouts of depression a lot, actually, but we dance to

get that out. But it's not nearly as choreographed and
cute as you. But we do dance in our kitchen.
It's a little less hot. But I've just always really
appreciated your presence. And I will say this and we
don't have to stay here. But I just want you
to know that, like the moment I found out about
the passing of your husband, it was an absolute gut punch,

as I know I can't even imagine obviously, but for
the rest of the world being on our side of things,
it was so unexpected feeling because he is such a light.
And I think that is the one thing that I
wish people knew more about, was that that is always
there too for people that struggle with anything that is dark,

that we can dance it out and we can move
and through those things. But like you, guys are so
loved and you will stay so loved, And I'm just
so thankful that you got to share your world with us.
From my seat in the world, thank you. That's really sweet.
I appreciate everything you just said, and you know it's

I wish and I hope that we can bring more
awareness to mental health and make people feel more comfortable
when they need to ask for help and when they
need to talk something out, and making them feel seen
and heard, where you're not going to be looked at
different if you ask for help, and I think that's
a big thing and a big stigma, specifically for men.

Really that no one's going to look down on you
just because you might need a little bit of an
extra hug or a talk, or need to go somewhere,
need to find somewhere, whatever it is that you're struggling with.
I just hope that we can change that stigma and
really bring awareness that having a talk with someone does
not make you and make you look small or feel
small to someone else. I think we as a society

need to be more mindful the way we parent boys
in general, just because I you know, like I don't
know and parenting just the intention with parenting period. But
I do agree with everything you're saying. There's a certain
pressure or stigma put on them as a gender that
doesn't feel fair too, and like you have to be
big and brave in all the things. In reality, you're
still just the person and God made you and loves

you well. And I'll say too, Allison again, we're gonna
we're going to go to the other side of this.
But you know, I think one of the things that
made me like, I like started crying the first time,
like I saw you dance again and I was like, wow,
like what a beautiful like she's she's she's dancing and
she's moving through grief like that, and I think that

gives so much to other people that are going through
the same thing. And you're helping more people than you know.
And and with this book you have coming out keep
dancing through a boss family groove like you know, it's
it's out now, people can get it. It's by you
and and twitch, So when did you guys write it?

What's the message through it? Because I just love all
our listeners to know about it, to get the words
spread it and and yeah, like when did you guys
write it? And when you know? Is this when it
was supposed to be released or did you hold it?
Like what was kind of the whole thing? Okay, So
we wrote this book back in twenty twenty one, and

we wrote it because I've always had a dream of
writing a children's book ever since I had my first daughter, Wesley,
who's now fifteen. So this has been something I've been
putting into the ecosystem and manifesting for fifteen years. And
you know, work gets away from you, life gets away
from you. And when we had Zia, my youngest daughter,

who's now four, when we had her, I was what
a brilliant time to not just you know, share our
family on social media and continue to these TV shows,
but really share our family's story and paper, you know,
in book form, and we wanted to share a day
in the life of our family. And I think it's

something that's really special that the God and universe really
worked with us in our favor, because it's a testament
to who we were and who we will still be
as a family. Because truly, honestly, this book, it just
takes you through a day of our lives. And I've
always been a really big manifestor I believe in affirmations,

and I do all these things every single morning. And
I've been teaching my children this for years. And so
what the book is is the following the day in
the life of each of my kids going through a struggle,
and the words that we use to get them out
of those struggles, and the things we've been teaching them
for them to be able to lean on each other.
And why I tell you all those things is because

after everything happened to me a year ago, there was
a lot of discussions if we even wanted to launch
the book. You know, for me, there was moments of
maybe I want to hold this book selfishly, just for
me and the kids, and not let anyone else have it,
and let it be a book that my kids can
read and look back on these beautiful times and this

beautiful memory that we share. Anyways, I didn't know if
I wanted to hold onto it to just be something
for us. And then I read the book again, and
I looked at the messaging and I reread the title.
All of these things were done. The book was written,
the illustrations were done, the title was done. And I

told Disney, I was like, this is all I can
do is keep dancing through. And this is what I'm
going to tell my children, and this is what Steven
would want me to do, and this is what I
need to do. And if I'm going to say anything
to anybody that's been following my family's journey and supporting
my family, and you know, people have been following my
journey since I was eighteen, of following his journey since

he was like you know, however, you know twenty twenty
two when he first doing his shows, and they've watched
us grow, and they've watched us become a family, and
they've supported us and they loved us. And if I
was going to say anything to anyone, I would tell
them to keep dancing through. And so the reason I
carried forward to bring this book and actually put it
back out there in the world for one else to

be able to share is because I wanted to give
back and share that we can keep dancing through. And
that's what I would want, and that's what I want
to I'm going to do, is what I'm going to
teach my children to do, and I hope to let
other people know that it's okay to keep dancing through.
So it's something that's really really special to my kids
and something special to me. And I really know that

Stephen would want this and in honor of him as well. Yeah,
I love that message too, especially for people that are
dealing with grief too, because you know, even our friend
Kelly who lost her husband, she's like, what's the timeline?
When can I like be like, it's actually I don't
want to like look like I'm too HAPPI or like
can I you know, it's just because I'm still grieving
and I'll always be grieving. She's like, but no matter what,

like you just you you dance through it, you get
through it, and you're showing people that, like you can
still be both and you can carry both and you
can do it gracefully, and and yeah, that's that's it's
it's I can't imagine it, but I love that the
message that you're putting out there, because I think people
would maybe feel bad for dancing or being happy, you know,

or trying or you know what I mean, Like that's
showing to the world that they're happy. Like I remember
Kelly talking about that. Yeah, you know, people have an
idea of what the timeline should be, right, but I'm
showing something other than that. Am I not, you know,
doing it right or you know whatever? I do think

you I wanted to pull it up so that I
wasn't miss speaking because I don't have my copy with me.
But I think what was super special. I live for
kids books, like I love kids books, and I think
it's so special to be able to share your family
with my kids, like it's just neat, you know, So
thank you first of all for taking like the leap

and going. I do want to share this because it
is so cool to be a mom and be able
to like read different life paths with kids. You know,
what I thought was really neat about it that I
don't feel like you're not going to probably toot your
own horn. But there's this like really sweet, rhythmic piece
of it that is not a normal family that I

would say is pretty exclusive to like your household. From
what we have seen of you is just as like
you know, followers. But there's something like like beboppy about
the way it's written that I think is really special
and like pretty unique to your family. And I think
that is pretty cool. So tell me, does that feel
like a little bit of the like curtain pulled back

to expose that piece of your family? Because to me,
that's who you guys are. But I've never seen that
really in a kid's book, I don't think ever. For me,
that was I'm so happy that you caught that because
that actually is something that we've been hoping for. Music
is such a huge part of our family and how
we live our lives and move through lives. We always

have music playing and it kind of guides us and
the emotions and the toll and the energy that my
house has. And so we really wanted to have this
rhythmical vibe to the book without it being about music,
you know, But really having this tone that kind of
follows a rhythm that it almost feels like while you're
reading it, you're kind of moving back and forth with it,

which is why it's you know, I'm strong, I'm smart
and kind got beats around me too, you know, take
some deep breaths in and out and all keep dancing
through it. Kind of we wanted it to feel like
it had this like motion to it in the words,
and so I'm glad that you call onto that, but
it is it's such an important thing for us and
my kids. I mean, listen my kids their vocabulary when

it comes to music. As Chef's kiss, it's beautiful, but
it is true. So thank you for catching that. And
we've hoped that people would feel that when they read
the book. Well, it's exciting. I have a little I'm
raising a little beatboxer, So that part to him is
what's so cool? Is that like beat boxy, like you know,
the zip zip zip zip, like whatever the toothbrushing piece

of it is or whatever. Like everything to him is
a song. So I think that's just pretty neat and
it's just kind of fun. It's like crazy to me
to connect on pages the music piece of that. We're
a music family, so we try to keep music around.
But I also just love silence a lot, So I
feel like I'm not as jam out as I should be,
but it is. I just feel like it's really a way,
it's a very unique way to connect musically from something

you're just reading and it's not a sing song y,
you know, Like it's just a really unique way to
do that. And I just truly appreciate the sharing of that.
Thank you, thank you. Yeah, you know. For me with
the book, it's the rhythm. But like the biggest message
I hope that people realize and take away from the
book is really the affirmations in it though, you know,

my children every single morning, my kids, it's really like
it's my favorite moment with my kids every morning. They
are by saying I'm strong, I'm smart, I'm own kind,
Maddox is handsome, And it's just kind of a way
for us to connect. And I think it's good to
instill in children confidence, encourage and talking kindly to themselves,

because you talk to yourself more than anybody else's right,
Like we have such inner dialogue with ourselves, you know.
All the time. I'm trying to teach my children that
you have to speak kindly to yourself because you can't
rely on happiness from someone else. You can't rely on
this from someone else. You have to do it for yourself.
So I'm just trying to encourage you know, being nice

and speaking highly of yourself and encouraging yourself and lifting
your spirits yourself and being your your own advocate in life.
You know, yeah, because the world's going to beat you
down and tell you that you're not and you have
to be strong enough to know, okay, you know all
the things that we're affirming and having our kids affirm
to themselves that they're like, no, actually, I don't care

that you don't like me and you're being and like,
I know, I'm uwesome because since seven years old, my
mom's were saying I'm enough, I'm brave, because like Jolie
has in her room too, she's like, I'm brave, I'm beautiful,
I'm strong, I'm kind She's like, and I am Jolie Ray.
And there's a few more things like I'm enough and
m every day I'm like there you go, baby, like
say say it all you know so And because I don't,
I don't think I got that as a kid, I
was gonna ask so yeah. So I'm like to me,

I'm like, I need her to know because it's like
she's I don't know. This is probably awful to say,
like and probably a therapist be like, that's really bad.
But sometimes I look at her like, what, what did
my little child? Like? She's like my almost little child,
like that one that was hurt inside me. So I'm like,
I gotta love her and protect her and like, you know,
make sure I choose my words carefully, like what would

I want as my little girl that was injured or
that was wounded? Right, you know, want to hear I
think we all have to do that because she didn't
get Yeah. Does that is it feel like something you're
passing down because you had that, or is it feel
like something you wish you had more of? And so
you're determined to kind of like change the narrative of
your family history from here forward. The first time I

ever really started playing with affirmations, I was twenty years old.
It is something that I now have been doing for
so long in my life, and I attest to the
way I live my life through this. I do it
every single morning. Every single morning, I start my day
by getting ready, do my hair and makeup, and I'm
talking to myself and I probably sound like a crazy

hum but I'm going through all my affirmations and I'm
doing it and it's meant so much to me, and
it's changed my life and it's helped me through so
many hard times in my life. So for me, I
wanted to teach it to my kids at an earlier
age so they, you know, can get through the hardest
times of their life through it and with it as well.

But I've been doing it for a really, really long time,
and I have such a plethora and different arrangement of
types of affirmations and manifestations that I say and do.
The newest one with my kids that I do, though,
which is, oh, it's my favorite, is I say we
do the and they finish it out by saying the
hard things. And I do that one because I cold

plunge every morning and it's quite literally one of the
hardest things I do. That's a miserable pandas and I'm like, nope, no, no.
I think as we were raised in Michigan, we feel
like we filled our quota, so we don't have to
do those things anymore. Yeah, we're like, no, actually not charming.
But it's it's something that I really believe in and

I've seen the benefits of it, and it's well, I've
been having this really hard year. I think it's a
really big thing that I do it, and I'm it's
been really helpful for my children as well. That's one
thing I really want to do. And I am not
like you just started doing this kind of an assignment.
Oh yeah from Alan? Oh yeah, yeah, and this is silly.

I'm forty two years old. I cannot I want to
be able to be I want to be able to
stand in front of a mirror and say those things.
I'm not a challenge you for a week to do it.
I'm going to write you what you have to say.
You to read it. I all want to do it. Well, well, yeah,
but I do know. It changes your frequency, it changes
the way you think, the way you feel like of course, right,

I just don't know why I can't get out of
my own way. But that's the hard part of it,
you know, is you know it's easy to say things
like fleeting, but you've got to look yourself in the mirror,
like that is the biggest part of it that you
have to do that I sometimes think that people miss
is you have to be like staring at yourself and
seeing yourself and saying it to yourself in that way.

And it's just a game changer, is because it you're
seeing yourself, You're looking at yourself, you know. And I
always say too that. I think it's also the discipline
of doing it. And I know that sounds wild and like, well,
you know, you're just talking and blah blah blah. But
I've done it every single morning I was twenty and
I'm now thirty five, and I do not I do

not let it get away from me. It's I do
it every single morning. So it's like the discipline and
the habit of it and the act of it that's
really gone me through. Love that well, Allison, thank you
for coming on. Everyone get keep dancing through a Boss
Family Groove by Allison Boss and Twitch. So thank you
so much, appreciate you coming on. Thank you guys, Thank you,

glad to be okay, Bye you guys. Bye. If I
was here, I would start my mornings with like a boss.
Like a boss, go get them girl, like a oos. Guys,
that was a good episode. I'm gonna just scratch away,
scratch that we come up with an answer. Scratch that.
Oh that's another one has the answer for us. So

I wanted to do this on Instagram, but I didn't
want we kind to get a sponsorship somewhere. What this
is like a very head and shoulders moment, but it's
not know but do you okay? So weather has to
be a because it's a friend. I'm not dry. I'm
not dry. I'm not I mean, i'm dry, but my

head's not like I don't know, girl, it's weird, but
apparently it's not common. And please, if you have like lines,
show up, let me know. I'll look at it and see.
Oh my god, I can't. Okay, we got all. We're
gonna stop. Okay, have a great night or day
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