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April 16, 2024 3 mins

Good morning and welcome to the ride!

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, all the people who
are orchestra conductors, anyone who has ever aspired to or
been an astronaut, anybody who works at Cape Canaveral, anybody
that's ever been in the circus. Welcome to the Steve
Harvey Morning Show. We have a few people on this

show that has been in the letter in the circus before,
but I rescue them at a young age, and so
they're here today. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Steve
Harvey Morning Show. Ever grateful to God for this new day,
this new blessing, this new opportunity, this new chance. Another shot. Man,
oh man, oh man, what a great day it is.

Today is the day that the Lord has made. Let
us rejoice and be glad in it. I'm already glad,
and I'm in it you too. Steve Harvey Morning Show.
Sherley Strawberry calling for real Mississippi Monica Junior and the
legend that is Nephew Tommy Junior. Yes, I can tell
that it was a rough week on you. I can

just look at you on the zoom and I already know.

Speaker 2 (01:09):
I tell you what happened. I'll tell you what happened.

Speaker 3 (01:13):
All right, I tell you family vacation.

Speaker 2 (01:16):
Family vacation, that happens. Yeah, family vacation.

Speaker 3 (01:20):
Yeah, first one, we were playing one, and I'm telling
you right now, if I got to pay for it,
everybody not going. Some of y'all gonna see these pictures.
Some of y'all just get a phone call. Everybody not
going down here to this. I'm not doing that social media,
they go.

Speaker 2 (01:34):
See what how many is it? Junior? If five of us?

Speaker 3 (01:39):
No, everybody not gone.

Speaker 1 (01:41):
Grandkids Junior five dog?

Speaker 3 (01:45):
Yeah, no, everybody one of these babies not gonna see Mickey.
I'm telling you right now.

Speaker 2 (01:50):
Well go ahead, yeah five dog.

Speaker 3 (01:53):
Dog five And I'm paying a Hey, y'all didn't tell
me this part was coming with it.

Speaker 2 (01:58):
Well, I got news for you. Junior. Guess what look like?
You ain't going for me? But all them kids is
going Junior.

Speaker 3 (02:08):
Hey, hey, hey, somebody not gonna see Mickey.

Speaker 1 (02:13):
You're not going Junior. First of all, only gonna pay
for Junior. If it's only four. You can't leave none
of the grand babies out. That's what we do it.
I can't because me and Tommy do it all the time.
The family go a lot of places we don't get
to go cause we gotta go to work.

Speaker 2 (02:29):
That's your damn job, that's.

Speaker 3 (02:32):
Your so I'm paying for it and I can't go.

Speaker 2 (02:35):
Yeah, it happened sometimes. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow. Yeah,
you ain't tell me this part. We know we had to.

Speaker 1 (02:43):
Yeah, but see but see junior, Junior reason we so
you're so shocked by all this because it all happened
to you at one time.

Speaker 2 (02:53):
You didn't you didn't practice just being a.

Speaker 1 (02:56):
Husband, didn't have kids, didn't have grand kids.

Speaker 2 (03:01):
You was all that after one.

Speaker 3 (03:03):
Day, after one day, and instead, No, I'm telling you, man,
the hotel, the flights, and the tickets to the.

Speaker 1 (03:11):
Park, well, Jr, Junr. The flights, how you think they're
gonna get that? The hotel where you think they're gonna stay,
and the and the ticket to the park. What is
they down there to see? If they don't get in
the park?

Speaker 3 (03:23):
Airport open all day, so we will stay there all right?

Speaker 2 (03:26):
What is too much for him? In one day? We'll
hear from the nephews he runs that prank back right
after this, you're listening Morning Show
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