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May 9, 2024 3 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
It is time now for junior and sports talk, which
you got junior.

Speaker 2 (00:04):
Well, the Knicks beat the Pacers one thirty to one
twenty one to take a two lead into series. Man,
Jalen Brunson is just gonna be a problem.

Speaker 3 (00:13):
Man. He canvolve now.

Speaker 2 (00:14):
He missed the first quarter with a sore foot. He
came out, did not come back for the second quarter.
After halftime, the Knicks was down ten and they rallied
back after.

Speaker 3 (00:23):
Twelve point deficit to take the lead. Uh I just
I just think this brother hit man. He could have
he could he would have got the MVP.

Speaker 2 (00:30):
Man, he playing this good so he's playing this good quarter,
first quarter, the second halftime, they was down by ten.

Speaker 3 (00:38):
Yeah, how many he ended up with twenty nine? What
they put in that foot? They put something in that foot. Yeah, man,
he only had five in the first quarter. Second half.
He was crazy. Man, he went all the way off.

Speaker 2 (00:54):
But you know what, all five of the Knicks starters
was in double figures. And the other person they had
really talk about they only had seven players. They played
the whole game with seven players, only two subs. All
five of them was in double figures. I'm talking about
three of them over twenty they would have and the
garden was rocking. Man. You see New York they out

there having a ball when they win it. Saw Spike
Lee out there losing it. Mary j bliging there, Chris rock.
The whole garden was in there, man, it was it was.
It was some deseasions. They playing, man now coaching Rick Carlyle.

Speaker 3 (01:30):
Huh some people what the other people on the bench doing.
What is they doing just sitting there at the route?

Speaker 2 (01:35):
Well, man, hey, man, go with the top seven. Josh
Hart played all forty eight minutes, so you got a code.

Speaker 3 (01:42):
Who's working?

Speaker 2 (01:43):
So man, uh, Rick Carlile got tossed out the game.
The coach for the Indian the Pacers told the ref
if you now, that'll get you tossed.

Speaker 3 (01:52):
If you tell after reff you that will get you tossed. Dog,
you know how many times I'll be tossed. That's the
first thing I remember. A times you be tossed up
every night radio on Family Feud, my hed every day.

Yeah yeah, man, But he got tossed. Man.

Speaker 2 (02:21):
He said that the refs are not making all the
calls because Josh Hart pushed Tyreee Halliburton just in the
in the back and the ref looked at it and
didn't make a call.

Speaker 3 (02:31):
So he said, hey man, I'm sick of this and
he went off.

Speaker 2 (02:34):

Speaker 3 (02:34):
They tossed him. So we got tonight. We got the.

Speaker 2 (02:37):
Cavaliers and the Celtics up. They gonna be playing the
night at seven on Tefty. Yeah, and then we got
the Mavericks and the thunder Man.

Speaker 3 (02:45):
How are you feeling about this tonight? About what? Still
the same thing? Are you talking about? The Cave just
was asking they down one game to the Celtic. We
made it. Yeah, here were down one be down too.
Gonna take that long you go, sir? All right, thank you?
Jor come on, Donald say don't take long.

Speaker 1 (03:05):
Coming up at the top of the hour, a man
on social media needs some advice, Steve. He says, I'm
not going to apologize for not believing in ghosts. We'll
talk about it right after this. You're listening Morning show
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