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April 15, 2024 86 mins

In a room full of heroes - Dan Hanzus, Gregg Rosenthal, Marc Sessler and Colleen Wolfe tell you which players from this year's NFL Draft class they find most fascinating. To start the show, the heroes react to Tom Brady leaving the door open for return (04:16), rumors around Brandon Aiyuk (11:55), Tee Higgins and Davante Adams weighing in on their futures (17:13) and contract extensions for DeVonta Smith and DeForest Buckner (20:09). After the break, the heroes profess their love for the future stars of the NFL (38:18).

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
The Around the NFL podcast Football is Back.

Speaker 2 (00:08):
I know he's kind of right from the Chris Westling
podcast Studios Around the NFL. Dan hands us here back
for another week ahead of the Draft, joined by heroes
Mark Sessler, Greg Rosenthal. And of course, and this is
I should say, of course because this is not typically.

Speaker 3 (00:28):
When this person is with us. Also, there was quite
a bit of concern about her whereabouts and they were
given the state, you know, recent state of news around
this individual, an idea that maybe forcibly taken off our
last broadcast.

Speaker 1 (00:43):
But no, she' back. Colleen Shannie's the queen Queen. She
is the Queen of NFL meeting.

Speaker 4 (00:57):
I never really thought about it before, but that specific
tune has like kind of some church hymn vibes a
bit a little bit there.

Speaker 1 (01:05):
Like it's like God just came in the studio. Well,
it's the Queen.

Speaker 5 (01:09):
I mean that is essentially saying every other option to
be the queen is below you, below the Queen.

Speaker 6 (01:17):
I also thought about your strategy, like over the weekend
that you effectively came on and did an excellent eight
or nine minutes of podcasting, left a message on your
phone to tag at the end, and it was like
that's she's still is part of the any idea, she's
still part of the cash. You're going just as valuable
as anyone else. And I think it was just an

incredible strategy for multiple angles for.

Speaker 3 (01:39):
Colleen in that particular situation. It worked for the show.
Yeah ideas.

Speaker 1 (01:46):
I was just on the fact that it was effective.

Speaker 7 (01:49):
Thank you, thank you so much. We made it work, but.

Speaker 1 (01:52):
Not a permanent solution for Colleen or anyone else.

Speaker 6 (01:55):
Just thought about it like in multiple from multiple angles,
no action steps to yeah.

Speaker 1 (02:00):
Right, you know, thank you. Jason Zummo.

Speaker 5 (02:02):
By the way, reminding us football is back this week,
twenty five teams kicking off voluntary offseason workout. So I
think it's it's basically having the Jets put out, you know,
a nice image slow motion of Aaron Rodgers. No, that's
just how he walks walking into the building. And I
think that just shows this football is back, save for like.

Speaker 6 (02:22):
The twenty five percent of players that are not showing
up because of money issues and various grumblings.

Speaker 5 (02:27):
It's just like we're back here. We've got slow motion
sunglass area.

Speaker 7 (02:31):
Though, nice camo vibe.

Speaker 1 (02:35):
I feel like you just went through it all with
the Jets year.

Speaker 6 (02:37):
Agree, and I'm back in the same place, and nothing
happened during the real football.

Speaker 3 (02:40):
Season, just the way it goes. It is a bit
of a cycle. The entire job, in a way is
a cycle. It all begins anew But football is not bad.
We already discussed that football is not back until after Thanksgiving,
but you really want to be serious about it, like
next January?

Speaker 1 (03:00):
Right, yeah, all right? Coming up on today's.

Speaker 3 (03:03):
Show, I you know, the draft is Let's see, the
draft is a week from Thursday, so we have hit
it from multiple angles of the past couple of weeks.

Speaker 1 (03:12):
We're gonna continue to do this week.

Speaker 3 (03:13):
We're gonna have some guests involved this this show, though,
we're gonna kind of keep it in house. We're gonna
talk about the players that fascinate him. In fact, this
segment is called I love them Fascinating Players in twenty
twenty four NFL Draft and that let's make that the
episode title as well.

Speaker 1 (03:30):
That's a good one, I think, yeah, put it in quotes. Hey,
hear that again, I love them all.

Speaker 7 (03:38):
It's I think it's genuine.

Speaker 1 (03:40):
It is, Yeah, no, it felt authentic.

Speaker 3 (03:43):
That's from our Friday show and you were talking, of
course of lad Maconki. I don't know if he's coming
up today, but we already know that I love him.

Speaker 6 (03:53):
I will say one thing that I've personally tried to
put in more draft work than in some prior years. Yeah,
and that we already talk. We already talk loud Maconkie.
We already gave them that. Yeah, there's a lot of
other players to look at, and that's what we're gonna.

Speaker 5 (04:07):
Do more efficient to see to hit, we gotta spread
the way around. Yahessler's got his.

Speaker 3 (04:12):
Leg a ocean of prospects out there for the sas
dog entire. But before that we do that, that's hit
the news.

Speaker 6 (04:19):
Let's say one day it is a situation, right, Maybe
it's the forty nine ers, Maybe you know, headed to
the playoffs.

Speaker 1 (04:24):
Offense is great, Patriots, somebody, somebody raiders could be you
never know, Scott forbid, somebody goes down, would you pick
up that phone. I'm not opposed to it. If they would.
I don't know if they're gonna let me by becoming
an owner in the NFL team, But I don't know.
If I don't know, I'm always going to be in
good shape. I always be able to throw the ball.
So to come in for a little bit like MJ

coming back, I don't know if they let me, but
I wouldn't be opposed to it.

Speaker 3 (04:49):
That's I'm unfamiliar with the show, but the Deep Cut
podcast with Vic Blend's Tom Brady in a barber chair
with the whole, with the whole, the cloak on him
and everything. I'd like to get a good look at
Tom Brady's hair, by the way, and how that's.

Speaker 1 (05:05):
It was pretty mid cut right there though. Yeah, But
as Mark and I have long.

Speaker 3 (05:11):
Held the theory that he had radical work done from
the neck up. If you look at look at him
on the tea cups at Disneyland and O two and
take a look at him in the later years.

Speaker 6 (05:23):
Well, it's a it's a theory, but one of our
many cases where we've compiled evidence and facts and sourced
various conversations over a decade plus and there's some trencht
uh eyewitness concepts about what maybe happen.

Speaker 4 (05:37):
The hair situation, I feel like is fine now. It
is more accepted widely.

Speaker 1 (05:43):
I think among people going down certain roads you're.

Speaker 7 (05:46):
Going to get plugs.

Speaker 4 (05:47):
It's like, I respect the guys that go completely bald
and then they're like, nah, you know what, I'm going
back and.

Speaker 7 (05:53):
Like like public figures that do it.

Speaker 3 (05:55):
You brought it up, so I'm gonna I don't know
if Brady didn't know, we don't know. I know people
someone directly in the show business, and and he's everybody.

Speaker 1 (06:07):
Everybody does it.

Speaker 3 (06:09):
Yeah, guys, all the guys just about anyway, That's the point.
A couple of things. First of all, he was I
don't know, it was a new bit of a greg
you know, Tom Brady's voice as well as anyone, a
new kind of cadence, little white boy flow there from Brady,
the Travis Kelcey flow to the off the tongue felt
maybe because he was in the barbershop or something.

Speaker 5 (06:27):
I think that was maybe more just he's with uh,
a younger man who's looking.

Speaker 1 (06:33):
But you're picking up on that too, right, there's a
little bit. I would like to hear it again.

Speaker 5 (06:37):
But I am curious about the consultants that are telling
Tom Brady to go on this podcast, like how did
the quarterbacks shoot? Like, there's no way he knows this
podcast on his own. It's like a young len guy,
no like that someone is saying, we want to be
hitting the younger demo, Vic blends would be great. Yes,
like so he so someone is getting paid to just

tell him that information.

Speaker 1 (06:59):
That's a good job. Yeah, the big job by Vic Blendze.

Speaker 5 (07:02):
The person who's telling Aaron Rodgers he might be doing
on his own, I feel like doing less of a
good job like his the podcast he chooses to pop
up on our little Little I.

Speaker 6 (07:10):
Just I continue to be awestruck by Tom Brady's intense
desire to announce football games for Fox.

Speaker 3 (07:19):
And by the way, that is the first time I
heard that. I didn't think. I didn't take that seriously
at all. I think that was a guy like having
fun and uh, that was a little bit of us,
you know, sip and tea in the barbershop, joking around.
Like I didn't think. I didn't take that to mean
he was serious about it.

Speaker 1 (07:34):
I agree.

Speaker 5 (07:35):
And yet if someone had called him last year, I
bet he would have done it.

Speaker 3 (07:39):
Like I just don't wait a second. He was preparing
for the broadcasting job last year. He was in the bunker,
which I believe.

Speaker 5 (07:47):
I mean, that's time he brought up MJ immediately that
he's like, hey, maybe MJ on the Wizards.

Speaker 1 (07:52):
Essentially, as he's talking about, it's like, all right, but.

Speaker 7 (07:54):
He'll always be in good shase for the basketball.

Speaker 1 (07:57):

Speaker 3 (07:57):
Let's get into other news. So maybe Tom Brady comes
back end of next year. Stranger things have happened, all right.
Let's move into other news, starting with Rashie Rice, who
four days ago surrendered to police on an assault charge
after a high speed crash that went down on a
Dallas highway last month that involved a half dozen vehicles.

And Rice twenty three years old and coming off a
very promising rookie year with the chiefs involved with the
incident and now involved in a legal situation that could
have ramifications obviously for him personally, also the Kansas City
Chiefs and in the realm of the chiefs kingdom connected
to this, the chief to expect, this was a report

earlier today. Expect Wide receiver Rashi Rice to participate as
they began their off season program Monday with virtual meetings,
Andy Reid said. Reid kind of didn't get into specifics
on Rice's situation. He said, well, just see where everything
goes from there, referring to the law enforcement investigation. Let
the process take place. So Greg's This sets up obviously

terrible situation. We remembered what the terrible car accident Henry
Ruggs was involved in Vegas, so this brings back memories
of that and Rice very nearly being involved allegedly with
something I could have had similarly similarly terrible outcome. So
we'll see what happens with the chiefser who already needed

help at playmaker with the draft a week away, and
now you have this Rice situation hanging over everything.

Speaker 5 (09:35):
Yeah, he didn't want he Andy Reid said he's talked
to Rice. He wouldn't take questions do on them in
that he wanted the law enfor quote, the law enforcement
part to take place, and then they'll go from there.
When it comes to Rashi Rice, I don't know what
go from there means, but I think it's safe to
say the Chiefs have to operate that they don't know
what Rice's status is as a member of the team

or at the beginning of the season, we from the
outside also don't know what Raci Rice's status is with
the Chiefs. They could decide to do anything and it puts.

Speaker 6 (10:06):
Them back like where they were, you know, before signing
Markus Brown and where they were after signing Markus Brown.
It's like they need consistent number one wide receiver play
from someone, and Rice was shaping up to be that
guy in theory, and like, you know, you know, a
suspension can whack you for the first you know, month
of a season plus and that those games matter a
ton for Kansas City.

Speaker 4 (10:26):
I mean, thank god that this did not involve any
fatalities because we would be talking about this in such
a different tone. But his off season in general went
from so lighthearted, working out with Patrick Mahomes, wearing Patrick
Mahomes Dad bod shirt.

Speaker 7 (10:42):
Everyone was laughing about it. It was fun, it was
light whatever.

Speaker 4 (10:45):
And then now he's facing eight felony charges, six of
collision involving bodily injury, one of collision involving serious bodily injury,
and one of aggravated assault.

Speaker 7 (10:54):
Doesn't even include charges for leaving the scene.

Speaker 4 (10:57):
So it'll be interesting to see how the league approaches
this because obviously, in any criminal case, the league likes
to wait for everything to play out before they hand
down any type of suspensions, or maybe he goes on leave.
But I mean, it was just like, what kind of

decision was he making?

Speaker 1 (11:19):
To leave.

Speaker 4 (11:20):
I mean, his cars were involved in it. He had
to have known that eventually, Like you can't run from that.
But it's just it sucks for him, it sucks for
everyone involved, and then also for the chiefs now in
this situation where they don't know they're in a little
bit of a limbo with their wide receiver position.

Speaker 6 (11:35):
I always think these suspensions, too, take on a bit
of a different tone when there's a video yeah versus not,
and like there isn't a ton of precedent for an
accident like this involving so many people, and it's like,
I don't know, we'll see what the league does.

Speaker 3 (11:48):
Let's talk other wide receivers in more on the field tone.
Let's start with Brandon and Ayuk, who trope alert removed
the San Francisco forty nine from all social.

Speaker 7 (12:03):
Media true little boy.

Speaker 3 (12:05):
Yeah, and now everybody talks about that as a trope alert,
but I feel like our podcasts a little ahead of
the curve on that as a tried and true move
for a player to start the process of being annoyed
with this team in a public manner, so that leads
to reporting and aggregated reporting.

Speaker 1 (12:22):
And then Ayuk's.

Speaker 3 (12:23):
Agent on Monday, denied on social media a report that
the star receiver requested a trade. Ayuk is under contract.
He's entering the fifty year of his rookie deal. He
set to make fourteen million. Connie, this is a very
very talented wide receiver, yestn who you speak with, maybe

a superstar wide receiver. But he's also on a team
that has some high paid players, including someone at his
own position in Deebo Samuel, and the idea of a
trade does not seem out of the realm of possibility.

Speaker 4 (12:56):
No, and I'm sure he wants to be paid like Debo,
even if he hasn't asked or a trade, there's still
some type of smoke there. It's a passive aggressive move
to unfollow the Niners on all of your social media channels,
knowing that everyone's gonna pick up on that. But for
the Niners, time is everything, right now, pay him or
trade him to get some type of draft compensation because

his price tag is only going to go up with
every single deal that's made. We'll talk about DeVante Smith
coming up, but all of those extensions, I mean, Ceedee
Lamb justin Jefferson, Like, there's a lot of receivers that
are trying to get paid right now, and he deserves
to get paid.

Speaker 1 (13:33):
His agent.

Speaker 5 (13:35):
Came on Twitter and said, you need better sources to
a report, and this is why it's tricky.

Speaker 1 (13:43):
You gotta become better if you're.

Speaker 5 (13:46):
In this industry, all right, No, just has this the
Medium Minute?

Speaker 1 (13:50):
No, I just reading Twitter.

Speaker 5 (13:52):
The report came from NFL insider John Purcella.

Speaker 1 (14:00):
Be a young star on the rise. You don't know,
but isn't working for any anything.

Speaker 5 (14:08):
I'm not really sure, like just as a guy with it,
you know, has a check mark. And he put this
report out and he said it's official.

Speaker 3 (14:16):
Check This sounds too much like a media minute, so
let's do it. This is Greg sitting in on the
dn hands's media to hit it.

Speaker 1 (14:26):
Eric, it's time or the latest edition of the Media
Minute with Greg A.

Speaker 5 (14:39):
So I think, yeah, if you're if you're you're on
Twitter and you're noticing these things, you know, look look
for where's the employer.

Speaker 1 (14:46):
If you can't find find one red flag?

Speaker 5 (14:49):
If there's a situation where fifteen thousand followers, Okay, that's that.

Speaker 1 (14:53):
I take notes. That sounds good.

Speaker 7 (14:54):
It's a checklist, but then ten no job folloween yeah,
that's that.

Speaker 1 (15:00):
It's a red flag.

Speaker 5 (15:01):
And if the link to the latest work is a
blog spot that hasn't been updated in almost two years,
log Spot, you know it's on you if you passed
that along as info. Now, who knows an aggregator maybe
maybe his agent though, is just on Twitter and saw
this and he responds and I'm glad and there's you know,

a little more news on social it appeared and you
can't really tell. On his Instagram today, Brandon Nyuk was
at Day one of off season program because he was like,
I'm a Day one type of guy and put that
up on Instagram stories and appeared he was, you know,
at thesode.

Speaker 1 (15:36):
That was that was illuminating Greg. Everything checked out and
that was the medium minute, I think, I think it, yeah,
and that was the medium minute with Greg. I think
in Twitter parlance, be better.

Speaker 5 (15:58):
I also think Brandon Nyuk is very likely to get
a contract from the forty nine ers, and this is
one that doesn't have a lot of juice to it.

Speaker 3 (16:05):
And I think if Brandon I first traded, everyone's going
to oh first round pick. But remember trade tax that
we instituted, right. I think you were in Hawaii when
we finally put our foot down on this and we're
gonna stop.

Speaker 1 (16:18):
Well, if the fail was slifted off our eyes, right, Yeah.

Speaker 3 (16:21):
So whatever you think Brandon I WHU deserves knock it
down around. So you know, go get Brandon Hu. Are
you for a second this year and a fourth next year?
And I would do that in a second.

Speaker 7 (16:31):
No, I feel like that he's got to be worth
a first round.

Speaker 1 (16:35):
Lift the mail con.

Speaker 6 (16:36):
I think he's getting paid by his current team. That
the Deebo thing went on forever, and so I'll think
Deebo Samuel is more likely to get traded than Nayuk.
But I think it would be in twenty twenty five
when when Perdy Deebo is a twenty four million dollar
cap hit next year, it's a twenty eight million dollar
cap pit this year.

Speaker 3 (16:55):
In otherwide receiver news, T Higgins said, I quote do
anticipate playing for the Bengals in twenty twenty four. Higgins
is another one that you know he's on the franchise
tag and there was talk about that maybe he's going
to be moved, but he looks forward to the season
with the Bengals. And speaking of players that have been
connected a lot to trade whispers but nothing tangible. Devonte

Adams of the Raiders, and he spoke with The Athletic
in an interview and said, if I wanted to be gone,
I'd be gone, which is pretty different. For whatever reason,
that checks out to me because he has not kind
of been on the record about wanting to be part
of this rebuild under Pierce, and now he is. He

wants to be the he wants to be part of it.
He's excited like everybody else is around the Raiders and
trying to surprise some people.

Speaker 4 (17:46):
Oh yeah, and now his offensive coordinator from Green Bay,
Luke Getzi, is in Vegas, so they have a little
history there. And I feel like a lot of his
frustration stemmed from the dislike and whatever was going on
between him and Josh McDaniels, and and that was like
the whole team felt that way. It seems so now
Dante Adams came out and was stumping for Antonio Pierce.

Now he's there, feels like everything is like a little
bit easier and a little bit better now vibes area.

Speaker 5 (18:13):
See how he's feeling when garden shoes uh thrown past
his in those hospital balls exactly.

Speaker 1 (18:19):
I think Daniels supposed to absolute poison in that or this.

Speaker 6 (18:22):
I feel like someone must have told him at least
to quell him for now, Like we're going hard for
a quarterback. It's not going to be aid and O'Connell
or Gardner Minshew week one if we.

Speaker 1 (18:30):
Can do anything.

Speaker 5 (18:30):
Oh and yeah, he just moved his family there. I
think he said that he loves living there. And you
know that's that's an important they're moving up. That's important
part of things. And I tend to believe like everyone
hoping for these wide receiver trads, I am too, because
it makes draft week and we're excited. I I have
never thought that T Higgins was going to get traded.
I think the Bengals are a unique organization that the
way they like to do things like, well, we'll just

happen one more year. We're not gonna pay him the
long term. We'll just let him leave a year from now.
But it's worth him to keep it for this year.
And if you're T Higgins, you could really make a
stink about it, or you could realize, like I'm coming off.

Speaker 1 (19:00):
A bad year.

Speaker 5 (19:00):
I'm with Joe Burrow, I've made I would have to
go check but I'm sure much. I got you, buddy,
much less than ten million dollars in his career, maybe
like five or six, and he's about to make twenty
one in one year. So if you're about to make
about a four hundred percent increase off of what you
made in four years combined, you're not going to be like,

You're probably not gonna go too crazy like in terms
of not being happy, and you're going to show up
and make it happen.

Speaker 6 (19:26):
His career earnings to this point, Greigie like four million
dollars or something. Let's see total cash in four seasons
with the Bengals.

Speaker 1 (19:37):
Ten million.

Speaker 3 (19:37):
Okay, Greg's made more than that. All right, let's pause
right here for a minute and take a break and
then get back to the news. All right, we're back
in other news. The NFL, excuse me, extensions, the Eagles. Hey,
here's your guys. Slim Reaper Devanta Smith signs a three
year extension worth seventy five million. The Call also get

a deal done with the Forest Buckner, who, according to
cults officials, epitomizes everything that a cult should be. All Right,
I guess they're happy with that trade they did with
the Niners a couple of years ago. But Devanta Smith, Yeah,
you like him, don't chuck huck I do.

Speaker 4 (20:15):
It was as soon as I walked into my family's
house for Easter dinner, it was the first question on
everyone's mind, what's going on with DeVante Smith?

Speaker 7 (20:23):
When is this deal getting done?

Speaker 1 (20:24):
Really? Like what a slice of Philly like.

Speaker 7 (20:26):
It's so great to see you happy Easter.

Speaker 4 (20:29):
Oh my god, it's been like years at this point
that I've seen my extended family.

Speaker 1 (20:34):
But yeah, it's a big deal.

Speaker 7 (20:35):
Everyone wants to know. Everyone wanted to know.

Speaker 4 (20:37):
Finally, they lock them in through twenty twenty eight, so
they picked up his fifth year option and then the
extension is for the three years that then follow So
if you're looking at the money that he's making on
an average per year basis, the Eagles now have two
of the top highest paid receivers, top five highest paid
receivers in the entire league with himself and aj Brown.

But this was really smart of Howie to get this
deal done before justin Jefferson and Ceedee Lamb and jamar
and and mother exactly. But this is what Philly does.
They take care of their own. They don't wait until
the last minute. Greg, you're talking about t Higgins and
how the Bengals operate that the Eagles are the exact opposite.
They make it a priority to get these deals done early,

so there's no discontent that sort of grows. And I
think that it'll be interesting to watch Kellen Moore, their
new offensive coordinator, what he does, if he does anything
different with Devonte Smith now coming up this season.

Speaker 6 (21:36):
I mean the one thing there that is just coming
from last year's Eagles like fall off a cliff at
that was last year. I'm just saying because like one
of them you're not talking about last year, who seemed
more annoyed.

Speaker 1 (21:48):
Aj Brown.

Speaker 6 (21:49):
It seemed like was so annoyed, like game after game,
and it's like he has no guaranteed money after this season.
So you got these Juelian Banjo's a wide out, We'll
see it. By the one thing, elut to Forest Buckner, like,
the Colts are interesting and it's not shocking on a
Chris Belbert. They've signed now ten of their own players
to new deals, and by think Buckner is worth it.
You can he can drive around on a cream colored
purse for the rest of his Cults journey now with

the money he's just made. But like he's like, you know,
they just want to stick with their own dudes.

Speaker 1 (22:16):
Oh their player. Yeah.

Speaker 5 (22:17):
They also locked in Grover Stewart on that line, so
they've been good for a while together Green Color, and
they're staying the same.

Speaker 1 (22:23):
No, you're right, it's a good choice in color.

Speaker 5 (22:24):
It's a continuation of a cults trend. They resigned their
guys more than any team league, but the Eagles they do.

Speaker 1 (22:31):
I know you're sick of hearing how No, I have
nothing to say on this. I'll offer nothing. My stance
has been made.

Speaker 5 (22:36):
Clear because he technically had two years left on his contract,
so they got way ahead of it. He was in
he wants to make more money now because he was
in the fourth year of his Rickey deal, but then
they would add the fifth year option, and so they
tacked three years off of that and he gets way
more in the short term. But that contract goes through
twenty twenty eight. That's going to look like an incredible
value and he's probably not going to be very happy
with that contract in three years and they'll have to
revisit that. And that is it's just good business, and

it's how you avoid I'd get into this situation that
the Cowboys are in, or that the Jaguars were in
this offseason with Josh Allen, and that's why they couldn't
keep Calvin really, except in this case the players are
much better. I was thinking, Okay, it might be time
to say goodbye to AJ Brown at some point too.

Speaker 1 (23:12):
It's like A J.

Speaker 5 (23:13):
Brown's twenty six years How is AJ Brown only twenty
six years old right now?

Speaker 7 (23:17):
So that's true?

Speaker 1 (23:18):
Do you want to keep him from just for starters?
He was born twenty six years ago right now?

Speaker 4 (23:23):
I love that for the but Greg, they have five
players under contract through twenty twenty eight, including Jalen Hurts
and then the other four guys that they already signed
this offseason with Landon Dickerson, Jake Elliott, Jordan Mylotta, and
now DeVante Smith.

Speaker 3 (23:37):
I'm currently reading and enjoying it quite a bit. The
Jordan Rules by Sam Smith, documenting the.

Speaker 6 (23:46):
Also rewatching the Jordan documentary Wormhole, Okay.

Speaker 1 (23:50):
Wormhole in Focust.

Speaker 3 (23:53):
The paperback that I got has a new forward by
Sam Smith where he reflects on the documentary and how
he was going to do it and the Bulls Dynasty.

Speaker 5 (24:02):
Look at you, I found of Michael, I went and
showed Walker want to see I had some cards, some
old cards that were like my better football, basketball baseball cards.
Yesterday I went through. We went through because it's rainy
in La as always all that happens in La.

Speaker 1 (24:15):

Speaker 5 (24:16):
Yeah, we went through it, look through some old ones
to see if I have any bangers in there. A
whole bunch of a lot of money I wasted buying
cards back A lot of deep breaths. Had two good
cards in the entire thing. One of them was a
solid Jordan card that is valued around five hundred dollars
or so.

Speaker 1 (24:30):
Is it in minute condition or is it? Probably not.
It's in one of those things that looks good.

Speaker 6 (24:34):
Well, that's a terrible job by the youth version of you,
because even back then you knew you had.

Speaker 5 (24:38):
To know it looks good. It's been in one of
those things the whole time. You think it looks good.

Speaker 1 (24:41):
But if you take it to one of these nerdy cards,
I got a condition. It was different. Just saying that
was exciting to me to find this fleer Ale, I
don't remember. Yeah, what's your guy do?

Speaker 3 (24:51):
My guy's a guy, he's a guy. That's connected at
the highest levels to the industry of what condition is
this in? How much is it worth?

Speaker 1 (24:58):

Speaker 6 (24:58):
I hope it's not thro out there on YouTube that
opens up packs of cards from like nineteen ninety one Raiser.

Speaker 1 (25:04):
Yeah, but eats the gum too. No, I introduced you
to that guy. Oh well, Chuck Wax. So it was fantastic. Yeah.

Speaker 5 (25:11):
I was watching card which was not worth anything, but
you could see the gum staying on the card.

Speaker 1 (25:17):
The gum was called gum sweat the dust. It's like
it already wasn't worth anything anyway. Jordan rules, I bring
this up. He happened to be there. Sam Smith.

Speaker 3 (25:26):
He was a beat reporter for the Chicago Tribune who
happened to pick the perfect year to do.

Speaker 1 (25:32):
Oh, I'm following this team and covering this player.

Speaker 3 (25:35):
He picked Michael Jordan and the nineteen ninety one Chicago
Bulls that won the first of six titles. And even
though this came out thirty some odd years ago, at
this point it's still the same, which is, it's so
hard to manage rosters and manage egos, and everyone's paying
very close attention to not only how much they're making

in their contract situation, but their teammates and who's who
got what?

Speaker 1 (26:00):
He got this, but I didn't get that.

Speaker 3 (26:01):
Scottie Pippen dealt with this a lot because Jerry Kraus
locked him into a bad contract, the GM of the team.

Speaker 1 (26:07):
Anyway, I bring this up because not.

Speaker 6 (26:08):
The only bad contract he locked into. Little tabloids take
there by Mark?

Speaker 1 (26:14):
Is that a tap? Take? Yeah?

Speaker 6 (26:15):
Just go if you're listening and you care, go research
it on your own. We don't need to stop into it.
I don't want to interrupt. You love AJ Brown, who
you know, he's a guy that hasn't always been happy
on that team. Now Slim Reaper got the bag. That
could be an issue.

Speaker 1 (26:27):
I don't know, folks, I am with you type.

Speaker 4 (26:30):
Issue, but I also with Aj Brown. I feel like
he gets this rap for like not being happy. I
think that he just expresses it outwardly more than other people.

Speaker 1 (26:38):
Won is it a rap? Whereas there's some evidence that he's.

Speaker 4 (26:41):
There's plenty of evidence, but I think that he just
you know, I didn't up to voice his opinion.

Speaker 5 (26:46):
I like what you're saying is there's a lot of
this and maybe there's a lot more passive aggressive people
in the build in or something that are more annoying,
and you'd actually rather the AJ guy.

Speaker 7 (26:55):
You know, we are rather like exactly like process these feelings.

Speaker 6 (26:58):
Let's not repress You're more optim mistic the normal about
the Eagles. Typically there's some doom and gloom or like
what's next around the corner. I tend to think something's
around the corner, right, I'm just throwing it out there. Yeah,
times change, sports change. The guys are always watching the
other guys, especially in their position group. All right, Connie,
you are going to Detroit for the draft. I am

What is your role within the company's structure?

Speaker 7 (27:22):
A few different things.

Speaker 4 (27:23):
I will be doing hosting DJ's mock draft the night
before night one, and then I'll be on site on
the desk doing some things night one and night two
for the network, and then I'll be on the stage
night one and night three.

Speaker 7 (27:39):
I've never done Day.

Speaker 1 (27:40):
Three before, and it looks like things get weird.

Speaker 7 (27:43):
It looks like so much fun and there's gonna be puppies.
I was like, I would like to do Day three.

Speaker 3 (27:48):
Thirteen prospects will be in attendance in Detroit for the drafts,
which begins Thursday. April twenty fifth. That seems like it's
a dwindling numbers still lowesting these is the lowest in years.

Speaker 5 (28:02):
Since the monfl is inviting fewer, they've said, because they're
really trying to another way to.

Speaker 1 (28:06):
Spin it bad.

Speaker 6 (28:07):
But what about but what about all the like the
fashion business before and then in their show.

Speaker 3 (28:12):
Here's here's what you need to know redcarpet. You want,
you want the big name, So number one pick Caleb Williams.

Speaker 1 (28:18):
He'll be there.

Speaker 3 (28:19):
Jaden Daniels, the QB from Els, he'll be there. Drake
May QB from UNC, he'll be there. Marvin Harrison Junior,
he'll be there.

Speaker 7 (28:26):
So there are he didn't do anything either.

Speaker 4 (28:27):
I love that he's going like he didn't test or
do anything at the combine.

Speaker 7 (28:31):
I like that he's going to the draft.

Speaker 1 (28:32):
We'll just wait at the finish line. Absolutely. But if
you're him angry, no, I mean I think it's he
didn't need to prove much. We know he's good.

Speaker 3 (28:43):
Finally in the news, anything down about that draft next week,
that's a plug.

Speaker 5 (28:47):
JJ McCarthy reportedly just didn't respond at all, so eventually
they had to take it back.

Speaker 1 (28:52):
You as a potential future of the Patriots. Is that
a red flag for you? Is that la Raville Magnivi.

Speaker 7 (28:57):
Now that is not ghosts.

Speaker 1 (29:00):
I'm a little under concerned he left him on red
that was on the Yeah. Pro Football Talk wrote that.

Speaker 5 (29:07):
The only notable player here was like Darius Robinson of Missouri.
It shows you what the NFL thinks in terms of
like that was a player that a lot of people
did not think. Where it's going in the first round
and he's one of the thirteen.

Speaker 6 (29:18):
But are they reaching out to people to you don't
want him sitting there as the one of the one
guy out of thirteen that's not.

Speaker 5 (29:24):
Well, they might have a higher opinion of where he
whoever they is, might have a higher opinion of where
he's going than like the consensus Centeville draft boards. So
that that name stuck out to me as like, wow,
he's he's going to be there because the rest you
expect to be top fifteen to twenty picks.

Speaker 3 (29:39):
Finally, in the news, OJ Simpson is dead, the former
running back legendary Bills running back who later became a
figure that went well beyond football, died at seventy six
years old after about with cancer, and I think it's
worthy that even though this happened a few days ago,
it didn't line up with our show release. I think

it's where they we talk about for a couple of reasons.
First of all, this around the NFL and OJ Simpson
as a football player was one of the most.

Speaker 1 (30:07):
Popular and beloved players in the history of the league.

Speaker 3 (30:11):
He ran for two thousand yards, the first guy to
ever do that in a fourteen game season. And we
have a lot of listeners that are either a too
young to know what went down in the mid nineties
around O. J. Simpson or or not from this country
and don't understand what O. J. Simpson and the murder

case and the subsequent trial, what that was about in
this country, and that became the biggest story really of
the nineteen nineties. And when they talk about trial of
the century, you hear that thrown up around a lot,
but that really was the trial of the century and
everything around it. So the idea marked that OJ now

is gone thirty years after he was acquitted of that
double is certainly a noteworthy and was a major figure.
And like where we are ages, yes, you know, we
have a totally different outlook and viewpoint on everything. So
now that he's gone thirty years later, it's pretty wild.

Speaker 6 (31:14):
I'll just hit like a couple, like you know, this
was one of the more personal news stories because it
was as like cable television was becoming like the thing.
And I'll never forget I really wanted to be a
journalist back then and be in sports. And it's kind
of forgotten that when it happened during the Knicks, he
knicks like rockets car chase, right, the car chase is

unfolding that in La. There were people once it kind
of got going lined up on the streets with like
poster board signage I'm supporting, Like everyone just thought that
OJ was under duress and probably fine, and then like.

Speaker 1 (31:48):
The choice is loose and things like that.

Speaker 6 (31:50):
Yeah, and this was like a twenty four hour a
day news story which was interrupted for nothing and they
had to throw it at one point from a sports
angle to Bob Costas, who was covering the NBA coverage,
and you guy, I had hours and hours and hours
of tape of OJ in like fun OJ mode back
when he hosted NFL Live with Bob Costas.

Speaker 1 (32:10):
They became very good friends.

Speaker 6 (32:12):
This is this is weird, but I was actually working
at that summer camp during all this, and I was
home when all of the chase happened, camp happens, I
went back to work.

Speaker 1 (32:20):
I went back to work, but I had and i'll
I have two little more things.

Speaker 6 (32:24):
But like I had this phone card because back then
you just you know, I had the pay phone there
and my friend Peter Acton back in like watching the news.
I would call him for like an hour a day
to get updates on what was happening with the trials
for the rest of the summer.

Speaker 1 (32:36):
And I never got charged on this card I called
the magic card. And then I was going to American University.

Speaker 6 (32:41):
The following special was like I made hundreds of hours
of calls and I went to American University. And fast
forward one year when the on October third, nineteen ninety five,
when the verdict came down, and there were people there
was like we could think we know what's going to happen,
but we don't. And I was in this gigantic student
center and the verdict came down and it was a
show falcking verdict and then the lights went out in

the student center and it was like a windowless gigantic
conference type room. And like the lights went out, went
down with hundreds of people in there, screaming, shouting, and
it was like a totally pitch dark room the world.

Speaker 1 (33:14):
That's what I remember that. Then a week later I.

Speaker 6 (33:17):
Got a bill that channeled from like at and T
back to my parents' house and they sent it to me,
and it was like for about fourteen hundred dollars in
phone charges that I was being charged for two years later,
sows I digress. But there was a lot of weird
moments back then because people tracked this story like no
other story.

Speaker 1 (33:35):
The bill always comes, it comes due, and it can't
do sort of not really for him.

Speaker 5 (33:40):
That documentary the five parter oj made in America, Oh
my god.

Speaker 1 (33:45):
Got to check it out if you're curious about this.

Speaker 5 (33:47):
It was so good, so good, and it was great
perspective for us or for for me about everything before that. Yes,
about who he was and what he you know, and
I knew him more as like the guy from the
Naked Gun more than anything. I mean, I knew he
was like an NFL great, but that puts it on
perspective in the perspective of the country. It's one of

the best documentaries I've ever seen.

Speaker 3 (34:11):
That's how I look back at it now as an
older person, as a fourteen fifteen year old, when it
happened three thousand miles away in the suburbs of New York,
like it just it looked like it couldn't have been
a more open and shut case. This was a man
that was a horrific abuser of his wife and there
was a mountain of evidence. It's like, obviously he's guilty.
But it turned out how the long shadow of Rodney

King in this city and how that came to directly
connect to this case and the lack of justice for
Rodney King, and how that impacted the black community, King
and his family, how that then led to in the
opinion of many, Nicole Brown and Ronald Golden not getting

justice because of the way the anger that's still in
the lack of trust around the LAPD.

Speaker 1 (35:03):
It was.

Speaker 3 (35:04):
You learned so much about the country and the issues
that are part of this country since we started, how
it went on so for our generation Rodney King and
OJ or for what a younger generation with George Floyd
was about, where it's like, wow, this is continues to
be a big part of what our country is about,
and it's underneath everything, and it's you know, it was

as big as it get. It's the biggest story of
our lifetime really, I mean outside maybe nine to eleven obviously.

Speaker 4 (35:34):
But yeah, I was nine when all of that was happening,
so I didn't have First of all, I didn't have
a great frame of reference as far as Oj as
like the player, like Greg mentioned, I was.

Speaker 7 (35:45):
I knew that he was a legendary figure. I had
watched him in like commercials and movies and stuff like that.

Speaker 4 (35:51):
But for me, just like looking back on everything, it
just feels so gross how a double murder became pop
culture and like for so many people.

Speaker 7 (36:02):
And it just had a life of its own.

Speaker 1 (36:05):
I also was.

Speaker 5 (36:06):
Taken just that he was this figure that was, you know,
because of what he did and in the trial was
a larger than life in a way that's hard to describe.

Speaker 1 (36:17):
And yet here he is when he dies, and it.

Speaker 5 (36:21):
Is just really interesting to hear the like sort of
the different reactions the Pro Football Hall of Fame. You know,
you can still go and you can look at OJ
Simpson's bus. It's up there. They flew their flag at
half mass for OJ Simpson. They released the statement just
about his life. Didn't mention the trials in the statement
the Buffalo Bills. You know who he's really associated with,

didn't say anything, you know, didn't didn't really statement, they
didn't do anything. His name is still up there though
you go to the stadium, it's up there in the
wall of fame. So and I don't even have like
a judgment or like a hot take on that. It's
just it's kind of crazy to think that all these
years later and then that a lot of the reaction
I feel like to him Dine was like silence at

least from the people, like from organizations and stuff. I
don't think there is a right answer, but it was
interesting to see how different places approached.

Speaker 3 (37:11):
Him and the thirty years just to kind of underline
it thirty years after, like you know, the frustration for
many people. So he got away with it, but like
also to know a little more like who oj was.
He was such a gregarious, outgoing personality that everyone loved.
He was, you know, maybe the first black athlete in
this country who was kind of accepted in like corporate America.

Madison Avenue. For him to live in this like purgatory
for the last thirty years and be seen by many
as a villain and a ghoul. He would he ran
away from the civil judgment, ended up going to Vegas
to escape that in Florida escape having to pay the
Goldman and Brown families. But he kind of led the
rest of his life as a you know, kind of
a grotesque curiosity to people. And while I don't think

that's true justice, I think that for him, that probably
was a pretty terrible way to end the rest of
his days. So Oj Simpson, seventy six years old, let's
take a break, right, Welcome back. So, yes, the draft
is coming up in a week and a half and

we're trying to give you every angle on this thing.
We're going to have more experts in the field a
little later in the week, but from our vantage point,
let's talk about some guys as we're doing the research
that we're fascinated by.

Speaker 1 (38:30):
That's how I think that's powerful. In fact, this segment
is called.

Speaker 3 (38:38):
I Love Them Fascinating Players of the twenty twenty four
NFL Draft, and that is the voice of Mark Sessler.
He was referring to wide receiver Lad McConkey, but that's
not where Mark is going here.

Speaker 1 (38:50):
So let's start it out with the sess doog. Who's
got you fascinated?

Speaker 6 (38:54):
I wanted to go defense because we've focused on a
lot of qbs in the top ten picks here, and
there's probab building like one defensive guy in there, and
a bunch of wide receivers. I started to look at
edge rushers and Florida State's Jared Verse six foot four,
two hundred and fifty four pounds, he just looks like
an old school football.

Speaker 1 (39:14):
Say that again. I'm writing the six y four no No.
His name Jared Verse, Jared v E R s E.
I love him, Senior. This guy just why.

Speaker 6 (39:24):
There's one clip that I'll like I will send out
at some point where he bull rushes like a three
hundred and twenty pound left tackle when they were playing
Louisville and like basically like takes this guy and throws
him like a child back and back on his feet
and finds a way to shove the three hundred and
twenty pound left tackle into the quarterback, grabs both of them,

throws him to the ground.

Speaker 1 (39:48):
And he's doing this all the time.

Speaker 6 (39:49):
I know that he's not looked at the number one
as the number one edge guy right now, But I
think he's a total punisher. He is just intensity, he's
got speed, he gets around tackles that with these traits,
Like there's moments when he's sacking like a quarterback. Sometimes
you see guys that need to use if they're smaller,
they're a quarnerback, they need us their body at full force.
He's able to use his hands just to drag guys

to the ground. And I think that you look at
like quarterbacks over and over on some of these clips,
he's coming from the blind side and he destroys them
and the ball is separated from them. They're thrown to earth,
and I think it changes the game. And I think
that he could go right away become one of the
more terrifying guys at the position if he can stay
healthy and pick up from him.

Speaker 3 (40:32):
He is ranked fourteenth in the Daniel Jeremiah most recent
NFL Draft prospect.

Speaker 7 (40:38):
And the second best edge rusher, right behind Dallas Turner.
A lot of people have them one and two.

Speaker 6 (40:43):
I think that depends what teams how they would want
to use them, because I watched a little Turner, but
Jared versus just more of my type.

Speaker 1 (40:49):
Of play, and I think that.

Speaker 3 (40:51):
It's going to be very interesting how this first round
plays out because all of the top ten really is
going to be dominated by offensive players. So when does
that defensive run start. Who's the first team to take
a defensive player? We will see if Verse now the
Falcons as an example, Yeah, they have not had a
premium edge rusher of notes since Johnbraham, So maybe he

he fits that in Mold, but there are many teams,
In fact, most teams looking for a big time edge.

Speaker 1 (41:21):
Rusher, and Verse might fit the book.

Speaker 5 (41:23):
Yeah, he seems like a complicated one because he's he
wins by his strength and mine's connected.

Speaker 1 (41:29):
So I'm gonna just transition to it. I love Liatu
latu damn. Probably like you know what, sorry.

Speaker 5 (41:37):
Content Census Sports might be the third defensive end or
third edge guy, which seems a little shocking to meet Verse.

Speaker 1 (41:43):
He's exciting.

Speaker 5 (41:44):
He's actually the type of guy I usually like, which
it's like it's all about strength, but it's a little
worries So when it's when you're two hundred and fifty
pounds and you're all about strength, like, is that kinna work?

Speaker 1 (41:53):
Like? Maybe not?

Speaker 5 (41:54):
As Like he's also twenty three years old, so's a
lot to but lotsu story is just so crazy that
he literally really could have played in the Premiership for
professional rugby, thought about it that he was that good,
decided not to do it. Probably is getting taken so
late because he had to medically retire for a year
because of a neck injury that knocked him out, So

he was out of football for two entire years. And
so I get it that maybe you're not going to
go in the top five or the top ten because
of the medical issues. But when you just watch him,
he just seems like he's the best defensive player in
the draft. It seems insane to me, Like the types
of moves that he has is like, and he's twenty
three years old, so's first, they're both a little older

in terms of prospects, so you want him to be
a little more refined or whatever. But it's just like
a walking pass rush like led the college football in
pass rush win rate, like does everything.

Speaker 1 (42:48):
He just looks like to me, like a TJ.

Speaker 5 (42:50):
Watt, Maybe not as explosive, but just like that he
would step in there and I'm almost surprised, But who am.

Speaker 1 (42:55):
I Like, Yeah, I look at Greg Roosendal. Damn it,
I get it, But I look at like the beast.

Speaker 5 (43:01):
Dane Brugler is great on the athletic and he has
him third and he has him as a below verse
as like a late first or to a seven typeic.
So maybe I'm totally off base, but I look at him,
it's like, that's the guy I freaking want. He looks
incredible to me. And it's just the injury thing, which
you know you're gonna be worried about. But he was
on a recruiting staff in Washington where it was him

the top three recruits was Pukinakua, Trent McDuffie and him.
It's like, okay, they went two for two. I feel
like it's gonna be three for three. But he might
end up being the third guy.

Speaker 4 (43:31):
And taken after the way that he passed Rushes, like,
it's not just speed, it's so much skill that he has.
And at his size, what he's six ' five to
sixty five, he moves like such a smaller player, almost
like a like a wide receiver kind of does. And yeah,
he won two rugby national championships. I actually talked to

him when he was on Great.

Speaker 1 (43:55):
You mentioned him on this show. I think once, yeah,
he took him for was it on?

Speaker 5 (44:00):
I would not either, Yeah, it would have been How
would I have Notell Nuggets?

Speaker 1 (44:07):
I watch every Colleen episode, so I.

Speaker 7 (44:09):
Knew obviously, Oh yeah, yeah.

Speaker 3 (44:12):
Butthing what else happened on that episode? Laughs were had
and analysis was a plenty.

Speaker 7 (44:18):
That's that's a great descriptor that's good.

Speaker 4 (44:22):
But yeah, the fact that he was told he would
never play football again after suffering that neck injury at
Washington and then he was cleared by u c l
A won Pac twelve Defensive Player of the Year last season.

Speaker 7 (44:35):
He's sixteenth on Daniel.

Speaker 4 (44:36):
Jeremiah's big board, like he is a Bob Marley fan,
So there's no character concerns there.

Speaker 7 (44:42):
Well, it might be other concerns, not for me if
I'm the GM.

Speaker 5 (44:47):
There was a little sprinkling of like, is is this
a little sprinkling out there of like.

Speaker 6 (44:56):
Not that?

Speaker 1 (44:56):
How much is this guy of football? I was like,
how much more do you want him to love football?

Speaker 5 (45:00):
He literally was told like he shouldn't ever play again
because of a neck injury, and he decides to pass
up pro rugby too. It's like that's the ultimate you
love football. True, don't love the neck. Don't love a
neck injury.

Speaker 1 (45:12):
That's concerning, But he didn't way two years.

Speaker 7 (45:14):
Yeah, no injuries and he's been medically cleared.

Speaker 1 (45:17):
And I'll use an example.

Speaker 3 (45:18):
You could there are many examples in the past with
players that come out of college with injury question marks
and it leads to them fall a little bit down
the board, and then you go and you grab them
and you might end up with Rob Gronkowski in a
good case, or you could end up with I don't know,
d Milner in a bad case.

Speaker 1 (45:35):
You just it's a bit of a gamble that you take.

Speaker 3 (45:38):
And he would count, I would think as a gamble there,
but certainly has a skill set and the desire right.

Speaker 1 (45:45):
Polynesian Football Player of the Year. I like those dude.
Those guys are built tough, all Asians. They almost it's
fun to men too when men were men. Whatever happened
to Gary Cooper?

Speaker 5 (45:57):
But check out Polynesia that's been directed when it was
in Hawaii, happened to have stayed at a house that
was less than a mile away from the Polynesian.

Speaker 1 (46:05):
Football Hall of Fame. No way, it just it felt like, you.

Speaker 6 (46:08):
Know, so, I'm all about ball so you went like
this said, such an easy hop, skip and a jump
to go visit it.

Speaker 1 (46:13):
I sort of did. I did, actually, but not on purpose.
On some level.

Speaker 5 (46:18):
We went and there was just like a variety of
stores and shaved ice and some food in the same
complex that it was a put since we were there. Yeah,
took a spin through the rock. Inductee of the twenty twenty.
You gotta put in Johnson, Gotta put in Johnson.

Speaker 4 (46:32):
You see baiscahamma in there probably was I'm to put
gotta put him in. Yeah, all right, Conda Europe right there? Uh,
Terry On Arnold, I love I'd wait it out.

Speaker 5 (46:44):
Or maybe he was just like the their player of
the year. I I don't even remember. I'm just kidding
Dolphins fans, Jesus, all.

Speaker 4 (46:49):
Right, this guy's not going in the Polynesian Hall of Fame.
Terry On Arnold love him cornerback front. I love Alabama.
He he's really good, really talented.

Speaker 3 (46:59):
I'd just say one second, damn it, we want to
interrupt it is It is a char to speak on
this show, But can I just say, Mark, the reason
one of the reasons I love you is I don't
know too many people that.

Speaker 1 (47:10):
Can I hear that again. You can interrupt all you
want if you're going on this road. Yeah, let's hear it.

Speaker 3 (47:15):
I love him that that's that that tone, I sound
like a child, you sound like someone that's that's a
sensitive that's coming from a real place.

Speaker 6 (47:25):
Well it was, it was after a moment of trying
to passion. You kind of were like, in a playful way,
ribbing me because of he's not Polynesian either.

Speaker 1 (47:33):
No, well he got Zack Xenter All Star.

Speaker 7 (47:35):
Yeah and yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, we're good. We're all
good now you sure we got it all out?

Speaker 1 (47:44):
Okay, good.

Speaker 7 (47:45):
So let me tell you about Terry on Arnold.

Speaker 1 (47:47):
I apologize. I love him. God, I'm done leave it.

Speaker 4 (47:52):
So I would say Arian Arnold has the absolute best
personality in the entire draft, and I will die on
that hill, like I don't even it's close. He is
to me a total showman, but he doesn't try. He
is unintentionally so funny. And then on top of it,
he has almost Dion vibes, like he's really good, and

he has this like confidence that doesn't come off as
like rubbing you the wrong way either. It's like a
very special charismatic way he has about him and I've
listened to so many interviews with him. We also had
him on Good Morning Football and he I wish that
we could have talked to him for all three hours
because he was just such a fun hang like, he

was really really cool. He's been rising up draft boards
and honestly common man rankings too, right, because he spent
summers working with his granddad at a roofing company all
over North Florida's you're talking about like Florida in the summer.
He said that he learned discipline, structure, consistency, persistence, and
that he didn't want to be a roofer, so he
was like, I am all in on football.

Speaker 7 (48:56):
He is also like just really easy.

Speaker 5 (48:58):
Second place in terms of workplace fatalities as a preferred danger.

Speaker 7 (49:05):

Speaker 4 (49:06):
Yeah, and you know what, that just goes to show
you that he's someone who will take risks and he
is responsible and he has maybe faced some adversity and
gotten through it.

Speaker 7 (49:17):
But he's also super easy to root for.

Speaker 4 (49:20):
Max Preps put out this tweet that he went back
to his high school to give his janitor this Christmas gift,
which was his jersey because his janitor had asked him
when he was in high school to give him his jersey,
and he thought that like the janitor maybe forgot, So
he went back and visited the school, visited his janitor,
brought some gifts for him for Christmas. Like he seems

like a really great, good, fun, genuine guy. He comes
from a good, big family, he said, taught him to
kind of like never be late because if you're late,
then like you got your last pick in terms of
like the resources and dinner and.

Speaker 7 (49:53):
Seats and like whatever else house.

Speaker 1 (49:56):
I know exactly.

Speaker 7 (49:57):
I was actually thinking about Wes when he was talking
about it.

Speaker 1 (49:59):
Although wrestling mother would just toss the steak down the steps, right.

Speaker 7 (50:03):
Down the basement. Yeah, yeah, I don't think that.

Speaker 1 (50:05):
Tied to a brick here to a brick Africa. Well,
I'm freeg by this person. We should get them, get
them on the show.

Speaker 7 (50:12):
You should, Oh my gosh, you guys would love them.

Speaker 5 (50:14):
Will Will either be the first or likely the second cornerback,
taking either him or Bunya and Mitchell from Leo ran
a little bit of a slow forty I think had yeah,
but I think he seems concerned a little bit those
Alabama guys, though not to paint with a brad brush.

Speaker 1 (50:30):
They just seem like they come out as like pros.
Mm hmm. Well they're like they'll come in as pros
and like, yeah, very realized. I agree with that.

Speaker 6 (50:40):
I think I'll you watch his tapes stealing with like
LSU have the time in like real schools. Like he's
he played top competition and like he had what seventeen
passes defense like five picks, Like he's a rugged dude.

Speaker 1 (50:51):
He doesn't miss tackles. Anybody been up on a roof lately?
But see truck drivers, Greg, I think there's a lot
of face.

Speaker 5 (50:58):
I was wrong as they fall asleep, Like if you
all asleep on a roof, that's not just inherently dangerous.
Time logging dogging workers is actually already even higher roofers
Number two been up on.

Speaker 1 (51:10):
A roof lately?

Speaker 3 (51:12):
No, not lately, Oh yeah about once every six months
or so every year around Chris, the gutters, what are
you doing? Not a gutter's issue because we don't have
a tree above the property. But I do have Christmas
lights I put up. I also I had to go
up there to put the uh you have to put
the it's like a cage you put on top of

the chimney. Yeah, And if you want to get an
idea of your how fragile your mortality is, get up
on the roof and you realize immediately I have like
a twenty percent chance to die right now.

Speaker 1 (51:43):
This is how it's gonna happen coast when you'd have
to go shovel snow off your What am I doing
up here? This is extremely dangerous. Happened to Gary.

Speaker 6 (51:53):
Maybe Clemson will send you a second football for this
handiwork that you're that you've successfully pulled off.

Speaker 1 (51:59):
Now what's on the radar?

Speaker 4 (52:00):
And I was in high school. The room that I
had in the house that I grew up in had
like it was in the back of the house. It
was the only one and there was like a little
bit of roof and there.

Speaker 7 (52:10):
Was a fence all to the side. It was the
escape patch.

Speaker 4 (52:14):
And it was also like a meeting spot, so like
people like it was like people would come and visit
me at the window, hair knocking on my window.

Speaker 1 (52:23):
Yeah, is that how the boy that was holding onto
your car as you drove away?

Speaker 7 (52:30):
No, that was college.

Speaker 1 (52:33):
I have one.

Speaker 3 (52:34):
But here listen, you don't want to hear from me
you want to hear from someone who watch and loves it.

Speaker 1 (52:44):
He lives and breathes it.

Speaker 3 (52:46):
Caved, He's a little bit, he's a wild card, but
he will give you information that is sometimes just spot on.
So I put a call out to the west side
of Cincinnati and track down Brad Spice, known.

Speaker 6 (53:02):
As the spice Rack pepper Mill out there. He's not
gonna be happy with that, a spiceler Spicer, but you've
given him a nickna. Potentially he gets it. Spice Rack.
Let's hear from the great Brad Spicer.

Speaker 8 (53:19):
Hey there, everybody. Dan Hansen wants me to introduce myself
as if you don't already know Son, it's the.

Speaker 5 (53:27):
Spice Rack.

Speaker 1 (53:30):
Off the Mount Patty video is a choice, all right,
Zeus wants.

Speaker 8 (53:35):
Me to give you three videos, three names, but you
know what I'm coming with, seven names, deal with it.
My first guy's Quinon Mitchell. Never heard of him quite
honestly before two months ago.

Speaker 1 (53:49):
But he's a.

Speaker 8 (53:50):
First round corner, like a mid first rounder, a corner
from the Mid American conference.

Speaker 9 (53:58):
The one thing I did was I looked up to
see if he's like sixty.

Speaker 8 (54:01):
Four or something, and he's a project. Then it's okay,
maybe he could bust, but he's six foot. I saw
that he has long arms, but six foot one ninety,
he's not a physical specimen the Saint Sauce gardener. But
if you if you're gonna go mid first is a
corner from the Mid American Conference.

Speaker 9 (54:20):
You got my vote.

Speaker 4 (54:21):
I know.

Speaker 9 (54:23):
You're gonna have a serious chip on your shoulder. Once
a walk on, always walk on.

Speaker 8 (54:28):
You know, Baker Mayfield walked on at Texas Tech and Oklahoma,
and uh, while not the best quarterback, certainly someone you
can go to war with.

Speaker 7 (54:40):
There's seven of these.

Speaker 9 (54:41):
I don't know. I don't know if this one went
too long, don't edit me.

Speaker 5 (54:47):
That ends strong, except for the forty five second detour
to Baker, which sort of seemed to disprove his point.

Speaker 3 (54:54):
Toledo cornerback Quinion Mitchell from I call this spice channel.
By the way, this is a that's good. Yeah, so
we just threw it to spice channel. It's a ring
to it, which you know, if you know, you know
one of those things.

Speaker 5 (55:07):
I'm with Spicy on the logic though, to be to
be that small and from Toledo, and he I think
he's going to be the first cornerback I think he's
likely to be.

Speaker 1 (55:16):
You have to be an incredible, incredible player. Let's take
a break and we'll go through another round.

Speaker 7 (55:28):
Welcome back to draft Corner.

Speaker 1 (55:31):
Very nice, good really on the spots.

Speaker 3 (55:33):
You're a broadcaster, That's what it is. All right, let's
go around the horn again. We've heard from everyone in
the room. I deferred to Spice Rack, who I thought
it was a pretty good start. Great start, Yeah, great start.
The Spice channel is up and running here on atn Mark.
Let's hear somebody else.

Speaker 6 (55:50):
Here is someone that I know someone else in the
room has a fascination with two in Greg Cooper Dejan
cornerback from Iowa.

Speaker 1 (55:57):
I love him.

Speaker 6 (55:58):
This dude is interesting, Like I'm not sure where he'll go.
I'm thinking kind of like something. I think the Colts
are a good target in the mid mid first round.

Speaker 1 (56:07):
Is that a Is that a little Mark Sessler mock
draftees right there? It might be coming up next week.
It might be he is.

Speaker 6 (56:14):
I just think he is like an incredible athlete that
does all sorts of stuff in today's NFL.

Speaker 1 (56:20):
He also offers incredible return skills. But I just want
to read this.

Speaker 6 (56:24):
Nick Bonggardner from The Athletic went and kind of did
a feature on this guy, and I just want to
read the opening paragraph.

Speaker 1 (56:30):
I'd love to hear.

Speaker 6 (56:31):
This pulled me in in western Iowa along State Highway
one seventy five sits a town of about nine hundred people.
There's a bowling alley and a drive in restaurant. Ode Bolt, Iowa,
is named after a Frenchman who lived alone more than
one hundred years ago along the creek that runs through
the village. It once was known but apparently no longer

holds the crown as the popcorn center of the world.
It's about seventy miles away from both the Missouri River
and absolutely nothing. It's also home to a unique prospect
in the twenty twenty four NFL Draft, Iowa defensive back
Cooper Degene. If you watch this guy, I just would
believe this is kind of like I just want on
my team. If it's like I know this, the Steelers

want to go get Conky of cornerbacks, but the.

Speaker 1 (57:14):
Steelers gonna get him or the Ravens or something. But
he is.

Speaker 6 (57:17):
He is so fun to watch and I get it,
like cornerbacks are just thorough coming to like different shapes
and sizes. But I don't know if he's if he's
necessarily like big enough, strong enough, or has the movement
skills in some ways, like the lateral movement to do
what he needs to do. But I see evidence of
a guy who can contribute in a lot of different ways.

Speaker 5 (57:34):
I think he does, and I think, uh, you gotta
look yourself in the mirror. But I think people will
immediately be like, Oh, is he gonna move to safety?
He played nickel. It's like this guy was one of
the most explosive playmaking cornerbacks in college football for for years.
In the first your first instincts, though, maybe move him
to safety. Look at the mirror, bro a little profile,
a little profilely going on with Cooper Dizinees.

Speaker 1 (57:56):
You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 7 (57:57):
I listen to one little thing to John every time
I see his name, I.

Speaker 6 (58:00):
Know one little thing like this is the kind of
athlete is like He scored over eighteen hundred points in
basketball in high school through seventy eight touchdowns as a quarterback,
won a state title in track in the one hundred
meters dash, and in baseball was a.

Speaker 1 (58:15):
Pitcher who had like a two hitters a year. He
never stopped playing sports.

Speaker 5 (58:20):
Reminds me a little of Kyle Hamilton. I feel like
there's some guys in every draft. It's like that every
that the that the NL overthinks like that everyone agrees
on is great and then for some reason goes for
Aaron Donald was kind of one of those guys.

Speaker 3 (58:35):
Yeah, this is crazy. I didn't everybody knows. You don't
see a lot of white quarterbacks in the league. Not
since Jason Seahorn, who retired in two thousand and three,
has there been a white quarterback who consistently played the position.

Speaker 1 (58:49):
And could he be a first rounder? Is he? Yes?
I think they're sea Horn was the second rounder, so
that profile would indicate he'd be a very high pick.
And I think you will. He'll be around her, but
you know he's getting him out.

Speaker 6 (59:02):
The appults over and over Cooper dejene Iowa cornerback Gregy.

Speaker 5 (59:07):
Okay, it's a tough choice. Powers seems like one of
those guys everyone's overthinking too. I feel like we're gonna
hit Drake May so hard, and I love Drake May
and so in terms of just having that feeling that
Mark has about that's me and Drake that the Patriots.
But for this assignment, I think Michael Pennox is a
better choice because he's just I love him, fascinating prospect,

like a guy who was, you know, in college forever
like six years. I mean, it's a little outrageous how
long he was in college. So I get that he's
older than everyone, but incredibly consistent and the type of
guy that I feel like, if it was two thousand
and five, would maybe be the first or the second quarterback.
And we're just like looking for different things now, like

just throwing the ball, and I know he's built very
different and.

Speaker 1 (59:54):
There's a million things that are different.

Speaker 5 (59:55):
It almost reminds me of like Carson Palmer when he
came out and just people were just like, my god,
look at that and throw a football like this man
was born to throw a football.

Speaker 1 (01:00:02):
And that's Michael Pennix, except he's a lefty.

Speaker 5 (01:00:05):
And I was expecting, because of all the knocks on
him and why he's not gonna necessarily go in the
first round or everything, that he'd be a total stiff.

Speaker 1 (01:00:12):
But he's not. Like he can move.

Speaker 5 (01:00:13):
He can make throws on the run, and I do
think all the negatives that he has, Like you saw
him in the college football semi final dispel all that
and people can say, well, that was one game, but
it's like, if you can do that in one game
and you have NFL training and we you know you
have that potential. It's the kind of how people overthought

c J. Stroud last year, saying like he doesn't do
enough playmaking. He's like you saw in that one game.
I'm not saying he's c J.

Speaker 1 (01:00:39):

Speaker 5 (01:00:40):
I just think like leadership, mental toughness, all the intangibles
are supposedly off the charts, and he's a guy who
just I think if you asked all thirty two gms,
just like in the pocket, who throws the craziest ball
down the field, the furthest the prettiest, It's Michael Pennix.
And so to me, I'm just curious, like what kind
of career he's gonna have because he just feels like

he's he's boom or bust. But if he ends up
on a team like the Raiders, he could be playing
right right away. And he just seems like a fascinating guy.
And maybe they're seeing things that I don't see. And
I know he's a little erratic with the accuracy here
and there, but for the most part, like seems like
he's got what you would want.

Speaker 6 (01:01:15):
He fits the Raiders, and I just don't care if
he's like a year older than someone else, like if
he's good for five years, like the Raiders have been
waiting for that for an eon and plus.

Speaker 1 (01:01:24):
So what's like, It's that I don't I know that
we make so much such a big deal out of that.

Speaker 5 (01:01:28):
And there's that advantage because it's is it the last
COVID year where you got that extra year that you
could just stay because he's surprised people. He could have
come out last year. He'd already played five years and
he decided to come back.

Speaker 1 (01:01:38):
So we talked about injuries. Yeah, his injuries. It's so
he he had four season.

Speaker 3 (01:01:45):
Ending injuries at Indiana, four before he transferred to Washington.

Speaker 1 (01:01:50):
So let me listen the games.

Speaker 3 (01:01:54):
You go up a level and the guys get bigger
and faster, and you you get older, and he's not
Brandon weed and old. But he turns twenty four next month,
So that would be that would spook me, honestly more
than anything else like that. That's that's a real concern
of this durability at that position.

Speaker 5 (01:02:07):
I'm just saying, in a world where Mac Jones went fifteenth,
like what this guy isn't gonna go top fifteen.

Speaker 6 (01:02:11):
Go watch him with Romans INSI because like the two
of them we talked about this on the Wide Receiver
episode that like it just seemed like Rome's tape is
like there's like four hundred and forty yard catches paired
with Pennix, Like he can wing it downfield.

Speaker 5 (01:02:24):
Yeah, he profiles a little bit as a guy that
you guys will get annoyed of me overrating because because
he's so good at throwing the ball and that he
actually settles into like a mid level starting quarterback that
is up and down.

Speaker 1 (01:02:34):
But like that's that's still good.

Speaker 4 (01:02:36):
I mean, he's going to be a twenty five year
old rookie, so he's going to be a little bit older.

Speaker 1 (01:02:41):
But I have twenty four. You have twenty five.

Speaker 7 (01:02:44):
I think his birthday. Check to see when his birthday is.

Speaker 1 (01:02:47):
I think he's turning twenty four. Dan almost a graveyard
if you just okay, so I'm aging grade. No, he
turns twenty four next month.

Speaker 7 (01:02:54):
Okay, So twenty four year old rookie.

Speaker 4 (01:02:57):
But I was talking to Lancerline about him, and he
was talking about how when he watches his tape, he
just he doesn't take sacks, he'll get rid of the ball.
He's not really great like moving around the pocket. So
those are just some of like the flags that he sees.
But he's got a really strong arm, and he's really

he's tough. He sounds fun and he's a good leader too.
Apparently he's got a howitzer. Some people say, I actually
haven't heard that. I assume at some point someone.

Speaker 5 (01:03:28):
He quoted Gino Smith on the podium after winning the
pack that championship, which to me me.

Speaker 1 (01:03:33):
Greg, you had done it. You've done it.

Speaker 6 (01:03:34):
You'd convinced us with a really delightful sales job, and
now you're taking it to very still places.

Speaker 3 (01:03:39):
And like Gino, he was thought widely thought to be
a first round pick. Some people can go into the
second round as well. So interesting, Connie, how about another one?

Speaker 1 (01:03:50):
All right?

Speaker 4 (01:03:50):
Well, I wasn't initially going to go here because I
feel like all we've done is talk about this guy.
But legitimately this comes from a place of total fascination.
I I really really am curious how Caleb Williams is
going to be in the NFL coming in with the
nil money, because we haven't really seen this before. We
haven't seen someone make the amount of money that he

has before heading into the league, going into a locker
room of veteran players who a lot of which have
not even made close to what Caleb Williams has made.
I just don't know how it will work and if
some of those egos will kind of be an issue
when he does play in the NFL, like if they're

not winning right away, I don't know how a locker
room of like older veterans is going to take someone
like Caleb Williams.

Speaker 7 (01:04:43):
And it's not this isn't Caleb's.

Speaker 1 (01:04:45):
Fault at all.

Speaker 4 (01:04:45):
It's just the way that the league has changed now
with nil money in general, and this is going to
be how it is going forward in general, with these
drafts and with the players coming out of college. It's
just a switch and a change, and I just wonder
how that transition will be because it's going to be
so so different, and with his personality as well, like

he's a very gregarious, like very confident type of guy.

Speaker 7 (01:05:09):
You want that in your quarterback.

Speaker 4 (01:05:11):
But I just wonder if it will rub some players
the wrong way, and then how that how that will
kind of play out.

Speaker 1 (01:05:18):
If he can ball, I don't think any.

Speaker 7 (01:05:19):
Of it matters exactly if he wins, no problem.

Speaker 5 (01:05:22):
That what you're saying, it's it's true, reminds me a
little bit of like they used to get these fifty
million dollar contracts as number one overall draftics and it
was awkward. It's like Sam Bradford was making way more
money than anyone else on his team, and well that
was ridiculous. Yeah it was, and it was crazy. But
he it took me a while to actually, you know,
sit down and you know watch it. Hellbows, it's like
you get it. And he's to me like he can.

I love him, not just every throw, but just like
he knows exactly what throw to make at any time.
I mean, he seems like the best prospects and Andrew Lock,
like he is so good. It's just outrageous how how
good he was in a tough spot too last year.
That like, if he's like that, it's like Andrew Luck, like,
I think you can have a million different leadership styles.

Speaker 1 (01:06:03):
If you're that good, it doesn't matter.

Speaker 3 (01:06:07):
Very fascinating, Yeah, You just don't know. You don't know
how these guys are going to be till they actually play.
And look at how the first pick went in the
draft last year. Not to write any eulogies, but and
then you look at the second second pick, how that went.

Speaker 1 (01:06:23):
This feels as camp miss is as possible. All right,
it is time. Now coast is clear. Let's flip on
the old Spice.

Speaker 8 (01:06:33):
Show spice rack here for round two, and I'm gonna
stick with the chip on the shoulder theme and talk
about Jared Verse from Florida stated, this guy is how
about that transferred in from Albany to Florida State, And okay,
that's a big enough jump, But then he dominated and

you know, I couldn't even tell you how he what
he technically does against.

Speaker 9 (01:06:58):
The ron right, I don't know any of this stuff,
but don't need it.

Speaker 8 (01:07:01):
Uh, he's got the big enough body, a big enough
body to support the run and certainly can get after
the passer. And again transfer from Albany. You carry that
chip on your should of the rest of your life.
It doesn't matter if you're the you know you're a
first round pack, it does not matter at all. And
on the same team at Florida State. Uh Keon Coleman.
Every time I check a mock draft, a wide receiver,

big and athletic, all that stuff, natural touchdown scorer.

Speaker 1 (01:07:30):
Every time I focus.

Speaker 9 (01:07:35):
See a new mock draft, he's he's.

Speaker 8 (01:07:37):
Been dropped to fortieth, fiftieth, sixty, I'm a third round
or what are we talking about here?

Speaker 9 (01:07:43):
I really don't know what the issue is.

Speaker 8 (01:07:45):
If his forty's not that great, that's fine because you
need to watch him once to see how athletic he is,
can tort his body and all these you know, sort
of a he's he's got some Mike Evans to his game,
you know, not as big a physical and listen, Mike
Kevin's best underrated player this entire generation.

Speaker 1 (01:08:04):
So is that silly?

Speaker 7 (01:08:08):

Speaker 9 (01:08:08):
I don't know we'll catch touchdowns in the NFL?

Speaker 1 (01:08:12):
Hands is?

Speaker 9 (01:08:12):
How long was that video?

Speaker 1 (01:08:14):
A spice rack was a little too long, But I
want to know.

Speaker 3 (01:08:19):
I think everybody wants to know. I thought the video
lengthg is okay, But you kept looking behind you and
we're just is he on the run someone?

Speaker 8 (01:08:26):

Speaker 5 (01:08:26):
You said you you let him know relatively last minute
about this, and he needed a little extra time and
the production value is great. He's wearing an Ohio State jersey.
Not for that's sure who it is, but he's on
a football He seems like he's on a football field.
And then yes, he's looking behind him as if there's
maybe a team that wants to use the fielder.

Speaker 1 (01:08:43):
So that was the delay.

Speaker 3 (01:08:44):
He drove two hours to a football field to do
these videos. Yes, he's wearing a Bengals nit cap. You
can check this out on YouTube if you've always wondered
what the Spice rack looks like. But I hope, I
hope there's no one following him.

Speaker 6 (01:08:57):
I just say this because we spent the latter h
off of last season combining on our weekly picks for
NFL Media. The Sessin Spice team went roughly like seventy
eight and iconic. Yeah, I think it was like seventy
eight and six was our record on the stretch.

Speaker 1 (01:09:10):
Hed you guys didn't finish even in the top five
out of a top.

Speaker 3 (01:09:12):
It got bad enough and I reached out internally to see, like,
are these guys in last place?

Speaker 1 (01:09:16):
And the guy that runs it behind the scenes, I
can't give you that info.

Speaker 6 (01:09:19):
And I was like, ooh, that well, because that would
have been incorrect because, like I was also told by
text on a weekly basis, like these are the most entertaining.
This is like kind of the the core entertainment aspect
of these picks that come out is like what you
guys are cooking up? But listen, like so Jared verse,
like we're we're in lockstep right there, and that's great.
Spice Rack has a pretty pristine record when it comes
to the prospects.

Speaker 5 (01:09:39):
And is an interesting guy that, like people thought in
October was gonna be like a top fifteen pick, And yes,
it has kind of become the trendy thing that like, eh,
is this guy?

Speaker 1 (01:09:50):
Is he really athletic enough? Can he be?

Speaker 5 (01:09:52):
Like are you gonna have to put him in the
slot because he's just like this big guy who can't
win on the outside. And some of those guys haven't
done well in recent years.

Speaker 1 (01:09:59):
But then again, like DK Metcalf and A. J. Brown
fell to the.

Speaker 3 (01:10:02):
Bottom of the second a little fun for Mike Evans,
what do you call him the most criminally underrated player
of the generation? Interesting, good conversation piece, good sega idea there,
Spice Rack, you didn't even know you did it?

Speaker 1 (01:10:17):
Criminal? Yeah, underrated players. That's good.

Speaker 3 (01:10:20):
Let's take a break and we will be back with
one more round. All right, we're back, Uh one more time,
Let's go one more time around.

Speaker 6 (01:10:29):
Go on, Mark, I'm going to save my running back
stuff till later because I like a couple.

Speaker 3 (01:10:33):
When later, because we are later in the week, not today. Yeah, saying,
don't bank it for later in this show, because this
is it, my friend.

Speaker 1 (01:10:40):
No, no, this is I. I.

Speaker 6 (01:10:42):
Yes, we got started late. It's certainly an independent of that.
It just feels like time for whenever the two of
them are ready, I'll be happy to offer another player.
You just let me know when when you'd like that
to happen.

Speaker 1 (01:10:54):
You're finally, I'll wait. I'll wait for you to tell me.

Speaker 6 (01:10:57):
Okay, I'm picking someone that probably doesn't go early in
the draft at all.

Speaker 1 (01:11:01):
Like more mid rounds and like again, it's just like
I don't know, you're watching.

Speaker 6 (01:11:05):
One hundreds, like mid round from the Sessil linebacker Notre
Dame Marris lea Fau and like this is because I
was looking at the here's how I try to dessarch players,
like who is like the toughest, nastiest hitter in the
entire draft, and this guy's name kept coming up over
and over, so then I went and watched him, and
it's another guy.

Speaker 1 (01:11:22):
It's like my old brownson.

Speaker 6 (01:11:23):
Like this guy's just gonna wind up on the Ravens
or the Steelers and he'll start as like a backup
rotational linebacker, but then they won't be able to keep
him off the field. Like I mean, he has like
an aura of complete and total ultra violence to him.
The speed, it's kind of like I think the linebacker position,
even like when you're young, it's like who's the kid
on the team can like then suss out seeing through
a bunch of bodies where the ball is, where it's going,

what's happening with the play, and he has like a
laser beam heat seeking ability to get to it.

Speaker 1 (01:11:50):
He is really like his speed. He's a guy that
can go kind like.

Speaker 6 (01:11:53):
Wire to wire across the field if like a quarterback's
trying to scramble out. I'll never forget when Johnny Manzel
in one of his in his first start against the Panthers,
We're watching Wesnum, We're watching it on a Sunday, and
Manziell this like lauded speed guy out of college tried
to get to the edge and some Carolina Panthers defender
just like ran over and blew him up. And you
knew that Johnny Manziel was never gonna be good in

the NFL. He just you just knew it. And this
guy can do that to quarterbacks, to people on the edge,
like they're just something about his game and he got
PFF called him the hardest hitter, and list has said
that when he comes down hill, he comes downhill with
bad intentions, and that's how I would label him too.
He's fun to watch and he's gonna it's gonna be
hard to like keep him off the field.

Speaker 1 (01:12:32):
I think if he can stick because he's not a
huge guy. But he's not He's six two thirty four.
He's fine. I was not familiar with this man.

Speaker 5 (01:12:40):
I went to go check Dan Brugler at the Athletic
HASM as the the number fifteen linebacker projected fifth to
sixth round. So this is a deep year, it is,
but planting you find the number. He has him as
the number two linebacker from Notre Dame.

Speaker 1 (01:12:53):
I like that, but every draft you have to find
people like this, right, I mean, so I don't know.
I just like him. I want to see where he
It's a.

Speaker 3 (01:13:00):
Hot and cold review from land Zierline on our NFL
dot com draft profile.

Speaker 1 (01:13:04):
I don't doubt it. Like I again, I like I
said these seasons violence.

Speaker 6 (01:13:07):
He's a mid round guy, but like the way he plays,
he's gonna like he's The NFL is almost like scared
of his playing style.

Speaker 1 (01:13:13):
I think he Mark's got that soft side. I love that.
We heard in Duality of Man the sound direct, but
I love him. Mark also knows violence. Loves that too, Yes,
loves it.

Speaker 5 (01:13:27):
I'm gonna go more basic and just Rock Bowers, to me,
is another guy that maybe everyone's overthinking. To me, it's
just it's fascinating that like he would not go early
in part because he's been so good from the minute
he showed up. I mean, a guy who can show
up on the national champion team and as a true
freshman like dominate against Alabama and lead them to a

national championship and put up numbers. And people are like, well,
you know, Kyle Pitts hasn't hasn't worked out, and all
these first round tight ends like that hasn't worked out.
Like that's just this is from the same people that
would say sample size issues when you're talking about a
guy who throws ninety to one hundred packs. This is like,
it's just a couple of different picks.

Speaker 3 (01:14:09):
In fairness, Greg, I don't think people are saying, after
what happened last year when we had a lot of
impact tight ends, come right, that's a little bit of
a that narrative has been put to bed a little.

Speaker 5 (01:14:17):
Bit, okay, But I think they're pointing out that the
guys are Okay, that was in the second round. You
can wait and like if Sam Laporte had been a
first round pick, that makes them somehow better. Just anyone
that can show up and have three seasons where you're
the number one target. Lad mcconkey's great in all, but
like brock Bauers was their number one receiver for three
straight years on an elite elite team and he produced
like crazy every single season. Like why don't overthink it?

Like I get the whole like contract thing of like
tight ends, you're not saving as much money because if
you take them twelfth, that actually is a contract that's
similar to a top five to tight ten end. Like
that comes into equation. It's like, but if you're right
It doesn't freaking matter. You have to get the player right.
That's more important than everything. And after you get pass
like five, six, seven players in this draft, I don't
think there's a player that you'd be more confident in

is going to be a plus player.

Speaker 1 (01:15:07):
There just aren't many tight ends.

Speaker 5 (01:15:09):
He reminds me of Tony Gonzalez, because hell, aren't many
tight ends that make you miss and can you can
run over them. That's that's two things. You just don't
see that that Like even Rob gwn Krause, he can't
really make you miss. Like he can make you miss
and he can run over you. That's pretty that's pretty special.

Speaker 1 (01:15:22):
Let's go to New York Jets. If the Jets took him,
I think that'd be great.

Speaker 3 (01:15:26):
Well to you, Like what we're just saying is like
Jets fans that are old enough, you're spooked by it
because the Jets have had bad luck drafting tight ends
high in their history.

Speaker 1 (01:15:35):
But that doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because that was then,
this is now.

Speaker 3 (01:15:38):
He would certainly be a scheme fit for the Jets
at ten because if Rogers can play, and if you
added an athletic playmaking tight end to that group, look out,
they would be very different.

Speaker 5 (01:15:51):
Kyle Pitts was a special prospect, Like Bowers had more
production in his freshman year than Kyle Pitts had in
any of his years, and then he backed it up
with everyone knowing it was coming like two straight more
that I don't know it should matter.

Speaker 3 (01:16:00):
Daniel Jeremiah has him ranked number seventh overall. Bowers Jeremiah says,
and maybe we'll talk to Daniel about this reminds me
a lot of George Kittle, and I see him having
a similar impact in the NFL.

Speaker 1 (01:16:11):
Well, sign me up. Yeah, what are we doing here?
Let's just make it happen.

Speaker 4 (01:16:15):
Connie, Okay, one more, let me tell you a little
bit about Rome Adoonza.

Speaker 1 (01:16:20):

Speaker 4 (01:16:21):
I love him, wide receiver from Washington. And I also
picked this because he's been mocked a ton at nine
to Chicago. So since I talked about Caleb, these two
could actually be paired together if Chicago stays in that
spot at nine doesn't move back. But he uh twenty
twenty three First Team All American Bolitnikoff finalist. He started

d end in high school before switching over to wide
receiver his junior year. He was an incredible sprinter on
the track team in high school, won the four A
state title in the two hundred and the four by
one hundred. But I loved when Apparently when he was
six years old, he created a Facebook account with all
of his mom's information and for his occupation he listed

quarterback in the NFL.

Speaker 1 (01:17:08):
And his mom's information the sign up. Here's the email. Okay,
all right, I was.

Speaker 3 (01:17:14):
Thinking, we got resourceful in my eyes, kind of just
need the email everything else, like you can just you've cleared.

Speaker 6 (01:17:20):
It, right.

Speaker 7 (01:17:21):
I haven't used Facebook because.

Speaker 3 (01:17:24):
He created Okay, so you create the account, but you
do need an email account to thing, so you need
to go you have to travel off site to activate
with the link.

Speaker 4 (01:17:34):
Got it?

Speaker 7 (01:17:35):

Speaker 4 (01:17:36):
Rome also spent summers on his grandfather's dairy farm, tall
No when he was younger, but he would work right
alongside Grandpa Wayne on the farm.

Speaker 7 (01:17:48):
Now he was named Rome.

Speaker 4 (01:17:50):
Because apparently his dad just really liked the Roman Empire.

Speaker 1 (01:17:54):
That's some had its merits also at strawbacks, and he.

Speaker 5 (01:17:59):
Ended up definitely a thing that like guys in their
mid to late thirties get fascinated.

Speaker 4 (01:18:03):
What is that?

Speaker 6 (01:18:04):
Yeah, he watched a lot of three I would say
it hearkens back to like elements of our society that
are missing, certain like.

Speaker 1 (01:18:12):
Male Gary Cooper, anybody.

Speaker 6 (01:18:13):
Yeah, Rome would say like, oh, it's a bit of
a more raw time. You're not dealing with a bunch
of nonsense.

Speaker 1 (01:18:18):
Nobody's afraid to go on the roof in Rome. No,
that's fair. Put me on the goddamn roof.

Speaker 6 (01:18:22):
Let me get hit with a bone arrow, but give
me a sword, give me a shield, put me on
a roof.

Speaker 4 (01:18:26):
See, like, when I think of Rome, I'm not thinking
about like Roman Empire and like gladiators and like fights
at the coliseum.

Speaker 7 (01:18:32):
I'm thinking about pizza and pasta.

Speaker 1 (01:18:35):
Well they had that too, Yeah back then, quite good.
So rodus think just think of the last lack of
like toothcare back then.

Speaker 6 (01:18:43):
I mean to reg always does sort of like, oh,
you're dead by thirty two. It's like, yeah, you're.

Speaker 5 (01:18:47):
Dead by thirty two, Like of your eight children died
by the time they were two, and you have to
just like like it's buried off.

Speaker 1 (01:18:54):

Speaker 3 (01:18:55):
Dune Day is the number three prospect according to DJ
and he reminds him love him, Larry Fitzgerald, come out
of college, give me all you got.

Speaker 6 (01:19:03):
There's an incredible stat that PFF put about it because like,
if you watch me, it's like it's contested catches.

Speaker 1 (01:19:08):
He's like, give it's nasty dirty, get dirty with the number.
The girl, it's football, not don't take it somewhere else.
Eric is on fire.

Speaker 6 (01:19:16):
He got seventy five percent of his contested catches this
past season, and then when they've tracked four hundred and
seventy seventeen seasons, that ranks six.

Speaker 1 (01:19:28):

Speaker 3 (01:19:28):
I want you to can you play the Greg drop
and then straight to the straight to the Spice channel
for the last time.

Speaker 1 (01:19:33):
Now give it to me, get dirty, get dirty with
the numbers, all.

Speaker 9 (01:19:36):
Right, spice track here.

Speaker 1 (01:19:39):
Three zero.

Speaker 8 (01:19:43):
Just list the rest of the guys in the list
that I like. Michael Panic's lefty quarterback from Washington.

Speaker 1 (01:19:48):
This one's really long, by the way, you said, so.

Speaker 9 (01:19:50):
Field general, great, down the field general.

Speaker 1 (01:19:55):
I love it. Our agreement.

Speaker 8 (01:19:57):
Give me that guy riding pearsol receiver from took just
a monster uh in in the slot even though he
played plenty outside, which I think will help him.

Speaker 9 (01:20:07):
Imagine we saw a guy running in the slot every time.

Speaker 1 (01:20:11):
This guy's gonna be from behind with a knife slot receiver.
I don't want to imagine that he's gonna kill you
for talking to him. In the Kansas is a quarterback
Jason Bean after a year.

Speaker 8 (01:20:20):
Or two was sent to Bean Doug to a wide receiver,
and every time the quarterback got hurt, he came in
and played great. And uh, you know, he's almost twenty
five late bloomer, but he's also someone with a second
chance at life, basically as a quarterback.

Speaker 1 (01:20:35):
So uh, like the backstories, I'm rooting for him.

Speaker 8 (01:20:38):
But he's he's big and athletic, and I mean he's
a good player. Definitely likes throwing deep too. Always a
fan of that. Lars Nevis or MeVis, however you say it,
this is your favorite prospect in the in the in
the whole draft for sure. Monster kicker, Yes, I saw

him kick a sixty four years Missouri so kicks a
kick a sixty four yard er right at the gun.
That cashed me a nice money line. I can't even
remember who they were playing, but Missouri was like Greg
Cody Schrader running back Missouri, Big Missouri.

Speaker 9 (01:21:14):
Day, everybody, Uh ozark was a wildly.

Speaker 1 (01:21:17):
Over beautiful day in Cincinnati. That's score ridiculous.

Speaker 4 (01:21:21):

Speaker 9 (01:21:22):
Cody Schrader was like a Division III legend.

Speaker 1 (01:21:24):
Did you guys just hear him? Records the Division three.

Speaker 9 (01:21:27):
Heismans and uh tried to come up to the Division
one level.

Speaker 8 (01:21:31):
He did not get a scholarship to the very end
by one team Missouri, and he he led the uh
the sec and rushing two straight years. And man, I
could be wrong about that, but I think it's something
like that. And so uh just I'm rooting for that
guy for sure. And again, no bigger chip on anyone
shore than Cody Schrader. Keep going, all right, My last

guy is Jordan Travis, quarterback Floor Staate gets hurt a lot,
uh or at least took suffered catastrophic injury in his
last game.

Speaker 1 (01:22:04):
Brutal, brutal.

Speaker 9 (01:22:06):
All right, well, all right, no.

Speaker 1 (01:22:07):
No, no, that's not right.

Speaker 9 (01:22:08):
But he suffered a catastrophic injury to end his season.

Speaker 1 (01:22:14):
Don't laugh. Great stuff.

Speaker 9 (01:22:16):
And but he was coming along great.

Speaker 8 (01:22:23):
At Florida State and then started coming along great and
just looking awesome and sort of getting that second chance
at life. Almost too, because he was he was almost
left for dead, but he wasn't. No one was looking
for him to be anything. Special and then he really
bloomed the last two years. So rooting for Jordan Travis too.
And he's athletic, but man, he got folded up in
that last game. All right, that's it again.

Speaker 1 (01:22:46):
I'd like to thank.

Speaker 8 (01:22:47):
Everybody, but especially Mark the Cessman, Sessler, Cesspice.

Speaker 9 (01:22:53):
Forever, everyone else, never or most.

Speaker 1 (01:23:00):
Of the time. It's good.

Speaker 5 (01:23:03):
We waited till the end there see and thank you,
by the way, Thank you spice Rack. That was that
was incredible. H Jordan Travis in the news, by the way,
taking some visits at tom Pelisaire at the pell Racer
mentioned but I I thought that was excellent and I
like that he likes guys who have a second chance
at I think he likes the underdog story.

Speaker 1 (01:23:24):
It's an angle. I think that was something him and
Wes bonded over.

Speaker 5 (01:23:28):
I think Wes looked at it like a late bloomer,
someone who fought his way out of where he was
in life.

Speaker 1 (01:23:35):
I think him ice.

Speaker 7 (01:23:36):
Rack, I like everything except the Ozar heat.

Speaker 1 (01:23:40):
Never seen it, so I can't believe. I mean, I
mean he took it down. Yeah, had a.

Speaker 3 (01:23:46):
I talked over his Prestige television hot take, so that
that could be an issue for me and Spicy.

Speaker 1 (01:23:51):
We've had issues in the past.

Speaker 6 (01:23:53):
He's gonna fume at you and I see it and
rightly as a sign of complete and total disrespect.

Speaker 1 (01:23:58):
I don't handing on your point of view. I think
that's not your point of view his. But by that logic,
Damn has disrespected everyone. Yeah, I probably have not by
his point of view.

Speaker 3 (01:24:11):
Can we please keep in mind, sess Dog, that Spice
Rack being on today's program. It's not you, sess man,
it was me. So what better active respect for the
Spice Rack than me having him on the program Today's
You could says I value his input, you could.

Speaker 1 (01:24:30):
Spin it, wait and again.

Speaker 6 (01:24:31):
It's all comes down. It comes down to point of view.
Send me a football. Yeah, all right, that's it. Thank
you to the Spice Channel, always entertaining. We will be
back on Wednesday with more football talk, more draft talks,
some more guests. As we get closer and closer, Jesus

take the wheel to the twenty twenty four NFL Draft. Connie,
You've said it all, and yet you have one last opportunity.

Speaker 7 (01:25:00):
To say more things. That's great.

Speaker 4 (01:25:02):
I love you guys, and actually I didn't like when
was the last time we were all in studio together,
it feels like a minute. So it's nice to actually
be back with all three of you in studio and
no real tech diffs on my side at least today.

Speaker 6 (01:25:17):
Locked and loaded. There we go, Amie Honey in the
studio is never a concern. She's going to give you
high effort, she's going to give you quality.

Speaker 7 (01:25:26):
Oh ye, and I'll be on time.

Speaker 8 (01:25:29):
What is that?

Speaker 5 (01:25:33):
All right?

Speaker 1 (01:25:33):
Everybody? Thank you for listening. Until next time. You know
what you gotta do. Heat the cap.
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