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April 15, 2024 30 mins

It’s here. Peter takes us through his first of two mock drafts, 1-32. 

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Speaker 1 (00:07):
The Season with Peter Schrager is a production of the
NFL in partnership with iHeartRadio. What's Up Everybody? We are
less than ten days away from the NFL Draft and

this is the Season with Peter Schrager and I take
a lot of pride in doing just two mock drafts.
Won the week before, won the day before. Right now
it's time to jump in to my first mock draft.
Que the music pump. I almost want to have the
Alan Parson's project to the Chicago Bulls theme as we

build up here, because the Bears are the first team
on the clock. No delay here. Let's get right into
it first overall, pick the Chicago Bears. Select Aleb Williams
quarterback at a usc I reported this last week. These
guys have had had three great meetings. The first one
was at the Combine, second one was at the Pro

day in La. The Bears brass took Caleb Williams out
to a really, really cool exclusive dinner club called Bird Streets.
Now bird Streets is owned by the same guys who
own Nice Guy and Delilah. These are big Vegas, LA
and now in Miami there's at Delilah. The group is

called the h Wood group. They're one of these restaurant
groups that also does clubs. Bird Streets is like their
private members club, and they arranged it so that they
could have Caleb Williams have dinner with them there, and
the Bears brass was obviously GM, Ryan Poles and Matt Aberflus,
couple other people joined and I was told from Bear

sources the night they had their dinner at Bird Streets,
Jamie Fox was there. Cuavo Quevo, I don't know, Quevo
from the Migos was there and they were all coming
over and saying what's up to Caleb Williams, and the
Bears were blown away with how Caleb himself at dinner
and also handing himself in that la scene. Then two
weeks later, it's the only visit Caleb Williams has taken

as a draft prospect. It was in Chicago. Caleb goes
to the facility in Lake Forest, Illinois, and the dinner
was at a restaurant in Lake Forest, which I thought
was interesting. They had it in Lake Forest, not in Chicago,
and Caleb was amazing and they were members of the
Chicago Bears team at this dinner, So you could see

him interact and then the next day he had his
visit at Hallis Hall and blew him away. They're all
in on Caleb Williams, and it sounds like Caleb Williams
is all in on them Great Bears. Caleb Williams put
it in number two. Commanders. Commanders have a really interesting
off season. They bring in Dan Quinn. They bring in
Bob Myers, who is the Golden State Warriors general manager,

who helped with the hiring of the general manager position
which was Adam Peters from the San Francisco forty nine Ers.
They bring in Cliff Kingsbury. In recent weeks, they've made
a bunch of different acquisitions. They've also quietly today which
is Monday, announced the hiring of Dave Gardy. You say,
who's Dave Gardy. Dave Gardy has worked at the league forever.

His father, I believe it was the head coach at
Hostra for many years. But Gardy has been a league
employee who works in the operations and the management council
and is pretty much like the go to guy for
all salary, cap and transaction things at the league. So
everything and every team they have questions or complaints they
would go to Gardy. Gardy also had this group beneath him,

like the Management Council, which is basically a feeder system
to all the teams for team presidents, team gms, and
the list goes on whether it's Brent Tillis who now
runs the Panthers, or it's Mikey Greenberg and Tampa, or
Mike Disner who is the man up in Detroit. Like
all these guys and ladies as well Jackie Davidson who's

down in Tampa, and several others. They all worked at
the Management Council at the League Office and then they
end up getting jobs at teams, whether they're the number two,
number three people in the front office. Guardy was kind
of like the guy who ran it all. Shocker to me,
Guardy's leaving the League Office to go work for the
Commanders and like what seems to be like a nebulous title,
a new title, and from what I gather, they're just

trying to bring about as many smart in the no
leaders as possible. And this is going to be a
collective decision. This isn't going to be one where the owner,
Josh Harrister says, I want this quarterback I have the
commanders sticking Jaden Daniels, LSU quarterback, the Heisman winner actually
waged in more at his pro day than anyone expected
as of today, which is Monday afternoon. I think it's

Daniels over May. I don't think it's a trade back.
They have six picks in the top one hundred, this
would be their first one, and you have Jaden Daniels,
the LSU quarterback working in Cliff Kingsbury's offense, with Adam
Peters's first selection being the Heisman Trophy winner out of LSU,
which leads to the Patriots at number three. Put them

on the clock. Patriots, you're gonna hear a lot of
trade back smoke, and it might happen. But I think
New England's new brass would actually be very comfortable with
either Daniels or May, or maybe even McCarthy. So I
could tell you they took May out to stakes at
a restaurant called Davios in Patriot Place before his Foxborough

visit and they loved him. They also loved Daniels, and
then on Sunday night it was dinner with JJ McCarthy
and he's there today Monday in Foxborough. All that is great.
I think it's going to be a quarterback, and I
think it's Drake May University of North Carolina. And I
think the Patriots Mac Jones was traded for like a

ham sandwich. He's out of the picture. They did not
have a very busy offseason. I don't understand what the
strategy has been. I think in the draft they go offense, offense, offense, offense, offense, offense,
and Drake May University of North Carolina quarterback is the
Patriots quarterback of the future, which leads to the Arizona
Cardinals at number four can stay put and they could

take Marvin Harrison Junior. They could be very happy Kyler
Murray has a receiver to gir old with and we're good.
Or the Arizona Cardinals can dangle that pick to a
host of teams who are looking to move north. When
I say move north, I mean coming from the back
of the draft up. Those teams could include the Las

Vegas Raiders to go get JJ McCarthy. That could include
the Denver Broncos to go get J. J. McCarthy. It
could include the Minnesota Vikings who have the eleven and
the twenty three to go get JJ McCarthy. But the
team that I have trading up to get JJ McCarthy
fourth overall is going to shock a lot of folks.

There is a trade made in the Arizona Cardinals give
up the fourth overall pick and in exchange get the
sixth overall pick, a third round pick, and next year's
second round pick of the New York Giants. And the
Giants move up from six to four, and it is

the Giants who select JJ McCarthy with the fourth overall pick.
They go quarterback. Daniel Jones, of course is still there,
still do forty something million this year. But I've got
the Giants and Joe Shane, who did not draft Daniel Jones,
making a move trading up and going and getting JJ

McCarthy number five the Chargers, as everyone's still in all
with their jaws on the ground to that one, Chargers
select Marvin Harrison Junior. They get the envelope in there quick.
I know some teams like neighbors more than Harrison. I
know one team likes a dooonesay more than both of them,
but I think Harrison is the pick. They got rid
of Keenan Allen in a trade they didn't sign back

Mike Williams. There is any wide receiver need. They've got
Justin Herbert, and I think im Harbaugh saw Marvin Harrison
for many years at Michigan. I like that fit. That's
the fifth overall pick. Cardinals traded back two spots. They
go in. They get Roma Dunsay at a Washington. They
get a number one guy for Kyler Murray, and they
get a smart, tough, building block player. Adunzay's awesome. He

is a blue chip number one. Cardinals pick up a
couple other picks and they get a Dounza. They also
have the Houston Texans first round pick later in the
first round. Very very big draft of the Cardinals. If
they start off with Adunza, I think that's good. Leads
to seven. Tennessee went back and forth. Here Joe Alt
the offensive tackle at a Notre Dame, or Malik Neighbors,

the electric wide receiver at LSU. I've got Tennessee taking
Joe Alt, the offensive tackle at a Notre Dame, six
foot seven, nimble son of a former NFL offensive tackle
and a towering protector of Will Levis's blindside for years
to come. You want to talk about a good offseason,
if Tennessee could add Ridley, and they could add Joe

Alt and they could you know, Tony Pollard. This is
a good offseason for the Tennessee Titans, and all is
the number one tackle in this draft Atlanta. Malik Neighbors
is sitting there. Could Atlanta possibly take him in the
same offseason they got Rondell Moore and they got Mooney,

and they also already have Drake London and they already
have taken Kyle Pitts and Bijon Robinson with first round
top ten picks. I say no, I go with Atlanta,
going with Dallas Turner, defensive end out of Alabama. They
add to the defense here. He was a three year
starter at Alabama stud I think he's the first defensive
player taken in this draft, which leads to number nine.

The Chicago Bears. They could just look at this thing
and they could take Melik Neighbors and be done with
it and be happy and walk on and continue to
keep I say they trade the pick. Bears trade the pick,
and who do they trade it to? Who's coming up?
How about that one team in the end, AFC South,
who has been very quiet with signing outside talent and

yet actually has a window to win. That's the Indianapolis Colts.
I've got the Colts moving up from fifteen to nine.
They swap a first and they give a future second.
They move up. They get neighbors the star wide out
out of LSU in an AFC South. Like I said,
that's all the Jaguars, Texans, and Titans be very aggressive
in free agency GM Chris Ballard shows he's got a

trick up his sleeve. He goes up and gets neighbors.
Now you've got Anthony Richardson at quarterback. You got Pittman
and Pierce at the wide receiver spots. Now you've got neighbors.
Who's probably your number one Jets at ten. I've heard
from a lot of people Jets are a prime prospect
to move back here. I don't see it. I've got
Brock Bowers going tenth overall to the New York Jets.
I think they stick and hold tight. I love Bowers.

I love Bowers for a year now. I think a
lot of teams love Bowers. He is by far the
number one tight end prospect in this league, in this draft,
and he also has incredible yards after catch ability. Rock
Bowers goes ten. All right to recap, Aaron, should I
go through my one to ten real quick for you
and give me your initial thoughts? Go Caleb one to
the Bears, awesome, Commanders sick, Jayden Daniels. Patriots take Drake May,

Giants trade up six to four and get JJ McCarthy
with Alt Neighbors Harrison all on the board. They go,
JJ McCarthy. Your thoughts on that one.

Speaker 2 (11:32):
I think the Giants trading up to four is the
most surprising to me, because that's six to four is
not that far of a trade. And I don't know
if JJ would be gone. But man, seeing Marvin Rome
and a Duneza, I mean Marvin Rome and Neighbor's going
by nine and then Bowers at ten. It's amazing the

pass catchers that early up and like you said, Dallas
Turner the only defensive player so far.

Speaker 1 (11:58):
Yeah, So Chargers five go Marvin Harrison, and then like
you said, six a Dunzay to the Cardinals. Titans take
Alt Turner two, Atlanta Neighbors nine to the Colts, and
then the Jets take Brock Bowers at ten, which leads
the Vikings at eleven. Vikings do not move up to
get JJ McCarthy. In my mind, draft, who cares. I
just don't have them giving, you know, having enough Amo,

even with the twenty third overall pick. Instead, I've got
the Vikings selecting Terry and Arnold defensive back out of Alabama.
They stay put and they get what I'm told is
a one of one kid and an all around incredible,
incredible leader. He was a red shirt sophomore, but he
arrived in Tuscaloosa as a safety, played inside and outside,

and I'm told interviews incredible and saying Sam Darnold will
be the day one starter in the scenario, because if
you're not taking a quarterback up here, you're going with
Donald who you signed for one year, ten million dollars.
They go Terryan Arnold number twelve Broncos. They miss out
on quarterbacks too. Is it too soon to take Bo

Nix or Michael Penn? I think it is. I think
they go with Leatu Latu at a UCLA Denver Broncos twelve.
Latu viewed by many as the best pure pass rusher
in this draft. I could see them saying, all right,
give them to us if he medically checks out, because
he had this Knick injury that was pretty severe. They
go with him and then maybe they move back into
the end of the first round and try to get

Nix or Pennix if it makes sense. But I got
them going lat To. We've had one offensive lineman taken
that was Joe Alt thirteen. The Vegas Raiders on the board.
I have them taking Oulu Fashanu offensive tackle at a
Penn State. Spoken with a lot of folks around the league.
Raiders need offense in a lot of ways. If they

don't get a quarterback and move up to get one,
if they don't have a chance to get neighbors of
Dounze or Harrison, look for them to go offensive line
here and Fashanu is the real deal, maybe the biggest
upside out of all these offensive tackle prospects, which leads
to the Saints at fourteen. Fourteen Saints go Tellayse Fuwanga
Oregon State. He is a tackle boo could play anywhere

on the offensive line if needed, mean streak. Teams have
loved meeting with him. Fourteen is a steal for him.
I've seen him going as as high as top ten
and other mock drafts. Fifteen Chicago traded down with Indianapolis.
We got at fifteen. Chicago got them taking Quineon Mitchell
out of Akron. Defensive back. Bear's trade back, and they
still get the stud defensive back who might go first

through all the dbs in this draft, Tim or Arnold
if the ball falls, If the board falls this way,
Mitchell spectacular dB prospect, was amazing at the Combine was
insane at the MAC. Small school guy all relative obviously,
but not a power five guy going to the top
fifteen Chicago. That would mean they get Caleb Williams, and

they would get Quineon Mitchell, and they'd pick up another
draft pick for a future draft. Sixteen Seattle, I have
them stay in local and drafting Troy Watanu, offensive tackle
at A Washington for again, big man played offensive tackle,
can also play guard if necessary. One of those guys

who I think is going to be a top twenty pick,
I've got him here going staying local, going to Seattle,
number seventeen. Jacksonville Jaguars. They take JC Latham out of Alabama.
Latham could give could go as high as being the
second offensive tackle taken. Teams like them that much. The
scenario I have him going here, which is about the fourth

offensive tackle. Again, this could all change. If I'm the Jaguars,
You're trying to keep Trevor Lawrence upright, that's the main goal,
and they'll do that here eighteen. Cincinnati Bengals got them
going defensive tackle Byron Murphy out of Texas, top interior
defensive line prospect in this class. He's interviewed well, he's
had a really good combine and pro Day. And they

got Sheldon Rankins, they got bj Hill. Those guys are
good defensive tackles inside. But Murphy's stud top twenty pick.
I think that would be a good fit there eighteen,
which leaves to the Rams at nineteen. And I'll give
you my insight on the Rams. You know, Sean McVay
has never had a first round pick since he's gotten there,

has never had a first round pick. And I assure you,
if Sean McVay is taking a first round pick, I'll
put my name on this. Sean McVay is taking an
offensive player in the first round. I've got Sean McVay
taking Tyler Geiton, the offensive tackle out of Oklahoma. This
is a guy who is super athletic but very raw.

I could see him as like the right tackle, but
give him a year and then he's the mainstay. But again,
more bodies to protect Matthew Stafford. I think Stafford's got
one to two years left. He's got all these weapons.
You love Cup, you love Nikua, you love the running back.
There are other wide receivers that they could take here,
but I'm gonna go offensive tackle, continue to protect nineteen
Rams Tyler Geyton, which goes to the Steelers. At twenty.

I have them taking wide receiver Brian Thomas Junior out
of LS. I'm still keeping an eye on Pittsburgh and
what Omarkan's going to do at wide receiver. Because you
got the quarterbacks, there was this expectation that wide receiver
was next, and in this case, I think they do
get one in the draft. I like Thomas over a

d Mitchell. I'm not sure ad Mitchell and George Pickens.
Thomas is a different type of receiver. Big got the
hands obviously, and was the combine stud. That is eleven
through twenty. Real quick, if you're listening, eleven Minnesota Vikings,
Terry and Arnold defensive back at Alabama Broncos. Twelve Leatu
Latu at a UCLA the pass rusher. Vegas thirteen takes

Olu Fashanu at a Penn State the tackle. Saints at
fourteen takes Hala si fu Wanga, the offensive tackle at
Oregon State. Chicago trade it's back and at fifteen they
get quinny On Mitchell, defensive back out at Akron sixteen,
Seattle takes Troy Fatanu out of Washington and other offensive tackle.
Jacksonville is another offensive tackle, JC Latham. Bengals go inside

on defense Byron Murphy, Rams take another offensive tackle and
Tyler Geiton and the Pittsburgh Steelers take Brian Thomas Junior,
the wide receiver out of LSU at twenty. Aaron Any
thoughts eleventh through twenty.

Speaker 2 (18:26):
You know a lot of these teams here could really
be in the market for a quarterback, like you said, Denver, Vegas, Seattle,
maybe the Rams, and so it is fascinating to see
this huge stretch of teams that really really might want
to trade up, and instead it's all tackles basically. And
you know, as a Bills fan, was really hoping Brian

Thomas would last. I don't think he's gonna last to
us unless we trade up. But man, it was tough
to see him go to Pittsburgh because they draft receivers
really well. And that makes sense because I think Brian
Thomas is great.

Speaker 1 (19:02):
What's interesting is Pennix and Knicks that don't have going
in the which means now they're in that back third
of the draft. You start doing tears here and you're like, okay, now,
is this where a team trades back up and goes
and gets one of those guys if they want. Let's
see twenty one Miami Dolphins. I've got Jared Verse, pass

rusher out of Florida State. This is a guy I
he can go anywhere in the top twenty five, and
I wouldn't be surprised. Productive pass rusher, extremely versatile at FS.
You again, down year for d line prospects. Verse could
be could be the dude I like him to the Dolphins.
They lost Van Ginkel and they also lost Christian Wilkins
this year, so that makes sense to me. All Right,

here's one that puts a smile on everyone's face. Twenty
two Philadelphia Eagles. How he's not just going to take
the best player. How he's going to make a splash.
He always does. Cooper Dijon dB out of Iowa. Is
it the Gene Dejon? I don't know. He's a white
cornerback and everyone's gonna make a big deal out of it.
And I mentioned it as the first thing, but let's
put that out of the way and just consider him
a Swiss Army knife guy. Could play corner guy, could

play safety, guy, could play special teams. He can do
it all. And he also had an incredible workout last week,
just a few months removed from a very serious injury.
Dejeene is a special teams guy if you need him
to be, I'd love him for Philly. I feel like
he'll be a fan favorite. And he's just an outstanding athlete.

I posted last week his high school basketball highlights, jumps
through the roof, And if you're Philly, it's like, let's
just add young talent. Let's just get more talent on
this thing. We've already got a bunch of young guys
who are supposed to sprout and develop on defense, defensive, backfield.
It seems like an area of need. Cooper Dejean Dijon
dejeen twenty three, Minnesota. You know what, screw it? I
have Minnesota at twenty three, taking Bo Nicks quarterback out

of Oregon. Nicks could go as high as eleven, twelve, thirteen,
or fall completely out of the first round. I don't know.
I know that teams are high on him, and everyone
I talked to you says late first, early second. If
you're in Minnesota and you didn't get a quarterback at
eleven and you got the best offensive back in this
draft in Arnold and Nix is sitting there at twenty three,
don't overthink this. If you like them, take them. If
you love them, you move up and take them. If

you don't like them and you don't love them, then
you take someone else and you just roll with Donald
and you say that's that. I don't think they're just
gonna roll with Donold and say that's that. I think
they're getting a quarterback somewhere in this draft. The twenty
third overall pick, a backstop pick. Remember the trade up
to get this selection. I thought I had was they
would package eleven and twenty three, but I don't know
if that's enough to get up into the top three
or four. Instead, they get bo Nick's quarterback out of

Oregon twenty four Dallas Cowboys, always an intriguing pick. I've
got them taken the burner from the combine. Xavier Worthy,
Texas wide receiver, the fastest man to ever run a
forty since the NFL network started broadcasting it. He also fights,
He's a competitor. I've got them getting another wide receiver

for Dak, a deep threat in this one. He'll go
with CD Lamb and hopefully they can handle the contract
stuff with CD and with Dak. This is a cheaper
pick because you get a first round talent, you can
develop them over five years. He doesn't need to get paid.
Last time they take a wide receiver in the first round,
it was Cede Lamb twenty five. Green Bay Packers. Usually
a trade back here or a defensive player. I've got
them going offense. Amarus Mims, offensive tackle at a Georgia

a massive ot, tremendous upside, but a relatively like just
a few games like a lack of experience at Georgia
and the games he did play that were big. He
was good, but he had a big injury in twenty
twenty three. This is a deep wide receiver draft, a
deep offensive line draft. I've got them scooping up another
offensive lineman to protect Jordan Love. Last several picks. Let's

go right through it and then we'll wrap it, and
then I'll tell you what we got coming up in
the coming days. Twenty six Tampa Bay got them taking
Graham Barton, offensive lineman at a Duke Tampa. I love
what they did this offseason, bringing back all those key
players and bringing back key assets from last year's divisional
round squad. We've got them taking an offensive lineman who
could play tackle. He played center at Duke also, and
I think he'll do both in the NFL if he

has to. Graham Barton to Tampa twenty six. Twenty seven,
the Cardinals their second pick of the first round. I
got them going Darius Robinson, defensive line out of Missouri,
Quietest rising prospect in this draft class. I wouldn't be
surprised if he goes top twenty at this point, I'll
be honest, everyone was talking about Robinson. If the Cardinals
can come out of this thing and get Roma Dunze

and Darius Robinson, those were two really good first round picks.
Guy at wide receiver, guy defensive line solid, which leads
to the Buffalo Bills twenty eight. Air in your team,
there's a wide receiver sitting there that could go top fifteen.
I've got them taken A. D Mitchell also known as
out An I Mitchell's full name. Tremendous player out of Texas,
big body, can compete, had a good combine. I don't

have him as high as others happened. I've seen him
go top fifteen, top sixteen. Like, I think this is
about right back end of the first round, and I
might be proven wrong. And Adam Schefter came out today
and was like, teams are way higher on him than
mock drafts. Twenty eight to the bill sounds right for me.
Ad Mitchell wide receiver, Buffalo. They got rid of Stefon
Diggs last week, Kincaid, I think they view as a

wide receiver slash tight end. Now you add this guy
in the first round who is a bawler. I like
that pick for them. Twenty nine Detroit Lions select Zach Fraser,
interior offensive lineman at A West Virginia, A four time
all state high school wrestling champion. Nasty, versatile, hungry dude.
One of those guys who will just scrap. If that's
not Dan Campbell, I don't know who is. And you

add to that offensive line. You just keep bulking it up.
Might be a little early. I think most people say
Fraser is like second or third round. I've got him
going first because it's my mock draft, and I think
Zack Frasier and Dan Campbell are like Kindred Spirits. Thirty
Baltimore Ravens best name in the draft kool Aid McKinstry
out of Alabama, defensive back. The Alabama to Baltimore pipeline

is real, even with Ozzie Newsom no longer making the
picks and it being Eric DaCosta. I also think kool
Aid can play right away and might have a bigger
impact than Harry and Arnold. In his first year, Fluid
Dude did not run the fastest forty, but like Big Smart,
it's been around. Love this for Baltimore. You add to
that backfield. Last two picks of the draft are two

fun ones for me. They're both wide receivers. Thirty one
San Francisco forty nine ers. I've got them taking Lad McConkie,
wide receiver out of Georgia. This might be the first
mock draft you see where McConkie goes in the first round. Again,
there are other guys. Troy Franklin from Oregon, Kid Conley
from or Corley from Western Kentucky. Everyone seems to love.

And of course you know you've got Keyon Coleman, the
big boy from Florida Stape. I got McConkie going to
the Niners, smart, tough, does it all. And like, gosh,
you talked to any of these Georgia people, they just
rave about him. I think he's just like a reliable
wide receiver who can run an offense. And Kyle Shanahan
is looking for that. He's not looking for a diva.
He's not looking for the guy who is the five

star recruit. He's looking for the guy who's gonna run
his offense. Lad McConkie run that offense wide receiver out
of Georgia. And then my last pick, I don't know
what's going on with the Chiefs and Rashi Rice. I
have no idea where that thing ends up. I have
them also going wide receiver, and I have them going
with a guy that I like personally, and it's Jalen Polk,
wide receiver out of Washington. He is our last pick
of the first rounds, personal favorite of mine. I keep

on talking about him. I'm gonna wheel him to the
first round. I love watching his film. I think he
is awesome, and I think he's getting no love. I
also think the Chiefs they need a wide receiver.

Speaker 2 (26:33):

Speaker 1 (26:34):
I don't know what's going on with Rashih Rice. I
think that makes a lot of sense. It's not Polk,
it might be somebody else. But I think the fact
that he went to Texas Tech and then transferred to Washington,
maybe that has something to do with me putting them
in Kansas City, with Mahomes having a connection there with
the Red Raiders. That is the first round. There are
a lot of big name players, Chop Robinson, Kean Coleman.

We could go through the list, Michael Pennix that did
not get drafted in my first round, the kid Reckstraw
out of Missouri, Aaron. Any thoughts on the back end
of that first round, including your Buffalo Bills getting ad Mitchell?

Speaker 2 (27:10):
Yeah, I mean, actually, the wide receiver pairing I like
the most is Lad McConkey to the forty nine ers
does makes sense? Yeah, the forty nine ers love a
versatile offensive weapon. Mconkie's someone who people keep talking about
is like he's got to be a slot receiver. He's
got to be a he doesn't have to be a
slot receiver, and he would be amazing in that offense.
I know the news came out yesterday it broke that

I you could request the trade, and then his agent
was like, no, he thank you.

Speaker 1 (27:34):
I don't say the news broke. I say a rumor
hit the internview.

Speaker 2 (27:37):
Yes, a rumor, yes, exactly quote unquote news. But yeah,
lad on the forty nine ers just seems like the
one other than Zach Fraser to the Lions, which I
agree with you, is like that just sounds like, you know,
the Lions took two players last year that we thought
went way earlier than expected and they worked out really well.

Speaker 1 (27:56):
So that was kind of my justification there, like I'm
putting a player that I think fits the culture that's
in sideline backern or running back brat Homes. Maybe our
best interview last off season talking about those picks, similar
to he'll that was my first mock draft. It goes
live on NFL dot Com Tuesday morning. I'll do a
little media around that, but we're not done this week.
This will go up Monday, so you'll have this Monday

on your commutes, and you know Tuesday morning to work.
But I am going to go over to the to
the other end of the spectrum, and I'm going to
reach into the Bristol, Connecticut pool of talent, and I
am going to tap on my buddy field Yates, who
has taken on a bigger role. And then ESPN's draft

coverage and the two of us tomorrow are going to
record a live mock draft and we're gonna do as
many of these as we can before the draft next week,
where it's one of us has taken the odd numbers,
one taken the even numbers, probably won't do any trades,
and it's like a game of ping pong, and we
have no prep between the two of us. We haven't
spoken between the two of us. And where the chips fall,
the chips fall. I think it's fun audio, it's good

to listen to, and it's a good exercise as the
draft comes. But let me promise you this, there will
be it's in the rail draft. There will be crazy
things that happen, and all these mock drafts, it's just
to give you an idea of where some guys might
land and kind of there's the region. But you know,
once the trades start happening. It's like throwing a needle

in a haystack, but I love doing it. I spent
a lot of time on the phones this past weekend. Aaron,
I'll see you tomorrow. We're gonna do this thing again,
but I wanted to get this one up on Monday.
A lot of me talking tomorrow will be with you.
We'll have a field on and we'll chop it up
some more. But the big headline here JJ McCarthy to
the New York Giants, New York Post Go Nuts. The

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