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March 21, 2024 48 mins

On today's episode of the NFL Report: Steve Wyche and James Palmer break down potential #1 overall draft pick, USC QB Caleb Williams.  The guys dive into how Williams performed at his USC Pro Day, and afterwards Wyche goes 1-on-1 with Williams and USC Head Coach Lincoln Riley.  Next, the guys are joined by Brian Baldinger to discuss the teams he believes improved the most in the trenches during free agency, as well as the best landing spots for a rookie QB.  Afterwards, Lance Zeirlein drops in to discuss the top edge rushers in this year's draft.  Later, Colts cornerback Kenny Moore II joins the program to talk about his new contract, Anthony Richardson, and Michael Pittman Jr.  Finally, the guys talk with Alvin Irby from Barbershop Books about the work he's doing in the community.

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Speaker 1 (00:05):
Welcome into the NFL Report on a Thursday, James Palmer, Steve,
whitch with you. I Am heading for vacation next week.
Steve's gonna be heading to the owners meeting, so him
and Judy Batista are gonna have a dynamite show on Monday.
Check out the guest list for that one when Monday
rolls around. But how about our guest list. You saw
him right there, Kenny Moore. The Indiapolis Colts resigned their
Starslock Corner to a massive new contract. We love to

talk about that position on this show, Steve. Also we
have Brian Baldinger breaking down which three teams improved themselves
the best through the trenches on the Lancer line. Speaking
of the trenches, talks about the top edge rushers in
this draft where they could potentially go off the board.
We'll also have Alvin Rbie who in an inspire change

initiative with the NFL.

Speaker 2 (00:50):

Speaker 1 (00:50):
He is the founder of Barbershop was It Books, which
is an incredible initiative to get kids to go out
there and read. And I know, Steve, you spent some
time in a higher institution. That was the University of
Southern California at their pro day with Caleb Williams. I
need to know what happened at that pro day when
everybody knows he's going number one to the Bears.

Speaker 3 (01:13):
Yeah, I mean, look a really interesting thing real quick.
Kenny Moore, by the way, JP is the first repeat
performer I think here.

Speaker 2 (01:21):
Second time around. Yes, it is on the NFL report.

Speaker 3 (01:23):
So Kenny Moore, right, I Caleb Ford to have I
love for it, asould say either having you back on. Well,
let's get to Caleb Williams because again we're all assuming
safely that he's going to be the first overall pick
on the Chicago Bears who have that pick. They came
about eight d James. It's standing right behind Caleb during
this workout was Matt e Reflus to head coach Ryan Poles,

the assistant GM. You're seeing eb Reflus and Polls right
there right behind him over his right shoulder, keeping a
close eye on. And there's a lot of communication between
all the Bears, Brass and Caleb throughout the morning. So
but the one with Caleb that we saw was that
you know, he stayed in the pocket, right, nothing real
flashy like this is how good I can be under

calm circumstances, I said, is the case for most of
his junior season at USC, even though the year before
he was absolutely fantastic and winning the Heisman. So after
this workout, which is calm, Google actud fifty scripted throws,
no tight ends is part of that workout.

Speaker 2 (02:21):
I caught up with Caleb.

Speaker 3 (02:22):
But here's what he had to say about some of
the next moves coming up. Yeah, I'm sitting here with
Caleb Williams and Caleb a nice a nice workout right there.

Speaker 4 (02:31):
Just your assessment and also the fun.

Speaker 3 (02:33):
You had because we saw you laughing with you guys,
hugging up everybody after the workout.

Speaker 4 (02:37):
Yeah, that's always one of the most important things.

Speaker 1 (02:42):
Is to have fun.

Speaker 5 (02:43):
I made sure my guys heard that a bunch of times,
whether it was last night when I sent him a text,
and then throughout this you know, this morning, in this
day so far, making sure that was the first and
first thing that I said to them in the text
or when I'm talking to him. So I had to
go out there and show that I was having fun
and by example, and then obviously go out there and
handle business.

Speaker 2 (03:03):
Now we do.

Speaker 3 (03:04):
The majority of your workout is gonna be from the pocket,
just kind of assess how do you think things went?

Speaker 5 (03:08):
Yeah, I missed a couple. I missed a couple of
passes down the field deep ball, wise, vertical, and then
I had I think one or two I think one
behind my receiver. So you know, work on those things, right,
It's all right.

Speaker 4 (03:23):
It still was a very good workout.

Speaker 6 (03:25):
Thank you.

Speaker 4 (03:25):
Look, we know you're the presumpted number one pick yep.

Speaker 3 (03:27):
The Bears had a large contingent here in fact, coach
Matty Ebrafolus and GM mind Poles right behind you. Just
the fact that they traded justin fields and they cleared
some runway for you to land.

Speaker 4 (03:37):
Is that your full expectation to be headed there?

Speaker 5 (03:42):
It's a good question. I wouldn't say it's my full expectation. Obviously,
things can happen, things can change throughout this time. I
think it's around thirty three days or so, thirty days
until you know April twenty fifth, and so you know
a lot can change. You take it day by day,
handle it and handle and control which you can control.

Speaker 3 (03:59):
And with that is your head coach here at USC
Lincoln Riley, and he said, expectations is something you've dealt
with even coming out of high school today, all thirty
two teams were here. How have you and how do
you deal with everything that's going to be expected of you?

Speaker 5 (04:13):
Yeah, first and foremost, I have a great mom and dad.
It starts there, started there, from when I was born
and them raising me to this twenty two year old now.
And then you know, I took and I took my
own road, and and and you know, as I got older,
and then obviously I got coach Riley. I've had coaches
in high school Coach Andy Driver's uh, Danny Schefter and

and things like that.

Speaker 1 (04:36):
So you know, help keep molding me. And I'm still molding.

Speaker 5 (04:39):
I'm not gonna be the man I am, you know
many years from now, twenty years from now when I
retire hopefully and and can play ball hopefully for a
really long time.

Speaker 4 (04:47):
Great last question, just what what's next?

Speaker 3 (04:49):
I mean, what's on your schedule in terms of visits
things like that.

Speaker 1 (04:53):
Yeah, so we're still.

Speaker 5 (04:53):
Figuring the visits out. We'll have all of that solved
pretty here, pretty soon. We wanted to make sure we
came out here, put on a show for everybody, and
and focusing on my training for you know, my first
my first game and o t as of of the NFL.

Speaker 3 (05:07):
I know it's the last question, but quickly Keenan Allen, Yeah,
receiver was here. What about seeing him? It was right,
you guys, hang it up for a minute.

Speaker 5 (05:13):
Yeah, so I've known I've known Keenan for a little
bit now hung out. He was at the he was
at the Chargers of the time obviously, and then you know,
now he's at the Bears for like I says, here
for a fourth round pick, which is crazy last year.

Speaker 4 (05:27):
You know, he's a beast, good guy, awesome dude to
be around.

Speaker 1 (05:30):
He can give you a lot of knowledge.

Speaker 4 (05:31):
All right, Caleb, Hey, thanks for the time, man, Well done,
Thank you, good luck, Thank you.

Speaker 2 (05:36):
There'd be a couple of.

Speaker 3 (05:37):
Things I just wanted to make sure to clarify coming
out of that interview. First off, even though he failt,
he's going to go on his visits after the workout,
the Bears brass was there.

Speaker 2 (05:45):
I was told by someone there.

Speaker 3 (05:46):
They got there Monday, They had dinner with Caleb, they
spent time with him.

Speaker 2 (05:49):
So they've done a tremendous amount of homework.

Speaker 3 (05:51):
The communication going on to the Bears and Caleb really
leaves no question as to what's going on and what
I said, you expect to be the pick.

Speaker 2 (05:59):
By the Bears.

Speaker 3 (05:59):
He was like, well, I can't expect it. You wanted
to say yes, but he says, look, you know they
could trade the pick. They can do this or that.
Add Some folks on social media like, well, he didn't
sound too enthusiastic. You'll be just fine to be get
drafted by the Chicago Bears.

Speaker 1 (06:11):
Yeah, I completely agree. I love that Keenan Allen was there.
I mean, I've never seen a player that is probably
going to be the number one target of that quarterback
that's going to go number one at the Pro Day.
I've just never seen it. You see guys go back
to the ra Alma mottern. Keenan Allen's a cow guy,
so this is usc. He was there to see his
future quarterback, which I thought was really cool. The second

part of it, Steve, is I love that you described
this as the exact opposite of what we've seen from
a lot of top quarterbacks and what can they do
with wow throws? What can they do moving? I remember
going to a variety of these, from Trevor Lawrence to
Mac Jones to CJ. Stroud, what can you do athletically
outside of the pocket. That's what we need to sell
these scouts on. That's not anything Kayleb Williams needs to

sell anyone in the NFL on on what he can
do with his legs outside of the pocket, creating scrambling,
what he was able to do inside the body. And
the big thing I hear as I throw this back
to you around the league is his footwork staying within
the pocket is maybe unmatched in this draft coming up,
and that is extremely important with messy pockets in the NFL.
And I love that that's the kind of the approach

he had with this pro.

Speaker 3 (07:16):
Dem and that's one of the things that a lot
of people say give the comparison to Patrick Mahomes, not
that he's Mahomes, but footwork and things like that. Somebody
who knows a lot about Caleb Williams, head coach Lincoln Riley,
brought him from Oklahoma to USC.

Speaker 2 (07:29):
I caught it with him.

Speaker 3 (07:30):
Here's some thoughts about Caleb's future as you go to
the NFL.

Speaker 7 (07:36):
Yeah, I think he probably will be just about as
prepared as you could be to go into situation like that.
And that's one of those things that you probably can't
completely simulate it until you actually get in the middle
and experience it. But you know, winning a Heisman Trophy
at USC, you know, in the middle of Los Angeles
is probably about as close.

Speaker 1 (07:55):
As you can get.

Speaker 7 (07:56):
And so he's used to being under the microscope, used
to kind of having his game and everything he does
and everything that he says dissected every which way. There's
certainly some new challenges and I know he's going to
have some ups and downs, just like every rookie that
goes into that league.

Speaker 1 (08:12):
But you know, he loves the game.

Speaker 7 (08:14):
I think he's going to continue to improve and I
think you know, whatever team he ends up with will
be very happy with him coach.

Speaker 8 (08:20):
Lastly, just when you look at the metrics of everything
he's done for only fourteen interceptions in his three years
as a starter, one that tells you he's accurate, but
too he's a good decision maker. In coaching him and
seeing all of that high touchdown to low interception ratio,
how do you think that translates to the NFL, because
we know those are two things that are significant at

playing at that level.

Speaker 7 (08:43):
Yeah, I think it's important. I mean, I think it
shows that he values the ball. You know, sometimes I
think people turn on a highlight and they think he's
just this reckless player, that's this gunslinger, and honestly he's not.
He's he's at times, even early in his career, was
even maybe even more conservative than I wanted him to be.
But he always valued taking care of the ball. He

always had a patience that honestly was even better on
game day than it was on the practice field, which
for a lot of young qbs it's the opposite. He
always seemed to kind of calm down and settle down,
even be a little bit more patient on game day
even as a young player, which I loved and so
so Yeah, it's going to be obviously very important as
the windows tightened down in that league as you face

the type of pass rushers that he's getting ready to face.
But to show that he's already had that ability at
a young age, I think bodes well for him.

Speaker 1 (09:34):
What insight from Lincoln Riley with you there, Steve into
the makeup of Caleb Williams, The main things that jump
out at me. One is the way he maybe takes
more risks in practice, which is probably where you should
be with the football at the quarterback position a little more,
you know, deliberate with the way he throws it during
the games. When you have one thousand and ninety nine

pass attempts in fourteen interceptions over three years, I think
is pretty good at protecting the football. Because the last
three years with the Bears, they had fifteen interceptions, fifteen
interceptions and twenty interceptions Kayleb Williams fourteen over his last
three I look at the receiver group that he's going
to walk into, Steve, and you look at Keenan Allen
and Dj Moore and Cole Kament and Gerald Everett. All

of these guys have high football IQs and they're where
they're supposed to be. And I think that's huge for
the system that he's walking into and.

Speaker 2 (10:23):
That's going to be perfect.

Speaker 3 (10:24):
Look the one thing again, ninety three career touchdowns as
a collegiate starter, fourteen interceptions. He has put the ball
on the ground with fumbles. Okay, again the numbers are
all over the place. Of what we've seen, he has
put the ball on the ground, hasn't lost many, but
that's something he is going to have to tighten up.
But like you said, when he goes to Chicago, the
situation is much better than what Justin Fields walked into

a couple of years ago when he was the first
round pick. Well, coming up, we're talking about quarterbacks going
into good situations. Ryan Baldinger is going to let us
know which teams have moved in the trenches, including those
teams that might be rafting a rookie quarterback. Next on
the NFL Report, roll that tape, ELC.

Speaker 1 (11:16):
Welcome back into the NFL Report, James Palmer, Steve Whitch,
I have my popcorn. That means, Baldy, we're back in
the thickest things. We're evaluating everything post free agency. Brian
Baldinger joins us for Baldy's favorite films, and Baldy, we
came to you with this question your three teams that
during free agency improved themselves in the trenches. We'll start

with number three, Carolina Panthers. Two massive guards come there
and Robert Hunt and Damian Lewis. What do you see
out of what Carolina did I do like that those
guys have blocked for shorter quarterbacks in their past. In
Russell Wilson into a tongue of Iolo I'm not sure
if that matters, but they have.

Speaker 9 (11:54):
Well, you know, Bryce Sengi is the biggest guy, but
he needs better protection than what we saw last year.
You're gonna take Bryce number one like they did, and
there was this struggle by everybody in that organization. Coaches fired,
gms fired, everything changed. You got to do your very
best to support your franchise quarterback and give them every
opportunity be successful. And I think Robert Hunt played very

good for the Miami Dolphins. They ran the ball very strong.
Tua had a good season, back to back good years there,
especially when healthy, and Damian Lewis has been doing that
you know in Seattle. So I think they got two
really good guards. I think they got to figure out
the center position still, but it's a good draft for centers.
I would expect them to draft one. You know, Austin

Corbett got hurt last year and it just kind of crumbled.
But I think Carolina they look better inside right now.

Speaker 6 (12:46):
With Hunt and Lewis than they did at any point
last year.

Speaker 10 (12:49):
And Baldy.

Speaker 3 (12:49):
You know, when you look at Carolina right now, the
way they're you know, they're trying, I guess, to remake
their team Is this the best way to for them
to kind of start. We keep talking about how they
didn't have any why receivers, but to fortify that interior,
Is this the best first step, so to speak.

Speaker 6 (13:04):
Yeah. And I always think that it's like everybody's going.

Speaker 9 (13:07):
To pay attention to the tackles, especially in this draft,
and it's a good class for tackles. But I mean,
if your interior, if your center isn't strong, if your
guards can't just keep the pocket flat. I don't care
if you're Bryce Young or if you're Joe Burrow or
if you're Mahomes. I mean, you've got to get those
positions fixed so that your quarterback has a chance to

deliver the ball short yards goal line.

Speaker 6 (13:30):
You got to get a yard.

Speaker 9 (13:31):
You better be able to move people up front and
be able to retain possession, finished strives in the end zone.
All those kind of things are really important to the
success of any offense, but especially in offense that's trying
to be rebuilt and try to you know, compete right
now this year, I think it starts up front and
in the trenches.

Speaker 6 (13:49):
I think they got two you know, guys that are
still young.

Speaker 9 (13:52):
You have the best football right in front of them
on their second contracts.

Speaker 6 (13:56):
You can build with those guys and around those guys.

Speaker 1 (14:00):
Your quarterback sack sixty two times, protecting him up the
middle obviously extremely important. I just want them to change
their identity as well. I want the Panthers to kind
of have that, you know, in your face identity. I
love that Damian Lewis said that when he was you know,
at his press conference, I'm going to be the type
of guy that puts your face in the ground. They
need that in Carolina. Let's go to your second team.

In terms of the trenches. In the Houston Texans, Nikosara
not a big spender in free agency usually, but he
went out and made a number of moves to help,
especially this defensive line. We know the way Demiko Ryans
thinks that if you need an elite defense, the D
line's a big part of it. And if you want
to be a contender in the AFC Baldy, you got
to go after these AFC quarterbacks. No question.

Speaker 9 (14:42):
That's how Nick's thinking, That's how Demico's thinking, James, and
so you know, Demiko comes from, you know, a franchise
in San Francisco where they wanted to be eight deep
on the defensive line, and so look Malik Collins, Sheldon Rankins.

Speaker 6 (14:55):
They were good last year, but they.

Speaker 9 (14:56):
Have now added you know, obviously Daniel high Turn after
Chris Jones was signed re signed by Kansas City and
giving that big, huge signing bonus. I thought Danil Hunter
was the next best free agent and all free agency,
coming off his best season playing opposite of Will Anderson
right now. Then you add Deniko Autrey and I know this,
I know Deniko got Nick Casario excited. This guy is

just one heck of a football player wherever you play
in Tennessee. Yeah, I thought he was part of the
best defensive line of football three years ago. He can
rush inside, outside, he's got counting the playoffs, James, He's
got thirty sacks the last three years with the Titans.
He's used to being in a dominant front four defensive team.
That's what this looks like. Then you add fully Fooicosi

and Mario you know, Williams, and you add some of
those guys in front. You know, fully you know, can
really be that that guy that can eat up the
double teams, the free up Aziz al Shai here and
you know, all the linebackers Christian Harris that they have there.
I think this is quickly being built into one of

the better defensive fronts and all the football.

Speaker 6 (16:03):
They were already great last year against the run.

Speaker 9 (16:05):
At one point last year they were number one in
the NFL against the run. I think they finished number two.
So they already kind of have that mindset that we're
gonna stop the run. That's the first phase of getting
after Mahomes and Josh Allen and Lamar and some of
these teams that you got to get pasted in the AFC.
They're on the way right now. I thought this front

really took a step up in I life. I love
Jonathan greenerd but when he's left to sign of Minnesota
and they went after and got to Neil Hunter, I said,
they just upgraded that position.

Speaker 3 (16:36):
Which is crazy because I mean, you're talking about how
Grenard was just so good down there. But Hunters of
guys continues to win, right He can win those individual
and those double teams, and you got to consistently have
that guy, but you also have to have tackles to
keep those guys off your quarterbacks. This leads us to
your number one team that is upgraded in the trenches.

Who you got, Baldy, because I do think these moves
are actually more hit or miss. You hit big or
you miss big with these moves.

Speaker 9 (17:05):
Well, the New York Jets and so you know, obviously
the Jets were a mess last year.

Speaker 6 (17:10):
Aaron Rodgers four plays. I mean, we know the story.

Speaker 9 (17:13):
But you know they have to get this thing right
that nobody has been a more fractured injured offensive line
than the New York Jets. They've just missed on players.
And so Tyron Smith comes in. Look, he has protected
the backside of Tony Romo and Dak Prescott over the
last eleven years. He's been excellent, but he has miss time.

You know, he did play fifteen games last year, So
that's if they could get thirteen to fifteen games out
of Tyrant.

Speaker 6 (17:42):
That's a win.

Speaker 9 (17:43):
Three years ago, the ahead Morgan Moses and he played
great for him, and then they let him walk.

Speaker 6 (17:47):
To the Baltimore Ravens, where you literally, you.

Speaker 9 (17:50):
Know, was the starting right tackle a team that led
the league in rushing, was a dominant player there. He's
going into his eleventh season. He did miss a couple
of games last year with an arm injury, but for
the most part he's been healthy. They get Morgan Moses back,
and then they went and signed John Simpson was a
big fan of he came out of Clemson. He started

every game last year for the Baltimore Ravens. They led
the league in rushing. But it's it's not just that,
it's the way that he plays. Steve like he's a puller,
you know. They run traps, they run powers, they run
counters like he's used to, getting in space and clearing
bodies out of the way. And I can see an
offensive line right now with John Simpson on one side,
Ali Vera Tucker on the other side, where they get

that power game going with Breeze Hall. They drafted Joe
pitt Tipman last year to be their center. He became
their center last year. I can see for the first
time the Jets can put a starting five out there.
I don't think they're finished yet. They're picking number ten.
It's an offensive tackle draft, but I can't see them

taking number ten right now with an offensive tackle.

Speaker 6 (18:57):
After what they've just done.

Speaker 9 (18:59):
They can start address the receiver position, the tight end position,
some other things that could help Aaron Rodgers.

Speaker 3 (19:04):
Oh my god, Baal Jay bald these givens yet fans hope,
Oh my gosh, they're gonna lose their minds.

Speaker 1 (19:10):
I love it because this is what I wanted to
get to, though, Baldi, with the players that they signed,
and you mentioned the number tenth overall pick, and this
is what I want your take on, because you're right,
they can get another offensive lineman with ten and they
could totally go that route and that guy is not
plugged in to be an immediate need type of player

in their rookie season maybe, But also you mentioned the
other ways that they can go. I also look at
the ability now if you're not forced into that, but yeah,
you can go go brought Bowers, you could go to
the tight end spot. You could go with rideyways you
get an edge rusher to replace Huff. But also you
could maybe maybe move back because they only have picks
ten in seventy two in the top one hundred. That's it,

so you could potentially if somebody wants a quarterback right,
you could make a move to even get yourself a
little bit deeper.

Speaker 6 (19:58):
No question.

Speaker 9 (19:59):
Joe Douglas from Baltimore and Philadelphia, where you know whether.

Speaker 6 (20:03):
It's Ozzie Newsom or Howie Roseman.

Speaker 9 (20:04):
The guys that he has worked for are used to
dancing up and down that draft board and really recuperating value,
and so that's certainly a possibility right now. Both tackles
Tyron Smith and Morgan Moses. They're both thirty three years old.
You know, you got to you gotta think about the future.
But Aaron Rodgers, I don't know what, you know, what

is his time frame here, two years at the most,
like you should probably give him every chance to be
successful and to see just you know, the talent that
he is. Give him every chance right now. Obviously, signing
Mike Williams might take him away from wide receiver, maybe
brock Bauers, you know, you know, maybe other you know,
a franchise type player. But at the same time, it's

not a bad idea to kind of look to the
future because Aaron Rodgers isn't going to be there forever.

Speaker 6 (20:53):

Speaker 9 (20:53):
So they have a lot of flexibility at number ten
to go up, to go down to draft the future,
or to get themselves to start player where they can
plug them and just say, you.

Speaker 6 (21:05):
Know what, we're going for it all. We're in this
thing to win it. Let's go for it.

Speaker 9 (21:09):
This year and if it doesn't work out, yeah, we'll
be back in the market again.

Speaker 3 (21:14):
They're going for it all Baldy.

Speaker 2 (21:15):
They got their hands up on the roller coaster.

Speaker 3 (21:17):
There is no planning for the future on this with Hey,
so boal, let me get so we know at the
top of the draft, the first three picks likely are
going to be quarterbacks, right we also you got that cluster.
You got the Vikings, Raiders, and Broncos. They also need quarterbacks.
Which team, speaking of the trenches, is kind of best
set up to help a rookie quarterback succeed in terms
of an offensive line.

Speaker 9 (21:38):
Well, you know if the offensive lines also a function
of you know, how your receivers win on the outside.
And so if you're the Minnesota Vikings right now, and
I know Sam Darnold is there but at eleven or
if they you know, stay there and move whatever, if
they're looking at a quarterback, I mean, you hand it
off to Aaron Jones, It's going to be nice to
throw to Justin Jefferson or Jordan Addison's or TJ.

Speaker 6 (22:01):
Hockinson's gonna be nice for anybody.

Speaker 9 (22:04):
But I feel like they've got a pretty good offensive
line as it is they have protected Kirk Cousins. And
you know, you think about last week's last year's big
win from Minnesota when they beat the forty nine ers
and Kirk Cousins dropped back forty five times in that game, Steve,
he wasn't sacked one time. You know, they did a

pretty good job of protecting a variety of quarterbacks last
year after Kirk got hurt. And so I feel like
the Vikings are the best set up right now to
handle a young quarterback coming in and possibly potentially playing
right away.

Speaker 3 (22:39):
Man, this is such great soft Baldy JP. This is
such good stuff, Like this is what we love to
do on the show, Baldy, have you on and just
let's talk to real football stuff, not just the Hyperboley
and all that, so real good stuff.

Speaker 2 (22:51):
But Baldi, we know you're ready on vacation. We're gonna
be looking for.

Speaker 3 (22:54):
More of your breakdowns from underwater, So save travels, my
friend bon voyage.

Speaker 9 (23:00):
Yeah all right, thank you, Steve. I did a crash
course and I studied. All okay, I'll see you next week, guys.

Speaker 3 (23:06):
Coming on after the break Oh, we are talking edge
rushers with more specifically Lance Zerline.

Speaker 1 (23:12):
Our draft analyst, and.

Speaker 2 (23:13):
Man, is he got it loaded up for you? Stick
around and come back to the NFL Report. Pull the tape.

Speaker 3 (23:20):
Elsie back at the NFL Report and you look at
Mike McCarthy, Tarol Austin, a Steelers defensive coordinator there at
the Alabama Pro Day. Mike Tomlin was in the house,

and they're probably keeping their eye on edge rusher Dallas Turner. Well,
the top players in the country's supposed to be a
very high pick. We're going talk about that in a minute,
but before we get to that, let's go to our
Tom pellisera who is at the pro day. We caught
a spot with Dallas Turner.

Speaker 11 (24:00):
I feel that I should be the first defensive player
off the board because of the tnasty I bring to
the game, my IQ, how fast I play, you know,
just being the most versatile agent and draft as well,
you know, being able to pass, rush and drop me
and you know, and just help my teammates and be
the best team out can possibly be.

Speaker 6 (24:16):
So I know you're sticking around Tuscalos.

Speaker 1 (24:17):
After this, we got some team visits where all you headed.

Speaker 11 (24:19):
I'm headed to I know, I gotta go to Atlanta, Minnesota.
I gotta go to Chicago and Arizona.

Speaker 3 (24:28):
Right doubtas Turner naming three teams that could use an
edge rusher. But you look at this board right here,
there's an awful lot you've got.

Speaker 2 (24:35):
The Bears will probably use a ninth pick on one
if they use it.

Speaker 3 (24:37):
Atlanta, the Jack the Vikings, the Broncos, Seahawks, Rams, Dolphins, Buffalo, Bills, Lions.
Who doesn't need an edge rusher? But James Palmer. We're
back here on the NFL Report. We're gonna bring in
our draft expert, Lanzer Lion who knows there is edge
rusher as well. And Lance, you just saw Dallas Turner
there with Tom Pellis hero say he should be the

first defensive player off the board. First off, just your
thoughts on Turner.

Speaker 10 (25:03):
Well, so, Dallas Turner, you know I first noticed him
when he was really giving Charles crosswork at Mississippi State.
When I was studying Charles Cross a couple of years ago,
and I had to go to the roster because if
you're not draft eligible, I have time to look at
you right now. But I got five hundred players to
write up. But I made note of who's number fifteen.
Dallas Turner. Wow, I'm gonna remember this kid, and here

we are two years later, and you know, I think
he's a similar player. He's a little bit gangly looking
on the hook, but he was over two hundred and
fifty pounds at his pro day, which was heavier than
at the Combine. I think that's great. Twenty reps in
the bench, which I thought was nice. But really, Steve,
what kind of separates Dallas Turner is? Yes, he comes
from the Alabama pedigree of rushers, but he is a

really elite athlete. I mean from an explosion standpoint. At
the Combine, his speed numbers, his ability to bend and
make things happen once he's inside the pocket, change direction
in Hound quarterbacks were trying to get away from him.
I think if you want a guy who has that
the rush talent that's typical of Alabama rushers, and then
you want to look at the athletic profile that it's

an elite profile, including extraordinarily long arms and wingspan das
Dallas gives you. Dallas Turner gives you a very unique
set of skills, so to speak. When it comes to
the pass rush. There's four key rushers in the first
round but he's a guy that kind of blends all
of them together.

Speaker 1 (26:24):
I love that he's a Liam Neesen. He blends it
all together. Lance. I love you mentioned the speed, I
mean four four seven at the combine that was about
its fluid crist you could see a big man run
in the forty as smooth as he looked. And you
mentioned the athletic ability a fantastic basketball player in high school.
I know everybody always kind of looks at those traits
as well when they're evaluating some of these guys. To

spread that out, you mentioned these edge rushers, and there's
about four of them you mentioned. But where do we
see I know you have another mock draft coming out
soon and it's not out yet, but where would we see,
as we hinted at it, the first defensive player go
off the board. And will it be Dallas Turner?

Speaker 10 (27:01):
I think it could be Turner. I think it's going
to be between Turner and Verse, Jared Verse, and I'll
get into Jared Vers in a second. But you know,
Chop Robinson from Penn State is a huge projection player,
great traits, but he's not there yet, so I think
he will probably be fourth. A lot to his draft
standing is going to be, you know, determined by his medicals.
But I think when you start looking at you guys

talk to Balding, and you started looking at the way
some of these teams are coming together from a free
agency standpoint, and now it may change. You know, the
Jets may look at a pass rusher, for example, with
their selection. I think that you know, Minnesota obviously, if
they ended up staying there and not making a move
for quarterback, which we anticipate, I think they need rush
and so I think probably the earliest you're going to

see a pass rusher would be maybe the Falcons could
be the absolute earliest at eight, but you could make
a point for going even earlier than that, because these
are really i think, high ceiling, high floor players at
this particular position at the edge, and especially Jared. Let's
start talking about Jared verse for a second. I mean,

Jared Versus is a powerhouse. He is as explosive as
it gets into the blockers, very heavy with his hands.
He's good against the run in the past. You know,
Dallas Turner is not going to be as good against
the run as Jared Versus. He has become a real
issue for tackles to handle the same way Aaron Donald
was this unusually powerful guy inside for his size. Jared

versus unusually powerful and twitchy with his upper body strength
against tackles who are much heavier than him. He's got
a great bull rush. He improved some of his rush
technique and rush moves headed into this year. So I
think going back to school, he really made himself a
more complete player. But I don't think you know, we
look how many of these things that we're showing you

or run plays. That's one of the things that separates him,
I think, from the other and why I think he's
going to be the first guy off the board personally
is that he is a two way defensive end with
tremendous toughness.

Speaker 3 (28:56):
You know, I love hearing stuff like this because you
talk about Atlanta there at eight. We know Raheem Morris
kind of plays at hybrid thirty four. You know he's
gonna give you that that even look. But you want
to have somebody who can play the run in the
past like him, And you've got a Grady jer and
you've got David on Jamadi. You've got tackles who can
make plays. So somebody like him might be a perfect
fit right there.

Speaker 2 (29:16):
And you talk about a.

Speaker 3 (29:17):
Hybrid guy and this is a guy we both love
lands out of the University of Missouri, Jarius Robinson, and
this is everybody. But this is where I want you
to educate people, because he's listed in some places as
an edge, other places as a d tackle. A few
years ago we'd say he's a thirty four or five
tech team, but he's shown a little bit more than
that though, Like when you're evaluating a combo big man

like him, he's a big freaking guy, like two eighty five.
How do you kind of put him in there when
you're talking about the turners and the verses and chop Robinson.

Speaker 10 (29:48):
It's a it's a great question. It's what I had
to do last year with Keon White, who ended up
going to New England out of Georgia Tech. Very similar
body type, similar gameplay. The Texas just signed Denico Autry
in every The talk in Houston on my sports talk
show is, well, wait a minute, is he gonna play edge?
Is he gonna play defensive tackle? He's a little small,
Dimico doesn't play a traditional odd front, So what are

you gonna do? You want to put good football players
on your team. Listen whether they're rushing or playing bass
off the edge. I think the way I envisioned it
Steve Is, I think he's gonna play bass edge on
first down and second down. On the rundowns. You want
that power off the edge. But then when it comes
down to pure sub package rushing, when we're in third
and six and you know they're gonna throw, we're gonna

bump them inside and use his quickness and that lean
mass to really overwhelm and out quick some of the guards.
So I think, you know, for me, it used to
be a bigger concern when you when you had players
and they didn't fit neatly into a bucket. Now they're
called hybrids. Now they're good. Before we used to call
them tweeners, tweeters, no good, hybrids great. So you know,

for me, Darius Robbins, whatever you want to do with them,
Can he play defense tackle? Sure, he can gain ten
more pounds and play there. He lost weight to play
d end and he's in great physical shape right now.
So I think it's a matter of what you wanted
to do, And that's why I think it's such a
good fit for the Lions. I keep plugging them in
with the lions of my monographing. I just think it
really fits when Aaron Glenn and Dan Campbell won up there,

and I think he fits into that front that they're looking.

Speaker 3 (31:15):
For from Detroit too, So that would be huge.

Speaker 1 (31:17):
Anybody to help Aiden Hutchinson Man, you get him somebody
else it is. It is going to be something to see. Lance.
I love that and I love that that's the way
you finished it because I was already thinking here and
this is what I wanted to follow up with. You
mentioned tweeers, and you mentioned those guys that you always
kind of go, well, do they if they don't have
a position, does that mean they they are a knock?

But then when we see people play it at the
highest level, say, I'm not making the comparison, but a
Chris Jones that can move inside and outside, a different
type of players that can do it. But if you
can't do it at that type of level, is it
a knock still? But if you if you don't get
into that elite category to where you can do multiple things, I.

Speaker 10 (31:58):
Think it's tough. I mean, it really depends on who's
drafting him. And I always when I put grades on players.
My assumption is always that the team that views him
as the best particular fit with the scheme is who's
going to draft him. So if you have a zone
scheme running back or a gap scheme running back, I'm
assuming the offensive coordinator and the offensive play caller is

going to get with the general manager and say this
is the guy who fits, this is the guy who doesn't.
So it's going to make sense if they're going to
be on your board, if you have a game plan
for them. And I think there's something also to be
said for I think the best coaches understand how to
get talent acclimated and how to work around as special
players strengths and weaknesses COLLIDEJAKANTSI undersized defensive tackle, but he's

already showing flashes over there with the Bengals, And I think,
you know, is he small for a defensive tackle in
the first round? Absolutely? But can he do something that
makes the Bengals a good football team? Yes, he can
keep him out of the instances where he's going to
be double team by guards and centers and driven off
the ball and put him in positions to be a
pin trader. And the disruptor. So it's up to the

team to put the player in the right type of scheme,
in the right situation, and then for coaches to work
around the weaknesses and accentuate the strengths.

Speaker 4 (33:10):
So let's let's stay here, let's stay in this pocket.

Speaker 3 (33:12):
When we look at the number of quarterbacks, look, Minnesota
made to move you know, give us that second first
round draft pick to probably move up. So let's say
there's gonna be four to five quarterbacks.

Speaker 2 (33:22):
We're talking about these edge rushers.

Speaker 3 (33:23):
We also there's some elite wide receivers at the top end.
How is that going to affect the stacking of the
draft in terms of pushing talented players like maybe a
Darius Robinson or top Robinson to the back part of
the draft or some teams sitting there in their twenties
could be like Merry Christmas.

Speaker 10 (33:41):
Yeah, So it's tricky. This draft seems to have a
flow now. Free agency has kind of tricked it out
a little bit. But it's gonna be an early you know,
it's gonna be early quarterbacks, right, and then I think
the next thing is going to be wide receivers. As
start to go, we'll see the top three yride. Receivers
come off the board with sprinklings of offensive tackles, so
it's gonna be quarterback followed by wide receiver. Then comes

offensive tackle with the chance of one rusher and Brock
Bowers being considered there. Now Brock is the wild card.
I don't know where Brock goes. I thought the point
that you know, Baldy made the point about maybe Rock
Bowers could go the Jets all of a sudden. That
makes a lot of sense when you think about what
they're trying to do with the all in approach for
Aaron Rodgers. But you know, but then it's going to go.

It's going to take on an offensive tackle followed by cornerbacks,
and then here come the wide receivers led by Brian
Thomas again and Chop Robinson. The wild cards in this
one who could fall I think are a lot too
due to health, Chop Robinson due to inexperience, and then
Bowers just because tight ends are hard to slot in
the top ten, top twelve pix of the draft, and

I think Terry and Arnold versus Quinnon Mitchell is a
real wild card in terms of who's going to be
first corner off the board. I'm starting to think it's
going to be Mitchell one, Terry and Arnold two.

Speaker 1 (34:55):
Man, Lance, we're going to get to these corners with
you on another show because we had a plan for it,
but man, we love these edge rusher so we had
to stick with that. We will get you to the corners,
I prom always. And I also like that you stole
my idea of rock Bowers to the Jets and gave
it to Baldy, so I appreciate that as well. But Lance,
thank you so much for the insight on all of
these guys. I like Dallas Derner, you like Jared Verst.

I love the way we're going because these two right here,
it might be the first defensive player off the board.
It's gonna be really, really, really fun to watch. We're
gonna have you back to talk corners.

Speaker 10 (35:26):
Looking forward to it.

Speaker 1 (35:26):
Thanks, guys, appreciate it. Coming up on the NFL Report,
Speaking of corners, how about Kenny Moore just got himself
a handsome bag to return to the Indianapolis Colts and
manned that nickel position. Steve, we love that spot. Love
on the defensive side of the ball. We're gonna talk
to Kenny Moore after this on the NFL Report. Welcome

back to the NFL Report. James Palmer, Steve Witch with you,
and Steve Weird joined by our first repeat guests. Let's go.
And it's only fitting that Kenny Moore of the Indianapolis
Colts joins us as our first repeats team because Kenny,
you know what we think of your position on this show,
how much we love talking about the slock corner spot,

and how much we love to break down what you
do in the middle of the field. First though, I
have to say thank you for joining us, and secondly,
congratulations on the contract. What's the first thing that goes
through your mind once you know that is sign sealed,
delivered and you know that you're locked in. What goes
through Kenny Moore's mind?

Speaker 12 (36:35):
First off, is great to be bat with you guys,
to be the first repeat that's pretty awesome. First of
that went through my mind whenever we got the contract,
you know, signs student to deliver. I was just thinking about,
you know, I'm ready to go work again because I
know I know where I'll be at, I know the
people that I'll be with. You know, I get to

see all my friends again. So from here we just
got to you know, put some banners up and go
back to work. So I'm fully excited to be with
the organization again. And then, like I said, just to
know you know where I'll be.

Speaker 3 (37:08):
I love that you're excited to do with the organization again.
But yeah, I mean there was a lot of reports
at least that nobody was really certain that was going
to be the case. Were you Were you close with
any other teams?

Speaker 12 (37:17):
I mean, yeah, there were negotiations and talks with you know,
quite a few teams. But the coach, they were in
it the entire way. They never pulled out. They never
uh you know, came into the talks you know later
later on in the h the process, but.

Speaker 13 (37:37):
They stuck it out the entire way.

Speaker 12 (37:39):
And you know, they believed in me and they wanted
me back now in the organization.

Speaker 13 (37:42):
I'm glad to be back.

Speaker 3 (37:44):
So so with that, I mean, they want you back
in the organization. What does it feel like as a
player though, to know you've had an impact on a
community and on a club as to where they invested
with you the way they did in three more years?

Speaker 13 (37:55):
Oh man, that's a great question. They just know what
I give at this point.

Speaker 12 (38:00):
You know, one thing of knowing you know, I guess
what a player does and knowing what he gives. I
think you know the world of that you know they
value and appreciate. You know, not only the player that
I am, but the person I am throughout a community
and how I'm able to make an impact and just
being the kind of guy that wants, you know, everybody
to be included. So yeah, it's a great image to

have on such a prestige and organization.

Speaker 6 (38:25):
I love that.

Speaker 1 (38:26):
And Kenny, you sign this contract three years, thirty million dollars,
yet you're the highest paid guy for about I don't
know a day, couple of days, and Daron Johnson gets
paid too, and it's right up there with yours. Well,
I won't know, does that.

Speaker 6 (38:39):
Bug you at all?

Speaker 1 (38:40):
But also, what is it like seeing you guys in
this role when I talk to defensive coordinators and how
important it is that you guys are getting your due
playing this position.

Speaker 12 (38:50):
I like to say, you know, we're just pioneers of
the position. You know, we wear the heavy.

Speaker 6 (38:54):
Hat and a hard hat.

Speaker 12 (38:56):
We do a lot of things that made a lot
of things come together, and uh, you know, for this
position to be rotating that safety to be able to blitch,
to be able to cover, and to be able to
you know, read zones and read the quarterback. And it's
a lot of things that we got to be able
to do to be able to be uh inside quarterback

or a slot cornerback, you know, the outside corners. Everybody
can't do it. And so you know, to run whenever
he whenever he made.

Speaker 13 (39:26):
The jump to be the next highest paid it was
really great for him. It was great for the position.

Speaker 12 (39:31):
And I think he and I and many more to come,
you know, we got to walk for you know, the
others to run you know later in the day, later
and later in football. So I think we're just making
history here and you know we're all just trying to
play the position at the at the highest level.

Speaker 13 (39:46):
We just need you know, more Nichols to do the
same thing.

Speaker 3 (39:48):
Yeah, this is music car eers because like James said,
we we love that slot dB position, especially the time
when you seeing like you know, the regular safeties are
are floating out there on the market like they are,
so teams are reprioritized. Well, you talked earlier, Kenny about
saying you're back in Indianapolis with your friends.

Speaker 2 (40:04):
The Colts have re signed.

Speaker 3 (40:06):
So many players that were free agents there, going from
Zaia Franklin to some of the players like that, to
Michael Pittman, the wide receiver. And what about you know,
bringing back so many players, especially a guy like Pittman
who you probably bang with a lot in practice.

Speaker 6 (40:21):
He said, what is it like?

Speaker 2 (40:23):
Yeah, bringing back so many guys who you know, who've
been there before.

Speaker 13 (40:26):
Yeah, just having a continuity.

Speaker 1 (40:28):

Speaker 12 (40:28):
You know, I was there a couple of years in
before Michael Pittman Junior came into the Coast facility, and you.

Speaker 13 (40:33):
Know, I'm able to watch him grow over the years.

Speaker 12 (40:37):
You know, I was there when zay Yere was on
the brink of going to another team, you know, getting
cut his rookie year. To now he's been extended. It's
been great, and his role has been, you know, the
leader of the defense. He's been you know, with myself
and Buck, you know, we're all just trying to do
this thing together, and if we're gonna win, we want
to win together. So we don't want to see anybody leave.

We want to make sure that, you know, we stay
accountable to each other and make sure we put the
hard work in you know, day in and day out.

Speaker 13 (41:03):
And we can go out here and win some games together.

Speaker 12 (41:06):
You know, the guys that I'm actually proud of, you know,
as the people that they are to you know, seeing
them grow.

Speaker 1 (41:12):
You guys won some games. I'll say right here on
this show, Kenny, I thought your head coach should have
been Coach of the Year and what Shane Stikeen was
able to do in his first year in Indianapolis. Now,
Gardner Minshew is out of the building, even though he
played great subbing in for Anthony Richardson throughout the course
of the season. Now this is Ars team. What have
you seen or heard or talked to your quarterback about

moving forward with him being the guy and the face
of your franchise. If you're going to win more of
these games in year two with your head coach and
your quarterback.

Speaker 12 (41:42):
I think he has enough people in his ear, you know,
telling him of what we need. And I'm pretty sure
he knows exactly, you know, the position that he's in.
They've given him an incredible position to be in, to
lead the coach, to lead the.

Speaker 13 (41:54):
City and Indianapolis to win.

Speaker 12 (41:57):
So I talked to him on the day that I
I'm back, and he was fired up to have me back,
and I was just saying, way, just having him as
my partner back and him there, you know, being supportive.
But I'm ready to go and I'm ready to be
supportive of him this spring as he gets back on
the field and see what we can do together.

Speaker 6 (42:14):

Speaker 3 (42:15):
Look, you've made some more fans in Indianapolis with a
good Samaritan act the other day taking somebody whose car
broke down to the shop and give me some money
to buy some tools to change his tire. So good
for him. Kenny Moore, thank you so much. I wish
you had more time, but again thanks for joining us.

Speaker 1 (42:28):

Speaker 2 (42:28):
Congratulations on everything.

Speaker 10 (42:31):
First repeat so much, absolutely so.

Speaker 3 (42:35):
When we come back on the NFL Report, you know
you want to take your son and get.

Speaker 2 (42:37):
His haircut like Patrick Mahomes.

Speaker 3 (42:39):
Well, coming up, we'll be joined by someone who can
tell you how you can get that type of crispy
cut and enjoy reading.

Speaker 2 (42:46):
Books at the same time. Interesting stuff on.

Speaker 14 (42:49):
The NFL Report. Welcome back to the NFL Report.

Speaker 3 (43:03):
One of the many highlights of Super Bowl Week in
Las Vegas was an event that had nothing to do
with the outcome of the Chiefs forty nine ers Matchup.
NFL Inspired Change, in conjunction with the Clark County Library District,
hosted a grand opening to celebrate the launch of Barbershop Books.

Speaker 1 (43:21):

Speaker 3 (43:21):
This is a nonprofit organization that focuses on creating child
friendly reading spaces for boys in barbershops.

Speaker 1 (43:29):
Let's take a look.

Speaker 15 (43:32):
We are here today because the NFL and partnership with
the NFL Foundation have helped Barbershop Books come to Las Vegas.

Speaker 16 (43:42):
Welcome, Welcome to the Las Vegas Park County Library. This
is a great day and it's an incredible honor to
be hosting the kickoff of Barbershop Books to our Las
Vegas community today. The Barbershop Books literacy program is just
another stellar example of bringing the library to more places

where people gather.

Speaker 15 (44:06):
We're partnering with the Las Vegas Clark County Library District
to create.

Speaker 1 (44:10):
Child family reading spaces and ten.

Speaker 15 (44:13):
Barbershops right here in Las Vegas.

Speaker 1 (44:17):
We're going to be bringing together one hundred and fifty kids.

Speaker 10 (44:21):
That's a lot of kids.

Speaker 15 (44:22):
We'll have some reading stations, and then we're also going
to be given away free haircuts and three books.

Speaker 1 (44:31):
To read.

Speaker 17 (44:32):
That one I've been in the education library sector for
almost thirty years. Which has driven me in education and
libraries and children has been just the impact and the
change that literacy can have on kids.

Speaker 3 (44:47):
Are there, we go, what a great project, JP, And
now we are joined by the founder of barbershop Books,
that is Alvin Erbie. Alvin Banks are joining us here
from New York and just tell us this concept of
barbershop books.

Speaker 2 (45:00):
Where did it start?

Speaker 10 (45:01):

Speaker 18 (45:02):
I was teaching first grade in the Bronx and there
was a barber shop across the street from my school.
So one day after school, I'm getting a haircut in
one of my students, you know, comes into the shop,
plops down on a sofa.

Speaker 1 (45:14):
And he's just kind of you know, auntsy, looking bored.

Speaker 18 (45:17):
And all I can keep thinking is like, he should
be practicing his.

Speaker 13 (45:21):
Reading right now.

Speaker 18 (45:22):
And I wish I had a children's book, but I didn't.
So it was really that chance encounter with one of
my students, Alvin.

Speaker 1 (45:29):
I love the piece that we watched, I said, I
have an eleven year old. I think I saw a
couple of Captain Underpants books, a lot of different books
that he reads at home as well. As we were
looking through all this different stuff featured there. You do
a lot of different things, and you have taken this
to a grand scale. I mean, you've done Ted talks,
You've been in the New York Times, You've been on
you know, Oprah's type stuff. Where do you want this

to go? Because you do have grand aspirations, So how
far in your mind do you think this could go?

Speaker 18 (45:58):
I wanted in every barbershop where their children. You know,
I think that over the next five years, we'd like
to get to twenty five hundred barber shops.

Speaker 10 (46:08):
But I think that that's.

Speaker 4 (46:09):
Really just the beginning.

Speaker 18 (46:12):
I think there's there's so many opportunities with partners to
create spaces in the community that inspire children to read
for fun.

Speaker 3 (46:21):
Well, Alan, you know, look part of this, you know
you're you're here on the show because your partners with
the NFL and trying to get this done, and you
just talked about getting in twenty five hundred barber shops.
What does kind of the sponsorship and then being partners
with a huge brand like the NFL do in terms
of making headway for you to reach your goal.

Speaker 1 (46:41):
It's really important.

Speaker 18 (46:42):
I think that you know, it signals to other you know,
organizations and entities that this is is work worth investing in.
And I think that.

Speaker 4 (46:55):
What it did is it created a model.

Speaker 19 (46:58):
Right many of our cities have of local football teams,
and so I think that, you know, it creates an
opportunity for us to say, hey, look at this really
great example of what's possible right when you come together
with Barbershop Books and with amazing partners like the local library.

Speaker 1 (47:16):
I love that Altu real quick were tight on time.
When Roger Goodell shows up in Las Vegas with you
guys to read with kids, what impact does that make
and what did you see from Roger Well?

Speaker 19 (47:27):
I mean one I was was.

Speaker 18 (47:30):
A little surprised, but also excited that he took the time.

Speaker 4 (47:34):
I think it signals again that this was.

Speaker 10 (47:36):
Something that really was important to the NFL and.

Speaker 18 (47:39):
To him for him to take time out and I
saw him he was having a good time, you know.
So I think it was just an impactful event all
around the kids, the adults, everybody out whatever.

Speaker 3 (47:51):
The founder of Barbershop Books with a fantastic project. I
was just in an inglewood in Ingwood, California to get
my fade tied up. I'm a little crispy right now.
The other day, and then we know books there the
kids in the shop, so we got to get some books. Alvin,
it's my barbershop. Thank you so much for let's go.
Let's go all you love it all right? Coming up
one day here on the NFL Report JP. You know

that handsome guy in the great suit, he's gonna be
on vacation, so that ugly guy in the blue shuit.
I'm gonna be joined by Judy Mattista from the league
meetings down in Orlando seven pm Eastern. Also, remember it's
the podcast. And by the way, people, that guy right there,
Jay Palmer, he just jumped out of an airplane.

Speaker 1 (48:29):
I did. I did jump out of an airplane. You'll
see that coming up soon, Steeve, have him blast in
Orlando with Judy. You're gonna have him dynamite lineup excited
to listen while I'm on vacation
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