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March 14, 2024 49 mins

On today's episode of The NFL Report: Steve Wyche and James Palmer are joined by Raiders superstar Maxx Crosby.  The guys and Maxx talk about his new teammate Christian Wilkins, Crosby's desire to be the best ever, and all things Raiders.  NFL Network Insider Mike Garafolo also drops by to discuss what stood out in free agency, and what the Giants might be looking to do at the quarterback position.  Later, Washington Post reporter Nicki Jhabvala joins the program to break down the Commanders trading Sam Howell to the Seahawks, and Washington's moves in free agency.  Finally, Brian Baldinger breaks down how the AFC South looks after all of this week's movement.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
I'm Terry Fonto, general manager of the Atlanta Falcons, and
this is the NFL Report.

Speaker 2 (00:11):
Oh, Terry Fondo told us Steve on this very show
that he was going to be aggressive going after the
quarterback position, and oh was he ever?

Speaker 3 (00:18):
Let him Cook?

Speaker 2 (00:19):
Cook gave her cousins. Welcome back into the NFL Report,
James Palmer, Steve, which with you. We have a monster show,
The Condor Max Crosby star for the Vegas Raiders. I
must say Open Raiders. Las Vegas Raiders is going to
join the show. Baldy returns from his quest around the
world as Baldi's favorite films returns. We also have Nicki

Gavala from The Washington Post, who covers the Commanders better
than anyone. Will also have Mike Garratfullo the NFL Reports
NFL Insider on what's going on with the linebacker and
safety markets. But Steve, we saw Terry Fonto there. Who
won free agency or I guess I should say who
made their team better?

Speaker 3 (00:57):
Yeah, we're not.

Speaker 4 (00:58):
Gonna We're not to judge who won free but Terry's cooking.
Terry's cooking, he gets Kirk Cousins. I think that's good
enough to go take a team from seven to ten
to ten and seven at the least they get Darnell Mooney.
They trade Desmond Ridder for ron Dale Moore, a potential
explosive player.

Speaker 3 (01:13):
Right now, I'm gonna say Atlanta JP, all.

Speaker 2 (01:15):
Right, I'll go with the Houston Texans getting the Deil
Hunter to rush opposite of Rookie of the Year Will
Anderson Junior. Could that be the best edge duo in football?
There's a chance there. And then the middle of the
road pieces they did, Steve just getting some other guys
on two maybe a couple on three year deals to
corride some depth on that defensive side of the ball.
Joe Mixon. I think they made themselves love that team
that is now in that group chasing down the Kansas

City Chiefs in the AFC.

Speaker 3 (01:39):
Yeah, b okay, okay.

Speaker 4 (01:40):
We started things off talking about the teams right that
we thought did something. But let's look at position groups JP,
because I you know, when I look at the start
of free agency, you're like, Okay, Kirk Cousins gonna go
New Hunter's gonna go.

Speaker 3 (01:53):
No, it was Matt Jones. These were guys like you know,
you know, Jameis.

Speaker 4 (01:59):
Winston, Mark Mariota, the backup quarterback market in the fact
that so many teams, at least half the teams in
the NFL, went and got themselves backup quarterbacks after seeing
last year sixty six different starters and seventy seven in
total quarterbacks have to play because the injuries.

Speaker 3 (02:19):
Poor play things like that.

Speaker 4 (02:20):
So the premium, and we have talked about this on
the show, the premium of having a solid backup quarterback
or a bridge quarterback clearly was the huge thing with
the evaluators this year, especially knowing that they might not
be able to get into the top three in one
of those elite group of quarterbacks.

Speaker 3 (02:37):
But Jay p look at this is on the gate.

Speaker 4 (02:38):
I mentioned Marcus Mariota, Jacoby Brissett, Drew Locke, Gardner, Minshew
Sam Darnold. Yeah, even Russell Wilson and Mitch Trabisky. I mean,
I'm saying that in the same sentence Russell Wilson and
Mitch Trubisky being among that group.

Speaker 3 (02:55):
So again, I enjoyed the team's paying attention to it.

Speaker 4 (03:00):
With the trend we've seen over the past few years
with injuries to starting quarterbacks.

Speaker 2 (03:04):
Yeah, and you might need more than two considering the
Cardinals and the Rams each played four quarterbacks.

Speaker 3 (03:09):
This Bronces and Stags to go.

Speaker 2 (03:11):
Deeper than just your backup quarterback. I'm going to look
at the big boys that stand in front of the quarterback, Steven.
How about the guard market that went on during the
early portion of free agency. I'm gonna look at this,
yere look. Robert Hunt with the Panthers gets five years,
one hundred million dollars, Damian Lewis with the Panthers four
years fifty three, Landon Dickerson four years eighty four to

re sign with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Rams add a
pair of guards as well, and Kevin Dotson and Jonah
Jackson for about fifty million apiece. This is an interesting
trend here, Steve, and I think it's for a couple
of reasons. The main one being, and I've talked to
some guards and centers about this over the course of
the last season, which is there are defensive tackles that

are getting more and more athletic. There are no longer
just freaks playing on the outside of the defensive lines.
We are seeing more and more freak athletes on the interior,
and we're seeing edge players coming and sneaking over top
of the sad guys like Micah Parsons and other type
of talented players that are looking to attack the weakness
of the interior. And we know this is always what

Tom Brady you usted to always talk about. You can
go around the outside, I'll step up and still make plays,
but if the pocket is collapsing from the interior, you
have problems. I love what the Panthers did to try
to protect Bryce Young and here two. But the main
trend we're seeing here is because the town on the
other side of the ball is getting so good, you
now tocounter that have to make sure you have really

good guard play. Steve, And the other part of it
is there's not enough of them. That's the other problem.
And these guys that can do it got paid, Daves.

Speaker 4 (04:41):
The money is supply and demands driven when it comes
to free agency, and that's what you said, there's not
enough of the stud guards. But I like what you
said about the athleticism because you think about it, the
majority of defenses now, a lot of them have a
small athletic hybrid safety will linebacker type where you've got
to get out in the open space to get to
them or you've got to do things in blitz packages,

so that's part of it as well. But also remember
Sean Payton used to always have his Saints teams incredibly
talented from guard to guard.

Speaker 3 (05:10):
Guard center guard.

Speaker 4 (05:11):
Is where they put their money because a lot of
these quarterbacks now are not your standard six or four
guys who can see over them. They've got these shorter guards,
so you've got to really measure the height and do
things to keep them clean. In the pocket they can
evade the guys coming from the outside.

Speaker 3 (05:26):
That's part of it as well. I saw your finger.
You got something to say.

Speaker 2 (05:29):
JP A quick note. What team has been more successful
than anybody over the last couple of seasons. I'd say
the Kansas City Chiefs. That team has a dominant center
and two dominant guards in the middle of their offensive line.
With Joe Tooney create Humphrey playing that center spot and
Trey Smith on the other side, that is a dynamic
group of three in the middle for Patrick Mahomes Eve

that I think has allowed them to go out and
just make different decisions at the cackle positions. That allows
them to know that in the interior, Patrick Mahomes is
going to be protected and he has the ability to
move if guys get to them from the outside. Taking
of guys from the outside, Steve, which we have arguably
the best in the game in Max Crosby, The Condor

coming up on the show next. He's gonna join us
and Baldy's gonna join as well, because those two relationship
unlike any other two maybe around. The Condor joins the
NFL Report.

Speaker 4 (06:21):
Next, it's time for the lead Block, presented by T
Mobile for Business. A sport as fast as football deserves
America's fastest five G network, businesses go further with T

Mobile for Business. Welcome back to the NFL Report, Steve White,
James Palmer JP. We are joined by two superstars right
now as Brian Baldinger is in the house, as is
his dude, the man he brought the Moniker to the Condor,
Las Vegas raidersterback hunter.

Speaker 3 (07:00):
Max Crosby.

Speaker 4 (07:02):
Max, thanks so much for joining us, Baldy, thanks for
having us in the house.

Speaker 3 (07:05):
Okay, Max, let's.

Speaker 4 (07:06):
Get this started. We're gonna we're gonna get the free agency.
The Raiders were active out of the gate. They got
you a wing man, they got the Condor a legit
wing man. Here and Christian Wilkins just want to get
your thoughts about adding one of the best DT's in
the game.

Speaker 5 (07:22):
Yeah, super excited about it. Obviously, Christian hell of a player.
I've known him all the way from back in college
after my sophomore my red shirt sophomore year, we went
to a it was a touchdown club in Columbus. We
end up being together and spending some time together with
our with our girls and and spending the night together.
It was it was a great time and we got

to you know, get to know each other a little
bit better. And then obviously seeing what he's done in
his career, we went to the combine together. Obviously, Cleveland
Farrell really good friend of mine, literally a brother to me.
He was teammates with him, So we've known each other
for a good amount of time now and uh, you know,
we've had some conversations and you know, obviously we end
up pulling the trigger and bring him here to Las Vegas.

So it's super exciting. Man, he's a hell of a player.
He brings all the energy in the world, and those
are the type of people I'm trying to be around,
and I'm so excited for him. He earned that contract,
and you know a guy like Malcolm Koontz as well,
who came on, you know, super super heavy towards the
end of the year. You know, we're just bringing more
guys along, Tyree Wilson's, the Jannaies Robinson's. You know, we

got more and more guys coming in and we're gonna
go on waves and and and really have some fun
this year. I can't wait.

Speaker 2 (08:31):
All right, Max, I'm not gonna get entirely away from
your running mate and Christian Wilkins, but you added another
guy in free agency, Elsie. Roll the tape real quick.
Let's go.

Speaker 6 (08:41):
We go anyway, dude, nice Crosby so damn angry, right,

I like the thing is like he's not I know, right,
he just calls He keeps calling everybody little ass boy, Hey,
little ass boy.

Speaker 5 (09:15):
I'm like, I'm a little out here, but not always.

Speaker 7 (09:17):
You know, yeah, sure, shure out a song. He's a
big ass boys what he is he got? But uh nah, man,
it is awesome. You know there's a guy's you know,
not as much fun to play against, but throwing your team.
I absolutely love it, man.

Speaker 5 (09:32):
Excited to be with him. Christian.

Speaker 7 (09:34):
Some of the best you know talkers. I've been around
in the NFL. To have him on our side, to
practice against him every day, it's just gonna make me better.
I'm super excited about it.

Speaker 5 (09:47):

Speaker 2 (09:47):
We gotta ask you, what was your initial reaction when
Gardner Minshew was going to become your new teammate? Do
you call him?

Speaker 5 (09:54):
Do you do you.

Speaker 2 (09:55):
Reach out to him and talk about what happened? And
also he mentioned Christian also and the two of you
have a skill that apparently not a lot of people possess.
Who is the better trash talker between you and your
new running mate?

Speaker 5 (10:09):
To answer that question, you know, I'm auld humbly say myself.
I feel like I'm, you know, an elite talker. But
you know, at the end of the day, it's you know,
when I first found out, I just started laughing. I'm like, wow,
you know, it's a you never you never expect that
to happen. But for me, I think it's hilarious. You know,
Gardner is a hell of a hell of a player,

and just seeing what he did last year, taking the Colts,
you know, where basically everybody wrote them off, and winning
a lot of football games and giving them a chance
to you know make the playoffs was was super impressive
to me and everywhere he's gone. You know, he was
one one of the first quarterbacks. You know, I sacked
when he was in Jacksonville, so I know him very well.
And I had a lot of fun in practice and

talking talking mess and going back and forth. But dude,
I got a ton of respect for He's going to
come in and he's going to compete, so that's all
you can ask for at the end of the day.
And a guy like him, he's going to bring great
energy to the locker room. And today I got to
got to be with him and Christian as well. I was,
you know, in there working out this morning, and you know,
I got to spend some time with them, so I
know they're fired up and where we're definitely ready to go.

Speaker 8 (11:14):
Max, you're proud to be literally first in line to
be the all Energy team. I mean that's how you
You pride yourself in being first team All Energy. But
so does Christian Wilkins. I've seen plenty of Dolphin practices.
I don't care if it's during the season or OTAs.
He's the first guy in line, Max, he's the first

guy on the field if you're hitting sleds. He's the
first one on the sled. I want to know, Max,
who's going to be first in line? Are you still
going to hold that Moniker? Is Wilkins going to beat
you to the sled? Who's going to set the tempo
and practice every day? Or is it you guys in
stereo doing it together?

Speaker 5 (11:52):
Yeah? You know, I love I love a healthy competition.
So he's gonna have to work real hard to try
to be being to the front of the line. So
I love it. I mean, anybody that tries to step
up to the plate and try to you know, out
energy me, I respect it. You know, we'll see what happens.
But I know Christian he's got a ton of energy.

He loves football, and the way he carries himself is
the way you're supposed to carry yourself. This game is
meant to be fun, and at the end of the day,
it's not fun when you're not winning. So we play
on winning a lot of football games together. I can't
wait to have him out there, a guy that understands
what it takes to win, what it takes to become
better and better every single year. That's something that fired

me up. You know the most about Christian is seeing
his progression. People are trying to write him off early
in his career, similar to how they try to do
the same with me, and the fact that he's gotten
better and better every single year just shows that he's
putting in the work. So at the end of the day,
you know, we got to do it together. If we
want to win, we got to do it together. I
know he's going to be, you know, trying to out
energy me and beyond that. But I'm a different breed,

so I can't wait.

Speaker 4 (13:02):
Hey, Mack, speaking a different breed this off season, right
after the season. You got the knee procedure done, you
got the hand the thumb procedure done. Last time I
saw you had the splint on, I just saw you don't.

Speaker 3 (13:12):
Have it on. Where are you in your rehab?

Speaker 4 (13:15):
You're talking about you in the facility already when you
saw the guys working out today, Where are you in
terms of your rehab?

Speaker 5 (13:20):
Yeah, you know, me and Baldi talked about it a
couple of weeks ago, and we did our podcast The Rush.
Go tune into that if you haven't seen it already, Yeah, yeah,
low plug, but go check it out at the end
of the day. You know, I'm doing incredible. I started
January twenty second earliest I've ever been in the building
in an off season. I've been getting to it. I'm
already back boxing. I'm able to throw this right hand

in my training as well. My knee is feeling incredible.
I'm able to run in the treadmill, run in the pool,
and I'm flying. My cardio is getting there back to
you know, like I said, I probably myself. I'm being
the best in every category and I know I'm getting
closer to that every single day. So it's been an
incredible off season. I feel great, my knees feeling great,

my hand as well. So yeah, I got the best
team around me, Rick Slay, aj Nibel, Ricky. My nutrition
is everybody Alex Carrero working on my body five times
a week. It doesn't stop. And uh, those guys. Without them,
it wouldn't be possible. And that's why I try to
get my guys to do. You know, we got a
ton of D lineen. We have almost ten D linemen
in the in the building already. We've been training for

over a month now together and getting after it. So yeah,
we're we're focused on the best in the world, and
that's what we plan on doing.

Speaker 2 (14:33):
Okay, all right, I love that, Max, I love it.
So I got, I got, I got two parts for you.
On one, you're talking about all these things you're doing
with the knee. I hear you bought a new house
with a trampoline. That's that's like in the ground. Is
this accurate? Are we are we able to get on
this trampoline or is that Mark Davis saying no, do
not jet on this trampoline.

Speaker 5 (14:52):
Yeah, it's it's pretty safe. You know, I haven't jumped
on it for obvious reasons. You know, still coming back
getting closer to one hundred percent with it. But yeah,
it is an end ground trampoline. And I've seen my buddies, uh,
you know, get on it and fly around. And you know,
we got we got a gym, all type of things.
But it's a it's a working progress. You know, we
got some work to do on the house, but uh, yeah,

it's it's beautiful and there's gonna be a lot of
you know, we're gonna have a half field, you're gonna
have a full basketball court, a whole gym, and you
know it's gonna be another place where all the guys
can get together and we can you know, just improve
and just create that you know, that tight nit camaraderie
that you know is necessary to go out there and
and you know, win football games.

Speaker 8 (15:31):
Max, I feel like these off seasons are becoming more
and more important for a team that wants to get
where they want to go. You just mentioned the camaraderie, Max,
and how important that is. Getting to know your teammates,
cutting it up with them, spending time with them so
that when you get on the field, it's nothing more

than a locked up brotherhood. We're literally each guy is
pulling each guy like almost play to play to play.
And I feel that with Antonio, I feel it with you.

Speaker 5 (16:04):
We felt it.

Speaker 8 (16:04):
We all felt it across the league down the second
half of the season, Like how important is that to
you this offseason with all the new guys, the chemistry
and building that thing?

Speaker 5 (16:15):
Now, Yeah, you know it's everything. You look at all
the best teams in the league, they're a unit. There's
no clicks and there's no separation. Obviously on every team,
you're going to have certain guys you've got to pull
a little bit harder, you got to push a little
bit more. But at the end of the day, if
everyone is on the same page and believes in each
other and it's fighting for each other, you're gonna have
a better chance to win. That's something I feel like

last year, you know, we took a huge step in
our D line group just being so tightening, and that
bled through the team. Our D line we have dinners
every single Thursday. We pick a different location. Somebody's paying
for it every week. You know, at the end of
the year, I mean there's eighteen weeks, so we're running
out of places to go to and we you know,
Davante obviously has a beautiful house. We call DeVante, We're like, yo,

could we host a host a dinner and He's like, yeah,
come on down. He's like, come on down and bring
the guys. So we went to DeVante's one time. We
went to Jimmy G's house as well, and you know,
that stuff is important, so we want to bleed that
through the whole team. You know, it starts with the
guys leading the way, and you know, I feel like
that's something that's super important. It's just being a tight

knit group because in the game, it's a direct translation.
I can't if I don't have a real relationship with you,
I can't hold you accountable and they're not going to
respect me the same way as if I know your
whole family and I know your kids, and I know
what you like to do when on your downtime, it's
a different type of relationship. So, like I said, right now,
we have like ten guys in the building right now.
Tyree's in there, Nessa, all these young guys, Matt Butler's

we're already in the building working together and we're so
close and we'll go smoke cigars together, things like that
and just build our relationships because on the field, it's
a direct translation. When you're on the same page, you
don't even have to say anything. It's like a sixth
sense and you understand the guy next to you. It
just makes everything come together. And that's what we're trying
to believe through the whole entire team and organization. So yeah,

you know, we got we got work to do. Obviously,
it's only March, but we're going in the right direction
and we're very you know, very confident that we're going
to go out there and you know, make some noise
for sure.

Speaker 2 (18:13):
Max, I love you talking about that camaraderie aspect of it,
because I remember hearing your head coach be very open
at the combine saying, one of Max's biggest jobs this
offseason is to bring Tyree Wilson along. We know the
type of rookie season he had, we know the health
that he had in coming into his rookie season. What
is when he says that, what does he mean by
bringing him along? You mentioned the camaraderie side of things,

but how do you also bring him along in year
two to make sure he's a force opposite of you.

Speaker 5 (18:40):
Well, there's a standard. It starts with a standard, and
that standard you don't break it for anything. If you
have guys holding you know, others to that standard starts
with me. At the end of the day, I gotta
I gotta hold that standard and upheld it every single day.
And that's my responsibility as a captain, as a leader,
and as a guy. That's that's a game changer on
a day basis, not just on the field, but I'm

practicing in the weight room. I take a lot of
pride in that. So a guy like Tyree, he was hurt,
he wasn't able to be with us in OTAs he
was missed half of camp deal with the injury, so
it kind of was a slower process to get him
fully ingrained and understand what it takes to be a
professional and be a part of our group and a
part of something that's bigger than just ourselves. And he

came a long way from the beginning, I mean from
week one to week eighteens like night and day, Aldi
was very honest about it's seeing Baldy make videos of
what is wise, not law and that, and it was real.
You know, some people were sensitive about it. But at
the end of the day, if you're not held accountable
and you don't understand what you have to do and
why we're doing it, then you'll never improve. And in

this business, it's a production based business. I don't care
how good you look, how big you are, how fast
you are, in attracts to whatever. In a combine with
you know, tights on, it's what you know what matters.
What you do on a daily basis, when you're in
that building, when you're in practice, when you're in the
weight room, when you're on the if you're not doing
if all those things aren't right, then you're not going
to go out there and be at your best. And
to Tyree is a guy who wants to be great.

He works at it, He's been working at it, and
he understands what it takes to do it on a
daily basis, and I try to. I'm constantly showing him
that and other guys are also doing it, and Tyree
is a part of that. Now he's a part of
our family and he's going to be a great player
in this league. He's a guy that's got all the size,
all the ability. It's just about putting it together. And
everybody's timeline is different. Some people come right out the

gate and have, you know, instant success. Some people it
takes five years, some people it takes two years. It
doesn't matter. At the end of the day, when you
come to a building, it's a fresh start, no matter
if you're the number one pick or you're undrafted. The
work starts when you get in the building. And Tyree
understands that. Now. He's a great kid. I love being
around him. I give him a hard time every single day.
It's constantly bothering him and where are you at, what

are you doing, what are you eating? But it's because
I care and I want him to fulfill his full
potential like he wants to. So, yeah, you know, I
take a lot of responsibility in that Max. Real quick.

Speaker 8 (21:00):
My last question to you. You know, you've had a
drastic lifestyle change, and part of that change in the
commitment to becoming the best player.

Speaker 5 (21:11):
To ever played that position. What you're doing right now.

Speaker 8 (21:13):
It kind of started with when you watched the last
dance of Michael Jordan and how you said, this is
how I want to live my life. I want to
be this guy. Can you just share, you know, if
you go through the whole story matter, we can share
a little quickly about what that did to you, you
your wife and really the whole direction.

Speaker 5 (21:30):
Of your life. Yeah, you know, to give you a
quick summary, After my second year in the league, that
was the first year I got sober, so I had
about a year under my belt. I just finished my
second year in the league. I had was playing through
a torn labram, I had a broken hand and I
had to get surgery on both. So right after that
second year, the COVID year, I went out to LA

had to get those surgeries and I was in a
hotel my wife for about three days and we literally
sat and watched the last dance from starting to finish,
and I was just sitting there and I was disappointed.
I know, I took a step back in my second year.
I wasn't as good as I was there, but I
watched that I was so inspired by it that I
literally I went back and I'm like, Babe, I'm changing everything.

I'm going back. I'm ana civil with nutritionness. I don't
care how the food tastes. I want to be the
best version and put everything that needs to be put
into my body. I want. I'm gonna go to the
strength staff. I'm gonna say, listen, what do I need
to do to become the best version of myself? And
I put the trust in everybody in that building because
I want. I know I made it this far by
just being just the ability I was. I was blessed

with and my love for the game, but I didn't
have everything else in a row. So after seeing that
last dance, I was like, why can't I do this?
Why am I not in the conversation with TJ Whyt
Why am I not in the conversation with Bosa. I
should be in that conversation. There's no excuse, and it's
been over three years now, and I've completely changed the
outcome of my career. I'm going in a direction that

I know I'm I'm supposed to be at because I
do it every single day. I'm in there at six
in the morning and off season every single morning, and
I'm putting in work and focus on every little detail
I could possibly focus on and improve in every single day.
So that you know that inspired me. I got Michael
Jordan literally tatted on my torso, like that's a guy

that I inspire to be like because he wasn't the
man at one point he had to go through he
got cut in high school and went through everything he
went through just by being ultra dialed in and every
single way and having the mindset that nobody's going to
stop me unless it's me, and you've got to face
the man in the mirror every single day, and that's
the way you become the best version of yourself. So
for me, you know, he inspired in so many ways.

And ironically, I just you know it's about to get announced,
but I just signed with Jordan as well, so it's
a full circle moment and h you know, lessing and
super fired up man, and I know I'm not at
my best yet. That's what motivates me every day. You know,
I know where I'm going, I plan on being the
best I ever do it, and uh, you know, it's
a it's a one day at a time process back.

Speaker 4 (24:00):
So I'm just getting totally inspired by like just hearing that.
You know that that story is amazing. Congrats on the
deal with Brand Jordan. And you know one thing I know,
you launched the Max Crosby Foundation this year as well.
Your inaugural foundation dinner is Thursday night. I want to say,
isn't it like the UFC headquarters out there in Vegas?
Tell us a little bit about your foundation and why

you felt now was the right time to launch it
to help improve the lives to so many other folks.

Speaker 5 (24:29):
Yeah, it's everything to me. I know how many people
helped me when I was at my lowest, and that's
what I want to do, is get back to others.
I just had I just celebrated my four years of
sobriety this past weekend, and it just I had all
the people that have helped me the most in that room,
that have understood what I had to go through to
be where I'm at and it was one of the

coolest moments I've had. So this foundation is focused on
you know, teen substance teen substance abuse and also animal rescue,
something that you know, it's close home with me. I
got three pitbulls, two rescues of my own, so it's
something I really care about. And you know, the UFC
APEX we're gonna be having that dinner at Thursday night,
which is which is tonight. And Dana White is a

super super close friend of mine, a dude who took
me under his wing since since I got out here
in Vegas, so he opened up his house for me.
He's going to be there as well, and you know
a lot of great people. So we're super fired up
for it and we're going to be you know, catching
some tracks, handing out you know, some donations, and doing
a lot of things in the community here in Las
Vegas and also in Michigan and Texas another place around

the country as well. So yeah, it means a lot
to me. It's everything, and I feel like this, you know,
everything is about timing and life and you can't rush
to anything, and also you don't want to wait too
long either, you know. For me, I wanted to do
it the right way. I want to have the right
people behind me. And like I said, like we talked
about before the show, Bert is incredible. He's he's running
the show, and my wife as well is helping out

a ton. So I got a bunch of great people
and a great team around me to go out there
and maximize this opportunity to help others. So we're super
fired up about it.

Speaker 3 (26:06):
Well done, Well done, brother.

Speaker 5 (26:09):
I love it. I love it. Max.

Speaker 2 (26:11):
Thank you so much for everything you're doing. You guys
can see at the bottom of the screen Max Crosby
Foundation dot Org. And it's just the start of that,
but it's not the start of what you've been doing
giving back. I remember last time I saw you in
person was on the field at the Super Bowl. You
being honored as the Walter Payton Man of the Year
nominee for the Las Vegas Raiders. So Max, thank you
so much for joining us. Enjoy the dinner. If you

got three extra spots, I know there's a lot of
flights to Vegas for all three of us. Maybe we
can get there in time. I don't know, you know,
maybe three of us can join You appreciate you joining
the show though, Buddy, thank you so much.

Speaker 3 (26:41):
Appreciate you, Max.

Speaker 5 (26:42):
Thank you guys are the best. Appreciate it.

Speaker 2 (26:45):
That's a rap for the lead block presented by T
Mobile for Business. Sports as fast as Football deserve America's
fastest five G network. Businesses go further with T Mobile
for Business. Coming up on the NFL Report, A guy
that Max might be chasing down? Which quarterback? Will it
be for the New York Football Giants? Could it be
Daniel Jones? Could it be Drew Locke? We'll find out

for Mike Garrifolo next on the NFL Report. Oh, it
just feels so good to have the NFL Reports NFL
Insider Mike Garriffolo back, Mike, thank you for joining us.

And I just have to start with this. How many
hours have you slept in the last Let's see from
Sunday to we're taping on Thursday.

Speaker 1 (27:37):
Now, you know there's real journalism happening out there about
many important things. I don't want to make it sound
here's what I love, though, it's over quickly. Like when
I work out, I'd rather do the sprints. Point, I'd
rather do the sprints than the long distance running. Like
I really feel for the baseball writers Lake Snell has
even signed yet, like this is a six month or

fourth let's see seven January a four month process, and
they're just like on on alert at all times for
four like ours is a blitz, but it's done in
like three to four days.

Speaker 2 (28:09):
We're already winding down.

Speaker 4 (28:10):
So to that point, Mike Gee, we've seen, you know,
we've seen a lot of things. We saw backup quarterbacks
come off the board. We saw guards come off the board.
But then some of the off ball linebackers, and this
is always just such an intriguing position how teams value them.
This has really been kind of a trickle with some
of these guys, Patrick Queen, Frankie Louvu. You know, some

of these guys got multi year deals. But what about
that market and the pacing of it and why there
really it hasn't been so much a lot of big
money spent there.

Speaker 1 (28:38):
I should say, I don't know, because you know, Ziir
Franklin did an extension before free agency and it came
in just north of ten million dollars per year, and
I actually was expecting a bunch of because there's nothing
agents love more and tearing down other agents deals right
as expecting a flood of texts to be like, oh
got awful dealble because you know, whether it's it's not
not that I'm comparing him to these guys, but Jack

Leonard CJ. Mosley is the one that really blew the
top off the market. The one year got up to seventeen.
So it's been seventeen. Rokwan Smith and Leonard around eighteen
nineteen twenty, and these guys are now like it's And
so I checked in with a couple of ages. I'm like, hey,
this deal here. They're like, no, it's a good deal.
These guys are not going to get paid what they

used to get paid. And I don't know why this
market settled back down. And you know, Patrick Queen pays
the market for some of these linebackers and he's at,
you know, eleven million dollars per year. I want to say,
are a little higher than that, maybe twelve somewhere in
that area. And it's only the dealers only structure it.
They guarantee the first year, so it's not a high
guarantee or any of this stuff.

Speaker 2 (29:39):
So the off the.

Speaker 1 (29:40):
Ball linebackers, some team's really pouring resources into it. And
then this market for whatever reason. And sometimes, by the way,
when I see that, I go, oh, must be a
strong draft class at a certain position, which is not
a strong running back class, which is why those guys
got paid. But yeah, that kind of surprised me that
that market kind of settled back down again.

Speaker 2 (30:00):
I kind of want to stay there, Mike, because I
look at the four teams that were left at the
end of this past season, and all of them had
a really good linebacker. Course, And I remember having a
conversation in Baltimore in the locker room with Steve Spagnolo
was saying, my defense just doesn't work without a linebacker
like Nick Bolton running it in the middle of my defense.
This is kind of a copycat league. Why aren't people

seeing that as one of the best defenses out there
starting to value this position in terms of dollars when
it's valued in terms of player. Why doesn't it add
up in certain positions like this.

Speaker 1 (30:34):
Well, I'm guessing that Nick Bolton's agent is hearing this
and saying, Okay, let's hope that well, maybe you spoke
a little Yeah, maybe Spags he goes and gets a
head coaching job, And that's the guy that he'll pay
when he's a free agent to get over there, or
maybe Spaggs is still in Kansas City and say, hey,

you know how important he is, dear defense. Don't forget
about that. So you know, some teams are going to
value it. Teams are going to say that this is
what we do. When the Ravens did the whole thing
with Roquan it was because the Bears at the time
weren't willing to invest that kind of money and off
the ball linebacker, and the Ravens did.

Speaker 2 (31:09):
And I do remember a GM.

Speaker 1 (31:11):
That I pretty much respect and have a good opinion
for what he does is it's like, you can't you
can't pour that kind of money into that position.

Speaker 2 (31:18):
They did. It's their philosophy.

Speaker 3 (31:20):
It fits what they do.

Speaker 1 (31:21):
You got to pay what fits your franchise and your
coaching scheme at the time.

Speaker 4 (31:27):
Well, I'd say one position again that falls in line
with that is safety. So you have some teams who
really value the safety position, especially now the most teams
are playing more and more teams are playing a three
safety thing, and then.

Speaker 3 (31:38):
Others, like this year, that's not the case.

Speaker 4 (31:41):
So the Bills basically cut their safety squad three deep
and let those guys at the market. Now this the
safety market is still rather saturated.

Speaker 3 (31:50):

Speaker 1 (31:51):
Yeah, and some of these guys who did get paid
on the market, the free agent market, I think we're
expecting some higher deals than they actually got. Know, Xavier
McKinney did well. Kyle Dugger with the Patriots was an
interesting one because I think the rest of the league
got the impression that no matter what they offer Dugger,
the Patriots are going to match it, and that's why
they put the transition tag on him at around thirteen

million dollars in exchange and change. My understanding is they
were trying to get a deal done at thirteen So
at this point, if you're Dugger, you know, maybe you
sign the tag. You could even play on it if
you want. Because a lot of times these markets, and
the defensive tackle market is one of them, there are
certain guys now that are starting to get paid after
they did smaller deals, shorter deals, and all of a
sudden they come up and it's like, wait a minute,

this guy only got three a couple of years ago. Well,
you know what, he's healthy, he produced, and all of
a sudden, teams are putting more money into that right now,
and those guys are getting to Sheldon Rankins got a
huge deal. He's glimbing the ladder as he's gone. Along
with regard to how much money he's gotten now, he
was coming off in Achilles the first time, and he
is coming off I believe six sacks this year. So
a lot of times about the timing and what's happening

in the market at your position.

Speaker 2 (32:58):
Yeah, and we know there's not a whole lot of
defense and some tackles coming out of this draft, at
least from who I'm talking to, doesn't think it's the
deepest draft in that sense. That probably helps guys like
Sheldon Rankins out there. And you're sitting there in Hoboke
and Mike, I have to ask you about one of
my favorite guys in the league, Drew Locke, coming to
the New York Football Giants. Was that one of the
ones that kind of surprised you a little bit, going, well,

this is a guy that maybe has a chance week
one to be their starter after kind of getting his
career back together in Seattle. It was not on my
radar at all.

Speaker 1 (33:32):
In fact, I had had people say if Andy Dalton
gets moved from Carolina, which the indications are that's not
going to happen at this point. I don't know if
it ever was in the Cars.

Speaker 2 (33:39):
I know they value him highly.

Speaker 1 (33:41):
Look for Drew locked tohead to Carolina because of the
connection with Dave Canalis and all that stuff and whatever.

Speaker 3 (33:48):
So when it.

Speaker 1 (33:50):
Happened, I was kind of surprised at the team. But
then the more I thought about it, I'm like, you
know what, Drew Locke played well that Monday night game
where he came in for Gino Smith right off the
bench and played well a lot of time. How do
you get signed by a team and paid good money
by a team play well against them the previous season.

Speaker 2 (34:05):
That's what happened with Drew Locke.

Speaker 1 (34:06):
And I also did expect the Giants at some point
to add a veteran option, and it doesn't.

Speaker 3 (34:12):
You're seeing that six pick.

Speaker 2 (34:13):
In the draft right there in your screen.

Speaker 1 (34:14):
Doesn't procrude them from taking a quarterback in the draft,
and it doesn't preclude them from starting Daniel Jones week one.

Speaker 3 (34:22):
I mean it sort of semi.

Speaker 1 (34:25):
Resembles the Eagles situation back when they took Carson Wentz.
They had Sam Bradford, then they went out and signed
Chase Daniel and then they drafted Carson Wentz and then
they wound up trading Bradford right before the start of
the season when Teddy Bridgewater got hurt. Not saying that
Daniel Jones would be a hot commodity, but potentially you
could do something like that if it gets to that point.
So the Giants would that six pick, if they stay

at six or if they potentially move up. I'm still
looking at them as a possible quarterback situation.

Speaker 4 (34:51):
Yeah, it would seem on if they don't address it
with Daniel Jones's injuries and you just don't know what
he's gonna do, you know after this year, if they
don't address it, all of a sudden, they get caught
next year in a bad situation.

Speaker 1 (35:03):
And also think about it in terms of this, right,
you do that, and now you don't need to do it.
So maybe it's a little bit of playing cat and
mouse with teams when it comes to the draft. Let's say, oh,
what Giant signed a guy like no That still allows
you then to explore trades because a you're not desperate
for it, you can't have a fallback situation, and B
they don't think that you're necessarily about to jump up

and bite right.

Speaker 3 (35:25):
Hey, Mike Tee, really good stuff.

Speaker 4 (35:26):
I mean, I love talking about some off topic stuff
after a great start of the week. Really appreciate what
you Ian and Tom do for our franchise. Well done.
Now go get some rest and now coming up after
the break, we're.

Speaker 3 (35:38):
Gonna talk Washington Commanders.

Speaker 4 (35:40):
I said early on, this is gonna be one of
the busiest teams this offseason. We're gonna be joined by
the Washington Post beat writer Nikki Jabala to talk about
all of the moves Dan Quinn and this new regime
have made in the nation's capital. We are back at

the NFL reports see why James Palmer and now we're
joined by Nicki Gabala, the Commanders beat writer for the
Washington Post, one of my former stopping grounds back in
my writing days, and Nikki. Earlier on Thursday, Commanders made
a trade which seems to kind of clear the path
for them even more to draft a quarterback with a
second overall pick, any quarterback Sam Howell and a fourth

or six rounds draft pick in Seattle and they get
back a third and a fifth. What about that move?

Speaker 2 (36:34):

Speaker 9 (36:35):
Yeah? I mean they now have six picks on the
top one hundred. They had five previously. They began free
agency with the most salary cap space, They've signed the
most veteran free agents, so they are loaded to continue
their roster overhaul. They're also loaded going into the draft
to give them some flexibility if they want to cut
another deal and try.

Speaker 5 (36:53):
To move up.

Speaker 9 (36:54):
You need a partner to do that. But you know,
if they want to give her to try, they certainly
have enough ammunition to do so. But it also just
helps them fill out the roster and really, you know,
make a move and try to get a younger quarterback,
which seemed likely when they signed Marcus Mariota, a guy
you would think comes on to either you know, be
a backup and mentor a younger guy or step in

to start early if necessary.

Speaker 2 (37:18):
And let's stick to that quarterback spot and making you
talk about the young guy they're picking. You mentioned all
of them, but the first one they have is number two. Overall.
Does this move make you feel like number two is
one hundred percent a quarterback or do you see them
moving out of that spot at all? Given the fact
that everybody just assumes they're really starting the draft at two, right, Yeah, I.

Speaker 9 (37:42):
Mean, I think they have to take a quarterback no
matter what the question is, will they take it at
two or would they try to trade back and try
to get, you know, one of those second third tier
guys and try to continue to fill out the roster
and maybe grab you know, a tackle later on. So yeah,
I mean I still to me, it still feels like
number two, you go and grab the guy you want there,

especially again with bringing in Mariota. You have that veteran
that sort of that mentor type that can that can
back them up.

Speaker 5 (38:12):
But we'll see.

Speaker 9 (38:13):
I mean they've they've done a lot in really four
days of the open negotiating a period of free agency.
So I don't think they're anywhere close to that. I
don't even think they've come close to denting their cap space.
I mean, you just had so much, so I think
anything is fair game going into the draft.

Speaker 4 (38:32):
Yeah, it's interesting, you know, you talk about we'll see
if they trade back. I think the guy they just
traded away is a prime example of what happens when
you have when you have an opportunity to draft a
quarterback high and don't. So to that note, the new
offensive coordinator is Cliff Kingsbury, former Arizona Cardinals head coach,
coach Kyler Murray, coach Caleb Williams last year at USC's

or Caleb Williams to be the first overall draft pick
of the Chicago Bears.

Speaker 3 (38:58):
However, do you think.

Speaker 4 (39:00):
With all the moves we've seen Adam Peters and Martin
Mayhew in that front office make with the commanders, they
may be aggressive and trying to bring Caleb home to
the DMV.

Speaker 9 (39:10):
I would not roll out anything. I learned that less
than a long time ago in Washington. I will not
roll out anything. I will say based on their approach
so far, it does feel like they're being very methodical
about completely rebuilding this roster. I mean, they resigned only
three guys from you know last year that were free agents.

They have completely overhauled it. Their approach has to bring
in veterans who can mentor and develop and kind of
lay the foundation and really use the draft to build
the core this roster. So would they trade up maybe,
but they've also said many times they don't want to
mortgage their future to one player, and if that means
giving up a hall of draft picks, that would certainly,

in my mind count as mortgaging the future. But you know,
if they feel strongly enough about a guy and I
goes willing, you know, I again wouldn't rule anything out.

Speaker 2 (40:04):
I love it.

Speaker 3 (40:05):
I love it.

Speaker 2 (40:06):
Do you feel like Nikki, there's a sense at all
that there's somebody that's just a front runner in your
opinion at the quarterback position in this draft, that you
just feel like fits what they're looking for, maybe more
than somebody else.

Speaker 10 (40:20):
I know it's early, yeah, and I feel like there's
like it's split debate, especially locally between the Jayden Daniels
and Drake May if they stick it to and you
assume Caleb Williams is going on.

Speaker 9 (40:31):
I think it's interesting to me that, you know, some
are fully convinced that it's going to be Jayden Daniels,
especially now with Marcus Mariota on board, because Marcus is
his style is more like Jayden Williams. So you know,
I do think if I had to guess now, I'm
leaning more towards Jayden. But I also think that could change,

you know, as they go through pro days, as they
bring him in for top thirties, possibly have private workouts,
are going to get to know these guys even more
so I'm leaning toward you know, Jane Daniels, pub we'll.

Speaker 3 (41:05):
See, well, James knows.

Speaker 4 (41:07):
I'm leaning towards Jayden too, because quarterbacks at Cliff Kingsbury's
offense have to be on the hop.

Speaker 3 (41:12):
Because a lot of times there's a free runner.

Speaker 4 (41:14):
There's a free runner coming at that quarterback, going back
to the days of Texas Tech.

Speaker 3 (41:18):
So but again, he's grown. You know, he knows how
to coach this NFL game. No, I's not going to
get this quarterback killed.

Speaker 4 (41:24):
Here's a question, and I just don't know if he
had enough time to decipher. But do you think you
know and seeing these moves right, the fact that Dan
Quinn coached against this group of guys for the past
couple of years, twice a year and got to see
what's there, do you think that has gone a lot
into the thinking of the shaping of this roster, like
we destroyed that guy, we can't have him here, or

this guy's really good, we want to keep him in
the MiG.

Speaker 9 (41:50):
I think in part I mean Dan has said that,
you know, every stop in the past has helped him
kind of get to where he is, and the fact
that he knows what he likes more, he knows what
he doesn't like. I mean, they did bring in guys
who are very familiar to a number of guys on staff.
You know, Austin Eckler with Anthony Lynn, zach ERTs with
Cliff Kingsbury. You've got a couple former Cowboys players, former

forty nine ers for Adam Peters, a former Lions player
for Lance Newmore at the assistant GM. But you know,
I think he has really evolved his defense and he's
one of the few that actually say we're going to
tailor it to our personnel and actually does that. So yeah,
I think there have been players and opponents in the
past that have influenced, you know, the way he approaches

this and the way he's doing it and you know,
his second chance to be a head coach.

Speaker 2 (42:39):
I love it, Nikki. It also feels like, as we
say goodbye here, I want to put this into your
you know, just your quick thought. Am I right to
say that a lot of these a lot of these
free agent signings that they've made. Culture is a big
part of it. If you look at the type of
guys that they are just yes, very quickly, it's huge.

Speaker 9 (42:56):
I mean, they have to redo everything Washington.

Speaker 3 (42:58):
So yes, well said they do have to redo everything Washington.

Speaker 2 (43:02):
This is not a four years this is everything in Washington.

Speaker 3 (43:06):
Absolutely. Hey, Nikky, thank you so much for joining us.

Speaker 4 (43:09):
We really appreciate the latest on the news and all
the quarterback talk. You're at the NFL report coming up.
We got Brian Baldinger. Oh he's back and we're talking
AFC Salry.

Speaker 3 (43:20):
Oh, this NFL report. We can't get enough of Baldy.

Speaker 2 (43:23):
Roll the Tate elsie, No, you cannot.

Speaker 4 (43:36):
All right on a bombshell, lay it out, brought a
bombshell ratt let's have one.

Speaker 3 (43:40):
Here we go.

Speaker 11 (43:41):
Sources say the Tennessee Titans are signing Jaguar star receiver
Calvin Ridley. Listen to this massive deal four years, ninety
two million dollars for Calvin Ridley, fifty million dollars fully
guaranteed in this deal negotiated by David Mulgeda.

Speaker 3 (43:59):
And res As. I'm a athletes first.

Speaker 11 (44:01):
Calvin Ridley turns thirty this season, thirty, and he gets
a massive, massive deal from the Titans. Everyone has been assuming,
I think this whole time, that it was going to
be the Jaguars is going to.

Speaker 3 (44:12):
Be the Patriots.

Speaker 11 (44:14):
No, no, it is the Tennessee Titans, quietly lurking, working
and now landing a top free agent received for a massive,
massive move for the Titans.

Speaker 4 (44:26):
This is the NFL report that was Ian Rapidport on
free agent frenzy on Thursday, on Wednesday breaking the news
about Calvin Ridley, James Palmer, Brian Baldinger back here, Baldy
saw the move by Calvin Ridley one of many by
the Tennessee Titans. So let's focus on the AFC South
and let's start right there, Baldy with.

Speaker 3 (44:46):
The moves that the Titans made in the direction that
they're headed in.

Speaker 8 (44:49):
Well, I mean, all these teams in the AFC South
are led by top flight quarterbacks picked, you know, at
the top of the draft. You know, whether it's Anthony Richardson,
you know, CJ last year, Rookie of the Year, you know,
all the way to Trevor So you know, and then
Will Levis.

Speaker 2 (45:03):
So you.

Speaker 8 (45:05):
Make the selection, you identify your franchise quarterback, and then
you just never stopped building around that franchise quarterback to
give him every opportunity to be successful. And so here
comes Calvin Ridley. Kind of caught me off guard. He
caught a lot of other people off guard, just not
just where he went, but the amount of money they
committed to. Calvin Ridley and Steve we All, you know,

followed him from the stage when he was first drafted
by Atlanta. I mean, it was pretty clear that he
became the number one receiver in Atlanta.

Speaker 5 (45:36):
He was the number one wide.

Speaker 8 (45:37):
Receiver Jacksville a year ago, and now he's going to
get that opportunity along with DeAndre Hopkins to kind of
fill that role with Will Levis. Is they try to
build this thing and kind of compete with what we
saw the Houston Texans do a year ago.

Speaker 2 (45:51):
Yeah, bod, it's no longer just handed off to Derrick
Henry with the Tennessee Titans anymore. And you look like,
get Lloyd Kushenberry to protect him in front, and you
also get Tony p to surround Will Levis. Let's go
as you mentioned CJ. Stroud in the Houston Texans. I
love what this team did baldi in the offseason so far,
with what they've done in free agency, I think Daniel
Hunter and Will Anderson Junior could be the best edge

duo in football possibly, but also the other moves on
the defensive side of the ball. Not huge, massive deals,
but they create more depth as a group for Damiko Ryans.
What's your take on what Nick Casseio has done in
this offseason?

Speaker 8 (46:27):
Well, I thought Nick Cassio struck gold last year, both
in the draft and in free agency, whether it was
Dalton Schultzer and the linebackers or de Elite Collins, all
the guys they signed up front. But you look at
just that, the guys on the screen right now, and
you look at fully fut of Casi. All right, you
got yourself just a space eater. You got denikeo Autry

to win inside or outside. I mean, he's a ten
sat guy just if he stays anywhere near healthy. And
then you get Daniel Hunter. Look, we all like Trynathan Greenard.
We all saw the development that he had in the
year that they put together in the first four years
starting Okay, Well they upgraded from greater when they went
and got Dadel Hunter. And let's face it, Danel Hunter

is from Katie, Texas. He's a Houston kid. He could
have taken more money in other places. He wanted to
go to Houston. It's the destination, you know, Demiko Ryans
has this teleora about him. Players want to play for Demico.
He knows that, like I just like coaches that are active,
they're responsive, they're in guy's ears picking them up. I

think we all saw that from Demico a year ago.
And boy, they're building something I think pretty special in
Houston right now.

Speaker 4 (47:38):
Baldy all got about ninety seconds. So looks combo the
Jags and the Colts. The Colts basically just re signed
everybody who was a free agent on their team, whereas
the Jags they got out first and they made a
trade for Mac Jones to back up Trevor Lawrence.

Speaker 8 (47:53):
Well, I mean if you just look at yes, Indianapolis,
they brought in Flacco to really kind of help mentor
you know, the young quarterback Anthony Richardson, which is a
good move. But you know, you look at Grover Stewart
and Taekwon Lewis and Kenny Moore and Pittman and Zaire Franklin.
Those are all resignings. They're all really good players. So
that's good. And then look, Jacksonville had this collapse last

year that nobody saw coming. We saw a quarterback in
Trevor Lawrence. Maybe it was injury related, but suddenly he
didn't look like he was on the same trajectory that
we saw the first two years. And so I got
to see what Jacksonville does to kind of bounce back
and get back on top, and if they have what
it takes ship back on top, because I think the

momentum is going in other places in the AFC South
right now.

Speaker 4 (48:41):
Yeah, Baldi, I mean a bad collapse by Jacksonville, it's
going to show some mental stomach for them to kind
of build themselves back up.

Speaker 3 (48:47):

Speaker 4 (48:48):
We appreciate the conversation always everything. Thanks for joining us
with that great Max Cosby interview as well.

Speaker 3 (48:54):
Now the NFL.

Speaker 4 (48:55):
Report we will be back next Monday at seven pm
Eastern Time on TV, on streaming look on the NFL channel,
and as a podcast.

Speaker 3 (49:04):
And guess what with the hits don't stop coming. As
Commander's head coach Dan Quinn.

Speaker 4 (49:09):
Is going to join Shad and I on Monday.

Speaker 3 (49:13):
So this is what we give you at the NFL Report.

Speaker 4 (49:15):
You give you the great interviews, we give you the
real talk, and we give you Baldy. Everybody have a
fantastic weekend again, chuck us out on Monday.

Speaker 2 (49:24):
I missed Baldy.

Speaker 3 (49:29):
I missed it.
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