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May 7, 2024 1 min

Apparently a majority of the folks under the age of 24 are getting their news about the college protests from the video gamer streaming service Twitch. FB and Instagram are so out now. 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Well, here's a quiz question for you. I don't know
if you've seen this headline. What was the number one
news source about the college protests for young people? I
can't remember the demo, it's the obvious under twenty four
guess and TikTok Twitch.

Speaker 2 (00:14):
I didn't even know that was the.

Speaker 1 (00:15):
I've heard of it, but my dreamers on Twitch. I know.

Speaker 2 (00:19):
I know it exists because my kids used it at
some point for video games somehow, but I didn't anybody
who's getting news out of it.

Speaker 1 (00:25):
Yeah, it's a social media slash streaming site that was
born for gaming purposes. But now I would feel like.

Speaker 2 (00:35):
I could make anything up. You know what? The number
one is Kronmo. They got most of their news from Cronmo.

Speaker 1 (00:40):
Young people are on Cronmo four hours a day on average, exactly.
I don't even know that. I wouldn't know how to
find Twitch if you gave me a map. What do
I go to twitch dot com? I don't know. Probably
do I read it or listen to it or watch
it all of the above, I think, But no, it's
live streams are a huge part. So you got Twitch

streamers going into the encampments as the cops, roll past.

Speaker 2 (01:04):
And the rest because only Grandma's on Facebook Live. Oh yeah, sure, yeah, okay,
even the Graham is getting old. It's all about TikTok
and switch switch Is that what I just said?

Speaker 1 (01:16):
Switch? Or twitch? Twitch?

Speaker 2 (01:18):
Well, in space of your own sentence, you forgot the
platform that most people get their news from.

Speaker 1 (01:23):
Beetles with their long hair.

Speaker 2 (01:25):
How can you listen to the nobility Armstrong Hetty
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