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February 20, 2024 1 min
Jenn's Latest Ailment 02/16/24
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Dave, I think I'm dying.So okay, So I've been sick.
So I thought it was before Halloweenthat I've been sick, and it was
before, but like, do youremember at the end of Fallfest Barbizel Fallfest,
which was in September, i lostmy voice. Then I almost said
it was definitely since the fall.Yeah, So it's now been September since

I've been sick. And what's drivingme crazy is that I'll get better and
I'll I'm like, oh yeah,there's a light at the end of the
tunnel, and then a week later, boom, I'm back to sick.
Yeah. So it just keeps comingand going and it's driving me crazy.
So I've made another appointment with mydoctor, a third time. I'm seeing
her about this. It's insane goodness. But this morning I wake up my
nose feels like it's dripping, whichI think is like, oh great,

my nose has been stopped up allnight, right, and so it's starting
to drip and I like wipe mynose and it's blood. So now I
have a random nose bleed out ofnowhere. I was like, well,
that's a fun news symptom. Holygoodness, Oh my gosh, dude,
I don't know. I'm dying.Something's happening. I need Do you ever
have like nose bleeds? Like no, not like that, not like that?

No no. So yeah, sothat was alarming, to say the
least. But so I've been googling, and I've got to go get zinc
today because that's the one thing thatI haven't taken. Yeah, but I
mean, I've tried everything else inthis entire world, everything that you can
google, I have tried. ButI'm gonna go get zinc today. And
then I was looking up a multivitamin, a women's multi vitamin. I

was like, you know, Idon't take a multivitamin. I do take
vitamin see every single day, butclearly that doesn't matter. So I was
looking up a women's multi vitamin.Found the perfect one with all the most
amazing ingredients for women in their thirties. Oh okay, seventy bucks hotly goodness
for like a month's worth. Iwas like, no, well, okay,

so you have to be rich tobe sick or to take care of
well, actually rich to be healthy. There we go. Yeah, yeah,
so I'm not so there we go
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