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May 2, 2024 33 mins
Today, Doug Pike discusses the stormy Houston day, weird salad toppings, and sushi.
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Remember when it was impossible to misplacethe TV remote because you were the TV
remote. Remember when music sounded likethis, Remember when social media was truly
social? Hey John, how's itgoing today? Well, this show is
all about you. This is fiftyplus with Doug Pike, helpful information on

your finances, good health, andwhat to do for fun. Fifty plus
brought to you by the UT HealthHouston Institute on Aging Informed Decisions for a
healthier, happier life, and byTexas Indoor Air Quality Specialists because clean air
is healthier air. And now fiftyplus with Doug Pike. All right,

here we go on a Thursday.I wish I could say it was better
outside, but it's not. HolyMac, I hope all of you are
getting through these dreadful storms that arebanging around here. We got hammered pretty
good over here in the Galleria areaaround eleven fifteen, eleven twenty. It

started and it was just black asnight for a considerable amount of time.
I know that there probably has beena lot of hail north of us here,
and it's moving kind of in aan eastern and southeastern direction. The
Woodlands, Conroe, Kingwood, everything, everything pretty much. I would say

north of Beltway eight really got hammered. I need to call my mother in
law when the show's over, justto make sure she's okay up there in
the woodlands, because there's been anawful lot of water falling up there,
a lot of lightning and thunder,and just a mess that comes with being
in Southeast Texas this time of year. Really hunker down and hang on.

There's still some stuff on the radar, still showing some pretty rough stuff for
a while. And if you're stuckon the road somewhere, for heaven's sakes,
keep a sharp lookout for high water. And if you're not absolutely certain
how deep the water is is infront of your cars, don't drive into
it. Well, have you everflooded out a car? I have never

flooded out of car. No wherehave I possibly because i've well, since
i've been a grown up, areal grown up, I've not driven a
very low riding car, a sedan, or a sports car. I've driven
all of those things in my lifetime. But the older I get, the

higher off the ground I like tobe. Now, I kind of reversed
that a little bit when I gotout of my pickup and into an suv,
a mid sized suv, and I'mperfectly happy with it. Because surfboard
fits, rods and reels fit,and I don't own a snowboard. I
would rent one of those. IfI go back, all my gear fits
in their golf clubs, fit intheir handling. I can put four golf

bags in the back and still putfour people ahead of them. It's just
that time of year for us,with this weather. I keep looking outside.
We've got the big boy studio withwindows and all, and it doesn't
look like it doesn't look like it'sraining hard anymore. No, not at
all. It's just it's clearing itsthroat for another round. Perhaps, I
hope not. I'll go back andlook at the weather maybe or the radar

maybe during a break here in alittle while, and if I see anything
coming, we'll work work with it. Uh yeah, it I honestly,
every time I see these things,they bother me. But then I'm as
I get older, I get moreconfident that we're gonna get through it,
okay. Because when I was alittle bit younger, especially as a newer

homeowner than I am now, Iwas so worried. My whole house was
gonna get torn up like in theWizard of Oz. Just fly away in
a tornado or something. Now,I'm just I'm very aware of my roof.
I'm getting a new roof in acouple of weeks, by the way,
thanks to the previous hail damage wehad back on April. Was it
April fifteenth, March fifteenth? ActuallyI think it was. In any event,

I'm gonna get that done. Andgosh, fifty years. Fifty years.
We've been around in fifty plus.It seems like such a long time.
But then you put it up againsthistory, you put it up against
maybe I don't know. I justI'm gonna move on. I wanna do

that quick run through the market indicators, all of which were green early.
But you know who knows now,I haven't looked. I don't like to
look a lot oil. I wasvery pleasantly surprised to see down around seventy
nine dollars a barrel, which isbetter than eighty something, but still about
eight or ten bucks north of whereit'll become in November if things go well,

and gold thanks to Houston gooldexchange dotcom up and I'm not talking about
one thousand dollars or one hundred dollarsor a dollar. I'm talking about a
dime still north of twenty three hundreddollars though, so if you've got gold
to sell, might not be abad time unless you bought it a few
weeks ago. At twenty four hundredten second weather report, heavy rain of

the north and the west, witha little bit more possibly to come this
afternoon. Fifty chance tomorrow for morerain. Then we get several days consecutive
days of very nice weather. I'mlooking forward to, believe me. From
the how are we on time?Will we have two and a half minutes?
Good from the COVID desk which maynever go away. Frankly, we've

learned now that the CDC found evidencethat the and had it sat on it,
that the Pfizer byon Tech and MODERNAvaccines actually caused some deaths attributable to
attributable to my carditis, which isinflammation of the brain or of the heart.
Excuse me, those vaccines. Therewas evidence to support that the vaccines

caused that, and in a relativelyshort time after the vaccines were given too.
If you go and read the storieson this, it was listed as
the cod on death certificates and inautopsy reports. Like I say, there's
just plenty. There's very much toread. My story I read this morning
was from the Epoch Times, andit really it's an eye opener worth going

and looking. Austin City Council isdebating today a resolution that would declare that
city to be a sanctuary for gendertransition, potentially even for children. That
designation, by the way, ifit passes and goes through the city there.
According to Texas Values, that's thesource of the story I read on

this would go directly against Texas SenateBill fort which was passed in June of
twenty three and pretty much says noto what they are planning to do,
which is kind of what I don'tknow. It's kind of what DC's done
with a lot of its moves.So I guess, monkey see monkey do
huh? All right, we gotone minute left? Will Today is World

Password Day? All right? What'syour password? Doug? I don't know,
I'm not telling you. Come on, tell the audience. Eeny meeny
miney mo all spelled out. Idon't know. Nine characters is all you
need, so long as you mixup numbers upper and lower case letters and

special characters. How long you thinkthat would take hackers to figure it out?
Will? It would take three ninecharacters, that's all three thousand years,
No, four hundred and seventy nineyears. If you ramp it up
and go to eighteen characters that includea little bit of this and a little
bit of all of that in quintillionyears, ow, Oh you're pretty much

safety you die. A lot ofplaces that I've been signing up for have
needed like at least fifteen characters withspecial characters, and yeah, you gotta
have all that stuff. Now.If you have all that, I think
a four hundred and seventy nine yearpasswords. Okay, but maybe what they're
trying to prevent is the evolution ofAI to more quickly scroll through all the

passwords. Dunn could be. WillI'm gonna go with the nineteen quintillion year
model, I think, or somethingin the middle, somewhere between nine and
eighteen characters. I don't know,maybe twelve that would be pretty good.
And I'm gonna what I'm gonna dois put them all in big bowl letters
and tape them to the refrigerator.Oh okay, you know so yeah,

So stupid Braun's Roofing boy. Ibet his phone's gonna ring this afternoon.
Who'skeeter Brown? Hang on tight,buddy here they come thirty plus years in
business and he's stayed in business becausehe does quality work at a fair price.
If you haven't had your roof inspectedin a while, once the rain

clears tomorrow afternoon, get Skeeter Braunout there. If you have a problem
right now, call the office andsay, hey, I got an emergency.
I got buckets of water pouring inmy house. They'll try to get
somebody out there right away to whocan at least stop the leak and then
reevaluate later. He's doing my newroof in a couple of weeks. He
did my mother's roof out, andKatie, he did my in laws roof

repairs up in the Woodlands. Shemight need to call him back to who
knows. I win rain debris,all of that stuff can beat your roof
to a pulp and you won't evenbe able to see it. All you
gotta do is call Skeeter Braun.Call Braun's Roofing. They'll come out usually
within a day under the circumstances,maybe two and they will inspect for you

and let you know what they find. They'll show you pictures, tell you
how much it's gonna cost, tellyou when they can get started. And
your best bet at that point isjust say start now. If you can
start right now, fix my roof, residential, commercial, tile, asphalt,
steel, shingle, doesn't matter.Bronze has you covered like a good

roof should right. Bronze roofing dotCom is the website b R A U
N S roofing dot com two eightone four eight zero ninety nine hundred two
eight one four eight zero ninety ninehundred. What's life without a net?
I suggest to go to bed,sleep it off, Just wait until the
show's over, sleepy. Back toDougpike as fifty plus continues. All right,

welcome back fifty plus on this dreary, dreadful The sun will come out
tomorrow. Fifty to fifty chances forrain tomorrow, but hopefully not as bad
as today. Oh. By theway, I don't mean to or anything,
but will you want to tell themwhat just happened in the in the
word world. Oh, I kindof whifted audience. No, no,

no, no, I'm gonna cometo your defense on that you didn't whiff
it. As we talk about thisall the time, Will got it in
four today I got it in three, and it just we have talked a
lot about how it's the first word. You got to get that first word,
and you got to get some momentumthere. But really the first one
Will had, would you have threeletters in the right place, three letters

in the right places, first,third, and last, Jesus crashed.
I crashed it, and then Igot the fourth letter, and then I
just yeah, and then I obviouslywent a totally different direction. I ended
up getting it in three, butonly because I got a little bit of
help in the first and the second. I think the first in the second

moves dictate whether you're gonna get itin three or possibly even not get it.
And because there are so many differentconfigurations of words, it's kind of
like they're all passwords. Really,any of those words could be your password.
That's true. Five letter words,and there are a lot of different
options for a lot of different lettercombinations. I play a game online when

I'm bored or just to help putme to sleep at night or whatever that
involves making multiple words out of one, six or seven letter word, and
some of those six and some ofthose six letter words, No they're not
six and seven. Yeah, thereare some seven letter words. Some of
those seven letter words will require youto get as many as twenty six twenty

eight different three or more letter wordsout of those seven letters, and then
you get additional credits for forming wordsother than those that you were required to
get to move on to the nextlevel. And I've been playing this game
for probably close to a year,and i don't know how many levels there
are, but I'm going right throughthem. It's once you get into it,

it's pretty neat, it really is. And a lot of the some
of the some of the puzzles havethe words in alphabetical order, some of
them, now that I'm at amore advanced level, they're just random all
over the place, and you reallyyou really have to think and get a
brain cramp from thinking that hard.I mentioned this World Password Day. It's

also National Salad Month. Poule askedpeople pop quiz will all right, the
strangest things they like to put intheir salads, And I've got four of
them here. Top four, Iguess strangest things that people like to put
in their salads. Are you reallyare you gonna do this legit? Or
are you gonna try and make somethingfunny? I'm gonna say strange things.

What about raisins? I like that, but it's not strange enough. That's
too common, too common, almostany Yeah, half the salads I've eaten
probably have raisins in continue. I'llgive you one more shot, then we
have to move on. All right, I'm gonna say, not a hard
boiled egg, but just a rag. You know, when I build my

own at Jason's Deli, Yeah,I put a couple of hard boiled eggs
in there. Yeah, but doyou put a rag in there? No,
I'm gonna go ahead and let youhave that. Then you can drink.
You just put that in a blenderand just drink it on down,
little lettuce, little tomatoes and avocadopitt and all. Put it on pury
and just chop it all up.A couple of raw eggs, shelling all.

You know what, just a rawsalad, raw chicken fish. I've
made a lot of money for that. Even on wicked tuna. The wholesale
price at the dock where these tunasgoes fifteen seventeen. Sometimes eighteen nineteen dollars
a pound. I don't know howmuch people pay for it halfway around the

world, after they've paid to flythat tuna all the way, halfway across,
all the way across the Pacific,or at least across the Atlantic.
Where do you think they sell allthat stuff? Sushi? Do you like
sushi? I love sush? Doyou really that's not a joke. That
is absolutely long? What are youtalking about? Sushi? Poky ba good

bait. It's yum bait. It'sbait to catch a fish you cook.
You don't like sushi, I reallydon't. Doesn't do a thing for me.
Oh, I got some places tosend you that'll make you love sushi.
Come on, not unless I canget it at a great Hamburger place.
We got to move on. Soundingredients by the way, bananas,

peanut, butter, peppermint and popcorn. Popcorn, little popcorn. Yeah,
be sure to crack a tooth thatway. Yeah, if you don't have
a chunk of bone in the chickenham popcorn? Maybe a caramel maybe legal
agent in England? What is it? Will drinking age? Legal drinking agent
England? Oh, I'm gonna gowith eighteen sixteen fourteen. I'm still laughing

roll on twelve five five five years. What's in the sippy cup? Buddy?
Whoa gotta get them down somewhere.You seem happy today, kid?
What's in the sippy cup? Youknow? The sleeping mar Yeah, got
me a mam, all tuned up. Protesters are speaking of food. Protesters
at UCLA asking their supporters to bringthem vegan and gluten free food because really,

who can who can put the proin protest with an empty stomach?
You know, I'm a tummy's upset. I need something deep, but be
careful. Oh and they're also warninganyone, anyone who's coming to these protest
areas don't bring in any don't bringany nuts or bananas. I'm pretty sure

every one of those protest encampments alreadyhas all the bananas it needs. They've
gone bananas and they're definitely chock fullof nuts. They also ask, by
the way, for according to FoxNews that got a list, they want
gas masks, shields, and skaterhelmets, you know, for peaceful protesting.
That's what they want. Foreign supportfor these protests too. More and

more we're finding that out a lotof people who don't like this country.
Very interested and very participatory in supportingthese protests and making sure those young,
indoctrinated people have everything they need.Iran now offering US students scholarships to attend
universities there. We're gonna take alittle break here on the way out.

Texas Homebuyers is a it's a plusrated with the better Business Fuereau. And
what they do is they eliminate theneed to sell a house through a real
estate agent. Well they're agents actuallytypical technically they are. But what they
do is come to your property,whatever kind of property it is, a

single family home, an apartment complex, whatever it is, and they will
come to that building and they willwalk around for a little while. They
might walk through it casually and quickly, and then they'll go back to the
office. They'll open up their softwareand punch a few buttons, and then
within that same business day, unlessthey come by at seven o'clock at night,

maybe a little too late then,but if they're there during the day
at a reasonable hour, they willgive you a same day offer, a
same day cash offer that we bevery competitive, and you won't have to
stage that house. You won't haveto paint the house. You won't have
to change the floors. You won'thave to do anything but accept that offer.

And if you do that, closingusually can take place within one week.
They get the house, you getthe cash you wanted to get out
of it. It's a fairly simpleprocess, really, and the people at
Texas Home Buyers have been doing thisfor more than thirty five years A plus
rated with the Better Business Bureau.That matters. That's why I said it

twice seven to one three sixty fournine twenty two twenty two seven one three
six four nine twenty two twenty two. You know, they sure don't make
them like they used to. That'swhy every few months we wash them,
check his fluids, and spring ona fresh coat of wax. This is
fifty plus with Doug Pike. Welcomeback, fifty plus. Thanks for listening.

Certainly do appreciate it. Well,do you have any outdoors plans this
afternoon? Oh? Tons, comeon, yeah, I gotta walk the
doll Oh well that you know,what how do you do if it's pouring
down rain? What do you do? We run outside and I say go
go go, go, go gogo and run yeah go, Now,

come on, back in the house. Quick, umbrella or raincoat for you
rain gears zero, just man up. Yeah, sure, let's stand out
there on the lawn. Well.I we used to have this problem with
my my our first dog, isthat I would take her outside and it
would look like it's about to startraining, and I'd be like, okay,

come on, let's go, let'sgo and eat it up. But
she would be taking her time aroundjust the right spot, and I would
say, maybe four reins in arow. We just got caught out.
We got caught outside because she justwould not be well, she just take
off and go all the way acrossit. Does she keep going farther and
farther away from the door to whereYeah of course, yeah no, she

has to sniff everywhere before, sheevery blade, before she can find a
perfect spot. You know that ithappens sometimes. It's okay if you are
interested in solar panels and just hearme out. Okay. Germany actually just
made it easier for folks in apartmentbuildings to take advantage of that energy source

if they want to. And Ipresume if the landlord says, okay,
what they've got. There's a companyover in Germany that has created solar panels
that you can pretty much install dYI. You can do it yourself along
the balcony railing of most condos orapartments. They kind of fit vertically,

almost as if you're creating a littlea screen around your patio so your dog
couldn't jump off if it wanted to. That makes any sense. It's a
vertical panel, not something that ispropped up on the railing, so it
doesn't interfere with your use of yourpatio. But it does provide a little
bit of electricity. Anyways, saveyourself some money on the utility bill.

Interesting idea at least if you wantit. You know, if you want
it, you can have it thatway. I'd look into it. If
I wanted solar panels, I wouldrather we just keep the grid running and
make that work right here in Texas. Last week, by the way the
Supreme Court, the Democrats lost anattempt at establishing universal mail in voting for

anybody and everybody who wanted to doit in Texas. Currently in this state,
if I read correctly, only peoplesixty five and older my hands in
the air, disabled, jailed oroutside their home county during the election can
do that, and I think Imentioned this yesterday. As a matter of
fact, there have been attempts toraise the COVID risk flag again. You

got to make sure there's nothing likethat going on. But the Supremes didn't
buy in, so they just said, no, you can't do that.
As if our migrant problem wasn't bigenough. Now White House is considering bringing
Palestinian refugees here at a time whenthe border is the largest issue. Voters

say that our president has totally botchedwhile he's been in office. He's also
deliberately ignoring the conflicts on college campusesnow too, because that might cost him
some far left supporters. To offsetthat, of course, he's shelling out
another six point one billion dollars instudent loan payoffs. This is just page
after page from the book of howto destroy the most powerful nation in the

world in four years or less.They're trying, They're trying, and so
you know, by the way,ours isn't the only country that has trouble
with migrants. In Great Britain.Thirty six year old Guy, a dual
national citizen of Spain and Brazil,charged recently with murdering a fourteen year old

boy, and injuring several other people, allegedly including police officers, one of
whom darn Near lost her entire handafter he allegedly crashed his van into and
this is from the story itself,into an adult man and a domestic property,

and then attacked several people with asword. He attacked people with a
sword just last just last June,a young girl in Nottingham. I don't
know where Nottingham is in England.I'm not really sure. Next to the
forest, I suppose, well,right, probably probably killed in a knife
attack by a migrant who also allegedlystabbed several people and tried to run over

more people in his van, allalleged, I suppose. I don't know
that the man's case has come tocourt, so everything's alleged. That's what
they said. This is some it'smore than just an American problem, it
really is. And and a coupleof countries, I believe Germany's among them,
have already pretty much said enough's enough. They've closed the door and locked

it and thrown away the key totheir borders for people who want to just
waltz in there willy nilly and expectto be coddled and fed and housed and
provided medical care like we've done todepending on who you ask, anywhere from
about eight to fourteen million people inthe past four years. Less than four

years. Actually, it's just phenomenal. We found out just this week that
the thirty thousand a month rolling inon airplanes, they're being flown here.
That's something a lot of Americans can'teven do, is afford a plane ticket
to go anywhere. But our presidentand the administration are flying them in.

Thirty thousand a month, I thinkthe number is. And one of the
airports into which they are arriving isHouston. We're getting more than our fair
share, and this can't It's justuntenable. It truly is. I tried,
how much time do I have?Well? Seconds, you have fifteen

seconds. Well, I'll just whatI'll do then is I'll go ahead and
move immediately into my praise for KirkCombs, who just happened to be the
twenty twenty four Southern Living Builder ofthe Year. Kind of a big deal
in their world. Actually it's itmay be the big deal in their world.
I'm not so sure what accolade wouldbe more powerful and more well received

than that. Kirk Combes has beendoing this for thirty plus years. Thirty
plus years they've been building custom homespretty much on the northwest side of town
out through the hill country. Nowthat's their primary focus, and if that's
where you see your dream home,by all means you need to get with
them, Get with the architectural team, get with the design team, and

let them help turn your dream homeinto reality. All of decisions, all
of the selections, are yours youand your family, except for those two
things I tell you about every time. The two by six exterior walls to
build a better fortress against the elementsin that home you're going to get from

Kirkholmes. And the twenty year structuralwarranty, which is twice the industry standard.
That's two times longer than most ofthese builders are willing to promise you
that that house is gonna be structurallysound. That's a pretty big deal if
you're investing that much in your beautiful, forever dream home. Kirkholmes dot com

is the website k you are kbecause at kirk Holmes it's all about you,
aged to perfection. This is fiftyplus with Dougpike by welcome back on

this AM radio Crackling Thursday. Ibet it's been a little bit a little
bit scratchy out there. Will wouldyou think on a day like this it's
not harderful. Yeah, we're doingthe best weekend to get out crystal clear
and clean. But the weather isn'treally cooperating. We had one big lightning
bolt flash here what about two minutesago. It was a little scary.

Yeah, it's the first one I'veseen today. I've heard a lot of
rumbling, thunder and whatnot. AndI sit in the other part of the
office right right out of window.For a while, you couldn't even see
outside. Basically it looked like midnight. It's like working during the winter time
up here at six o'clock at night. But at least all that's past.

I did take a quick look atthe Weather Channel's radar, and there's there's
still some more stuff coming, especiallyif you're a little bit east of forty
five. Let's say it's gonna behanging around for a little bit longer.
And I'm not sure exactly when we'regonna get a blanket break around here,
but it does look like some ofit's getting a little bit less intense.

And I think that's the best thingwe can all ask for when these things
are rumbling through, is that theydon't just they don't just wreck us.
I don't need I saw one reportearlier that there was potential for three quarter
inch hail, which is about thesize of a quarter or almost a quarter.

I don't need that. I don'tneed it, said mentioned sixty mile
an hour wind gusts. Nobody needsthat around here. That's borderline tropical.
Well, it's past tropical storm.That's borderline hurricane stuff. We don't want
that either. This just this issomething I just kind of threw on here
to talk about for a minute.I tried very hard this morning. I

saw our vice president on the screen, and I put my little super secret
headphones on, and I punched upthe volume, and I was listening,
trying to listen any way to herdeliver a speech somewhere in Florida. But
it just sounded so disingenuous, Itsounded so condescending that I couldn't continue.

I couldn't listen. After maybe fifteentwenty seconds. She sounds when she gives
a speech as though she's talking tothird graders and trying to help them understand
something that's over their heads. That'sthe impression I get from her. And
I've been looking for more than threeyears really for something she's said or done

that even remotely sounded vice presidential whateverthat is, even just a little bit.
She was in charge of the borderfrom Jump, and I don't know
that she's ever been down there.I think she may have. Did she
go once, well, or doyou recall I ain't she one one time?
Maybe once a few months ago orjust I guess so she could just

check the box. And she's beenin charge of all kinds of stuff.
He's put her. President Biden's puther in charge of a lot of stuff,
But I don't recall her getting thejob done on any of it.
And that's all on her. Ithink it's almost you would have to be
trying to not accomplish anything in threeand a half years, especially in that
position, with all that authority,all that potential to really get some things

done, and it didn't happen.In Better College News, a few dozen
college students at the University of NorthCarolina at Chapel Hill intervened this week.
I think it was yesterday actually,when hundreds of protesters pulled off the pole
an American flag that was flying athalf mast to honor for Charlotte police officers

killed in the line of duty,pulled that flag down and put up a
Palestinian flag. And this group offraternity young men, a couple of dozen
of them, took on those hundredsof protesters and went and retrieved that American

flag and kept it safe and offthe ground, all the while being pelted
with bottles and rocks while being screamedat profanely by other young Americans. It's
worth noting it's just disgusting what thesekids are doing. It really is.
They held that American flag until thepolice got there and helped the kids return

it to its rightful place on thatflagpole. You know, we haven't.
That's just proof positive that we haven'tlost all our college kids yet, but
we probably lost a lot of themwho are gonna just as fast as they
can and as strongly as they canback the guy who paid off their student
loans so that they could go dothat. They have no clue that you

and I foot the bill for theirmistakes. They just think the money just
magically appears. I guess I don'tknow what else they can think. They
don't know much, that's for sure. All these protests are just getting closer
and closer to final exams too.Maybe if they get booted from their finals,
maybe they'll teach them that what they'redoing is kind of messed up.
All right, we're out of hereand we'll be back tomorrow. Thanks for

listening. Let's do it again,then bring a friend. Audios
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