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May 3, 2024 34 mins
Today, Doug Pike interviews Dr. Shawn Adibi about temporomandibular disorder.
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Remember when it was impossible to misplacethe TV remote because you were the TV
remote. Remember when music sounded likethis? You remember when social media was
truly social? Hey John, how'sit going today? Well, this show
is all about you. This isfifty plus with Doug Pike, helpful information

on your finances, good health,and what to do for fun. Fifty
plus brought to you by the UTHealth Houston Institute on Aging Informed Decisions for
a healthier, happier life, andby Texas Indoor Air Quality Specialists because clean
air is healthier air. And nowfifty plus with Doug Pike. All right,

Friday edition of the program starts rightnow. I can't believe it's already
the end of the week. Wereyou working, folks? Were you Monday
through Friday? Folks? Anyway,mine just kind of just kind of rolls
over. I'll be back in heretomorrow morning. It's seven o'clock, believe
it or not. For the outdoorshow that I do over on seven ninety.
I'll do that again at ten oreight to ten, seven to ten
tomorrow, eight to ten on Sunday. More importantly, today we begin this

Friday edition of fifty plus. Ifyou're high and dry right now, be
thankful. Seriously, way too manypeople in this region either already flooded or
about to be flooded from rain thatjust doesn't want to completely clear out of
here for a couple more days.The chances are lower for heavy rain this

coming weekend, but it's not doneyet, and pretty much this entire region
is soaked the soil can't take muchmore, if anymore, in most places,
so even a quarter of an inchof rain would all run off,
and that would not be good.We can't let our guard down at all
right now, straight up, thisis not my favorite time of year.

Just one big giant thunderstorm after another, it seems like, and you just
roll the dice and hope you don'tlive where it hits, because these things
are they can be frightening, especiallyto pets. If you have dogs and
cats. Will is your dog scaredof lightning? Dogs scared of lightning?
Dogs? Are your dogs scared oflightning? Not at all? Really,

they just chill. Yeah, theyare very chill. Well, my first
one, she grew up near Disneyland, so the fire fireworks were always going
off when she was a puppy,so she was very comfortable with that,
most of the dogs I've dealt withhave had to do well. They didn't
have to, but they were retrievingdogs, hunting dogs, and so they

were accustomed to loud noises as well. And one dog I had in particular,
when thunder and lightning started, hewould just jump up and start whining
at the at the garage door,like, hey, man, is it
hunting season already? I can't believeit. It's all aready hunting season again.
Let's go, and we're late,apparently because it's already started outside anyway,

markets were up, oil was down, actually a couple of bucks,
and at a reasonable Gosh, it'sstill not reasonable. It's still not rational.
There's there's no reason for it tobe where it is, still in
the seventies, high seventies. Butat least it's better than it was.
I'll give it that and gold.Thank you to Houston gooldexchange dot com hanging

right around twenty three hundred bucks perounce last time I looked. I've got
to get with my wife. We'vegot to dig around the house and get
rid of some of the stuff thatjust we're never gonna wear anymore or don't
want any more. For whatever reasons. It's just not necessary and it's just
collecting dust. I'm not talking abouta horde of gold, believe me,

but I might get enough to fillthe tank a few times pretty easily.
By the way, will today justhear me out? Today is National Space
Day, It's National Paranormal Day,and it's National no pants Day without standing
up? Will tell me which oneyou're celebrating. Please don't stand up?

Uh uh uh oh oh darn Iwon't you just get all three memos?
No, only one, not thatone, just saying that I can't get
that out of my head. Now, Oh, this is this is terrible.
I should have never even mentioned that. Let's get to some real news,
shall we. A guy named AndrewDudom, founder of the Hymns and

Hers online pharmacy brands, said headmires the courage of anti Israeli protesters and
thinks companies such as his are goingto be eager to hire them. Kevin
O'Leary of Shark Tank fame had anentirely different opinion. He said in a
Fox News Business story, if you'reburning and this is a quote from him,

if you're burning down something or takinga flag down or fighting with police.
I'm sorry, you're trashing your personalbrand. End quote. Most corporations,
if there's evidence of doing stuff likethat, they're just gonna have those
resumes tossed in the trash. Andwith AI out there with facial recognition out
there, don't think for a minute. He said that the most powerful corporations

are using that to scan these scenesfor your face doing something stupid. That
sentiment was kind of backed by anumber of hiring experts too, and O'Leary
added this, He said, andI quote again, I'll put that resume
on the left into the garbage becauseI know I can find somebody else just

as good as you, of whichthere are tens of thousands of candidates that
didn't participate in this end to quote. He finished by saying that in today's
economy, these young people very muchpotentially could have killed their careers before their
careers even started. They're gonna belabeled and identified and as troublemakers. And

I even, he said, hesaid, I'm not against protesting. I
think and I agree, I thinkpeaceful quiet protest is a good way to
get a point across. But whenit when it comes down to screaming and
yelling and throwing rocks and bottles andskirmishing with police and doing things like that.

I this guy, Andrew Dudham,he's gonna have to hire them all,
probably if anybody's gonna hire him.That's a that's a risk for a
corporation, not only to have somebodylike that on board. And I like
the idea of new ideas all ofthat stuff, but it has to be
handled correctly, and these kids,unfortunately, aren't really doing that well.

I read it in a related story, I read about a student who was
videoing the protest at UCLA and wastold by protesters there to stop video in
because his First Amendment rights didn't apply. Couldn't video the protests under the First

Amendment. You don't want to knowwhy, because he was told it's because
cameras weren't invented when the Constitution wasdrafted. So they're they're mister video man,
you can't do that because cameras weren'tinvented. Then no, no,
and really again no, that's Idon't know who's teaching these kids that they're

dumbest stump, so as is anyonewho told him that makes absolutely no,
no, sense whatsoever. By theway, I just heard again in the
in the news update right before wecame on the air, that China is
sending a probe of some sort tothe dark side of the moon. Honestly,
I don't what are they going tofind on the dark side of the

moon that's not on the lit sideof the moon. Got any ideas well
what they think they might find.I have no idea. It's life.
It's gonna have to have big oldeyeballs because it's hard to see in the
dark. Maybe it's a door,a door too. Now do you remember
that other side of the moon.Do you remember that story where people were
talking about there was that door onMars? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah,

the dust, the formation that well, that door. Yeah. I'm
not going for that right now.I'm really not. Uh. What I
have to go for right now isa break. And on the way out,
I'll tell you about Texas homebuyers.This is a man, man named
Jeff Gearing. I met him acouple month and a half ago, i'll
say now about six weeks ago,maybe eight weeks, I don't think it's
been that long. But he reallyimpressed me. He did and what he

explained to me, is that alot of times, a lot more than
I would realize because I'm not inthat business. A lot of times people
inherit a house. There's a divorce, there's somebody mom or dad has to
move to assisted living, and thehouse just isn't something that anybody else in
the family wants to take on.They just want to sell it. They

want to get some money for it, split the money however they have to,
and then go on with their lives. Nobody wants real estate agents coming
in and changing the furniture and paintingand doing floors and raising the costs the
expenses of the house. They don'twant to rent it. They just want
to sell it. And that's exactlywhat Home Texas home Buars does thirty five

years doing this A plus rated withthe Better Business Bureau. They will come
to that property, whether it's asingle family home, a multi family home,
any physical property, any real estateproperty. They'll come there, They'll
look around, they'll walk around,go back to the office, fire up
the software, punch in a fewnumbers, and in that same day,

in almost every case, they willget back to you with a firm cash
offer, a fair firm cash offerso that you don't have to do anything
but accept and then maybe take awhole one week for closing. That's it.
Roughly one week is their average closeonce the seller accepts the offer from

Texas home Buyers. It's just thatsimple. It's hassle free, sell the
house where it is as it is. You don't have to fix a thing,
very simple process. Seven one threesixty four nine, twenty two,
twenty two. It's a good idea. Even if you don't understand this or
don't need the service, now callthem, talk to them. They'll help
you understand it so that when it'stime you can make it go even more

smoothly. Seven one three sixty fournine twenty two twenty two. Aged to
perfection. This is fifty plus withDugpike. Come back to Pittsy plus.

Thanks for listening. I certainly doappreciate it. On this well, it's
dry at the clouds have lifted herearound the galleria. I know there's still
some stuff on the horizon up northand maybe even a little more I don't
know between now and Monday or Tuesday, but just do what you can.
Like I said, if you're safeand dry, account your blessings. Lots
of people right now are neither,and I'm genuinely concerned. We're gonna talk

in this segment about something lots ofus don't understand unless we've actually dealt with
it. I haven't yet, fortunately, and I'm kind of glad. But
I know a lot of you have, and that is temporal mandibular joint disorder
TMJ. That's your jawbone and whatcan go wrong with the muscles surrounding it.
To help, I'm gonna bring indoctor Sean Adibi, a professor at

ut Health School of Dentistry. Welcomeaboard, Doc, Hey, good after
knowing, Doc to you and yourlet's send letter. Thank you very much.
So let's start, which I kindof like to do, with a
fairly unfamiliar condition. Let's start witha definition in your world of TMJ.
What exactly are we talking about?Well, TMJ disorders or TMD. Are

these disorders or conditions that involve painor dysfunction. Dysfunctions of TMJ disc the
attached ligaments, attached muscles, whichare muscles of masticatory muscles that use for

chewing, swallowing, speaking, andessentially extend to the rest of the head
and neck and directly ondirectly related toall muscles and tendons of a head and
neck. Is there any idea roughlyhow many people in this country deal with

this? Well, based on whatwe hear in the one we read on
literature, about one every three individualindividuals are having some sort of sign symptom.
However, about ten or twelve percentof the population have a sign a

symptom that they might or they thinkthey got to go and see a doctor
for it, and we know aboutonly two or three percent of those in
the population requires some sort of activeengagement treatments or interventions. That makes sense,
and for my very intelligent audience here, doc that we do a lot

of self examination at the recommendation ofdoctors such as yourself, talk about the
symptoms of this condition and what wemight be looking forward to know whether we
are to do something about it.Yeah, Doug, I should really start
saying that I really want every threeindividual in our population have some sort of

a clicking of pupping in there.Jont. And many of these clicking popping
or benign when innocent, and they'renot as harmful. But when the clicking
pupping becomes associated with some sort ofpain and discomfort, or when are associated

with some sort of limited opening ofthe job and functions. That is where
you need to kind of seek adviceof a dentist who or are familiar with
the conditions and essentially limited job openingpain and jaw sometimes headaches, when you're

functioning, eat or waking up inthe morning having a heavy job feeling or
pain or discomforts, those are veryvery common sign and symptoms. Okay,
doctor Sean dab Here on fifty plus. Do we know what causes this?

Well? A lot of times,based on what we've seen clinically, most
people start having this because of overloador over you essentially if you are chewing
heavily on crunchy foods and tree foodlike tough steps like let's say, for

example, or if you're individual thatyou are grinding and clenching during the day
you are stressed, you're in traffic, you're stressed the traffic, and you
quench your teeth. You're kind ofexposing yourself a possibility of TMD if you

are grinding your team teeth during thesleep hours and you're not aware of and
or maybe aware of waking up witha heavy job you are kind of overused,
using or overloading your musculs skeletal system, including your discs, TMJ,

disks or muscles, or if youare essentially most of the times people suffer
from that because overload and overused,they go beyond their physiological tolerance. That's
very helpful Before anybody gets too worriedabout this. I did read and correct
me if I'm wrong that TMJ typicallyis temporary and that most people who develop

it can make it go away withkind of self managed care. What would
somebody who's dealing with that, maybejust the early stages, a little pain
in the jaws and minor symptoms,what can we do to get rid of
that? Or minor symptoms are probablyyour beginning of the conditions. The TMD

condition is very deceiving because they havethis waxing and waning conditions. They show
up once every few months and minorand I've have patients, you know,
they come see me and it doesn'tgo away after twenty twenty five years and
ask me, doctor, what canyou do about it? Because it becomes

chronic because they're already deceiving and peoplemost people take some pain medication regular over
the counter medication for it, andobviously it goes away or manages, and
unfortunately that doesn't take care of theactual cause of it needs to be diagnosed

by identist or physician who is knowledgeablein the area. So my suggestion would
be, yes, it could bemanaged temporarily with pain medications. It could
be managed with application of a hotand cold compress on it. It could
be managed or managed by avoidance,like if it's you're opening wide because you

pain, you avoid that manage withusing or having soft food diet for a
short period of time to not harmingyourself further. So there are strategies,
preventive strategies for a mild version ofdisorders. But I would strongly suggest that

you seek advice of someone who isa knowledgeable a clinician and knows about TMD
for sure. I appreciate that verymuch. That's about all the time we
have, unfortunately, Doctor Sean Davie, thank you very much much for that.
That's that's quite interesting, it reallyis. Than you have a good
day to all. Yes you too, Bobby. All right, we gotta

take a little break here. Onthe way out, I will tell you
about ut Health Institute on Aging thatis where seniors, you and me,
and some of you maybe later onsome of you listening for your parents.
That's fantastic. They need to knowabout this as well. This is a
collaborative that's been around for right arounda dozen years I think now, mostly

in the medical center. It starteddown there. It started with a woman
named doctor Carmel Dyer. It washer vision to find a group of providers,
medical providers in every medical field whowould go back and be more ed,
become more educated as their field applies. Within these community of seniors,

our bodies are different than younger bodies. They are, and knowing what these
provide know as members of UT's HealthInstitute on Aging, gives these providers an
advantage in treating us, a clearadvantage that really can help you. Go
to their website, take a lookaround, Go to their website. Find

a provider near you. They're notalways every day in the med center.
They most of these providers work alsoin outlying areas around Houston, so you
don't have to drive in there ifyou don't want to. Uth dot edu
slash Aging is the website you willfind providers there. You will find resources
there that are extremely valuable to anybodyin our group ut dot Edu slash aging.

Now, they sure don't make themlike they used to. That's why
every few months we wash them,check his fluids, and spray on a
fresh cod o wax. This isfifty plus with Dougpike. Welcome back to

fifty plus. Thanks for listening.Certainly do appreciate it on this cloudy but
the clouds have lifted, at leastdown on this side of town. I
haven't had a chance to check theradar to see what's going on up Montgomery.
Well, I did get a firsthand report from someone who listens to
my outdoor show regularly and lives upin Montgomery County, and that family lives

on top of a hill that's ontop of a sand dome basically, and
the water just percolates on down,not gonna rise. The only place there's
any standing water around their home isplaces where people have put down concrete for
whatever reason, or maybe some sortof soil that will hold all that moisture

up towards the surface. Otherwise they'regood. Still a lot of flooding going
on, a lot of flooding tocome, as well as some of these
creeks and Rivers Crest, which afew of them haven't done yet. Just
keep your ears out for reports fromover on our sister station ktrh any and

every emergency announcement that needs to bemade gets made over there. It gets
made on all our stations, really, and we take good care of our
listeners, all right. So let'sI've already talked about that. I don't
want to talk about that anymore.And I'm good there, so I can
put that whole piece of paper overthere. That's very good. Oh,
get this. I put a littleheadline, just a little title on this

and not knock, who's here?Not who's there? Who's here? And
the lead in that story from townHall says that a suspected member of isis
you remember those horrific videos that Icesput out years ago? A member of
ICE? Well, it says suspectedhere. Okay, suspected member of ICE

has slipped into our country and hasbeen living here for two years. Thirty
three year old guy. He wascaught when he came into Arizona in February
twenty two, not walking, notwalking across in knocking, hay, I
might may I come into the UnitedStates here? I'd like to become a
good citizen. No, he gotcaught and then propably got released because the

people looking into his case didn't findanything on him at the time, probably
because they were instructed not to lookvery far. And then in twenty twenty
three, the guy's name pops upon a hot list, but nobody in
this country checked that list until thispast March, just a few what two

months ago now month and a half. His name was on a list in
twenty twenty three, nobody bought tocheck the list. He was arrested in
Baltimore on April seventeenth. So thequestion that must be asked is how many
more of them are here now?How many more people are on a list

that's not being checked out, alist that has these names of people who
are here, if indeed they foundsome way to get in and gave their
real name. I don't know howmuch sense that makes for a terrorist that's
not very smart. In any event, though, maybe instead of IRS agents,
or instead of destroying Title nine,instead of challenging the Second Amendment,

how about we throw a little moneyat keeping terrorists out of here, keeping
terrorists out of the country. Throwsome money at it, any money at
that apparently they haven't been doing muchof that. Speaking of the IRS,
that said they're ramping up audits,they're going to double their current number of
closer looks at the books of thenation's wealthiest taxpayers, which it defines now

at least for today, is peoplewho make more than or have assets.
I think it is somehow they thenumber they hit is ten million dollars.
So for most everybody in this audienceshouldn't have to worry. You're still going
to fall in that about roughly onepercent category of audits. It also is

going to triple its audit rates oncompanies with more than two hundred and fifty
million dollars in assets. The IRScommissioner guy named Danny Wirfel said that audit
rates won't rise on businesses or taxpayersmaking four hundred thousand dollars or less.
So they're not going to leave usalone entirely. They're still going to be

checking, but they're just not goingto ramp up on. What they're doing
is and I understand this, actuallythey're they're looking for the maximum return on
the audit effort. Last year,the IRS closed its checks. It's checking
balances on more than five hundred andeighty thousand audits, and those investigations led

to thirty one point nine billion dollarsin what it calls recommended additional taxes owed.
Our country is more than thirty threetrillion dollars in debt. So between
new taxes and if this administration somehowmanages to stay in power and what will
likely be even more tax artists comein this country, we'll still be so

deep in debt if those notes areever called in. Unfortunately, our dollar
probably won't be worth a nickel.I'm hoping we can write the ship.
I truly am, and I thinkwe can. The past months job report
didn't go the right way for theadministration. It went down considerably less growth
than the administration would have liked.Wage growth also slowed sadly is well,

which did no favors for people strugglingto afford groceries. Whole country is getting
weirder by the days, where insteadof climate I think we need to be
more worried about unprecedented levels of crazy. Just yesterday day I got an email.
Will I got an email to letme know which cities in America somebody
put time into this? Which citiesin America were best for naked gardening,

and it goes right naked hands day. All right, just going after the
garden. Will one of the cities. Did Houston make the list? I
didn't even look. I didn't evenemail Will. Really I would have been
no. You can. You canmake it that way. You can start.
You could add one to the listof people who naked garden in Houston.

Now, if you want anybody thatnaked garden, stay out of my
neighborhood. Just stay out of theneighborhood. You know. Maybe when I'm
running garden line tomorrow I'll post that. Yeah, you should mention that to
skip and see if you've ever donethat. I'll bet you the answer will
be no, because he seems likea sane and normal person. Well,
yeah, but maybe he has someinside knowledge. He could he could who

knows who he had. He mightnot partake, but he might know the
cities. Yeah. I don't reallydrink, but I know what beer and
whiskey are. Yeah, all right, something you'd rather not think about,
probably, But healthy prostate is gonnamean a better life. And if you
have an enlarged prostate, not cancerous, but just in large, that's something

that happens to old guys like us. You know what the symptoms are,
you don't want them anymore. Sowhat you need to do is get on
the phone and call a late healthseven one, three, five, eight,
eight, thirty eight eighty eight.I'll tell you get it a minute.
And what they will do is,in a couple of hours in the
office they will isolate the artery thatis feeding healthy, oxygen rich blood to

that nasty prostate and shut it off. They turn off the food supply,
kind of like locking up the grocerystore for that prostate. And that's kind
of a weird stretch, But inany event, what it does is it
limit those symptoms over not a verylong bit of time. You get the
procedure done in the office, yougo home, you recuperate for a little

while, you get back to work, and day by day it just gets
better and better. They do thesame with women for the fibroids. They
do the same with ugly veins.It's a vascular clinic, and doctor Douk
explained to me at one point thatthey have these little tubes that can go
in and do all that stuff,some of which this is. These are
little plastic pipes are finer than ahuman hair. I'm impressed. I have

no idea how all that works.I really don't. I don't want to
know how it works. I justknow that it works. They also are
working on regenerative medicine over there thathas proved extremely beneficial in alleviating chronic pain.
If you're in some of that,you know you would like to get
rid of that as well. Sevenone three, five eight eight thirty eight
eighty eight. I encourage you tocall them today and talk to them about

whatever's bothering you in that regard sevenone three five eight eight thirty eight eighty
eight. Or go to a latehealth dot com l ate latehealth dot com
old guy's rule. And of course, women never get old. If you
want to avoid sleeping on the couch. Okay, well, I think that
sounds like a good plan. Fiftyplus continues. Here's more with Doug all

right. Will tells me we don'thave a lot of time left. I
can't imagine. Why. Will,I mean, I'm just I'm just hitting
my mark one after the other.Never mind, why are you smiling on
National no Pants Day? Really,you don't have to celebrate every holiday.
Will little comfortable. What do youwant that you all? I want you
to clean the chair when you leaveit? All right, So we're gonna,

we're gonna. I'm gonna throw awayall this weird stuff or the bad
stuff. Hmm, watch your language. Punchline included what's that mean? Mm?
Watch your language? There are eightcountries in the world, WILL that
do not have an official primary language. Can you name three of them an

official primary language? I don't know. Well, that's not an answer.
I don't know. Pakistan okay,Ethiopia alright, Somalia all right, Eritrea
okay, Costa Rica, which Ican see they speak a lot of English
down there, and Spanish Australia.Australia has no official language, the UK

has no official language, and theUnited States of America. This is how
far we've come. Will has noofficial language. Pretty cool. That's why
everything you see in print from thegovernment comes out in sixty or seventy languages.
I yeah, that's why. That'swhy what it is? Uh.

Punchline included what's that mean? Ormore than meets it? No? No,
no, not that one. Idon't want to do that one.
Or your neck hurts. This mighttake a while. What's that mean?
What's that mean? In a poll, the average person admits they ignore their
check engine light for how long?How long before they get it checked out?

I would say a month and ahalf. How about four months?
Four months? Four months? Thecar is gonna blow up in four months?
Maybe it depends on what it is. Now, if it's one of
those little things where the gas capagejust didn't closing right, you gotta jiggle
it to make it not emit gasfumes. And now that nobody checks it
when you're getting your car inspected either, it doesn't matter. They don't care

about any of that stuff anymore.If it's got, if it's rolling,
they're gonna be passed just like that. I don't want to do that.
In archaeology news, I found howmuch time do I have? You have
a minute, and I'm gonna savethe archaeology for next week. Watch your

language? What's that mean? Ohknow? I already told you that twenty
percent of people, by the way, will put it off for between six
and eighteen months. It just,in other words, blow it off already?
Did the language? What about sippyjug? What's that do for you?
What's sippy jug? Somebody on ajob site had a thermos filled with
apple juice? Would that be weird? A grown up? A grown man

with a sippy cut, well,a jug full of apple juice? Is
is that immateure? As an adult? I think so. Well, you're
in the wrong, will ninety percentof people ninety five percent said no.
Guy in Florida got arrested after allegedlyexposing himself to multiple shoppers at Target and

Walmart. You know what name hegoes by? This is the one about
punch lines already, na olese.I No, his name's pee wee,
pee wee, pee Wee. That'shis name. That's what he calls himself.
Alright, well we got we gotten seconds. Oh good, Well,
I'm just gonna let that one justI'm just gonna let that one just

simmer there. Enjoy your weekend.It's gonna be less rainy. Let's pray
for everybody who's all wet right now. We'll get them dried off. See
you next week, Audios
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