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February 4, 2023 45 mins
It's time to go Under Oath! In this episode, we chat with Grimm actor, Russell Hornsby and therapist for the Detroit Pistons, Dr. Corey Yeager.

Under Oath is our new interview show where we talk to interesting people and ask them questions that give you an insight as to who these people are as a whole, not just as a Disney star, a county sheriff, or a falsely accused donut lover. We also randomly make cheesy jokes and talk about lawsuits!

Your hosts are Jeff Kaufman and Ryan Bryan Holmes. Jeff is a Guinness book world-record-holding car accident and personal injury attorney, radio personality, comedian, comic book writer, and Marvel nerd. Ryan Bryan Holmes is a stand-up comedian, radio personality (Monsters in the Morning), and a walking Petrie dish filled with puns so bad that they're almost funny!

Listen to the show live on Saturdays, at 7:30am EST, on Real Radio 104.1, or catch the stream on your iHeartRadio app (or wherever you get your shows and podcasts). If you'd rather watch the videos, they go up the following week here on this channel - so make sure you subscribe!

This show is sponsored by the personal injury law firm of Kaufman & Lynd. If you or someone you know has been injured in a car crash, slip and fall, or something similar, through no fault of their own, contact Jeff by dialing #546 on your cell phone, or at
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