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September 20, 2023 3 mins
Survivor 45 is here and with it comes the return of "On Fire: The Official Survivor Podcast"! Showrunner Jeff Probst is back to answer fan questions and share his perspective as host and executive producer of the Emmy Award-winning reality series. However, this season, the podcast is introducing a twist and welcoming a new host who has experienced the grueling challenges, shocking tribal councils, and even torch snuffing all firsthand. Some hints? This former player found at least one idol, they endured a remarkable 30-pound weight loss on the island, and they know a little something about coming back from Extinction... Whether you’re a superfan or new to the show, “On Fire: The Official Survivor Podcast” is the ultimate companion to Survivor — revealing HOW the show is made and WHY they do the things they do. You’ll get it all, from the fan, producer, AND now the player's POV. Watch the latest episode of Survivor every Wednesday on CBS and Paramount+ and then catch all-new episodes of “On Fire” right after the show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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