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August 12, 2021 30 mins

At the end of 2020, George proposed to his girlfriend, Sandra, after one year of dating. Well, technically it was after years of friendship then one year of dating. When the two met as teenagers at a Ugandan event, they were both finding their place in the world. For George, Uganda provided answers that Britain couldn't. Like many in their generation, he and Sandra developed a pattern of holidaying in the Motherland before returning to their lives in the UK. However, as the harsh realities of African politics became clear to George, he began to rethink his relationship with UG.


Written by George the Poet Produced by Benbrick and George the Poet Mixing, recording and editing by Benbrick.

Have You Heard George’s Podcast? is a George the Poet production for BBC Sounds.

Commissioning Executive for BBC: Dylan Haskins

With music from:

Bebe Cool - Wire Wire Flukes - Wifey Riddim (Instrumental) Fergie - Glamorous ft Ludacris Griminal (Freestyle) Dot Rotten (Freestyle) Double S (Freestyle) Chip (Freestyle) Giggs - Saw Obsessions - Jangu Madtraxx - Skaramess Bobi Wine - Maama Mbile ft Juliana The Afrigo Band - Mundeke

All original music is written by Benbrick and recorded by the BBC Concert Orchestra.

We had the following guests:

The soon to be Sandra Mpanga, my guy Mase, and my cousin Aggie

Thank you to:

My team Sandra, Vidhu, and Birungi. Dylan Haskins and the team at BBC Sounds, BBC Concert Orchestra, Channel 4, BMD, Mase, and Aggie.


The clips of Griminal used at 08:33, Dot Rotten used at 09:17, Double S used at 10:01, and Chip used at 11:10 are all taken from their respective BBC 1Xtra Westwood freestyles.

The clip used at 13:20 is taken from the Journeyman Pictures documentary “Who Is To Blame For London’s Increasingly Violent Gangs?”

The clip used at 21:50 is taken from the New Vision TV clip “Why Museveni went to war"

The clips used at 22:46 and 23:06 are taken from the Channel 4 video “Uganda blocks internet after elections”, and the clip used at 23:26 of Museveni is taken from the Channel 4 video "Uganda election: President Museveni says opposition are agents of foreign interests“.


Bebe Cool - Wire Wire 00:43 - 02:29 02:50 - 03:20

Benbrick - Wire 02:30 - 02:50 03:20 - 03:31

Flukes - Wifey Riddim (Instrumental) 05:00 - 06:08

Fergie - Glamorous ft Ludacris 06:09 - 07:14

Griminal Westwood Freestyle 08:33 - 09:15

Dot Rotten - Kurrupt Freestyle 09:17 - 09:52

Double S Freestyle on Westwood 10:01 - 10:33

Chipmunk Westwood Freestyle 11:10 - 11:53

Giggs - Saw 12:00 - 13:25

Benbrick - The Phone Call 13:24 - 14:56

Obsessions - Jangu 15:08 - 15:58

Benbrick - Obsession 15:58 - 16:58

Madtraxx - Skaramess 17:00 - 18:32

Bobi Wine - Maama Mbile ft Juliana 18:34 - 19:35

Benbrick - No Message 19:35 - 20:33

Benbrick - Walt Disney 20:34 - 24:34

The Afrigo Band - Mundeke 26:58 - 28:30

Mark as Played

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