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February 7, 2024 46 mins

In the first episode of Fund/Build/Scale, Mayfield Managing Partner Navin Chaddha spoke about the need for founders to identify investors they can trust, how to pitch Mayfield's AI Start seed fund, and why he’s specifically looking for inception-stage entrepreneurs who have “half-baked” ideas.

Our conversation covered a lot of ground: Navin described the elements of a fundable idea, shared what excites (and unnerves) him about AI investing, and offered a framework for founder teams seeking solutions to orthogonal problems that create value for customers and align with market trends.

Here’s an episode rundown:

1:07: AI investing and entrepreneurship

7:56: fundraising, enterprise opportunities and success metrics

17:27 the biggest challenges facing AI investors

19:11: what strong founder teams look like

22:10: leveraging inception-stage investors

26:47: why idea-stage founders shouldn't worry about revenue

31:36: pitfalls/opportunities at the enterprise level

34:25: the "impedance mismatch" between startups + enterprise customers

38:22: societal change + responsible innovation

42:48: how he educates himself about emerging tech

Coming up in Episode 2:

I spoke with Rodrigo Liang, CEO and co-founder of SambaNova, about digging a moat, customer discovery, and product-led growth.

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For now, you can find the Fund/Build/Scale newsletter on Substack. The podcast theme was written and performed by Michael Tritter and Carlos Chairez. Michael also edited the podcast and provided additional music, and I’m deeply grateful.

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Fund/Build/Scale is sponsored by Mayfield Fund and Securiti.

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