The Flight of the Bucket

The Flight of the Bucket

The SS Watercress has seen better days. Its captain hasn’t been sober in a decade, mutant rats are plotting a coup, and the chief engineer keeps eating pills he finds on the floor. Still, despite the odds, the old bucket manages to keep flying high—just not as high as the captain.


March 6, 2024 1 min

Coming soon from SuperHappy Productions: a brand new science fiction adventure, The Flight of the Bucket. Hop on board and join the exploits of Cap'n Jerzy Standard and his motley crew as they search for excitement, danger, and wherever Zach left his pants. 

Mark as Played

For years, Cap’n Joshivia (Jerzy) S. Standard and his motley crew have cruised the space lanes in their rusty old bucket of a ship, the Watercress, trying to stay one step ahead of their creditors and the occasional (malevolent) space fungus. But all that is nothing compared to what comes next: their official safety inspection.

Mark as Played
March 25, 2024 19 mins

Caught off guard by Gutman’s stern nature, the Cap’n attempts to crank up the charm. It does not go well. However, circumstances arise that disrupt the inspection and put everyone's life on the line.

Mark as Played
March 25, 2024 18 mins

The crew, along with Gutman, are in dire straits as enemy warships bear down. Amid the chaos, The Cap’n makes Gutman an offer that is both repugnant and impossible to refuse.

Mark as Played
April 1, 2024 26 mins

Adrift in an unknown region of space, the crew attempts to spacetape the Watercress back together. The mutated rats make their move. The Cap’n contemplates the sensual aura of an alleycat while also planning a bit of larceny. Zach discovers he might possess a spiritual side.

Mark as Played

Lungz and Gutman adjust to prison life. Zach continues to explore his spiritual side, with mixed results. The Cap’n spends some time at a day spa with an A.I.-enhanced bidet.

Mark as Played
April 15, 2024 23 mins

Tensions rise as the Cap’n discovers he consumed all of the booze on the ship. To avoid dreaded sobriety, the Cap’n orders Lungz to synthesize a substitute intoxicant from the ship's refuse. Then, things begin to get weird.

Mark as Played
April 22, 2024 25 mins

Though relieved to be finally heading home, the crew must contend with the crippling monotony of the long journey. Thankfully, a distress call provides a much needed distraction, but not without some risk. Also, the Computer accuses Gutman of dishonesty, and Zack reveals the secret to his supple skin.

Mark as Played
April 29, 2024 22 mins

The Cap’n devises a scheme to earn much-needed credits while the Computer threatens certain crew members. Zach claims a medical exemption for wearing pants, and Gutman experiences existential ennui. Lungz learns his bunk is not as private as believed. 

Mark as Played

Due to an unexpected pit stop, the crew discover they have some time on their hands. The Cap’n naturally starts drinking (to excess), Lungz reflects on his formative years (bleak as they were), Zach plays the slot machines (he thinks), and Gutman finally reveals the shocking truth as to why she left the pilot corp.

Mark as Played
May 13, 2024 26 mins

Season finale! After months of travel, The Watercress is almost home. However, the crew must contend with the heavy consequences of their past actions. Well, except for the Cap'n. He's just wanting to dance in the sky. So, is this the moment when Lungz steps up to save the day? Probably not. He's pretty inconsistent. 

Mark as Played

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