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October 4, 2023 29 mins

People around the world heard about the sticky muddy situation that happen at Burning Man 2023. Unfortunately most of those people who were not in attendance were told ridiculous news stories, by reporters who were also not on the playa, that is was horrific, people were stranded, that it was the apocalypse.  All of that could not be further from the truth and we’re going to tell you about Daddy’s and mine experience at Muddy Man. It started not great, we really thought it was going to be our last burn, and then the rain came. When so many people thought it was going to ruin their burn it actually heighten the experience for so many people, Daddy and myself included. We were lucky enough to have been camping at Orgy Dome for the first time and I do not think I have ever been more impressed with a group of people. As the burned turned to a party in place mentality the people at Orgy Dome did not disappoint not only with the partying but with keeping the love and community spirit of Burning Man alive.

Don’t listen to all the negative news stories saying how horrible burning man was because everyone who stayed at least until the man burn would say it was the best Burning Man ever. For Daddy and myself it went from being our last burn to a dedication that we will forever come back home.

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