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August 12, 2021 107 mins

Today's episode continues the latest series on hunting in Africa. Kevin Robertson back on The Big Game Hunting Podcast again today to talk to us about lion hunting. We discuss the ins and outs of lion hunting today: how to evaluate a trophy lion, cartridge and bullet selection for lion hunting , shot placement, what can happen if your shot placement is not good, etc. We also touch on the Cecil the Lion scandal from 2015 and the controversial practice of captive bred lion hunting at the end of the show.

Show sponsor: I highly recommend purchasing a copy of The Perfect Shot II if you think you might want to hunt in Africa one day. If you have an upcoming hunt or if you just want to learn more about game in Africa and want a great "all in one" reference, you will not be disappointed with The Perfect Shot II.

What We Covered

1) Story of what can happen with poor shot placement on a lion.

2) A brief overview of lion: what they are, where they live, how big they get, and their natural history.

3) Overview of what life is like for a lion and how they often die miserable deaths.


4) Description on some of the most popular ways to hunt lion.

5) Description of lion shot placement and why shot placement is so different on these cats from almost any other species of game in Africa.

6) What cartridges and bullets Kevin recommends for lion hunting. 

7) Kevin's take on the ideal lion rifle set-up.

8) The basics of lion trophy evaluation.

9) Kevin's take on the Cecil the Lion Scandal.

10) Concluding thoughts on hunting captive bred lions.

Show Sponsor

I highly recommend purchasing a copy of Kevin Robertson's book The Perfect Shot II if you think you might want to hunt in Africa one day for almost any species of game, to include leopard. This was a revolutionary book when Kevin first published it back in the late 1990s. It’s still an incredibly useful resource, especially the updated edition that’s currently in print.

If you have an upcoming hunt in Africa or if you’re just dreaming about hunting in Africa one day, then you NEED to buy this book and carefully study what he has to say. The information inside it is invaluable and reflects Kevin’s decades of hard earned experience as a professional hunter in Africa. If you pay attention to what he has to say and use the book as a guide to prepare for your hunt, you will increase your odds of success, reduce the chances of something going wrong, and have more fun over there.

Plus, the book is just really interesting and entertaining. You’ll learn all about hunting the most popular species of game in Africa; buffalo, leopard, lion, elephant, hippo, crocodile, and most of the really popular species of plains game from southern Africa like kudu, impala, wildebeest, etc.

The Perfect Shot II is available anywhere books are sold. You can just click here to buy your copy from Amazon and help support The Big Game Hunting Podcast in the process.


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