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January 13, 2022 94 mins

Kevin Robertson is back again today to follow our discussion from last week up with a more detailed conversation on elephant hunting. As always, he has some great stories to share with us I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from today’s podcast, even if you’re not ever planning on going elephant hunting yourself. I know you’ll also appreciate our discussion on ballistics specifically as they relate to elephant hunting.

Show Notes:

Show sponsor: I highly recommend purchasing a copy of It Shouldn't Happen and The Perfect Shot II if you think you might want to hunt in Africa one day. If you have an upcoming hunt or if you just want to learn more about game in Africa and want a great "all in one" reference, you will not be disappointed with either book. Go to to get copies of each one.

What We Covered

1) Story demonstrating how things can go wrong on an elephant hunt.

2) What typical shooting distances are like on elephant.

3) Detailed discussion on terminal ballistics as it relates to elephant hunting.

4) What ideal shot placement is like on elephant for the frontal brain, side brain, and heart shots.

5) Why the frontal brain shot is so difficult to execute.

6) What Kevin considers the ideal cartridges and bullets for elephant hunting.

7) How to judge elephant trophy quality.

8) Where you should go elephant hunting.

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