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January 7, 2020 67 mins

Rose Bonczek and Roger Manix join us in episode 070 of the SHIPS podcast! In this episode, we discuss how our phones are robbing us of discomfort and how important it is for us to go out of our comfort zones. We talk about what the collaborative gene is, how play teaches us how to be human, and how theatre makes us feel less alone, among many other incredibly important topics of conversation. Be sure to share this episode with a friend who you believe it will resonate with! 

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Rose Burnett Bonczek is a theater director, consultant, educator and author who has directed over 100 productions including Off and Off-off Broadway, regional and community theater, international festivals, and in education. For the past 15 years, she has been the festival director of Gi60 (Gone in 60 Seconds) International One Minute Theatre Festival: US Edition – an international festival with three global locations (US, UK and New Zealand). To date, Ms. Bonczek and artistic director Steve Ansell of the UK have produced and directed over 2,000 one minute plays by authors from around the world. Ms. Bonczek served as director of the BFA Acting Program at Brooklyn College where she taught acting, improvisation, ensemble building, collaboration skills and directing to undergraduate and graduate students for nearly 30 years. In 2018 she received the Excellence in Teaching Theatre in Higher Education Award from the national Association for Theater in Higher Education. As a writer, she has co-authored Turn That Thing Off! Collaboration and Technology in 21 st Century Actor Training with Roger Manix and David Storck, Ensemble Theatre Making: A Practical Guide with David Storck, and One Minute Plays: A Practical Guide to Tiny Theatre with Steve Ansell, all for Routledge Press. Currently, Ms. Bonczek is working as a consultant for companies and universities such as Atlantic Theater Company, Fordham University, CNY Arts and Stable Cable Lab Co. She teaches private acting classes in Manhattan, and is working on a new book with co-author Mike Flanagan, All the Classroom’s a Stage, for Rowman and Littlefield Publishers.

Roger earned his MFA in Acting from Brooklyn College, where he remained for over ten years, teaching acting and movement in the BFA Acting Program, as well as co-director of the Professional Actor's NYC Showcase. He's worked professionally across the United States as an actor, director, producer, and educator. Roger taught at The Graduate School of Business at Stanford University for six years. While there, he created a methodology to teach Emotional Intelligence using Play-based learning. That methodology became Ludolo, a Play-based learning company he Co-founded that sparks innovation, strengthens culture, and fosters human connection. Ludolo was awarded a finalist by Fast Company as a World Changing Idea in Education. Roger was invited Parsons School of Design at The New School to develop a course which uses Play-based learning to stimulate design thinking across disciplines while fostering empathy, collaboration, and creativity. He continues to teach at Parsons, currently a professor in the Global Executive Master of Science in Strategic Design and Management. His course uses Play as a leadership tool to support teams and projects.

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