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August 30, 2018 66 mins
Prepare your antivirus programs for a very gross-sounding Dave & Carol! * Both Carol & Wendell don't quite have "The Code" down right * #MogranJones-centered episode and will they make it to #AlexandriaSafeZone? * Another Ep, another kind of #Walker kill * Alright, no more Peanut Butter Protein Bars (reminders of home) * #WizardofOz moment for Morgan * Parallels between #JohnDorie's hardware store & The Mississippi Truck Stop * Who was really on the other end of that CB? ...and if it is the Crazy Woman at the end, what's her angle? * Creature Comforts and breaking the 5th Wall (Bathroom Stall) on TV * Going through #DarylChillMitchell's gripes on #TalkingDead + hilarious lines * ...Is there even a benevolent Trucker Network? Hope so... * ...Dave knows weird people who suck the Advil coating * Why don't Sarah & Wendell make Morgan take them to Alexandria the first time? * Morgan's moment of weakness: like Henry, he didn't want to have to find out that they were dead * Trying to further figure out Wendell & Sarah * ...breaking down why "Mo-Mo" is hilarious #ProMoMo? #NoMoMo? * ...catching Morgan in a lie: takes one to know one * Jimbo's perspective and #TheVultures vs Take What You Need, Leave What You Don't * ...would beer civilize the apocalypse survivors? * Sarah's catch-phrase, "If you can't protect what's yours, it ain't yours" and Wendell's disability: justifying their behavior. And is Jimbo a #redshirt? * ...leaving Mo-Mo behind... because...? * Morgan says the truth out loud: admitting his cowardice * ...and realizes the tremendous value in the aid boxes, helping him escape his predicament * Morgan's stick upgrade * Morgan's running montage: toward, rather than away, from people * Wendell & Sarah's motivations to assist Morgan * Morgan finally picks up the walkie and finally responds to #RickGrimes * Probing the Scary Crazy Filthy Lady's intentions after killing Purvis * Sneak Peek: #Althea & June lose the van + Althea has a fever * ...Althea's upcoming moment of truth * #BETA & #Lydia have been cast #RyanHurst & #CassadyMcClincy --- Send in a voice message:
Mark as Played

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