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December 20, 2022 56 mins
What’s that up in the sky? … The Buzz 1: “It’s only when you’re flying above it that you realise how incredible the Earth really is.” [Philippe Perrin, Astronaut,] The Buzz 2: Low Earth Orbit [LEO] satellite production is booming and innovation is accelerating, with billionaires Bezos, Musk, Branson and others investing in this global game-changing opportunity. A LEO is an orbit around Earth with a period of 128 minutes or less, with at least 11.25 orbits per day…Most artificial objects in outer space are in the LEO region, below an altitude of 1,200 miles. [] The Buzz 3: The global LEO satellites market size was expected to grow to $4.13bn in 2022 at an 18.2% compound annual growth rate, and reach $9bn in 2026, due to increasing adoption of LEO satellites in various sectors; rising importance across communications and defense industries; integration of IoT; machine learning; advancements in aerospace; miniaturization of satellites. [] The Buzz 4: Under a $2m U.S. Space Force contract, Slingshot Aerospace will develop an analytics tool that uses location data from commercial satellites in LEO to identify potential sources of electronic interference on the ground. [] The Buzz 5: To modernize today’s Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite constellation with new technology and advanced capabilities, Lockheed Martin is building up to 32 next-generation GPS III/IIIF satellites. [] How will the Aerospace industry keep booming? Aerospace manufacturers are conquering challenges, creating innovative products that require complex manufacturing with stringent quality levels and compliance. These products must work consistently every time and build strong revenue streams despite global economic variability and turbulence. After all, satellites can’t be returned to a store near you. We’ll ask Russell Bertwell at Accenture, Chris Schrand at Siemens and Michael Edelen at SAP for their take on Accelerating Aerospace Innovation at Supersonic Speeds.
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