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March 8, 2022 55 mins
The Buzz 1: “Semiconductors are used in everything from iPhones to fighter jets…Every time you step into a car or send an email, you're using semiconductors… Some blame the global shortage of semiconductors on poor planning, supply-chain complexities, and a tradition of keeping chip inventories low in key industries due to expense…others argue the chip shortage is more a function of the world's growing demand due to 5G developments, the expansion of online gaming and video streaming , and the increasing complexity of modern automobiles.” ( The Buzz 2: “A survey of more than 150 firms found semiconductor supplies had fallen from an average of 40 days’ worth in 2019 to just five days in late 2021. Sales of devices soared during the pandemic, leaving semiconductor makers struggling to keep up with demand. The shortage has resulted in huge disruptions for major industries.” ( The Buzz 3: “Even before the pandemic hit there was tightening…The chip companies actually have to take a different view now of supply entry…how you plan your capacity, your relationships with your suppliers.” (semiconductor company Marvell CEO Matt Murphy ( The Buzz 4: “Automakers, chip firms differ on when semiconductor shortage will abate.” ( Yes, supply chain shortages of semiconductor chips have already impacted or will impact each of us in our daily lives. How to improve this scenario? Semiconductor manufacturers need better visibility of actionable business and manufacturing data, to determine the true costs and supplies of chips. That will lead to better accuracy of profit and loss data for companies in related markets, better prioritization of wafer lots and ultimately better service levels to customers. We’ll ask SAP’s Jeff Howell and Dave Dunn and PDF Solutions’ David Park and Kimon Michaels for their take on the challenges and potential solutions on Revealing Hidden Yield Costs in Semiconductor Manufacturing.
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