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December 24, 2022 4 mins

That which we don't like about someone else is often what we dislike about ourselves. So, next time someone triggers you, think to yourself "Thank you" instead of "F-you" because they are reflecting a side of you that you try to ignore.

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Welcome to the Buddhist Boot Camp Podcast.
Our intention is to awaken, enlighten, enrich, and inspire a simple and uncomplicated life.
Discover the benefits of mindful living with your host, Timber Hawkeye.

A few years ago, my friend Carrie went through what she calls a Spiritual Awakening.
She started meditating, she added yoga to her daily routine,
she made healthier dietary choices, she broke her pattern of abusive relationships,
and she even got a new job.
Within a few months, she felt better, she was motivated by purpose and conviction,

and she told EVERYONE about it, even people who never asked and didn't want to know.
Her lectures annoyed many strangers, she lost a few friends, and she got
on her family's last nerve when she acted superior to everyone.
To be honest, being around her became a bit much, but I am all too familiar with
that part of the journey, so I knew she would eventually simmer down.

She initially felt alone, then confused, and recently, finally, at peace.
You see, over Thanksgiving, Carrie's brother came to dinner with his new girlfriend
Michelle, who kept talking about chakras, zodiac, tarot cards, and crystals,
pushing her beliefs on everyone at the dining table without ever being asked.

For the first hour, Carrie found Michelle extremely triggering.
"It felt like ego masked as spirituality," she later told me, until she remembered what

I had written in The Opposite of Namaste (01:42):
"The ego in me sees the ego in you."
Suddenly, all of Carrie's judgment of Michelle melted into compassion,
and Carrie finally understood what she herself had done for so many years.
She vowed to stop right there and then, and she actually enjoyed the rest of Thanksgiving,

even when Michelle went on very interesting tangents about her beliefs,
religion, and astrology.
All Carrie had to do was remove judgment by recognizing her own ego in another.
That which we don't like about someone else is often what we dislike about ourselves.
While we easily notice when others are being inconsiderate, for example,

we are usually clueless about how often we are inconsiderate of others.
It is challenging to acknowledge the ego within us because the
hardest thing for people to see is themselves.
So, the next time someone triggers you, think to yourself, "Thank you"
instead of "F- you," because they are reflecting a side of you that you try to ignore.

Everyone is passionate about what's important to them, and that is why they
talk about it, defend and protect what they hold dear, especially when
they feel it is being threatened.
This is true of people's beliefs, values, traditions, cultures, and yes, their egos.
If you think you are better than them,
that's all the proof you need that you are exactly like them.

And if The Opposite of Namaste hurts a little, it's okay; those are growing pains.
So reflect, don't deflect, and you might just learn something new.
It was wonderful meeting many of you on the book tour across the U.S. during the
last three months of 2022. And the Australia, New Zealand and UK tours are about to start.

All of my events are free and everyone is welcome because support for my work
comes from listeners just like you, who donate as little as $1 a month through
We are in this together.
Without you, there would be no us.
So, thank you for your support, for the wonderful online book reviews,

and for sharing the books with others.
I appreciate you. 🙏🏼
Timber Hawkeye is the bestselling author of Buddhist Boot Camp, Faithfully Religionless,
and The Opposite of Namaste.
For additional information, please visit,
where you can order autographed books to support the Prison Library Project,

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Thank you for being a Soldier of Peace in the Army of Love 🙏🏼
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