EDGE of the Web - The Best SEO Podcast for Today's Digital Marketer

EDGE of the Web - The Best SEO Podcast for Today's Digital Marketer

EDGE of the Web is a weekly digital marketing podcast discussing all things in Digital Marketing: SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, and more. Host Erin Sparks discusses the latest news and trends in the digital marketing industry as well as interviews with some of the top names in marketing. Visit our website at edgeofthewebradio.com to see all of our past shows and videos.


May 18, 2024 40 mins

Welcome back for another week of news from the EDGE! Host Erin Sparks speaks with Mordy Oberstein and Jacob Mann about several key articles regarding Google's strategies and developments in SEO and AI.

The "Content Decay Exposed" delved into a conversation between Google's John Mueller and Lizzi Sassman as they tackled the challenge of content decay in the online sphere. This sheds light on Google's ongoing efforts to address and n...

  • On top of being the founder and CEO of Ranktify, Michael Lewittes has had his hand in every jar of the SEO industry. As a media industry expert and journalism extraordinaire of over 25 years, Michael has achieved leadership positions for companies such as NBC, The New York Post, and New York Daily News. In this episode Michael walks you through his early career and how he came to realize the importance of SEO to succeed in digital ...

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    Welcome back to news from the EDGE! Mordy couldn’t make it this week so VP of Growth Marketing at Musora Media AND featured guest of this week's interview series, Michel Fortin steps in to give newscasting a crack! 

    Google’s March 2024 Core Update has come to an end! The update consisted of sizable algorithm changes to reduce low quality and irrelevant content, resulting in 40% of websites being de-indexed or removed from search re...

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    Welcome back, VP of Growth Marketing at Musora Media, Michel Fortin. This week, we discuss the capabilities of AI in digital marketing and assess the new high-touch contributory role that SEOs will be taking in the creation and curation of content. Michel lays out how brands can stand out in an AI-dense playing field through personalization and user experience optimization. We evaluate the complete history of Google’s ranking facto...

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    Welcome back to News from The EDGE! TikTok has been ordered by the U.S. Government to sell the platform to a U.S. company within 9 months or face a ban in the states. TikTok plans to contest the U.S. ban, claiming the bill signed into law by President Joe Biden is unconstitutional. In Google news, the March 2024 Core Update is complete. This update dwindles the importance of links, prioritizing content quality, trustworthiness, and...

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    This week's guest is Michel Fortin, VP of Growth Marketing at Musora Media. 

    In that role, Michel leads digital marketing and optimization strategies such as auditing and improving the marketing funnel performance, expanding visibility, and increasing traffic. Michel has over 30 years of experience constructing a revolutionary outlook on mass AI virtualization. Discover how Moore’s Law is shaping projections for the exponential gro...

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    Local SEO specialist, Joy Hawkins, returns for her second interview segment this week. Joy shares the recent landscape of local SEO, including some big shifts in the space that you need to know! Discover the possibilities of LSAs and videos, learning how they can shoot you up on the SERP. We discuss the rise of AI and where the user fits into this sea of content. To wrap things up, Joy shares what all SEOs should be keeping top of ...

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    Top Google contributor and owner of Sterling Sky, Joy Hawkins, joins the EDGE this week. Joy has been a renowned SEO speaker and influencer since 2006 and has been growing a top local SEO agency since 2017. How does local SEO differ from traditional SEO? Listen in as Joy shares her industry experience and delivers tactical strategies for executing premier-level local SEO. Google has been growing a much deeper focus on niche markets...

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    Welcome back for another week of news from the EDGE! Google is jumping into the CRM market as it plans to acquire HubSpot for $34 billion. Some experts speculate this will spark even more challenges for Google concerning antitrust regulations. New fake AI-generated law firms are accusing people of copyright infringement at a mass scale… and the true motive may surprise you. Should you be labeling your AI content? Tech giants Google...

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    Welcome back to the OG webmaster, Simon Cox, for his second interview segment. Simon began his career in commercial graphic design. In this episode, Simon connects the dots between certain artistic frameworks and principles that can be applied to your SEO strategy. How does the emergence of AI imagery affect SEO as a whole? We investigate how users and engines alike perceive AI imagery compared to human-generated imagery and how yo...

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    Erin Sparks is back behind the Digital News Desk this week to deliver a groundbreaking news flash - Google greenlights Microsoft's 53% acquisition, handing over a majority stake to Bill and the crew.

    Did we get ya? Happy April Fools from all of us at EDGE of the Web!

    This week we investigate a new lawsuit against Facebook and Instagram as allegations pile up claiming the social platforms are allegedly delivering ads to bot accounts...

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    Joining the EDGE this week is web development Swiss Army Knife: Simon Cox. Simon is a pioneer in website development with almost 30 years of full-scale web construction, management, consulting, and optimization under his belt. Learn how to acclimate to industry advancements as Simon shares his experience adapting to rapid technology expansion. Listen to the wonderful insights and get to know one of the founding fathers of web desig...

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    Erin was off fighting crime this week, but you need not worry because the great Mordy Oberstein and Jacob Mann took the stage for this segment. Plenty of Google this week. Study shows Google AI summaries do, in fact hurt search traffic. Google finds a new ally in Disney to expand real-time ad exchange, meaning that marketers will have broader access to ad inventory across Disney Plus and Hulu. Recent news shows that the U.S. is fur...

  • Welcome back to seasoned marketing analyst, strategist, educator, and owner of BEAST Analytics, Brie Anderson, for her second interview segment. The last episode was all about setting the stage. This week, Erin and Brie will take you through the rehearsal process necessary to rock out a live GA4 performance!

    Learn to develop a rehearsal plan of analyzation tactics so that you can steer your content in the right direction come showt...

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    TikTok is potentially looking at a ban in the U.S if they don’t adhere to federal guidelines within 6 months… What drawbacks could this have for marketers? Interested in targeting the whole world on Google Ads? Not so fast!

    Aaaaaaaaand, it’s core update time! That’s right, the first 2024 core update is upon us with Google releasing major enhancements in search quality. Early reports saying the update targets manipulation at scale t...

    March 11, 2024 41 mins

    This week's featured guest is the owner of BEAST Analytics, Brie Anderson. Brie began her career at the age of 16, evolving into the analytic solutions expert, educator, and entrepreneur she is today. 

    Join us on this full-blown rock concert of an episode as Erin and Brie are roadies rockin’ and rollin’ GA4 into the metaphor of a live concert! Discover how to execute the capabilities of GA4 that are worthy of a standing ovation fro...

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    There’s a lot of movement to cover in the Google realm this week. The carnage continues as a U.S judge grants more class action antitrust lawsuits against Google. Despite the trial, Google continues to make improvements of its own - updating their Local Service Ads with a new verification process to reduce spam. Google is also testing a new feature called Popular Opinions Search Carousel intended to allow users to view opinions and...

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    February 29, 2024 43 mins

    Ola King is back for his second segment this week to unpack the role of a Search Experience Designer, and how user experience design optimization plays as a lead factor in SEO. Learn tactics for incorporating UX designs into your strategy to bolster overall SEO and digital marketing strength. Finally, understand why empathizing with the user needs to be a prioritized step in your strategy. It’s time to step up your SEO and digital ...

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    Google Local Services Ads in the Hot Seat

    Welcome back to the EDGE! No Mordy this week, but no need to worry because the great Cindy Krum of MobileMoxie steps in. A glitch has infiltrated Google’s Local Services Ads and small business owners are NOT happy. Google feels that the U.S government ‘hate us cause they ain't us’, as penalties pile up in post-trial brief. In AI news, Google strikes an AI content licensing deal with Reddit ...

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    Ola King started his career as a music producer, learning SEO along the way to help promote his songs and score millions of views. In addition to hosting several MozCon events, Ola practiced as a UX Researcher at Moz before transitioning into independent consulting. Search experience optimization is more valuable than ever before. Discover what metrics to be most attentive to when prioritizing UX, and learn why user experience is k...

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