Happen To Your Career - Meaningful Work, Career Change, & Career Design

Happen To Your Career - Meaningful Work, Career Change, & Career Design

How do you find meaningful work that pays really well? How do high performers find purpose and happiness in their career? The hope that there is more out there than feeling anxious, burned out, unfulfilled and stuck in your career has led you here! If you’re ready to find work you love that allows you the flexibility and autonomy to prioritize the things most important to you, then you’re in the right place! This kind of work not only exists, but there’s a better way to get there (and it’s not scrolling through job boards). This podcast will challenge you to reconsider what meaningful work looks like and expand your beliefs on what is truly possible for your career & life. Join Scott Anthony Barlow, CEO of Happen To Your Career (HTYC), as he brings you weekly learnings through conversations with successful career changers and experts in psychology, negotiation, signature strengths, happiness, work culture, and unconventional career change. Past guests include Daniel Pink, Gretchen Rubin, Marshall Goldsmith, Jen Sincero, Jenny Blake, Nir Eyal, Vaness Van Edwards and J.J. Sutherland. Work doesn’t have to suck. You truly can find work you freaking love! Let us show you how you can “happen to your career.”


June 17, 2024 33 mins

No, your career isn’t everything, but your happiness is! While work is only a fraction of your life, we all know thoughts and feelings about that work don’t stop when you clock out. If you’re feeling stressed or burned out, your happiness (and life) will feel the negative impacts.

Discover the ripple effect of career satisfaction on your life, from relationships to overall wellbeing, as Cheri shares her story three years after an i...

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When your job begins negatively affecting other aspects of your life—your family, your health, your self-worth—those are usually red flags signaling you to make a career change. But then comes a huge dilemma we see all the time — in desperation to escape your current situation, you jump into a new role that's just as bad as the one before. Read more

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There's a part of career change that almost everyone gets stuck on. They have an idea of what they're looking for but are unsure how to turn that into a reality. Where do you go to search? How do you find companies that align with your must-haves when you're sifting through endless options online?

That’s exactly where Cheri found herself. Today, we’re sharing a live coaching call of Scott walking Cheri through how she can search fo...

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What's holding you back from doing more meaningful work? After working with thousands of career changers, we've learned that it's almost never external factors that stop you from moving to work that fits you better. So, how do you get out of your own way to make a move toward more meaningful work?

In this episode, Sarah shares her journey of overcoming significant challenges, including health issues and self-doubt, to find a fulfil...

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Reaching out to your network when making a career change seems like great advice… until you realize you want to pivot into something brand new and your network is made up of people in the industry you’re trying to get out of. This is where a lot of people feel stuck, they want to explore a new field or new role, but they don’t know how to even begin building a new network.

In this episode, HTYC coach Laura walks through her own sto...

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Is your career on autopilot? We see it all the time. Something happens, maybe it's a change in your personal life, maybe it's a company restructuring or a layoff, but you suddenly realize your career has unfolded around you. You've never stopped to think, "Is this really the direction I want to be headed? Is this the type of work I want to be doing? Does this work fit the life that I want to be living?" Then what? How do you justif...

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Think you're too busy to make a career change? Think again! In this episode, Scott gives tips and strategies to manage your time and create more space to focus on career change. Lack of time is not an excuse to stay in a job that is no longer a fit. Prioritize your desire for more meaningful work - learn how to make time for career change !

What you’ll learn

  • How to create a mast...
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What do you do when you realize you were wrong about what you wanted for your career? How do you overcome the imposter syndrome of pivoting to a completely new career? You may have gotten a master's degree… maybe even a PhD, so now what? Was it all a waste of time? How do you move into a new field?

If you’re struggling with this, or curious about how people make the transition into a new industry when all of their experience is in ...

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After working with thousands of people who have made intentional career changes, we've learned a lot... including how long it normally takes to make this type of change. 
We've found that every single person who changes careers goes through the exact same milestones. Listen as Scott walks through these milestones and gives a timetable of how long you can expect an intentional career change to take! 


Schedule a call with our team!...

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What if you could try out a new career before committing? Turns out, you can! Discover how to use career experiments to test new careers without the commitment.

Learn what a career experiment looks like from the inside — Our guest, Bob Kalish, is currently experimenting with consulting after working as a concept chef for 24+ years!

In this episode, Bob explains how he found opportunities to experiment through his network, and exact...

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This podcast is not just for people who don’t like their jobs. Sometimes you feel the itch to make a change even when you’re in a really great situation, and that’s completely normal! What if the grass is truly greener on the other side? Bobby's story walks through his career change concerns, and he and Scott provide practical advice on navigating the process of leaving a really good job in hopes of something even better!

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If you want to take more control of your career there’s no way around it: You are going to have some awkward conversations with your boss.

But what if having a few of these well-planned, uncomfortable conversations could get you everything you want out of your work (along with your boss’s stamp of approval)?

Well, it turns out, they can! Our guest today, Jason Bollman, is proof of that. He shared his initial career change story on ...

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Why is our culture so obsessed with job titles and job status? Just think about how often we ask, and are asked by others, “So, what do you do?” This inflated importance of career causes people to believe they have to find all of their fulfillment within the constraints of their career, which can easily lead to work consuming their life. 

That’s exactly what ha...

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There’s this funny phenomenon that happens when people are looking for intentional work. They get to a point where they’ve been working on their career change for a while — they’ve identified what will make work meaningful for them and what they are looking for in an organization — but then the search for their ideal role starts taking longer than expected, and the doubts start creeping in.

Staying true ...

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Taking a break from your career isn’t uncommon - many people press pause due to children, health, travel, etc. But one mistake people make is thinking they need to return to the same work they were doing before.

Caroline had hit burnout after 17 years with the same company and decided to take a 2-year break and stay home with her children.

When she decided to return to the workforce she knew she wanted to do something different, bu...

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Recruiters and hiring managers are absolutely drowning in potential candidates today, so how can you stand out when job searching? How do you convince them to give you a chance?

Well, turns out there’s not just one Jedi mind trick that will make them choose you… and it really doesn’t come down to “convincing them” that you’re the perfect candidate. So what is it then? What matters most in your job search? Th...

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Career change can be uncomfortable. You’ll likely have to break out of your comfort zone to progress down a new path that may be full of unknowns 👻

Feeling safe and at ease is great and all, but think about it, what goals have you ever achieved by staying in your comfort zone? We’re willing to bet on not many at all.

Stephanie had an aversion to risk, and was "comfortably unhappy" in her marketing career until she reached burnout ...

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Everywhere you look these days, you can find articles sharing why focusing on your strengths is more valuable than improving your weaknesses. Using your signature strengths in your role means you can be energized instead of drained, engaged instead of bored, and successful instead of struggling.

Bree knew she wasn’t using her strengths in her draining, repetitive role, but she wasn’t sure how to step into a position that truly fit ...

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If your ideal role doesn’t exist, it may be up to you to create it! It’s all about figuring out exactly what you want and need out of your career, and then asking for it. Learn how Laura created her ideal role within her organization by making an ideal career profile, networking internally, and having bold, transparent conversations with leadership!

What you’ll learn

  • How to be t...
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The irony of being stuck at a job you hate is that it seems to consume your every waking moment. It begins to bleed into other areas of your life, and turn you into someone you’re not. Discover how Paul escaped his career crisis by digging into self-discovery, setting boundaries, and asking for help and accountability. Paul did a lot of work to figure out what he wanted in his career, so when a job opportunity came along he was abl...

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