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January 22, 2024 22 mins

When you think about leaving your current company you likely imagine one of two scenarios — 1. Movie-worthy visions of lighting the office on fire, while flipping the bird, on the way out the door or 2. Your team branding you as an unforgivable enemy because you lit the office on fire and flipped them the bird without looking back 🙃

But leaving a job doesn’t have to mean burning bridges. You can escape your current job and find a much more fulfilling role without leaving your team or organization in a lurch. Think of this approach to a career transition as building bridges, not burning them.

Scott shares actionable advice on how to approach your boss when you decide you need to make a change— including how to plan the meeting and exactly what to say in the conversation. He also gives examples of how to exit a company in the best way possible.

Leaving a job can be done in a way that benefits everyone involved. It all comes down to how you approach those bridges (hint: leave the lighter fluid at home!)

What you’ll learn

  • How to leave your job without burning bridges and turn it into an opportunity to build stronger connections.
  • Actionable steps to set yourself and your team up for success during a career change
  • How leaving a job can be a chance to strengthen relationships


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