Healing Outside The Box

Healing Outside The Box

This show primarily aims to find current news or trends (in nutrition, sustainable eating, or stress reduction) that are important, but confusing or controversial. I will arrange the information in a way to make it clear and relevant.


February 3, 2024 18 mins

Today's episode is a relatively short one, so I thought I would start by giving you a 5 minute sample of my new memoir, called Helpers Anonymous (now on audible and itunes. If you are interested in listening to the audio version of the memoir, you could send me your first name and email address and I will email you one of the free audible codes for the book. If you want another version and just prefer to get it yourself, the paperb...

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Back in the old days, maybe 50 years ago, scientists believed that it was all about the math. We decided that a deficit of 3500 calories would equal 1 pound of weight loss and the weight loss was from the burning of fat stores for that energy. If that’s the case, a daily deficit of 500 calories per day would be equal to 1 pound of fat loss per week. But that is not the case at all. The reason for the leveling o...

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If there was ever a topic that my unique combination of background experience leads me to have an opinion about, it would be Ozempic. Yet, even I am not sure about exactly where the internal debate in my head finally lands. And that leads me to believe that the “one size fits all” nutrition advice just won’t work here.


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Once again, I review different types of foods where sell-by dates are important and explain why that may be the case. As in part one, the take-away message is that it's good to know which foods might spoil and taste lousy versus which foods could cause food poisoning.

But first, I announce that there are still promo codes for free copies of my memoir in audiobook format. Simply leave your email address and first name on my contact ...

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Breaking news! (I hope)
My new memoir called "Helpers Anonymous" is now out in audiobook format, on audible and iTunes. I still have free codes to hand out! So if you would like to listen to my audiobook, I still have some available for free audiobooks. If you would like a complimentary audiobook, just message me with your first name and email address on my website contact page, at Healing Outside the Box. Here is the link on Amaz...

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When I learned that up to 70% of college athletes are now taking creatine supplements, I decided to look into studies that examined its effectiveness. 

Before I got into creatine supplements, I went over a few points from the previous episodes on the benefits of berries and other antioxidants. There is a five minute video by Dr. Michael Greger on the power of berries to fight inflation as well as cancer cell growth. That video can ...

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We all know that rates of cancer seem to be rising for many different types of cancer. Most notably colorectal, breast, prostate, and skin cancer. But why?

This is a complicated question with no simple answer. Colorectal cancer is definitely food-related, but smoking, weight, and epi-genetics play a role. Breast and prostate cancer can be influenced by hormones, but also by quality of food intake. Even skin cancer, which is tied to...

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There have been stories in the media recently about cancer rates increasing in younger people in this country.  That is also true in England, but not so much in Asian countries (where folks eat less processed meat and more plant-based foods). Among the 14 cancer types on the rise, eight are related to the digestive system.

The recent news is based on a large study that makes the link between changes in our diet since 1990 and cance...

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Now, I mean this in only the nicest possible way. But sometimes I review a documentary so you don't have to watch the whole darn thing yourself. Unless you want to; which you may in this particular case.

I'm reviewing a documentary called "The Need to Grow", which tells us about two pioneers in the sustainability/save the planet field.

These two men are Eric Cutter and Mike Smith. Eric Cutter is a micro farmer who uses the latest t...

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I don’t mind telling you that I have been obsessed with Balance of Nature supplements since I have been forced to listen to numerous replays of TV ads during one of my favorite shows. I hear myself yelling things like. "have you no shame?" at the TV, but the ads just keep coming.

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June 15, 2023 14 mins

For this episode, I go where few podcasters are brave enough to go; that is, a discussion of healthy poop. And more specifically, how to improve the quality of your gut bacteria to have that desirable poop.

But first, I get on my soapbox once more to discuss Balance of Nature supplements. The consumer fraud reporting people discuss this company in more detail on their website, which can be found here. I've looked around to find oth...

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Have you been wondering if the rise in auto-immune diseases is a real thing? 

Well, it is. The question creating much discussion among scientists is the cause for this rise in many conditions triggered by an overactive inflammatory response. The blame has been focused on the Western diet, and specifically within the US and England. The cases of multiple sclerosis, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, and ...

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Before I tell you about the wonderful benefits of oatmeal, I go on a rant about Balance of Nature vitamins. The first and perhaps only thing you need to know... Is that there are no nutrients listed on the label because there are no nutrients in that bottle. For $100 per month, you get only practice swallowing big pills.

Historically, oatmeal was a treatment for adult onset diabetes. More recently, researchers decided to study the ...

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March 19, 2023 16 mins

Two independent researchers have recently discovered that inflammation (which is occurring in a tumor in our bodies) is contributing to the tumor's growth. Does this mean that anti-inflammatory compounds can contribute to slowing or even stopping the growth of tumors?

Well, that is exactly where the research is heading, and it looks promising. Today I look into the details of these two independent studies.

The first comes from rese...

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Most of us have taken notice of the rise in prices at the grocery store. Is there a way to continue to eat our favorite foods without anxiety about feeling broke? Yes, in fact, there is. But it takes some planning and a few adjustments.

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Many of us are familiar with bribes to get us to eat our vegetables when we were kids. It was either "you can have a yummy dessert if you eat your vegetables"... Or "you cannot have a yummy dessert if you don't eat your vegetables".

Is either option a good idea if the goal is to improve our intake of vegetables as adults?   Probably not.

Today I look into positive and negative incentives to eat healthier and I cite some research st...

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I mentioned this In part one but it's worth repeating: if you are seriously considering weight loss surgery, please speak with a trusted healthcare professional. It is a huge decision and cannot be undone once it is done. Having said that, I go over some of the changes your body will experience and things that you need to look out for.

I then get to talking about the sustainability of weight loss with bariatric surgery. Dr Michael ...

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I'm bringing you part one of a two-part series on the risks and benefits of weight loss surgery. If I sound like a glass-half-empty person on this issue, you would be correct. I cannot emphasize enough that there are consequences to the surgery that need to be considered before making such an important decision. 

Usually, surgeons prefer a BMI of 40 before they will consider gastric bypass surgery. BMI is calculated as follows: [wt...

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I was recently given this article from the New Yorker magazine on the newest "best" restaurant in the US. The restaurant presents authentic Native American cuisine and the chef is a native American himself. His name is Sean Sherman and he single-handedly brought the topic of native American cuisine front and center.  After looking into it myself, I was surprised at how little I knew about what our "Wanna-be ancestors" actually ate...

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In part 2 of my discussion on the damage that fat shaming can do, I brainstorm things we could do in the preventative arena, both through government intervention and individual efforts. 

The first article discusses the labeling of obesity as a disease and what political actions resulted from that decision. The article can be found here

There was a heartwarming article from the Guardian about an organization called "Plantng Justic...

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