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February 29, 2024 71 mins

Her podcast has over 1M Downloads and is in the top 1% globally.

She is a Peak Performance Coach, International Speaker and 2x best selling author. 

What you will hear:

Amberly was at the top of her field as a personal trainer and contributor to many noteable news sources when she was run over by an SUV and underwent 34 surgeries to save a leg doctors told her she had a 1% chance of saving. 

She saved her leg, but was left with an excruciating chronic disease nicknamed "the suicide disease" because it is so painful, many people go to great lengths to escape.

Amberly shares her journey from pain to purpose, with grit and grace.

How she went from 1.3 Million Dollars in debt and an alcoholic (it was the only thing that numbed the pain) to being one of the most sought after motivational speakers, sharing the stage with the most influencial people in the world. 

She has built an incredible mastermind community of women where she guides them to realize their own dreams of entrepreneurship, speaking, podcasting and coaching. 

Join me and Amberly at her Mastermind event on April 19 and 20th if you are looking for an incredible experience filled with motivation, inspiration and connection. Leave with new friends, business partners, tools and resources!


Today's 5 - Star Rating and Review comes from user Have Some Tips

Title: Keep Rising Podcast

So excited to listen to her new podcast. Kristy has always been a true inspiration and can definitely bring you the tools and the belief in yourself to keep rising where no limits exist. 


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