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June 20, 2024 86 mins

I had the pleasure of interviewing Brad Lea, Founder and CEO of Lightspeed VT. Brad shares his journey of building a multi-million dollar global tech company from scratch and the valuable lessons he has learned along the way.


We discuss the power of providing solutions to others, the significance of respect in relationships, and the role of men and women in society. His candid and thought-provoking perspectives are sure to inspire and motivate you.


If you're looking for valuable insights on entrepreneurship, personal growth, and achieving success, this episode is a must-listen. Brad's wisdom and experiences will give you a fresh perspective on navigating your own journey toward fulfillment in business and in life.



[00:03:05] Brad's motivation for sharing information and helping others succeed

[00:06:19] The secret to Brad’s success

[00:09:03] Brad's upbringing and being placed in a foster home at a young age

[00:14:42] Conceiving children as a teenager and being a father now

[00:19:25] Brad’s thoughts on the roles of men and women in relationships

[00:25:50] Respect, going on girls'/guys’ trips, and relationship boundaries

[00:31:42] The difference between purpose and mission in life

[00:34:39] Why Brad’s first marriage failed

[00:38:43] Finding fulfillment beyond money

[00:45:31] Brad’s belief in leaving a lasting impact on the world and the importance of self-worth

[00:49:09] Toxic masculinity and how to treat women

[01:08:15] Setting goals and habits for success

[01:13:25] Overcoming the fear of being disliked

[01:19:37] Lightspeed VT - Web-based interactive training technology company


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Until Next time, Keep Rising - You are so much closer than you think!


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