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March 28, 2024 63 mins

Whenever I meet someone with a noticeably high amount of kindness and passion, I know they had to go through something excruciating to get there. Kelly Siegel is light and love. He is happiness and joy. He is an inspiration and a bright light to everyone he comes into contact with.


His story is so far in his rearview mirror, but the lessons built in enduring an excruciating childhood filled with beatings, a lack of love, and a constant feeling of “being afraid”, shaped the incredible man he is today. The story sounds a little different when you are healed.


In this episode, you will hear how Kelly took the good out of each and every bad situation and how he is helping others. Sober for 5 years, committed to personal development, healing, working out, and eating healthy, it is no surprise that Kelly has become an internet sensation. He shows up each and every day, sharing wisdom, truth, and an authentic peek behind the curtain to what it is really like.


Kelly runs a very successful IT company, NTM. Learn all about their IT and Cybersecurity Services:


His book, Harder Than Life - is a must-read for everyone! Purchase it here: 


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If you are looking for one-on-one coaching or group coaching to help you in these areas of life or others, reach out to to inquire about current offerings.


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LUMECLT says, “I really love Kristy’s interview style because she listens and responds to her guests …It’s not just Q&A. It flows really well. PLUS, she is honest and relatable and her podcast is like listening to a friend.


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Until next time, Keep Rising - You are so much closer than you think!

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