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April 11, 2024 29 mins

Do you sometimes feel unwell after a meal? Are you tired or fatigued after eating? Did you know it could be a food allergy or inflammation? Our guest today is Dr. Tom O’Bryan who is an expert in food sensitivities and the way they affect our lives. Our body can attack itself when we are eating the wrong foods and cause inflammation.


The Center for Disease Control reports that 14 out of the top 15 causes of disease are caused by chronic inflammation.


But what is inflammation? And is it always bad for you? Dr. Tom has extensively researched inflammatory disease and the root mechanism behind disease. So, how do you reduce inflammation?


Dr. O’Bryan and his colleagues have debuted a new docuseries called “The Inflammation Equation: Decoding the Path to Optimal Well Being.”  This series contains interviews and information from 80 experts and physicians worldwide. For info about Dr. Tom O’Bryan and to find out more about “The Inflammation Equation,” visit and


In today’s interview, he explains how we have very little bacteria when we are born, yet we die with 90% bacteria according to experts. Our microbiome changes due to our environment.  Dr. Tom shares a personal story about the birth of his son and the microbiome he was born with during an emergency C-section. He also talks about the components of breast milk and the way it affects the baby.


We must always put emphasis on a healthy microbiome. Depending on the type of bacteria you have, you may not feel well physically or mentally. You may be depressed or feeling anxiety. This is influenced by what’s in your gut’s microbiome. This tells the body how to function, digest, think, and so much more. He talks about metabolism and the blood stream, which activates your genes and how it is all affected by the microbiome. Inflammation can be activated.


According to Dr. Tom, we go from health to disfunction, then to disease. It’s always inflammation causing this. When brain fog starts, when you forget where you parked, or where you left your keys, you may be heading down the path of disease. In fact, there is a 400% increase in Alzheimer’s in younger people, based on studies over the last four years. This is completely from chronic inflammation. There’s new information for Baby Boomers, as well as women of childbearing age. The incidents of autism are skyrocketing as well as children on antidepressants. This can also be because of plastics found in so many places such as water bottles. Yet, there is hope and we can learn what our bodies need to be healthy. Once again, for info about Dr. Tom O’Bryan and to watch “The Inflammation Equation,” visit and

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