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May 9, 2024 30 mins

Did you know there are a few very important Astrological dates coming up, including the “Luckiest Day of the Year”? Would you like to know what’s in store astrologically for the remainder of 2024? Our guest today is expert astrologer Susan Miller who is an internationally known author, columnist, entrepreneur, publisher, and pioneer of the Internet.  She is the respected founder of Her site is considered an authority in the field of Western astrology and is read avidly by 13 million unique readers a year. She is a highly respected Astrological “thinker” and is recognized worldwide for her astrological writings into areas of business, technology, lifestyle, culture, and the economy.

Susan talks about how she launched just as the digital world was beginning to gain popularity in 1995. She discusses the history of astrology going back to ancient Mesopotamia. The shepherds tended their flocks and started noting shifting patterns in the stars, as well as the farmers watching the full moons.  The Greeks loved astrology as well as the Romans, while the Egyptians were expert mathematicians and were also fascinated by the movement of the stars and planets.

Susan explains the meaning of conjunctions when planets are perfectly aligned, and how when two planets get within 8 degrees, they start communicating. She reflects on the dark aspects of the movement of planets that was happening at the beginning of the pandemic. It was a very isolating time, which is an Aquarian trait, yet there were many changes that moved us into a digital age and masses of people working from home.

Susan further discusses how Capricorn is moving into Aquarius and the looming effects of Pluto. She says we must look at the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn as well. Planets have been in Earth signs the past 200 years and signaled the start of the Industrial Age. Now it will happen in the Air signs. This will lead us further into an Age of Technology with driverless cars, robots, the rise of AI, etc., and so many things that haven’t even been invented yet. Astrologically it’s starting to happen.

Susan’s monthly forecasts published on her website and on her app, “Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone + More by Susan Miller®” on Apple App Store and Google Play are celebrated worldwide. Readers love Susan's  accuracy and comprehensive reporting of current planetary trends. Susan is the author of 12 astrology books, the ever popular “The Year Ahead” astrology calendars and writes monthly columns for six international fashion magazines. This is Part 1 of the interview. Info:

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