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April 23, 2024 27 mins
 Did you know it is possible to radically transform your life and live without pain? Would you like to better understand the connection between your mind and your body? Today’s guest Brandy Gillmore suffered from a debilitating accident which left her in constant pain and wheelchair-bound, without hope of recovery. During this interview, she will share her groundbreaking discoveries and the story of how she began searching for a cure by studying the mind/body connection.
After years of living in excruciating pain, Brandy decided to deeply begin researching the power of emotions. This led to a radical healing experience and the ability to help others remove pain in their body.
Her brand-new book is “Master Your Mind and Energy to Heal Your Body.” In the book, Brandy writes about her long healing journey where she tried everything to get better including traditional Western medicine, as well as complementary and alternative means. She also shares key factors that she learned after her injury.
Growing up, Brandy was a competitive athlete. She had a car accident, then a bad fall, leaving her in a wheelchair. She was living in extreme pain. This life-changing accident happened in her early 20s. She finished high school early, attended college, and started working in the top telecommunications industry. Her career was so successful she bought a house at age 19. Then everything came to a sudden halt.
Eventually the doctors told her there was nothing more they could do. She had a neurological disorder as a result of the accident. She went to a leading research hospital where they wanted to observe her case.  Just as they were starting the formal study, the doctors told her that they did not expect her to get better, so she could no longer be part of the research.
During this time, she was in bed, in so much pain, she made a decision that she no longer wanted to live. A thought came into her mind saying, “What about the placebo”? She thought this could be about belief, so she researched metaphysics and began chanting, as well as using positive affirmations. Finally, she realized none of this was working.
She came across the Open Label Placebo – this is where it works, even though it’s only a placebo. She started meditation and hypnosis. Her pain came down as she was meditating and accessing different mental states, including Theta waves.
She used her engineering mind to get to the next level, and researched how people with different personalities had different ailments that could be medically verified. She examined how this could work.
She realized she couldn’t just think positive. She needed to see how the mind affects the physical body. She looked deeply at emotions such as fear, depression, anger, resentment, betrayal, abandonment, and had a few key insights about how exactly the emotions affect the body.  Her skeptical, research mind asked questions about PTSD and stress. She realized it was a combination of emotions.
She determined that if you can figure out which emotions are affecting the physical body, you can change the emotions. These patterns can be unconscious. You can choose a different way to not identify with disease.
After she healed herself, Brandy knew people would think it was impossible, so she wanted medical proof. She started helping people release pain and showed it through medical equipment. Due to these breakthrough results, her case studies have been published in a prestigious medical journal. She has also delivered a TEDx talk and has been featured in several documentaries. Not only did she want to show people that it worked, she wants everyone to know that we all have this ability. This is Part 1 of the interview. Info:
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