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April 30, 2024 37 mins

Would you like to better understand the connection between your mind and your body? Did you know it is possible to live without pain? Lisa continues the conversation today with guest Brandy Gillmore who suffered from a debilitating accident which left her in constant pain and wheelchair-bound, without hope of recovery. During this interview, she will share her groundbreaking discoveries and the story of how she began searching for a cure by studying the mind/body connection.

Her brand-new book is “Master Your Mind and Energy to Heal Your Body.” In the book, Brandy writes about her long healing journey where she tried everything to get better including traditional Western medicine, as well as complementary and alternative means. She also shares key factors that she learned after her injury.

She became very interested in the visual proof of power of the mind using brain imagery and explained how she used medical thermography which will show the areas of heat where the pain and inflammation lie. Brandy shows people how to use their mind to get out of pain. She has shown medically how this is possible. It’s not just mind over matter. There is actual medical proof. She first talks with someone, identifies emotions, then helps them to shift. She knows what is possible if you were to let go of the negative emotions.

The key she says is to identify the specific emotions. She shows scans of people getting out of pain in less than an hour. It’s a daily practice of aligning your mind with your emotions. Some people literally change so they can stay pain-free. If it’s been a long-time pattern, it may take a bit longer to change.

Emotions can show up, for example, when we state things like, “They are a pain in the neck.” The back represents support. If someone has back pain, they may be feeling unsupported in life or feeling like there’s a lack of money. It can show up in a variety of ways.

Some people have shoulder pain. This could be feeling like there’s too much weight on your shoulders or feeling like you need to do it all. It’s possible to get stuck in family patterns including victimhood. The mind can get stuck in these mixed emotions. Unconscious patterns can sabotage us.

Brandy talks about the “Gift” Method. How can an injury actually be a gift? What is it in your subconscious mind that may have contributed? She reminds us that it is possible to change. If you have an illness, something is off in life. When we address it, it becomes a gift. Brandy shows us how you can be your own cure!

She talks about her course and how it helps you to access new neural pathways. She discusses how we create patterns, both positive and negative, and because of this, it is possible to repattern the mind.

It’s also possible to reprogram generational scarcity. You can heal with your mind and achieve real change. You can change your mindset. Is there fear involved with money? Are there negative feelings around money? It is possible to change these emotions.

Brandy also demonstrates a short exercise which shows how to program your mind for positive healing. She wants everyone to know that we all have the ability to release our pain and heal ourselves.  Info:

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