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March 19, 2024 36 mins

Do you sometimes feel unwell after eating? Did you know it could be a food allergy or inflammation? Lisa continues the conversation today with our guest Dr. Tom O’Bryan who is an expert in food sensitivities and the way they affect our lives.


Did you know that your body can attack itself when you are eating the wrong foods?  Dr. Tom has extensively researched inflammatory disease and the root mechanism behind disease. The Center for Disease Control reports that 14 out of the top 15 causes of disease are caused by chronic inflammation. He talks about how excessive inflammation is extremely dangerous and how wheat and dairy can be so unhealthy, along with lectins, soy, and corn.


The most common source of inflammation is a result of the foods we eat. Lisa asks about the elimination diet and how soon we can begin to feel better. If your immune system is fighting a food, and you eliminate it, you will begin to feel better within 3 weeks.


Dr. Tom talks about how many people suffer from low-grade edema and discusses how your body holds onto water. He talks about gluten-free foods and how they are essentially just white paste. He talks about Celiac disease and how changing your diet must be done correctly. 

The Mediterranean diet has been touted to be one of the healthiest. It includes water, as well as fruit and vegetables. He suggests eating at least 50 different fruits and vegetables a week, including root vegetables.


Himalayan buckwheat has been shown to be extremely beneficial for health. Spices and good fats, such as extra virgin olive oil, are also important. Finally, small portions of fish and poultry of good quality are important as well. This feeds your microbiome in a healthy way.


He also discusses the difference between European wheat  and American wheat. This is because of lectins in the wheat. You may not have gut symptoms if you eat wheat in Europe, but you are still activating the immune response. He further discusses his upcoming docuseries, “The Inflammation Equation: Decoding the Path to Optimal Well Being.”  This series contains interviews and information from 80 experts and physicians worldwide. This is Part 2 of the interview. For info about Dr Tom O’Bryan and to find out more about “The Inflammation Equation,” visit and

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