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May 7, 2024 26 mins
 Have you been hearing about “dimensions”? Have you heard about people operating “in the 5-D”? What could this possibly mean? Today’s guest is author and spiritual healer Kimberly Meredith who will explain what it means, in practical terms, to traverse different dimensions.
Kimberly talks about the day-to-day three-dimensional world where we currently live. She discussed the crisis that we are currently in, whether it be an unhoused population, suffering, war, poverty, and so much division on the planet.
She talks about how the Middle Class is disappearing and people are feeling more and more desperate. This is the heavy energy found in the 3-D. This is an old way of living, according to Kimberly. Various products may have helped in the past, but now we are being asked to upgrade. What worked for our world 20 years ago, may no longer be working. Is there a different way to operate? Is there another way to live?
She talks about her childhood, and how her grandfather would tape her with a video camera. She had an ability to “blink her eyes” and connect with spirit. She had many metaphysical experiences and would try to heal other children at school. Her mother did not like these mystical events that Kimberly was having, so she did not allow them to continue.  
Kimberly began living an ordinary 3rd dimensional reality after that for many years. She talks about her simple life, where she worked as a nurse’s assistant, advised on television shows, and how she would hang out with her fiancé, go shopping at the mall, etc. It was all a very “normal” life.  
That changed several years later, when she tragically got hit by a car when walking down the sidewalk.
After experiencing this profoundly life-changing accident, she had an NDE and her psychic skills returned. As a healer and spiritual teacher, she now uses her abilities to “scan” her clients. She also developed skills as a Medium.
She is now operating in an even higher dimension. Her Guides help her to help others. Kimberly is the author of “Awakening to the Fifth Dimension,” and she is currently working on her next book so people can learn how to use their own gifts. She understands that everyone has access to these abilities. We can all live in different dimensions and frequencies. We don’t have to stay stuck. We can all heal.
She also discusses how everything has frequencies and codes. We can learn from these codes to break free and grow. We are in constant change and movement, which can be very painful at times, but this is all part of the growth experience. This is Part 1 of the interview. Info:
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