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October 28, 2022 38 mins

Where can you find information that baby boomers can trust AND about topics that baby boomers care about? The answer is that it is hard to find all this information in one place. Well, Gramps Jeffrey and several other baby boomers decided to create their information aggregator site focused on the needs, and information Boomers can use to navigate retirement, family, work, and their money.

Gramps Jeffrey is a return guest to the podcast and is excited to share with The Cool Grandpa Podcast audience. Gramps dives into the details of what defines the Boomer generation, from shared tragedy to shared accomplishments and even some of the greatest pop and rock music ever recorded.

We discuss the goals for, which are to become:

  • - One trusted media source which collects and curates all the news, resources, and shows of interest for the Baby Boomer generation
  • - Become the designated home for all Baby Boomer directed media consolidating Baby Boomer podcast shows, blogs, YouTube events, and social media

  • - NEWS – curated articles, podcasts, shows, and reviews from trustworthy sources

  • - RESOURCE GUIDE – categorized resource links, service providers, online education, entertainment, travel & health facts, and more

  • - COMMUNITY – a single online community dedicated to Baby Boomers with unlimited special interest groups by topic, location, and more

You will enjoy this entertaining and data field discussion of not only the Boomer Generation but also the Greatest Generation and Generation X. Make sure that you check out and all the incredible resources they have made available in their community.

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Click HERE to listen to my conversation with Gramps Jeffrey about his fantastic children's book, "I Don't Want to Turn Three."

Click HERE to visit and explore

You can find more information about "I Don't Want to Turn Three" by clicking HERE to visit the website.

You can check out "I Don't Want to Turn Three" on Amazon by clicking HERE.

Click on this link to learn more about Peekabond.

Click on this link to learn and sign up for Readeo.

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