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December 16, 2022 45 mins

As a winery owner and operator, you are well aware that direct-to-consumer sales are crucial to the long-term success of your business. The opportunities are vast, from wine club sales to your tasting room to e-commerce sales. Wouldn't you love it if there could be a proven marketing strategy that could be utilized to sustain that growth indefinitely? The future of winery marketing is the use of email marketing automation.

Email marketing automation has the potential to generate 40% or more in revenue which is why it remains one of the most effective marketing techniques. Join us on Monday, December 5th for episode 27 as we speak with Michael Kurson from Klaviyo, the leading e-commerce email marketing platform on how wineries can leverage email marketing automation to skyrocket their direct-to-consumer sales.



00:00 Intro
08:10 Why email marketing is important for wineries
11:00 How wineries can get started
12:00 why migrating from different platforms is easy
17:00 automation and core flows
20:00 email marketing campaigns types and strategy
21:50 Segmentation
22:10 How important is email design
23:45 Campaign frequency
25:20 Wine compliance
26:20 SMS Marketing Wine compliance
29:00 popup forms and segmentation
29:30 how to capture at the winery/tasting room
31:00 pulling Klaviyo customer data into Facebook
32:15 how much revenue can a winery make with email marketing?
35:30 ROI, Klaviyo cost structure
38:00 Rapid fire questions

- Upcoming Webinar: Email Marketing For Wineries -
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Is your brand generating 40% or more of its revenue from Email & SMS? If not, as Certified Klaviyo Masters we can help make that happen!

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