The Innovation Show

The Innovation Show

A Global weekly show interviewing authors to inspire, educate and inform the business world and the curious. Presented by the author of "Undisruptable", this Global show speaks of something greater beyond innovation, disruption and technology. It speaks to the human need to learn: how to adapt to and love a changing world. It embraces the spirit of constant change, of staying receptive, of always learning.


April 20, 2024 45 mins

In this final of a 4-part episode, Rita McGrath discusses her upcoming book focused on how organisations can design structures that empower decision-making at all levels, embracing a 'permissionless' approach to innovation. She elaborates on the importance of engaging disengaged workforces and optimising for transient competitive advantages. Rita provides insightful tactics for assessing competitive landscapes, using various strate...

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The Power of Collective Intelligence with Simon Hill

Harnessing Global Creativity for Innovation: A Wazoku Story


This episode examines the power of collective intelligence and open innovation, focusing on Wazoku, a company that facilitates innovation through technology. The discussion highlights a story where an individual from India solved a carbonated drink company's bubble manipulation challenge, exemplifying global problem-so...

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In this extensive session with Rita McGrath, Aiden explores the timeless insights of McGrath's book on embodying an entrepreneurial mindset in businesses. McGrath emphasises the importance of continuous innovation, exploiting new opportunities, and building new competencies to stay competitive. The conversation covers key concepts like the significance of key ratios, creating new competence, understanding consumption chains, and th...

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In part 2 of The Entrepreneurial Mindset, Rita McGrath, discusses the concept of the entrepreneurial mindset and the power of consumption chain analysis for businesses seeking to differentiate and innovate. 


Rita illustrates how understanding each step of a customer's journey, from need identification to product disposal, can unveil numerous opportunities for innovation and competitive ...

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Harnessing the Entrepreneurial Mindset for Innovation and Growth

This script delves into a conversation with Rita McGrath, author of 'The Entrepreneurial Mindset,' exploring principles for thriving in rapidly changing environments. McGrath shares her personal journey from industry to academia, emphasizing the importance of understanding practical business applications. The script covers themes such as the importance of an entrepren...

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Innovating Within the Military: Challenge-Driven Innovation and Connected Intelligence

This episode of the Corporate Explorer, recorded in London during the launch of the Corporate Explorer field book and powered by Wazoku, features Stuart Laws from the UK's Defense Innovation Unit. The discussion explores how challenge-driven innovation has transformed problem-solving within the military, moving away from a traditional idea-genera...

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Navigating Change and Reinvention: A Conversation with Michael J. Critelli

In this in-depth conversation, former CEO and Chairman of Pitney Bowes, Michael J. Critelli, shares insights on leading a company through periods of significant change and market disruption. Starting with a historical overview of Pitney Bowes’ evolution from a mail processing business to embracing global markets and adjacent market opportunities, Critelli di...

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In this episode of 'The Innovation Show,' host Aidan McCullen sits down with the former chairman and CEO of Pitney Bowes, Michael Critelli.

Through a deep dive into Critelli’s career, we explore his penchant for the road less traveled, his transformative leadership at Pitney Bowes, and his insights on innovation, strategy, and foresight. From humble beginnings to leading a staple communications company through times of intense chan...

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This episode of the Corporate Explorer series features a discussion with Bea Schofield, a specialist in Challenge-Driven Innovation (CDI), and various co-authors of the 'Corporate Explorer Field Book'.

The podcast, supported by Wazoku, delves into how large organisations can foster innovation through a sustainable ecosystem using 'Connected Collective Intelligence'. The conversation focuses on the principles of CDI, detailing a fra...

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March 11, 2024 50 mins

Ian and the host, Aidan McCullen, explore how companies past and present have navigated the transition from the 'first curve' - a state of established practices and security - to the 'second curve' of innovation and adaptation in the face of new technologies and markets. They discuss examples of organisations like HR Block, SGI (Silicon Graphics), and Volvo, and how they've managed to pivot or struggled with these shifts.

Ian offer...

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Working mothers are disproportionately bearing the burden of poor physical and mental health outcomes, on top of economic burdens amplified by parenthood. But this isn’t just an individual issue. What impacts the mother has negative ripple effects for children, families, employers, and our nation as a whole. In recent years, this burden has increased, along with women’s likelihood of dying after childbirth. The infographic below hi...

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Ideation from Within with Kaihan Krippendorff Harnessing Inner Innovation: The IDEAS Framework with Kaihan Krippendorff This episode of the Corporate Explorer Field Book, presented by Wazoku, features an insightful discussion with Kaihan Krippendorff, a renowned innovation strategist. Krippendorff introduces the IDEAS framework, a method developed over 15 years to foster breakthrough ideas within large corporations.

The framework i...

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The Second Curve: Bracing for Changes in Technology, Consumers, and Markets

The podcast sees futurist and author, Ian Morrison, discuss the concept of his book, 'The Second Curve'. This concept delineates how businesses must straddle their existing 'first curve' while preparing for a 'second curve' defined by new technologies, market shifts, and emerging consumer behaviors. Morrison cites examples, like Microsoft and Apple, of succ...

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February 18, 2024 19 mins

Defining the Market in Innovation with Tony Ulwick The fifth episode of the Corporate Explorer series features Tony Ulwick, the acclaimed author of 'Jobs to be Done.' He discusses the critical role of precisely defining the market in the innovation process. The conversation delves into the intricacies of identifying a target market, a common pitfall many innovators encoun...

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Corporate Explorers: Navigating Through Toxic Assumptions with Narendra Laljani


Episode Description:

In this insightful episode of our Corporate Explorer series, we dive deep into the crucial topic of "Outside-In: Overcoming Toxic Assumptions with Market Insight" with our distinguished guest, Narendra Laljani. As a co-author of the chapter, management educator, consultant, and program director at Henley Business School, Laljani b...

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February 1, 2024 79 mins

Join us in 'Fit to Compete, Part 2' where Michael Beer, the renowned expert in corporate strategy, delves into the crucial elements of business innovation and transformation. This episode offers insightful discussions on strategic fitness, the power of honest conversations, and the roles of leadership and culture in driving organizational change. Featuring a case study on Becton Dickinson, Mike highlights the essentiality of aligni...

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January 26, 2024 75 mins

Fit to Compete - Why Honest Conversations about Your Company’s Capabilities Are the Key to a Winning Strategy

In part 1, we set the context for the book and discuss:

  • Mike's background and inspiration for the book.
  • The problem of organisational silence and how it hinders strategic execution and transformation
  • The concept of strategic fitness and how it helps organizations align their strategy and culture
  • The process and benefit...
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January 21, 2024 13 mins

Hunting Zones with Andrew Binns

Brought to you by Wazoku, the Corporate Explorer series is designed to uncover the depth of insight and experience within corporations, beyond management gurus and academics.

🌐 Episode Description: Join Andrew Binns in this insightful episode of "Hunting Zones," where he explores the world of Corporate Explorers—innovative leaders who embark on the challenging journey of building new ventures within...

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January 17, 2024 65 mins

Welcome to "The Seven Games of Leadership" by aolo Gallo. We embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation with Paolo Gallo, an expert in personal and professional development. In a world undergoing unprecedented changes, being the architects of our own change is more crucial than ever.

Join us as Paolo introduces "The Seven Games of Leadership," a groundbreaking guide that invites listeners to reassess their priorities ...

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