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The Sales Podcast

Unscripted, real, transparent interviews from Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®, to help you master inbound marketing and make more sales that close faster, easier, at higher margin, with less stress and more fun. Wes is a Sales Trainer, Air Force Veteran, Copywriter, Successful Entrepreneur, Husband of 23 years, Father of 7, Author of two books, Keynote Speaker, Golfer, Whiskey-Drinker, Humorist. Join us at for recaps of every interview along with valuable resources for aspiring Entrepreneurs and Sales People. is where Professional Sales People come to grow.... Show More
June 20, 2020 49 min

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  • There is a lot of psychology that goes into selling
  • Breaking Sales is to help someone become objective
  • A lot of salespeople grind and hustle and struggle
  • They become attached to the outcome
  • "I hope they like me. I hope I get the business. I hope I get invited back."
  • Professional athletes know to let go of the outcome
  • Golfers need to focus on the execution of the swing not the fact they just double-bogeyed the last hole
  • When you focus on the outcome you change the execution of the skill, and that creates too much struggle
  • Bring out peak performance
  • Sleep, eat right, be sharp, exercise, meditate
  • These are the new routines of top performers
  • Adults learn well but we're attached to our history and efforts and past results so it's hard to change our habits and actions
  • The key to a good sales conversation is your mindset
  • It's not just who is asking the questions or giving more information
  • The new routines of top performers include sleeping, eating, exercising, and even meditating."
  • We're all guarded at first
  • Will this conversation help us or harm us?
  • Most salespeople want and need something from the prospect
  • Have a helping/serving mindset
  • You need to have a detached mindset
  • There are no good or bad answers
  • Don't assign values to answers. Just accept them for what they are.
  • How many of your prospects have decided to make a change before you ever show up? Most salespeople admit only 10-30% are at that stage.
  • For those ready to make a change you can follow "old school" sales tactics.
  • To get exponential growth you need to get better at addressing the other 70-80%.
  • How many of those are even ready and/or need to change?
  • It's human nature to overestimate and underestimate
  • You have to "spar" to gain more confidence. This is done in the deal dissection.
  • Hesitancy, anxiety, disappointment, frustration, etc. can show up and blow up your meeting
  • Detach so you're not thrown off by "bad" answers
  • Those answers "don't mean anything, yet."
  • Turn into those "bad" answers
  • Role play with your teammates first (AI can help with your roleplaying)
  • This is a lifetime project because sales is a profession
  • Do a sales detox before you get on the phone
  • Your prospects become defensive when they detect sales patterns
  • Ask a lazy question, get a lazy answer
  • Have an advisor mindset, detach, ask meaningful questions
  • Can you help? How can you help? Are they ready for help?
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